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Found 14 results

  1. ack

    scanning documents

    We are hoping to odge 176 visa at weekend but first I need to start compiling all the documents . Wondering now...if I scan in colour does it have to be certified by witness or does that only have to happen if its scanned and uploaded in black and white? also an emmigration expert told us when upload they like to see the edges of the document. Have others ensured this??? All advice greatly appreciated. Im not looking forward to PDFing and shrinking stuff!
  2. Bexy71

    Scanning birth certificate

    Hi, Just after a bit of advice. Our CO has asked for further docs and i need to upload hubbies birth certificate. I forgot to do this with the others as it isn't the same size. The others are all A4 but this is wider so doesn't fit on my scanner! I didn't have much luck getting it copied and resized to A4 but then it wouldn't be an original anyway. Can documents be posted to DIAC for an online lodged application? It might be easier to just get another copy and send them an original. Thanks for any help! Becky
  3. jo123

    Scanning documents.

    Hi all, Hope someone can give me some advice, My husband has a job offer on a 457 visa and the company is using a migration agent who are filling out our visa application. We have to send them copies of our birth certificates, marriage certificate and our passports. So, to the help i need, my marriage certificate is too long to be fully scanned...what can i do??? Which passport pages do i need to scan? My husband has been to oz twice so do i need to scan the pages with the visa stamps in? Thast it for now because i cant remember anything else i need to know because i have flu..not man flu...proper flu.:sad:
  4. Please can anyone help...We are about to apply for our 457 visa and my ex husband and I need to fill out form 1229...consent from him for us to take children under 18 to Oz...from what I understand you can send scanned versions of coloured documents along with your application...however if you have any documents such as this form in black and white they need to be signed in a coloured pen...is this correct? or do they also have to be certified by a solicitor?...am confused Trace :arghh:
  5. HI How many people have done this - ie scanned in colour docs without getting them certified? Just checking because am about to do this and can't find any reference to this being allowed on the DIAC website. Don't want to do anything wrong!!:jiggy: Also a technical question about uploading each doc - did you save each doc as a separate file and name accordingly for example - skills_assess.pdf OR save all docs together in one file under the applicants name i.e. - HappySAD.pdf ?
  6. We're planning to move to Queensland at the end of December, so we are in the process of "de-cluttering" and getting rid of our tons of excess "stuff" that has accumulated over the years. One of the categories of said "stuff" is a filing cabinet full of all the bills, statements etc. that arrive in the course of living in UK I am wondering WHICH of these I should bring with us to Oz? Also, I have a neat scanner and was wondering about scanning lots of the bills and getting rid of the originals. Does anyone have any experience as to whether this will be acceptable to any Oz agencies etc? We already have a bank account set up at ANZ, so that's one layer of correspondence that we won't have to worry about. And we already have Medicare cards, having been in Oz on holiday. Can anyone give me some guidelines as to what other official documentation we are likely to need? Finally, I am assuming that 5 years worth of records ought to be sufficient for most purposes. Does this sound sensible? I know we had to prove a longer paper trail when I applied for my spouse visa, but with that and Permanent Residency in hand, is anyone ever likely to ask for bank statements etc. going back beyond 5 years? Obviously we will retain things like birth and marriage certificates - I am talking mainly about the other sorts of paperwork above. Would really value some insight / personal experiences please.
  7. Hi, I am about to apply for a Visa 176 online and as I cannot get into the online checklist until this is completed, I was wondering how you should scan the supporting docs? Advice from anyone who has done this please........do you attach them all separately or attempt to do it as one big file? Many thanks! G
  8. Guest

    problem scanning birthcert???

    Hi iv just applied for our visa, But having problems uploading our docs if there over 100mb? Its only a birth certificate, Tryed my scanner resolution but wont make file smaller? Has anyone had this problem too. Many Thanks Carina.
  9. Guest

    Scanning documents for visa

    Hi, Has anyone had experience with scanning original docs like birth certificates. The DIAC website says original colour docs do not need counter signing? What docs are we talking about here??? :wacko: Suggestions are welcome. I have a few counter signed docs from when I did my skills assessment and used those. For the wife and kids I just scanned the rest in colour and attached those to the online application.
  10. hello all just a quickie ............. I am trying to send my police checks to adelaide skilled processing centre. Problem is they are replying saying that i have to re send as they cannot open the file. I scanned them both and sent them by attaching file....is that wrong. They are saying i need to send using JPEG, WINZIP or PDF Format, how do i do that?????i do not usually need to email or anythin so i dont have a clue. Please help asap. Anyone needing advice on hairdressing i can help ha ha ha ha ha:wacko:
  11. I've just tried scanning my police check to attach to my online visa application file, but when I view what has been scanned my document has 'FRAUD' typed in huge letters all over it!! :swoon:I take it that it is some sort of security feature built into the paper or print, but does anyone know if it will still be accepted? Many thanks, Mags:wubclub: x
  12. Sorry, I'm not very PC worldly!!!! My brother-in-law has said he will scan all our documents through his computer so that we can apply on line. My question is.... do you scan the originals through and not get them certified as true copies?? It sounds a silly question, but want to get everything right. Thanks in advance. Tracyxx
  13. toughspiders

    Scanning online applications?

    Right i am now confused. (it doesnt take much) I have saved my application online and want to prepare the documents for scanning. I believe they are too be scanned in colour. Does this mean they need photocopying in colour first and then certifying???? Obviously my original documents cannot be certified on the paper itself. I have had a looked on the immi website but got a bit lost !!! Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks Bex
  14. Guest

    Online Apps - Document Scanning

    Really keen to do everything online and have a few q's about the scanning of docs: 1. How does one certify a scan of an original doc? Or do you just send the scan? 2. Can you scan everything, or is there anything that needs to go by post? 3. Can anyone recommend a cheap colour scanner that will do the job? 4. For documents larger than A4 (large birth certificates), will they accept them split into A4 chunks or do I need to use an A3 scanner? Sorry to be a pain, but Immi website and a search on PIO inconclusive! Questions, questions! Imp