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Found 51 results

  1. Ive just sent off a mountain of paperwork for the personal import scheme does anyone know how long it normally takes? Thanks Luke
  2. Hi There, Can anyone provide me with the best way to fill out these forms. Do you attach a position description or any other documents.
  3. Hi All, may be a bit soon to ask, but does anyone have any ideas whether the state sponsored lists will continue under the expression of interest scheme they are planning to bring in? Thanks
  4. The Pom Queen

    New Migrant Visa Scheme

    The Federal Government's new migrant visa scheme has come under fire as more details emerge about how it will work. Australia's resources sector has countless multi-billion-dollar projects looming, but only a fraction of the workforce needed to build them. More than 33,000 extra workers are needed in the next 18 months in Western Australia alone. The Immigration Department says temporary visas under the new Enterprise Migration Agreements (EMA) for semi-skilled overseas workers are the answer. But Dave Noonan, from the construction and mining union CFMEU, is worried the new scheme will overlook local workers. "We've got a situation where there are a number of large redundancies in the manufacturing industry, but also activities in commercial city construction are quite low at the moment," he said. "We would have thought that it was important to ensure that suitably skilled local workers are offered employment before employers are entitled to bring in large numbers of guest workers from overseas." Peter Speldewinde from the Immigration Department says the new scheme is not about locking out local workers. "The pricing schedules around the salaries that need to be paid to a worker coming to Australia under the EMA would make them relatively more expensive than the equivalent Australian worker," he said. "So the incentive is there for companies to in fact employ or seek to employ Australians first." Bruce Campbell-Fraser, from Western Australia's Chamber of Mines and Energy, says the scheme seems to have too much red tape. "We're just a bit concerned that they're a bit prescriptive around some areas, predominantly around the consultation process, the need for workforce development plans, and highly prescriptive training plans," he said. "So we're just working our way through how that's going to be taken up, and I suppose as these employers start putting their plans in place and recruiting a workforce, we'll see whether or not people move down the Enterprise Migration Agreement path or use existing skilled migration programs like 457 visas." But the Immigration Department insists the EMA is a simplified system. "The terms and conditions which govern the employment of workers for the entire project are agreed under the EMA framework," Mr Speldewinde said. "So there's only one set of negotiations. What that means is, for particularly the smaller sub-contractors, a lot of the drudgery and a lot of the leg work is done for them." The temporary visas will only be issued for workers employed on larger projects worth $2 billion or more that need more than 1,500 staff. But the CFMEU says there are concerns overseas workers will fill jobs that apprentices are currently performing in the larger companies. "Many of these projects are located in regional Australia in areas which have got entrenched high levels of youth unemployment and high levels of Indigenous unemployment," Mr Noonan said. "We need to start to see a situation where the Government requires of those employers that they actually invest in training young Australians and don't just run overseas to deal with real or perceived skills shortages."
  5. Hi All, I am a Computer Engineer (Bachelor of Technology) having 5 Years and 3 Months of work experience in the field of System Administration -- (ANZSCO Code 262113 - Systems Administrator) I have a little confusion, how much points do I score for work experience, 5 or 10 ? :wideeyed: Regards Jyoti
  6. Hi, I am debating either applying for a 175 visa (for which I need to gain superior results of an IELTS to just scrape the points together), or a 121 visa which requires an employer nomination. Is there somewhere I can go (like, a website) to be matched up with kindly willing-to-sponsor employers?
  7. hi all, i was just wondering if some one can help me with some queries of my own 1.i arrived in australia on july 2007 and i applied my TR in march 2010 .i have done advanced diploma in commercial cookery.i am on bridging frm last 1 and half year now.if i apply now for 119 now or i should wait for my TR decision.? 2.i have a willing employer to nominate me.but he is bit worried about revealing his financial condition in front of diac,,,,does this will effect him? 3.since i have been more than four years in oz so i have to wait for one year for my citizenship or three year(including two year provisionl).????? it would be really helpfull if someone can help
  8. Can anyone give any advice please. Get prepared for a long post. There is an ASDA being built approx 1 mile away from us. It is being built in completely the wrong area, at intersections of some major roads. There are also major planning permissions given to a 250 house estate, an industrial estate as well as a business park (being semi rural and on green belt don't seem to matter diddly). The result of this is that it will become a traffic nightmare. We were told not to worry as a scheme of road calming work was going to be implemented in ours and neighbouring roads to alleviate the problem and force drivers onto the already busy main roads. In their wisdom the Highways Department's solution is 7 chicane/cutaways/pinch points along our 0.5 mile stretch of road which will result in gridlock. They say it's necessary, as the model they are basing it on say that the ASDA will generate 750 cars per hour along our road, so these measures are necessary. I think actually they mean that this is how many cars will be going there along all of the other main roads too as I can't believe there are going to be that many along all of the roads. Now the fun bit, one of the priority build ups is planned outside our 90 year old neighbour's house and will result in at least 2 driveways in the road being blocked, and us having to turn a very sharp right (practically 45 degrees) into traffic which has right of way against us. As it's a priority type one, drivers will be speeding up to "get to the opening first" before oncoming traffic, thus leaving us trying to cross a lane into oncoming traffic. We will also have the "give way" line painted opposite our drive. The other little pleasure is that roughly 10 houses (including ours) will now have no parking outside their houses. I went to a consultation meeting last Wednesday and stared in horror at the proposals next door and when I asked how I was supposed to get the lock on my car to turn right, I was sneered at and asked what car I drive as it shouldn't be a problem. I also pointed out that thre was a bus stop 50 yards away which will also cause the traffic to back up also, to which they responded bus stop, what bus stop? I've gathered a petition of the residents that it will affect and am trying to get people to fill in comments forms for the local councillor. It's been identified that a lot of our traffic actually travels along a neighbouring road before it reaches us - the road that our councillor lives in and in which no changes are being made (surprise, surprise). There have been several articles in the county paper saying how happy we all are with the scheme, and we have been given just 10 days to respond, despite this presumably being planned for months. I'm coming up against accusations of being a nimby (some of which is true obviously) and told the scheme is necessary s on safety grounds, but I can't see how this many obstructions are going to make us any safer and probably won't deter many drivers anyway, because the main roads are going to be blocked. Extra cars will still travel up our road but the flow will be broken by everyone having to keep stopping and starting. I've also been told by another councillor that it's unfortunate that not everyone is ever going to be happy with a scheme like this. Too effing rite mate!! My question really is, has anyone had to take anything like this on, do you have any tips, once a decision is made how long do you get to appeal and is there a higher authority than the Highways Dept to appeal to should it all go ****-up? I'm desperately worried as we will probably have to be selling up to move to Oz and this is going to knock thousands off the price of our house. We are also in a dilema about whether to tell the old guy next door(who has major health problems and has nurses visiting him several times daily) as it's going to affect him massively and would result in the nurses/visitors not being able to leave his drive. The alternative being the diggers turning up outside his house out of the blue and him being in shock anyway. I've asked relatives what I should do, but they keep saying they'll think about it and time is marching on. Perhaps I should make the powers that be tell him and they have to suffer the consequences if he has a heart attack, bless him! Any advice much appreciated.
  9. Afternoon folks. Before I go any further I would like to make my own personal point of view very clear. I am lucky enough to hold dual citizenship, and Australia has always been a huge part of my life, and long may it continue, BUT. If for some reason I and my family couldn't make it back out there I would be well and truly heartbroken, it is a country I hold dear and has been very good to, and at times very bad for me, but all in all if I found out I was not allowed to return I would be somewhat disappointed, I dare say life would go on, and I would make sure it would no matter the sadness I may feel, but nonetheless I would be a little peeved off. So for those of you who visited, live, about to embark on the journey would it be a massive disappointment if you were not allowed to go/return for any reason, at the end of the day there are much more important things in life to worry about. As I said, I realise that to me I would be very upset, so to say 'Get On With It, Close That Door' is a bloody stupid statement to make because I know how I would feel. But are you one of those that would crack on and say bugger it, onward and upwards, would you just sit there for days and cry yourself to sleep,:cry:, or would just 'accept' that this is the case and so on. I know a very hypothetical question and one that may not be answerable yet, but thought I would ask anyway.:wubclub: Cheers Tony.:wink:
  10. laomashu

    Employer Nomination Scheme

    Hi I am new to this forum, and have some questions regarding ENS. My current employer can support my PR via ENS, I have get my qualification assessment done and have positive result. be nominated as civil engineer. My question is to apply PR via ENS, do I need to be a member of RPEQ (register professional engineer Queensland ( I live in QLD) before applying Visa. I get different answer when ring up immi. Can someone give some advice and help. many thanks Henry
  11. Hi, I was just wondering if anyone had used the VAT Retail Export Scheme prior to their departure. I was thinking of buying a watch locally here in London, and taking it with me to Australia next month. I've looked on HMRC's website and the process seems fairly straightforward and with VAT at 20% it seems a very good deal! Has anyone here used the scheme recently? Do they really just pay out the cash at the airport, even if its say over a grand?! Cheers. Tom
  12. Hi All, I'm on a 457 at the moment and would like to apply for independent PR. As a 32 yo structural engineer, I have enough points under both schemes. Do we think that once the new points scheme is launched, these applications will get priority or faster processing? I'm thinking of uploading everything on the 1st July to get first in the queue. Surely the minister will want to get people onto the new scheme?
  13. Has anyone any experience of this? Phoned 4 Estate agents to get an idea of rental managing costs (average £400 pre new tenant and 10% running cost) and only one agent mentioned the NRLS. I do not know much about this but apparently Letting agents and Tenants have to let HMRC know about how much rent is paid and keep records. Letting Agents have to withold tax (unless an exemption from tax is allowed) after calculating deductible expenses etc. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
  14. I am a Software Engineer with 3.6 yrs of experience in Dot Net technology. (Age-27, Single) I applied for ACS in March first week and waiting for the result. And I got IELTS results yesterday. My overall score is 6.5. I am planning to re-take the IELTS test in June 1st week. But my agent always suggest that to take test asap considering the new points test. Even if take test on next available date after 20 days, it will take around 1 .5 months to get the result. After that he will lodge the application for sponsorship, which may take around 3 months or more. So I will come under new points scheme. So is it better to take test immediately or it can be taken in June? What are the chances to qualify under new points scheme. Which visa category is suitable for me? And what may be the processing time under new points scheme?
  15. dingeroo

    Employer Nomination Scheme

    Hi anyone out there know how the Employer Nomination scheme works? We have been told its our only chance of gettting to oz, does my partner have to get a job in his profession or can it be any job that he has experience in? How long does the visa take once he has a job offer? Any help would be sooooo grateful! maxine x:biggrin:
  16. Does anybody know the current processing time for ENS 856, for Perth. Any info would be greatly received. Dilemma to go with 457 then change to 856, or go straight for the 856 as its less risky, just longer timescale. Thanks:hug:.
  17. Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000149 EndHTML:0000000609 StartFragment:0000000199 EndFragment:0000000575 StartSelection:0000000199 EndSelection:0000000575 Hi, Just a quick one, I have the possibility of a 121 visa, my question is: Will I be tied to this employer for the duration of the visa, I understand its permanent but will I be able to change jobs without getting a new visa.. Thank you David
  18. Hi, I am looking into shipping my car to Aus when I emigrate, the car details are: 2003 (53) BMW 320ci MSport Convertible I paid £13k for it and Ive seen similar ones for about $30k on carsales.co.au Will have had it for 12 Months soon. Ive seen the personal import scheme which allows one person to bring one car over, what would be the cost of this as Ive been told if your on the personal import scheme the taxes etc are not as bad as regular importing of vehicles. Luke
  19. Hi The company I'm working with are letting me use them in going through the Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 121/856). I'm going to have to get a Skills Assessment which I understand takes 6 to 8 weeks. I'm just waiting on my college results transcript before putting it in. I should meet all the necessary criteria with my degree and work experience. I've asked my employer to organise their "Employer nominates a person" part. One of my questions relates to the timing of when everything is submitted. I've heard I'm supposed to get my skills assessed before applying for PR. Does it go against me if I apply for both at the same time? Obviously I'd be applying for PR without having had my skills assessed. I was just thinking that it would probably be a month or two before my PR application had got anywhere in the list. At that stage I should have had the skills assessed so I can submit it separately afterwards. If it's advised not to do this, I'll hold off. What about the "Employer nominates a person" part. I've asked my boss to get it together. Is there a delay in getting these processed or is it pretty straightforward? They'll be using their own migration agent. Is there anything I need to be aware of from a timing point of view? Just need to know if I need to chase anything here down. Another thing - I can't see an option of applying for the Subclass 121/856 online. Am I missing something? Cheers Bobby
  20. Just had an email through that the FSCS will be increasing from 50,000gbp to 85,000gbp more information can be found here: FSCS > Home
  21. Please See: http://www.comlaw.gov.au/comlaw/Legislation/LegislativeInstrument1.nsf/0/2C492BB21C0997E9CA2577EE0018A41F/$file/10089LI.pdf
  22. Cerberus1

    Forum colour scheme

    Over the next couple of months, it's our intention to upgrade the forum software to the latest version. As a result of this upgrade, the current template (design/colour scheme) will no longer work as it's not compatible with vbulletin4 (the forum software). With the new version we've decided to install 3 templates which members can choose between. Admin will be choosing 1:cute: and we've decided to run a poll to help us choose the other 2 templates. Below are 10 choices, please feel free to vote for a favourite. 1) Royal Flush (click for demo) 2) Aesthetica Blue (click for demo) 3) Creative Creatures (click for demo) 4) Crystal Clean (click for demo) 5) Funky Fresh (click for demo) 6) Orange Theme (click for demo) 7) Skylight (click for demo) 8) Totally Pro (click for demo) 9) Aesthetica Orange (click for demo) 10) Aesthetica Purple (click for demo) The new version of the forum software offers a variety of new features such as the ability to create 'wiki' style articles, facebook integration, enhanced user profiles etc. The new sister forum - LifeinVictoria.com is the first of our sites to use VB4 (currently using the 'default' template)
  23. Would love to hear you views on dental schemes or practices for children. We got the free Medicare Teenage Check-up Vouchers a few weeks ago and I took the kids to a dentist in the Mount Martha area. We got a 'schedule' for treatment.... Daughter 1 (16 years) - $900 Duaghter 2 (11 years) - $750 We knew the NHS was not the best service but... Any 'ideas' would be appreciated!!!!!:cry:
  24. Hi, Can anyone help me? i have applied for onshore 885 visa 03/2009. I have been waiting for too long and losing patience at the moment. if i wanna transfer my case to employer sponsored, do i have to make another application? is it complicated? thanks for all your help.
  25. Iam currently registered in WA as a nurse, and wonderedif anybody has transfered to the national scheme with mutual recognition. Also,if so, how long did it take to come through? I had assumed that it would be transfering automatically on the 1st of july,and have not done anything, to find that it didn', and we are now moving to Melbourne at the end of august, aghhhhhhhhhh