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Found 4 results

  1. Hi I am coming to live and work in Perth on a sponsorship 457 visa in Sept/Oct 2011, this will soon be applied for the company employing me. Once I gain my 457 visa I would like my transgender girlfriend to be added to it as a defacto partner. Our situation is somewhat unique though and trying to find out if this is a possibility is proving very difficult. I am British, male 31. My partner is 22 Filipino and Male. The facts: We are in a same-sex relationship, I am male and my partner male but transgendered and living as a female. We met on an internet dating sate in April 2010. I lived in the uk and my partner lived in Italy. I flew out to Italy in May 2010 so our relationship I assume officially began from then. Between May 2010 and Jan 2011 I travelled to Italy at least once a month (sometimes twice) to visit my partner in Italy. We have full records of all flights/hotels/photos. We also had 3 short breaks to Eurodisney Paris, Tuscany & Rome, again which we have records of. This year we have been on vacation to Verona and Sabbiadoro in Italy, not sure if this is relevant but we have records of these trips as a couple. My partner was granted a six month visa for the UK in November 2011 and has travelled to the UK twice to meet my family and friends. We have photos & records of flights/visa docs to prove this. Whilst in our "long distance" relationship we continued to stay in touch virtually everyday via internet and telephone. We have full records of our conversations that record our internet communication (700 pages of A4 paper) and records from October 2011 to Jan 2011 for using a long distance phone service. I left my job in the UK and emmigrated to Italy in Jan 2011 to live with my partner. Because of the language barrier (I didn't speak Italian) this has caused massive difficulties in me finding work in Italy. We have lived at my partners family home with her mother since Jan 2011 to date (approx 8 months). I am now resident in Italy and no longer resident in the UK, this is obviously a large commitment I made towards our relationship so we could live together. I anticipated the difficulty in finding work in Italy and saved money to live on before I came (approx 6k euros), I've used this to pay her mother for rent. My partner also pays her mother rent and all our services are included in the rental fee and paid for directly by her mother so we don't have proof of joint utility bills for electric/gas etc because of this. We have however recently opened a joint savings account in preparation for my partner and I to save money to cover the costs of coming to Australia. We also have rent receipts produced. We also don't own a car as public transport is good here so don't have joint car documents. We do have lots of official paperwork though in seperate names to our address at my partners mothers house in Italy proving we've lived together. My partner speaks and writes fluent English her occupation is an apprentice hairstylist (with 3 years experience). Providing statements and witness statements of our relationship from friends wont be a problem. We want to, but can't register a civil partnership here, as Italian law doesn't recognise civil partnerships, does this grant us any special circumstance waivers? Although our relationship started in May 2010 I was previously married (but seperated for some time and awaiting divorce), my divorce was finalised in Jan 2010 before I moved to Italy. So technically I was still married whilst we were together in a relationship. Will this have a negative effect on the way our relationship is viewed for the period? e.g. will they only consider our relationship from the date of my divorce. Q 1) I am concerned whether the defacto visa is the right one for us at this stage and because of the 12 month cohabiting rule that we don't meet (at the moment) and looks extremely strict..... or is our case so unique that we have a good chance of being accepted? Q 2) Or would a better option be for my partner to apply for a tourist visa to come and "visit" me in Australia and live together there making up the shortfall of time cohabiting? If we did this, would the time spent living together on my partners tourist visa count so we meet the 12-month cohabiting rule thus enabling us to apply for a defacto visa eventually? Q 3) Are there any other better options? Please help! All the information I'm getting conflicts!!!!!!!!! thx Leonard
  2. Guest

    Is this scenario possible?

    Can anyone tell me if this scenario is possible please? We are currently applying for PR but as the job market is so rough here right now we're thinking of trying our luck a little earlier than anticipated !! We are thinking of going over to Perth in September to see if we like it and we thought maybe, if we do like it, we could apply for some jobs whilst there and see how we get on.... If this were to be successful we would then need to apply for a work permit, right? And, could the PR application continue with our solicitor over here whilst we are over there? This all probably sounds ridiculous I was just wondeirng how hard it would be....
  3. Guest

    Dreaded Scenario !

    Hi All I was reading a thread from Sammy today and thought about it most of the day... Then it bought something to mind Supposing you move to Australia and one of your likes it and the other one doesnt !!! I know it sounds stupid and you may think, well he/she will come back here with me (to the UK). Two years ago my sister and her OH emigrated to Adelaide, he wanted to come back and my sister didn't. Well he came home for a reccie and I said to my sister 'supposing he won't go back to Australia, what will you do?', she said 'well I am not going back to the UK as I love it here, so that will be that then' :wideeyed:. Was really shocked as my sister was not one to travel about but she loves Australia she really does. Anyway to cut a long story short, he did go back to Australia and had a complete change of career, and now as far as I know he is happy and settled !! He thought it was the country but it was the way they did his job in Australia that he couldnt get on with, to accept Australia he needed to change himself too. A happy ending but it could have been different!! I wonder if my OH would come back here with me if I wanted to come back or if he would say 'see you later' :biglaugh: :biglaugh:
  4. Hi everyone Some of you may be aware that there is a nightmare situation going on at all the UK airports today. At the moment - this very minute - my 85 year old mother, who can't walk at all without a zimmer-frame and not very far with it, nor can she climb stairs - is in transit at Singapore Airport, having left Perth earlier today. She is booked on the Singapore Airlines flight which is due to leave Singapore at 23:20 (Singapore time) and to reach Heathrow at 5am tomorrow morning. Mum is travelling alone. For as long as Singapore Airlines are looking after Mum, she will be fine. Our HUGE worry is what is going to happen if they land this flight in Paris or somewhere because Heathrow is virtually closed, and tell the passengers to make their own way to London from there. If it happened to me, I would simply walk out of CDG airport, telling them to send my luggage on to me, and get on the Eurostar to London. But there is no way that Mum can do that because of her age, disability and the fact that she will be very tired by then. I have been trying to get Singapore Airlines on the phone ever since 8.30am when I first heard about the chaos. They are not answering ANY of their numbers in the UK or in Singapore apart from a useless call cente in Belfast, the staff of which say they have no information. What on earth the point is of having them in the loop when they ave no information is completely beyond me. Luckily this flight is operating as a Codeshare with Virgin Atlantic. Virgin tell me that as far as they know, Virgin is the only airline which has made a policy decision to keep all its enquiry numbers open, and to make intelligent humans available to talk to passengers and their families. Virgin tell me that all they have done is to buy a block of seats on this flight, but that Singapore Airlines are operating the flight and they will be solely responsible for what happens to it. The guy said that as yet, Singapore Airlines have not given Virgin any information about the plans for this flight. He thinks that they will hold the flight in Singapore unless they have made definite arrangements to land it either at Heathrow or somewhere else. He said it will definitely not leave Singapore without definitely knowing in advance where it will land when it gets in this general direction. He also said that it will be Singapore Airlines' own responsibility to look after my mother and bring her to the UK by whatever means is manageable for her and that there is no way they can simply say, "Sorry chum, this bus isn't going any further so we are washing our hands of you." Does anybody have experience of what actually happens in a situation like this? I've been flying all my life because we used to live in Malaysia, and then my sister moved to Oz. Sure, I've been on flights that have had to divert somewhere else for a couple of hours because of fog at Heathrow but the flight has continued after the fog lifted. I have never, never known of Heathrow and virtually all the other airports in the UK simply shutting up shop in the way that has happened today. Southampton Airport was closed at about noon and anyway I don't think it can handle 744s. I've been on the Changi Airport website. A BA flight from London has arrived there and is due to leave for Heathrow at about the same time as Mum's flight. The BA flight has been "retimed" by an hour so it says. My sister reckons that it might be saying an hour now, but that until they know what it actually going to happen to these flights, it is unlikely that the Changi website will give out any real information. The Heathrow airport website has been closed, so no flight information is available from that and the airport information number is not being answered. Do any members of this group work for an airline by any happy chance? Can anybody tell me what really happens in a situation like this? I would be very grateful indeed for any information at all. Thanks very much Gill