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Found 29 results

  1. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2011/12/01/security_firms_compete_to_sell_snoopware_to_repressive_governments/ It's as if we are a bunch of cattle on a no holds barred reality show and the pi**s are trying to snare as many customers as they can. Just look at the offers here: And there is more to be read....
  2. Guest

    Visa Timing scale help

    Hi, I am new to this site and would appreciate any help anyone can offer. We are a family of 4 - kids are 12 and 9. My husband is a Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineer who owns his own company here in Bournemouth. We have applied for a Skilled State Sponsorship visa 176 for the State of Victoria as we would like to be in Melbourne. We have completed and sent off the TRA form. We are using an agency as we were advised this would save any hiccups, however, could anyone advise on their experience of timing. How long does it usually take before we hear back from the TRA? We understand that the next stage is sending application to the State of Victoria and then the Australian Government. Why are there so many applications and how do they vary. I have read some of the forums and dont understand the abbreviations - any help on these would be appreciated also. We look forward to hearing from any of you that have been down this road before. Denise
  3. Guest

    Teachers Wage Scale

    Hi, We are thinking of moving to SA, my wife is a Primary School Teacher with 13 years experience and wants to know where she would be put on the wage scale, can anyone help?? Thanks Stevenw8971
  4. Hi All, I'm really struggling to find the right deal here. Heres what needs to be shipped: 1) A small box about 10kg of textbooks. Not negotiable to leave behind as I am still at Uni. 2) A larger box with personal effects, trinkets, shoes and the like. Maybe 10kg all in but volume a bit bigger I would like to ship both by air as when I looked into sea, it takes way too long for me and also comes with additional charges that make it not worth the wait. I have a couple of options, Fedex do an economy service, 3-7 days for £70 for box 1. This seems to be the same price that the 'movers' charge, without the added hassle of having to use their boxes, have them come back, pay extra fees etc. There are excess baggage companies charging around the same for the two boxes, £170ish for both but I have to deliver them to their depots. Anyone had any experience with small scale shipping of stuff, and if so, who did you use and what were the costs? I should add, I don't have transport at the moment, and will most likely be catching the bus Stansted - Heathrow, so difficult to drop stuff off anywhere. And I leave in 11 days. :twitcy:

    Time scale for response from hoc

    Well, as expected Hubbys medicals have been referred to HOC, whilst mine & the childrens have all been finalised. We sent a letter from his consultant about his condition (psoriatic arthritis), this letter stated it was mild & under control hasn't stopped hom working & has a good prognosis. Does anyone know how long HOC will take to come back with a response? Has anyone experienced this scenario lately? It's driving us crazy!!!
  6. Hi sorry I'm sure the answers are somewhere in this forum but not having much luck finding them. We are hoping to return (ping pong) to Australia, IF and when we sell our house (spent 2009 in Australia). Does anyone know the timescale for bringing money over as with the exchange rate would rather if possible wait to see if it improves. I've heard that you have 6 months (or 1 year?) to bring you money in without tax implications, but does our year in 2009 count as this? Thanks for any help.
  7. Hi, I hope you all are doing well. I am an accountant and waiting for the visa grant. I am thinking that when I shall move to Melbourne I will start my own import and distribution business of Garments and other items. I know the tax related and import matters but I have no idea of shop to shop selling and marketing. I mean whether is it a norm there that you can just enter into any store and show what products you have and ask them what are their requirements etc? Is there anyone who can guide me how should I go about it and if he/she can provide me an insight into the garment's store and garments business. Best regards Asif
  8. Guest

    time scale

    Hello, Any carpenters/joiners or even other trades men who have applied for state sponsorship? Been to see our migration agent today and he's advised to get our vettasses done first which can take 3 months roughly as we've got to wait for the next date. Then he'll submit our visa. How long did the process tale you? Thank you x x x
  9. How long does a prospective marriage visa take to process?
  10. I have noticed that finding a suitable house to rent appears to be a huge problem and therefore am keen to buy and move into my own home a.s.a.p . i am anticipating staying in a holiday rental while waiting for the sale to be complete, can anyone give me any idea on how long it takes for a sale to be completed in oz i will be requiring a small morgage which i know adds a bit of time
  11. Appoximately how long does a prospective marriage visa take once it's been lodged?
  12. Guest

    CDR Engineers time scale

    Hi, husbands CDR goes off to Engineers Australia tomorrow. Says on the website it can take 16 weeks. Anyone had theirs back recently and if so what was the time scale? Dont want to wait that long really.
  13. Guest

    time scale for vic ss

    hi we will be submitting our Victoria state sponcership application this week and was wondering if anyone knows what the current time for a answer to come back is at the moment? ? Any info much appreicated thanks jo & Ian
  14. We are waiting (not very patiently) for our 457 visa. We have got the ok re our x-rays and we now have a case officer. Does anyone know how long it takes to get the visa granted once a CO is assigned? How long did it take you on a 457 once you had a CO? Thanks Emma x p.s. I know this is kind of a how long is a piece of string question lol
  15. Can anyone tell me what the time scale is from when your dog has his first treatment with the vet before he puts his big fat paddy paws on the plane!. Can't seem to find a web link that gives you the break down on treatment! Many thanks x
  16. As it says in the title, is it a realistic time scale to get S/S and visa, sell the house sort the dogs out and be in oz end of september? My reason, School appeal :arghh: My eldest is due to start secondary school in September, and we have to appeal date of hearing 28th April stage 1, for the mixed school which is less than 10 mins walk from our house, Nightmare, if we are unsuccessful may have to resort to home schooling, 24 kids walk past our road everyday to this school, Bet they didn't have to appeal :no:
  17. Hi everyone, I am moving to Sydney in march and have booked a room for 2 weeks in a hostel while I search for a rental property. How long does it take from finding a property to been able to move in? Thanks
  18. Guest

    time scale?

    hi everyone, just wondering can anyone please give me a ruff idea how long it takes to get a reply from the medicals? we had the x-rays done on tuesday and medicals done on wednesday. sweating as we have the house up for sale and theres been quite a few interested parties and dont want to sign anything JUST INCASE!!! thanks in advance tess xx:wacko:
  19. Hello people! We are emigrating to Brisbane and my husband is a hairstylist. I wanted to know if there was anyone who is in the process or who has emigrated under this trade, and how long it took for their visa application to go through. We have been quoted a minimum of 8 months but i wanted to get an idea of what other people have experienced. Also, I wondered if you are able to get sponsorship with hairdressing or at least can you secure a job before you go? We don't know whats the best thing to do really, should my husband just apply for jobs online now, even though we havent yet put in our main application (were just about to hopefully) and is there a certain way to apply? We have no clue how to go about these things!!! The other thing thats really annoying is we have an agent and she is really slow at replying to our emails, and sometimes shes not even answering our questions. She started off really good but now its rubbish! We are now waiting on her to answer questions and its slowing our whole application down, we cant do anything until she replies. I have prompted her as well and that was about 2 weeks ago and ive heard nothing! Not really sure what to do, I mean were paying them enough money!:arghh: Any suggestions an anything will be great!!:unsure: Thanks
  20. Guest

    time scale

    i was wondering if anybody who has applied in AUS for a defacto visa could tell me an idea of a time scale.... i have all my information ready to go, police checks have come back, but i am waiting on a medical.....will this be sent back to me or to the department of immigration?. also i am planning on lodging my application in person and was wondering if after i have made this appointment i have to wait then for a CO or do i get an interview on the day? thanks claire
  21. Guest

    Time Scale

    Hi Ive been reading the postings for the last few weeks and have found some great information out. Many thanks to anyone who posts threads asking questions and answering them.:notworthy: I was just reading all the posts for the people who applied for their Visas in August and find that there are still a lot of people waiting for their visas from then. We applied online via our agent at the beginning of March 08 and it looks like we are in for a long wait. Has anyone after August received their CO and how are you getting on??? It would be great to hear from someone who applied after xmas and as heard anything it would make the wait a whole lot better. Keep checking my emails (think Im going mad):arghh: everyday like I expect something to happen but like I said it looks like were in for a long wait. Look forward to hearing from someone Thanks Lorraine
  22. Guest

    time scale

    Hi Our agent applied for our online Visa on the 8th March 08 and told us that the next stage is Police Checks and Meds. She told us that they are currently processing Mid to end Nov applications and that we would have to wait another 4 to 5 months before we probably hear anything with regard to these. Is anyone else out there been told the same thing or as anyone applied for their Visa round this date and heard something yet. We are going to the Perth area on a 176 Visa. Look forward to hearing from someone soon Regards Lorraine
  23. Guest

    cpv time scale

    hi guy`s thats the cpv application winging its way to my son in melbourne to add their bits before sending to perth. having earlier read about waiting times for visa`s, it stated that applying for the contributory parents visa 143 could take between 2 & 3 years. this is just about right as i retire 2 years this may. however, if for some reason they decide to clear my visa at a earlier stage, can i get it deferred till i retire or is it mandatory that you take up the visa date as given ??:arghh:
  24. Hi, Has anyone had their skills assessed by the AIM? How long do they take to complete their assessment? Claire.
  25. hi all we send the police checks off 24/12/07 recived a reply back on the 21/1/08 saying we are still waiting for your police doc!! so sent them again the same day. had no reply to say they'd received them, so email them again they sent us an email back they have recieved them on the 21/1/08. so my question is how long are we looking at before we here from oz? :twitcy: