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Found 20 results

  1. Newfie fan

    Sanctuary Lakes

    Hello, My husband and I will be moving to Melbourne in the New Year. We have been looking at houses to rent in Melbourne and the cost is quite high. Then we found Sanctuary Lakes and the houses look amazing for the price and the area looks great. My husband willl be working in the Melbourne CBD so the distance from there to Sanctuary lakes is concerning as well as the surrounding areas. Hubby may get a motorbike which could make the commute easier but if I am working from home, what is there for me to do??? Any advice on the area etc will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi, me my husband and 2 kids moved to sanctuary lakes on saturday and would love to meet up with fellow brits living here Please send me a PM Laura
  3. Morning all We have just signed on a property in SL. Can anyone give any ball park figures on monthly costs for elec, gas, water etc on a 4/5 bed house in this area. Also any recommendations for best value service providers would be great. Does anyone have any thoughts on broadband vs cable - could anyone give a recommendation on this? Any help would be gratefully received. We have been contacted by Direct Connect (through the estate agents) who are willing, but can't give any figures on pretty much anything they connect! Thanks everyone - Fiona
  4. swifty99

    internet on sanctuary lakes

    hi hoping someone can help us, next week we are due to move onto Sanctuary Lakes, wanted your advice on who to use regarding internet providers and phone also Thanks :wink:
  5. swifty99

    Sanctuary Lakes question

    hello everyone, we are looking at renting on Sanctuary Lakes and was wondering if you have to pay any fees for the gym pool etc or does the landlord pay all that and we just pay the stated rent. Many thanks Matt
  6. We're in the process of mving to Melbourne, and have applied for a rental property in the sanctuary lakes estate. I've had a quick look around when I was there in June (currently back in the UK) and liked it, but I've also been reading some bad things on the forums. I just wondered if anyone on here who lives there, or has lived htere could put me straight on a few points ? 1) I'm going to be commuting to the CBD each day. I hear that they train is packed, and the traffic is bad. How long (realistically) is it likely to take to get to Docklands each day (either via Southern cross or by road). Is 45 minutes realistic during the rush hour ? 2) Some pepole say that the estate is soul less, and there's never anyone around, so it feels empty. That's not the impression that I got, however I did visit on a weekend. We're sociable people, and looking for somewhere were our 9 year old daughter is likely to meet some friends, and hopefully, where we can build a social life. 3) Schools. Mixed reports on schools. Point Cook primary seems to have good feedback. Are there any others that people can recommend ? Any advice would be helpful.
  7. Hi everyone, my husband and I are emigrating to Melbourne from London in Aug. We bought a plot of land at Sanctuary Lakes and are looking for recommendations on builders and architects. It's not the done thing in the UK, so any help appreciated!! Would be great to meet up for coffee and chats when we arrive to discuss further thanks
  8. Guest

    Taxi's from Sanctuary Lakes

    Hi, Ive recently moved to Sanctuary Lakes (VIC) and I am just wondering which is the best taxi company to use to get into town. Just had a quick ring round and so far they range from $60 up to $100, it just seems a bit excessive. Anyone know of any cheaper ones? Thanks Dave
  9. whopperdaisy

    Currumbin Sanctuary

    Has anyone been to Currumbin Sanctuary on the GC? Would you recommend it for a young (pre-school) child?
  10. Hi All I haven't managed to work out how to start a forum (is it me?) so I thought I'd start here - your comments much appreciated. We're moving to Santuary Lakes in Feb sometime and I've done some research into kinder programs/kindergartens/prep/primary schools and am: a) Totally confused! b) Worried about the cost! We have a 4 year old boy (Jasper,) and a 2 year old girl (Millie.) My wife and I are both planning to work (and have jobs already lined up,) but it looks like we'll spend a fortune on Out Of School care and then the schools themselves. Slight hiccup on the old financial planning.... Anyone have any advice - pleeeeeeease? Thanks Barney:unsure:
  11. Im looking into the above area as a possible move. After looking to see what my better half and step daughter can do for fun I thought I should see whats there for me! I would like to get back into fishing and wondered what's available in this area? Thanks guys.
  12. Hi Myself and family are looking at the possibillty of moving to the above area (if the job works out). Do many people on here live in this area and would be able to give me an idea what life is like there. We are me 35, oh 37, daughter 18. We are a pretty outgoing family and like to socialise. Is this a suitable place for us?
  13. Guest

    Sanctuary lakes - Point Cook

    Hi All. I hope some one can help me. We have just got back from an extended holiday in Oz and will be going to live next year with my husbands work. We had a look around suburbs when we were there and really liked Sanctuary Lakes in Point Cook. My question is regarding an extra charges for living in the Sanctuary Lakes Resort. From what I have seen on their website there is onsite security 24 hours and the fitness club etc, also some sort of phone and internet service for the estate. So my question is are there a lot of extra charges for living in this estate? Thanks Kat
  14. Hi there, Looks like we will be moving to either Sanctuary lakes or point cook in next few weeks. I'm curious to know when renting there is there hidden fees regarding the gym,swimming etc or is that inc in renting the property in the resort? hope someone can answer this for me hehe. many thanks, :biggrin:
  15. Guest

    Schools in Sanctuary Lakes

    Hi I am due to move from Warrington in the Uk to Melbourne in November this year with my husband and 2 boys aged 14 and 10. We have been looking at renting on Sanctuary Lakes. Can anybody advise what its like to live here and recomend any good schools in the area. Thanks Julie
  16. Guest

    Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary!!!

    What can I say?!! This family attraction is ALWAYS a big hit. Get up and close with some Aussie native animals.. loads to see! Kids love it! We visited 3 times in 6 months..lol.. but last visit was to work, as it was a location shoot for us. Get discount entry coupons for Currumbin and tons other stuff at: Discount Vouchers Australia - Discount Coupons - Why Pay Full Price
  17. Guest

    Healesville sanctuary melbourne

    An amzing place where you get to meet the keepers and feed kangaroos!!! an amazing experience, good admission price and very clean. well worth it.
  18. Hi Guys, Well our visa has been approved and looks like we will be moving to melbourne on 15th December! I have been looking at houses in sanctuary lakes and wondered if anyone lives there?? or is moving there?? and if it is a nice place to live or not? The houses look fab and it is only 20mins away from the office for my hubby. Any advice on this suburb would be great as we would like to pick the right area to live in. Gail xxx
  19. We have a dilemma... arrived in Melbourne 2 weeks ago and staying in temporary accommodation in Bayswater. We have found a house that we want to rent in Sanctuary Lakes and move out of Bayswater on 5th August. Our furniture and possessions won't arrive until at least 18th August!!! We have 2 small boys so 'camping' down in an empty house is fine for a couple of nights but not sure we'll cope with nearly 2 weeks. I'm aware that we could buy blow up mattresses, a few pots and pans etc. but as I'm sure you'll all understand, we can't afford to be paying out for unnecessary items on top of all the other costs we've forked out for and will fork out for in order to rent our new Aussie home. Have tried to get short term furnished accommodation near Sanctuary lakes/Point Cook but there doesn't seem to be anything. Really want to get over to that side asap so that we can get my 5 year old settled into school and 3 year old on the waiting list for Kinder (I'm told that his name should have been down from the age of 18months!). If there are any fellow PiO friends over in the Western suburbs, do you know of anywhere/anything we could rent for this short term? Thanks, Drea
  20. Hi Guys! Just wondered if anyone has any names of secondary schools in any of these areas please.. The DIMIA and Victorian Education websites are not that brilliant when it comes to secondary education. I can do the research when I've got names but i'm not even sure if any exist there at the moment! Help, please!