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Found 13 results

  1. Anyone have any suggestions on head hunting org that deals with more technical jobs? I've got over 15 years dealing with satellites and some IT in various project management and leadership positions. Not talking about satellite tv installations, but actually operating satellites, and teleport/gateway sites. Willing to branch out into other technical fields, as I've done quite a few different jobs, maintenance, risk management, etc. over the years.
  2. Just about to apply for a working/Holiday Visa for a 12 month duration and looking for any advice or info. I'm in the communication industry back here based in Brighton. I've been in the commercial Aerial/Satellite industry for the past 13 years, from domestic installations to new fibre sites containing 300+ dwellings (small villages). AV distribution is also a massive part of my job. Generally speaking I cover pretty much anything that involves TV or sound whether it be domestic or commercial. I'm heading to Perth potentially between the months of Dec 2014-Jan 2015 and wondering if there's any info or opportunities within the region. I really want to stay in the industry I know, as I feel I can give something back. Any info would be greatly appreciated, plus the missis is a qualified Beautician so if that's a good trade to have the option on that also?? Kind Regards Craig
  3. Hi I am looking into moving out to Australia from the UK and would love to know whether there are any jobs vacancies going for satellite tv installers ? Thanks Lee
  4. The Pom Queen

    Australia Satellite Phone Grant

    I am not sure if any of you are aware but if you spend over 180 days in a 2 year period out of phone service ie if you do a lot of travelling/fishing/camping you are eligible for a grant of up to 50% off a satellite phone up to a maximum of $700 rebate. We recently got one a few months back. If you live in an area where there is no signal you are eligible for 85% payment towards one, but not more than $1000. I have attached the application here (you may need to log in to view) as I am sure there will be a lot of members who qualify. Kate 61_Satellite_Phone_Subsidy_Application_09-10.pdf 61_Satellite_Phone_Subsidy_Application_09-10.pdf
  5. Well the satellite we chatted about before is moving towards Earth faster than they expected and reports say it could be as early as tomorrow. http://www.space.com/12982-dead-nasa-satellite-falling-earth-sept-24.html Hope it misses land and hits the ocean. What I don't understand is why they couldn't have blown it up before it enters the earths atmosphere or is that only in movies:wub:
  6. A SIX-ton satellite is out of control and heading towards Earth – and Britain could be in the firing line. US space centre Nasa warned yesterday that the “dead” £470million satellite could land between 57 degrees north and 57 degrees south – anywhere between John O’Groats and the Falklands. Though much of the 35ft-long satellite will burn up on re-entry, as much as half a ton could survive. If it hits land, it could leave a trail of debris over 500 miles. Nasa’s orbital debris chief Gene Stansbery said: “Things have been re-entering ever since the dawn of the space age. To date nobody has been injured, but that doesn’t mean we’re not concerned.” The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite was launched 20 years ago to help measure climate change. It ran out of fuel six years ago and is due to crash to earth in late September, early October.
  7. vbulsara

    WA Perth- Satellite TV DISH

    Hi Any one having a 3M Dish at Home and getting Free TV Channel from India and Other Country? Or Any one Got Indian Setup Box and Running in Australia? to Get Indian Channels?
  8. PommyPaul

    satellite broadband

    anyone help me here? just moved into na new house and it has everything i need for satellite broadband, i plug it into my laptop and it connects to local network and thats it, anyone know what i do? i guess i just pick a service provider and they'll give me the software to get going? the setup is by someone called ipstar btw
  9. hi,i was wondering to buy 2 sat navs here in england whilst they are relativeley cheap compared to the ones in oz,but am not sure if they will work in oz? anyone else wondered about this.any advise will be great
  10. tonyman

    Satellite Dish ,please help asap

    this evening my wife went ballistic as at the back of our place one of the biggest satellite dishes was being erected into a concreate post .....what a fin eyesore it is ....eventually she went to have a word with the Indian family who we have never seen or heard before , a verbal argument broke out ect it is now 5 foot higher than the 6 foot fence already there ...the chinese have one next door but its low and you cant see it ....but we look out at 8 palm trees ,lovely garden and now this eyesore ...when questioned about the council she said she was going to tell us about it but didnt get round to it , we are very reasonable neighbours but when it comes to crap like this we have to speak our minds (or should i say my wife does :embarrassed:).......my question is do these satallite dishes that are huge need council permission ......are we or they out of order ...even pepper the puppy is going ballistic with it , barking at it :arghh:is there anything we can do to have it moved .......or hidden
  11. The Pom Queen

    satellite phones

    Is there anyone out there who has a satellite phone or who knows anything about them? We are looking at travelling from Darwin to Cairns, maybe even Brisbane but after breaking down last year and being stranded in the outback I would like to get a satellite phone. Are they cheap to buy or would I be better renting one and if so do you know anywhere that you could recommend?
  12. Can anyone pls advise any satellite dish service providers in Brisbane? I need to install a dish to receive some Asian and European channels.
  13. Hi All Does any one know if it is possable to get in to australia as a satellite tv and aerial instalation engeneer or as Commercial yachtmaster/power boat instructor or as a master scube diver trainer (PADI diving instructor). the jobs shortage list does not seem to want the formencioned as far as i can make out. What if i could get sponcership from an employer are the likley to look at me ?:sad: