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Found 16 results

  1. Guest

    Scary situation

    Hi, I am in the process of applying for a partner visa, the application went in last month. My husband is Australian. We have four daughters.....two with Australian citizenship by descent. The older two are my children from a previous relationship. Their biological father left in 2003 when the oldest was just 2 and the youngest was a baby. We were never married and he never had or subsequently acquired any parental responsibility. He has never sought any contact with my daughters. I have no idea where he is. I do not even know whether he is alive or not? He was a violent unstable man and it has taken a long time for me to rebuild my life. The Migration Officer is suggesting that I may need to get Stat Decs from him allowing the girls to migrate......even though he has never had parental responsibility. This terrifies me.....I do not want to seek out this violent person from the past. Is this the norm for Migration to ask for Any advice very welcome Thank you Mumsie
  2. Melbourne, is a scary place, says Andrew Demetriou | Herald Sun Sounds like Blackburn to me.. Judge attacks promotion of Melbourne CBD drink culture | Herald Sun AFL captains join forces to tackle Melbourne CBD violence | Herald Sun AFL captains take a stand against Melbourne CB violence | Herald Sun
  3. Hi Everyone Well the past 24 hours have been abit scary! We finally plucked up the courage to tell the parent in laws (which weve been putting off for months) Plus weve assigned an estate agent, got the hip pack sorted and told my solicitor to get cracking So it's all feeling rather real - no more talking about doing it but actually getting the ball moving!! :-) We were sooooo worried about how the in laws were going to react because we are very close to them and they adore our 2 little ones, luckily my mums all for oz and wants to live there herself so telling her was easy The father in law was quite cool and calm and understood why we wanted to give it a go, whilst the mother in law burst into tears and ran out of the room crying ... Now we expected this, well actually we expected worse from his mum actually, we had visions of shouting, screaming and being chucked out! Bit worried about the next time we see them tho, hope it's not going to be too wierd, anyone with any tips or advice on how to handle the in laws, just let me know Rachel & Family x
  4. Just read this article on Daily Mail about Poms being kicked out of the country with as little as two weeks' notice (presumably they are on employer sponsored visas). We are about to make the move and it chills my blood reading stuff like this and wondering how long it will take us to find employment... Expats' paradise lost in New Zealand's jobs crisis - just weeks after it was named best place to make a fresh start | Mail Online
  5. Guest

    Scary Australian Creatures...

    In the six months we've been here we've seen TWO redback spiders (both in one day actually). I wondered if anyone else had come across any scary ozzie type animals? :shocked: Little Stalky
  6. Guest

    2 days in so scary alone

    well i did what i thought was the hard part and get my visa and move to Australia but boy is it hard already on my own. I cried myself to sleep last night because of homesickness and being scared all the way here all alone so i gave my parents a call and explained how i felt and they are flying out tonight for 4 weeks to give me some support. There is nothig wrong at all with australia so far as the people i have met are so nice and helpful i guess its just the being away from home and friends and family but am going to give it a try for at least month and if i cant hack it being here alone im afraid i will have to go back to the U.K. Does anyone have any advice foe me as to how to get over home sickness, getting friends, support, keeping busy?
  7. Guest

    Is it really scary?

    I'm moving to Australia on working holiday visa this September; while potentially applying for a skilled sponsored visa. I'll be going out alone, and finding that its all quite daunting as time is flying and the day's getting closer - finding a place to stay, a job, new friends....settling down...is it as scary I’m thinking it will be? I'm 25 years old, been to university, worked at a summer camp in America so its not like I’m not used to being away from home comforts, but this is a pretty big move!! ideas and suggestions on how to make it easier? is it really that scary? anyone else done it alone? any helpful advice would be much appreciated thanks!!! :chatterbox:
  8. Dawny

    scary movie!!

    As the title says! Whats your favourite scary movie, Mine has to be the classic Halloweens! (the music makes the films so creepy!!) Have a great night guys, whatever you may be doing!!!! Dawn & John
  9. Guest

    The Scary Cupboard....

    Its me again..the Missus is in the dunny and I thought I'd have a quick word :biglaugh: Just a quick peruse has highlighted a few scary facts that need addressing. Everyone who is planning on emigrating and is starting to pack their gear STOP you seem to be packing landline phones and odd bits of furniture - I'll let you in on a secret we have telephones here that you can get for around 8 quid, wicker chairs are considered outdoor furniture here, we buy them at our B&Q so only bring your essentials and that special painting of great-aunt ethel that you dearly love. If you bring all this 'stuff' your'll need to spend another 50k on your house to have the extra room to store all this stuff, you can entitle the room "The Scary Cupboard'. The Scary Cupboard will be full of scary british stuff that you're not sure what to do with now that you've got here, you could always drag it out on special occassions and tell your children how things used to be before the Great Migration to Aus Seriously resist the urge to take unnecessary stuff (football parafa..parifin..paraph.. football stuff lol and blokey type things are essential so bring that! ) Gotta go..I can hear the flush...don't wanna get busted :arghh:
  10. Stuju

    Scary Moment !!!

    Hi Everyone, Helped a friend move house today we went out to get brunch, there we were myself driving & friend in the passenger seat, window down as it was rather warm, suddenley my mate is screaming at me "close the window" ................. theres only a a humongus HUNTSMAN starting to crawl through my drivers window, i slammed on the brakes almost cacking myself and closed the window, by which time the damm thing was walking across the windscreen - well it must of been on steroids it was blinking huge, switched on the window wipers and after a few flicks it shot off. Talk about a close call - i reckon if it had come in the window i would have driven in to someone in sheer fright and the thought of wetting myself :biglaugh:
  11. On Monday night a large spider was in the hallway. I could see it from where I was sitting at the computer talking to someone on the phone. When I looked again it had gone. I decided to wear my shoes everywhere so that I would not step on it accidentally. Also it is easier to run a long way away with shoes on. On Tuesday night, the enormous spider was inside the bedroom near the door. I got the broom and nudged it out of the bedroom back into the hallway. This involved squealing, dancing and the expulsion of swear words, commonly known as the heebie jeebies. The spider was not too keen on the activities either and spent considerable time going up and down the wall AND TOWARDS ME rather than back out of the bedroom. I put a towel in front of the gap at the bottom of the door so that the spider would not get into the bedroom and opened the garage door so that it could leave easily. When I next went to the to the bedroom the spider had disappeared. Last night I spent my time peering round the floor and wall for the spider and keeping the lights on at all times so that the spider could not leap out at me in the dark. At approximately 3.15 am I went to the toilet, switching on the bedroom and bathroom light before doing so. There was the humongous spider on the wall just above and slightly to the right of the toilet. I went to the other bathroom to use the facilities. Then in an uncharacteristic show of bravery, I went to the kitchen and got the can of insect spray. Returning to the bathroom, I ignored the directions and sprayed half a can of bug killer onto the spider. Eventually it fell off the wall into the bathroom wastebasket where it lumbered around a bit and got another quarter of a can of spray. Then I (and I am still amazed at my valour) picked up the bin, went through the house, out of the patio door, gingerly pulled the plastic bag out of the bin and deposited it in the wheelie bin. Today I am going to spray the garage and especially around the door from the garage into the house as I believe this is where creatures enter the house. Problem solved. PS Do you think humans can die from inhaling a can of insect killer? PPS It was a very big black spider with thick legs and a six pack.
  12. hey........... im new here hopefully move out to oz august this year with my wife im 24 and shes 22 and altough iwe are really excited we are also getting nervous. we both have quite well paid jobs. i have no real qualifications so i will probably have to settle with any job at the start. i would like to join the fire service over there, i know the the competition is fierce so it wont happen over night.... so until then wondered where all the jobs are and where is a cheaper place to start out. i,m half aussie so already have my australian passport and citizenship but wondered if any of you used agencies to get over there who are the best to use and so on and how long does it take. i have to get my wife over with me. sorry this is a bit random but any advice would be much appreciatedthank you
  13. paulhug

    now its gonna get scary

    Hi guys it ages since i've been on here. Mainly because, although there is loads of support and advice, no-one seemed to be going through the same as us. Because we are applying down the Business Owner route. Which meant, initially, before even applying for the Visa we had to get sponsorship from the Queensland Government. We got a letter today confirming that they would sponsor us:wubclub:. We started the process in February but now its gonna get scary........ How has anyone thats already emigrated decided on where to live????????
  14. for chelle and other spiderphobes .......
  15. Although I read lots of things on this site, I don't really post anything on it, however, just had to tell you all that our visa has been approved!!!!! Mixture of excitment, nerves and very scared of the unknown!!! So Brisbane here we come - around about August time!!!! So, if any of you guys are in the Brisbane area around this time, and fancy meeting up for a beer, then let me know!!!! Amanda, Darren & Lucia x
  16. Guest

    Got that scary e-mail today

    Hi just thought i should let you know that scary e-mail arrived today "now its real". Visa has been approved all we have to do is sell/rent house, decide what to pack and who to ship it, book flights, sort bank accounts, and anything else that needs done. So not that much more to sort out. So if anyone could offer advice on any of the above please drop us a line. Will let you know how things are going as i get my head arround what were doing. Regards Harvey, Kisty & Kids