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Found 76 results

  1. Hi I'm supposed to be moving to Melboune at the end of this year. I've never been to Australia before and I'm currently in the UK and I'm not looking forward to leaving my friends and family behind and the whole idea of it just scares me even though i am excited at the same time. Obviously I'm upset that I have to move at this time because I've just left secondary school and am supposed to be attending college in September with my friends so I'm sad to be missing out on that. It would be great if there's people my age who are going through/been through a similar thing and could give me some advice ? Also, it would be great if someone could tell me about melbourne and if it's actually any good? I'm really into art and I've heard melbourne is good for that? Thanks
  2. Hey! My names Kirsty, I'm 15, and I'm making the move to Melbourne sometime next year and I'm very very scared about meeting new people and stuff, anyone want to help me pwease?
  3. Hi my name is PerkiPie and i am new to PIO. We are a famaily of 4 mum(30), dad(32) and 2 daughters (6 & 11) we are hoping to move to Perth. Hubby's skills have been assesed by TRA (in april 2011) and he was sucessfull as a Fitter (general) :smile: so now after a few wobbles of "are we doing the right thing" etc (you know how it goes!!!! lol) we are going to apply for WA SS. We are sooo excited and it would be nice to hear from people who have been there done it and bought the T-shirt..... or who are the same as us and are very indecisive at the moment, the indeciciveness isn't because we dont want to leave family etc, TBH we dont really have any. Its just the unknown i suppose. So there you go, thats us...... Pleased to meet you all :cute: PP
  4. :policeman:Hi. New to all this ,m need info on old mates , a bloke who lives in queensland Eddie , think his last place was Caloundra , but heard hed turned gippo in a camper , and Pablo last heard frequenting the boozers and bookies of liverpool , heard he was heading for adelaide any info will be appreaciated :yes: M
  5. Just heard a 32 year old American man has been killed off Rottnest Island, my thought go out to his family and friends. It comes just 12 days after a man was killed swimming off Cottesloe beach in a suspected shark attack. My son is now saying when we get there, he wont swim in the sea, has anybody living there changed their bathing habit in light of this?
  6. It's early days as I've just started the process. IELTS next month and then get accountancy skill qualified (hopefully). Has anyone out there moved on their own or is anyone looking to move on their own. Most worried about finding work as soon as possible and missing my family and friends.
  7. claireandpaul

    Confused, scared, you name it

    Hi, I have posted on here before. I am goin gout of my mind trying to decide what to do. I have the visa, I have a job to go to, I have a place to live with friends for a bit. But I still don't know if I can do it! I am wondering why I am doing this and can't remember why I wanted to do it in the first place. I know only myself and my husband can make our minds up but we are struggling! Have to decide today to top the whole thing off. Kind regards Confused
  8. Guest

    Excited.....and scared!!

    Hi, Just joined the forum today and hoping that it will be a source of great support and information - taking a peek at some of the advice that people willingly give, I'm sure that will be the case. My husband and I would like to move to Oz in about 18 months (hopefully NSW), but I don't know what visa we would have as my skill is not on the shortage list, so I guess it would be a case of getting sponsorship. I've spoken to a couple of agents, and am looking at appointing one of them to help us through this process. It all looks like a giant obstacle course to me at the moment, and I have no idea whether we'd be successful or not. I suppose if all else fails, we would always have the option of going out on a 6 month visa, hopefully getting a job, and then trying to stay out there.....don't really want to go down that road though!! Can anyone let me have an idea of how likely I am to find a job down under? My skill is in Health and Safety - about 12 years now, and almost as qualified as you can get...not sure if that's really a viable career in Australia though.... Many thanks Carrie
  9. Guest

    little bit scared

    Hi i am new to poms in oz and think need some reassurance as it such abig move. we packing up as soon as visa and registration with aphra arrive( we are both nurses myself RMN). As we are moving with 3 kids just hope we are doing the right thing. Am dual citizenship australian and british so we are applying for defacto visa been together 10 years. Does everbody feel like this when they have made the decision.
  10. Guest


    Hi all Im new to this so hope iv posted in the right place I think i am getting there got ss from sa on 25/3/11 waiting for co but getting scared its exciting but cant help thinking "what am i doing " told all family that im going to auz its a big move but im ready for it any coments welcome. m
  11. I'm soooooo worried about getting my application in before 1st July changes! I'm about to apply for my skills assessment and IELTS then the State sponsorship and hopefully then (if they grant the sponsorship) the Visa! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not getting this done before 1st July! I think I will still meet the points for the changes, but I'm worried about my job being taken off the SOL (primary teacher). And then our dream will be over Trying to stay positive! Anyone have any idea of the liklihood of my job being taken off the sol?
  12. Hi, Im MissyKCornwall, We spoke about moving to australia last year. and i was really up for it. But then a few weeks ago i was told my step dad had got a job out there and he is going out to live fore 5 months. Suddenly its become a reality. I dont want to leave family and friends behind but i also want to experience the new lifestyle australia brings!! Help? xx :unsure:
  13. Guest

    Should I be scared?

    Having just read a number of posts on here re money needed, cost of living etc, I'm getting scared already and we have only been assessed by our agent as qualifying for a 175 visa and about to take the IELTS exam!! We are planning to emigrate to northern NSW (Coffs) area and I will work as a teacher. My wife will eventually set up her own business but this will be P/t as young kids but then I read I need mega bucks to live. Surely, we will be allright on a teacher's salary?:err:
  14. Its 1am and I cant sleep for hearing noises!!! Im sure lots of it is the wind and the house settling but I am really scared!! I just had to get up to my son who was whimpering for me something he doesnt do so I woke OH to get him to come with me but he hears nothing (this will all change when new baby arrives in a month!!!)!! We have a big house so I was scared to go through to my son hit every light switch on the way!! He was fine! I checked the living area where I hear the noises coming from and could see something at window, scared **** out of me but I switched the light off and watched for 2mins it never moved!! We have to open the windows to make the air con work proper and the windows lock but I cant sleep for worrying about break ins!!! I know Im being silly for worrying and staying awake, Im so badly needing to go to the toilet but scared to get up!!! How do other people cope with being scared I really hate it, and know tomorrow Im going to be exhausted from not sleeping!! Has anyone ever being broken into and what did they take?? I think about it constantly, do they come into your bedroom, do they go near your kids, are they stalking your house (something someone told us when we got here was they watch at the windows, hence why Im scared!! Our blinds blow open due to the stupid air con and the windows being open!
  15. perthpom2011

    moving to WA....UM SCARED!!

    Hey guys....just registered so new to this site...ok i was born in melbourne moved to the uk in '87 im in my mid20s female and have visited perth melbourne sydney over the past 4years...i have recently come back off my holiday in perth.I went with my family and we have all decided we are going to try perth out later on in the year...obvioulsy have dual nationalities so can come and go as i please,,,,im just very sad at the thought of doing 'the move' and leaving my friends behind..i love aus and know that i would be soooo stupid not to take this oppotunity as the uk to me really doesnt have alot to offer not as much as the life in oz.....is there anyone in the same situation as me??or anyone moving to perth around oct/nov time???thanks for taking time to read this :wink:
  16. Hello everyone! My husband has just accepted a job offer and we'll be making the move late Apr/early May from Silly Suffolk to Sunny Perth. WOW!!!! All seems a bit surreal at the moment especially as I've only just got round to putting away the Xmas decorations and realised that there is no point to stashing them away in the loft again. So it appears packing has commenced...although as you can see procrastination has claimed another willing victim! :wink: Making the move will be myself, husband Simon, DS 20, DS 6 and DD 3... hoping that DD23 and DD20 will be coming too but they're a bit unsure at the moment. Fingers crossed they'll see the light eh! DS 25 is hoping to come out later in the year. Oh and can't leave Gypsy behind... She's our black lab. Have been scanning the Forums for info avidly all week and am sure we'll be back with plenty of ??? for you knowledgeable folks. First thing that springs to mind tho... Is it normal to feel so scared one moment then so excited the next?! Angie
  17. hey guys ... so my boyfriend and i have been gathering information and filling forms out like crazy lately and we are comming to the end of this journey as we submit our application tomorrow . however im just about to write up my stat dec and stuff and im freaking out. nows the time to say im shocking at writting how must i lay it out i.e dot points, essay etc. should it be personal or formal . do i need to have everything about our realationship of just some notes .. arrrgghhhh im freaking out right now plz help xxn
  18. Guest

    what are we so scared of

    me its spiders,and creepy crawlys---im pretty good with everything else--what scares you:shocked:
  19. I even fill silly as I type it and selfish as really I should be scared about leaving my friends and family, of course I know I am going to miss them a lot, but thats a given. I love my job and have worked so hard to get where I am, I'm doing really well at work too. Everytime I think about telling them, I feel phsyically sick and don't want to do it. No one has any idea so its going to be a shocker. The worse thing we need to decide on a date which we are leaving, its either end of August beg of Sept or after Christmas, it all depends on my other half's work situation. He has work for the next 2 months but nothing after that (he is self employed plumber), if his work picks up we will wait to Jan, if not we are going to go. There also maybe a job opportunity for me, still doing what I love, but this not guranteed and I won't know until end of June which isn't helping. I am not sure what I am scared about, because there is no way I won't go, and with the job market as it is, anyone can get made redundant and what then? arrgh! feel so much better getting it off my chest. Is anyone in the same situation, or left a job they loved? If they did, did they find another great job or regret leaving? Does your new lifestyle outweigh the negtaives of leaving a good job? Help please! Thanks
  20. Hi, i was just about to book out flights to Melbourne today but i just couldn't go through with it, so scared now all of a sudden. Was so excited and looking forward to it but as it getting closer to the move im getting scared. I think its more of reading all the posts on here about how expensive bills, clothes, cars and furnishing a rental will be. Reading it will be a struggle on OHs wage as he'll be the only 1 working till i find a job. We don't want to spend all our savings and struggle as we are financially alright here but is boring here want a better lifstyle and weather, more for the kids and ourselves. Do you need Ambulance cover? are dentists and doctors expensive. Being told we will need 2 cars. It is a worry, but really dont know what to do, kids are looking forward to it, and im supposed to be handing my notice in at work end of the week. Is it really that bad and a struggle? would like to rent in Berwick as ive read about it and sounds good, to start off with anyway. Gillian:wubclub:
  21. Guest


    Please ignore this if you've just read my new thread on the dilemmas forum but I'm brand new to this and not too sure how it works yet. Me and my family currently live in Manchester and are moving out to Perth on August 16th (flights booked - aagh!) We have been planning this for many years and have been to Australia 3 times in the last 3 years to explore our options. We had imagined we would go to the Gold Coast or Melbourne, but for work reasons we have decided on Perth. However we know absolutely nothing about Perth - even down to choosing whether to settle in the north or south. I would appreciate any advice from PIO members about suburbs, schools, or anything we may not have considered. Thanks Mel.
  22. Guest


    hi i was wondering if anyone has done the vetassess course in motor mechanics, i am from east sussex in the uk, so i believe the course will be in london. can anyone give me any feed back, i would really appreciate it. myself and my wife are hoping to move to perth if all goes well with the immigration process. thanks Ed:confused:
  23. mrsindecision

    why am I so scared????

    Hi everyone - we are heading back to UK after 3 years and we have been through many ups and downs to come to this decision - including getting our three teenage/young adult kids to come on side. Everyone is on board now, uni applications are being processed in Uk, School sorted for daughter husband has a job to go back to - plenty of contract and permanent work in uk for me, friends and family all excited to have us back. So why am I so scared - it feels just as bad if not worse than when we came out - I put it down to comfort zone and being uprooted again and not knowing where we'll live and worrying about whether everyone will get want they want out of moving back. OH and I have been terrible - fighting badly and there seems to a wedge that has come between us - which we have never had before - I put it down to the stress we are feeling about life and quite simply just taking it out on each other. I think we are both terrified we have either already mucked things up for the kids or we are about to. Being so far from home it's hard to find a sounding board to help rationalise all this stuff. I wanted to really enjoy my last few months in Oz but in between, telling friends here who are upset and managing our relationship it all feels pretty full on. Has anyone been through similar and is this normal??? Or am I just a weirdo? Its funny when you know youre going home you can enjoy it more - if I thought I had to stay I think I would revert back to hating it. aaaaaaaagh help!!!!
  24. Hello. I am a bit of a forum novice really, never used one for anything! But we are moving to Melbourne late march (just in time for the Grand Prix accommodation nightmare!). I guess I wanted to see if there were any other expats about that will be in a similar situation - my children will be attending St Catherine's school in Toorak so I guess we'll be living somewhere within striking distance of there. Does anyone else on this forum have children at St Catherine's? Mine are only diddy so I am really hoping to find out about toddler activities or play groups and get some advice on nurserys etc. Here in England, my kids would have started pre-school at about 2 1/2 - my youngest can't start at St Catherine's until she is nearly 4! eek! I will need lots of ideas of how to entertain and stimulate her until then! I guess I am focussing on the school as here, it's the heart of their social lives and it's probably the hardest thing to leave behind! (i am not callous, my family is mostly abroad too so I'm not really leaving them)! Anyway, I'd love to hear from anyone who has ideas about where to live and what to do in the areas near Toorak. Trish. Oh and this is about how I feel from all the admin involved in this move! :arghh:
  25. nicandjay

    So scared and confused !

    Hi all We are awaiting our 176 visa and now things are starting to move along , it is becoming a real scary prospect. Did anyone else feel like this my head is yehhhh one minute and oh no the next........How did anyone else deal with the move ? Can people relate to the POSITIVE aspect moving to Oz had on their life..... Nic and jay x + Danielle 11 and Adam 6