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Found 37 results

  1. We are about to have all our worldly possessions shipped over to Perth [emoji51] and for some reason have LOADS of vacuum pack bags. We have had mixed messages about whether to use them or not. One removal company said yes the other said no- you could get mould due to items sweating inside the plastic. What did anyone else do? Anyone had experience or advice about this? Just thinking it could save us money with the space!! TIA [emoji846]
  2. Good day all. I have been offered a job in Bacchus Marsh but would like to live as close to Melbourne as possible and commute to work daily. I would therefor like to know what suburbs, I suppose western, would be good options for me? Obviously looking at proximity to a train station with a direct line to Bacchus. Safe suburbs are key as I hear there are youth gangs out in the west making an appearance. I was looking at Footscray. Can anybody offer any information surroundthing this suburb? Or others that might be appealing? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi, Due to the lack of short term rentals available in January I have contacted someone on Gumtree and agreed to rent their rental house for a month. Is this safe? They've agreed to only charge 2 weeks up front and accept a Bond upon arrival instaed of sending up front but I'm worried that I could end up with nowhere to live upon arrival?! Just looking for some reassurance really? Is there anything I could ask to prove who they are/own the property? Thanks, Steve.
  4. I am currently living in Oz and plan to return to the U.K. in June 2012 I have put my Oz dollars in to Sterling and have it in an off shore account with Commonwealth Bank. Given the global banking problems, I asked the bank how safe was the money and basically ITS NOT !!!! APPEARS ITS ALL CARE NO RESPONSIBILITY Where can I put this money and know it wont dissapear/be frozen etc. Is my only option to but it back to Oz dollars with a government guarantee????:unsure::unsure::unsure:
  5. Hi, I wondered if any one in Perth could help , we are due to be migrating over to Perth NOR early next year , I'm not sure if its panic setting in but ..(well it probably is panic because we are seriously doubting everything lol).. I would like your view and opinion on the safety of living in Peth suburbs.. eg Crime near you , thefts ,burgalries ect. Do you feel safe where you are and how does it compare to the UK ?
  6. I'm just curious if it is safe to travel your quad bike into a ship. I haven't experience this yet and my friend invited me for a trail ride in their place but it needs to travel through ship. Does anyone know here had an experience on traveling your quad through ship and can anyone tell me that should I have an assurance that they will take my quad while traveling. I ask the shipping company with this issue and it seems that they are not sure with their answer. I am not contended with their answers. I would like to know your opinion regarding this issue. Thanks:smile:
  7. All's well that end's well but for 24 hours my brother's family were all distraught. I thought I was pretty blase driving over there to help look but, as I got to within a kilometre of their home i started looking for little bundles by the side of the road & wondering what was in the bins. My nephew put posters up all over Picnic Point offering a reward and someone rang up. They had had her in their home overnight. My sister in law said that Amy (her daughter 22) will probably sleep with Tinkerbell tonight! I took my brother's other dog - 'Daisy' - out in the bush behind their house hoping I might find her there. All I found was a Black Snake (I think) - gave me a turn but it rushed off as quickly as I did in the other direction. That was the first time I've been for a walk with the dog and not enjoyed it.
  8. Guest

    cheap and safe? too much to ask?

    Our budget is around 350k, what is the best suburb in melb for around that price? Our priorities would be a good college, for our children and a safe area with good transport links to cbd. Those are the main things. thanks in advance
  9. Myself and my OH are planning to emigrate with our 2 children to Oz March 2012 and we're considering flights. We have no set plans - we're both a bit nervous about the move but there are many positives for us (including having family over there, which we don't have here in the UK). We both live here on about £60k but as the costs of living are quite good here in the UK, we do okay. We're nervous about the unknown and the costs of living in Australia, so are completely prepared to do 2 years then return back to the UK if we struggle in Australia (or just miss it!). I am looking at flights - we want to fly Singapore as we'll have two kids under the age of 2. One way flights are £1,800 and returns are £3k. Does anyone know how long the return date can extend? (i.e. is it limited for a year or two?) The thing is, it will only be a safety net in case we really need to return but I did look at the reverse and one way from Australia with Singapore is £2,700....ouch! Any advice would be appreciated, as always!
  10. We have been here for 2 weeks now and sooo confused! We are here on a 457 and don't know what to do regarding cover, we have asked someone in a Medicare office but to be honest the person was rude and treated us as if we were just here for the benefits............erm yeah right?! Anyway, what cover should we get and where from? Dentist cover? Health cover for any injuries (we have 2 toddlers so accidents could happen)? Ambulance cover or something I have heard you need otherwise an ambulance costs are dear? Someone help please as our kids love to climb EVERYTHING and the last thing we want is a broken bone and having to pay thousands (which we dont have). John
  11. Hi, arriving in Melbourne very soon, was looking at living in Frankston South. Hubby used to know Frankston well (over 10 yrs ago) however have heard a few things recently about Frankston not be so safe anymore. Comments like you wouldn't want to be at the train station late at night. We have 2 preschoolers so I am interested on any view points on if Frankston South would be a good place to live. Do you feel safe shopping in Frankston in the evening? Would be interested in any thoughts or experiences. (Hubby will be getting train to CBD) Thanks
  12. Hi Our only outstanding "Required" bit on ur Visas with the exception of our Medical results (uploaded this week hopefully) is the "Australian Federal Police (AFP) certificate" now we have not lived in oz at all so believe they are not required, is it safe to ignore this requirement and do we have to inform our CO that we havent lived in Oz ? Cheers Jess and Matt
  13. so what do you think happened to Shergar ......?:policeman: 25 yrs and we are still unsure ........what are your thoughts on shergars whereabouts .......i will start I think Shergar married Prince Charles.................and why not , for an easy life after all the running , staring at other horses bottoms and being whipped ......though i believe Shergar still likes to be whipped now n again..........:biggrin:
  14. Guest

    Keep Safe in Karratha Region

    Old Cyclone Carlos has come down to the Pilbara Karratha, all on red alert Cat 2. Keep safe girls and boys. Susie x
  15. Hi Guys Just wanted to update you, Archie our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has arrived safe & sound at Melbourne Quarantine Station after his flight from the UK. He apparently travelled well & came bouncing out of his crate. He has his first visit Thursday from Dog Walks and Im looking forward to seeing some pictures of him. So I can now relax a little bit more now, knowing he got there safe & now look forward to us going in just over 2 weeks. To anyone else out there who is waiting for there pets to travel, it is so hard not to worry about them, but it will all work out good in the end. :smile:
  16. sydneyCE

    Safe Multicultural Suburbs

    When we finally receive our visas and find jobs, it is likely that I will be working in the CBD or North Sydney and OH will be working in one of the industrial/business park areas. We have 2 children who will be 6 and 2 or 3 by the time we relocate. We will probably be looking for a family suburb with a short commute (around 30 minutes) to the CBD, property/ rental prices around the median, and reasonable proximity to beaches/parks. We also want to try and live without a car for a while, so good public transport options will be important. Areas that look reasonable on the rental search sites include Inner West (Glebe to about Croydon Park, but mainly Leichhardt, Summer Hill, Five Dock, Drummoyne), North Shore (Neutral Bay, Cremorne), and some areas to the south of the CBD like Brighton-le-Sands, San Succi and Bexley. This is my first post, but I have been reading posts about Sydney suburbs on this forum and others, and it seems that certain areas are favored by expats and other areas are not recommended. The areas most frequently recommended tend to be more affluent and heterogeneous (I think???). I would like to know if the recommendations would change for a mixed race family as my OH is of Jamaican ancestry. We would like to live in a suburb that is both reasonably safe from crime and and the threat of potential harassment (good-natured teasing doesn't count) or violence toward any member of our family. Do the areas listed above sound reasonable? Is there anywhere we should avoid? I know a question like this has the potential to result in controversy, but that is not my intent. I am looking for serious well-reasoned input.
  17. Hi all, can anyone tell me the suburbs to avoid in Perth. Will be arriving in perth next week and have a few place to look at for short term rent, one is in called Coolbellup and the other is Cannington. If these are no good any suggestions Thanks
  18. I have just found out today that Crown Currency have gone into administration. I ordered £1000 in AUD on wed 28th Sept for delivery on 14th Oct but looks like I can kiss goodbye to that!!!!! Although waiting on advice from my bank tomorrow, but not holding out any hope of getting it back. BUT before I found out this news I tranfered £5000 to my NAB account through UKForex and now I am shi##ing it incase it happens to them too!!! Exactly how safe are all of these companies?? Mandy
  19. Hi Does anyone on here or has anyone lived in Midland at all? We have just been offered a 3 bed/2 bath town house to rent, however having had a look on the net I'm a bit worried. I have heard that it is def a place to avoid, that there is a lot of break ins and assults. If anyone can tell me anything about Midland that would be great, thank you Laura
  20. mickjthom

    Australia - safe for kids?????

    Well, been here 2 weeks and well have to say like the look of Perth so far. Slightly disturbed though. Enrolled the kids in school (in Woodvale) only to be told about some attempted abduction a few months back. Then while we're here, a different local school goes into lockdown as some indigineous folk (no slight intended) chase each other through school grounds with baseball bat or similar weapon. You mention these things and folk have similar sort of tales about this incident at one school and that incident at another. Also noticed that Perth schools dont seem to be fenced off and just open for anyone to walk in/out. My, point, well am I just being paranoid, overly cautious or is there some worrying issue over safety of kids attending schools in Perth? Are there greater threats from violent offenders or other weirdos from sending your kids to Perth schools? Bascially, my wife is genuinely fearful. I think she's being over cautious but am I just not wanting to face home truths? Putting some context round this, an 11 year old boy was abducted only 50 yards from our childrens school only 3 years ago (and horrificly murdered shortly thereafter).Maybe we are paranoid but it is something which is always in forefront of our minds, as indeed will be for all parents. Grateful for your opinions
  21. cragthog

    Is Parramatta a safe suburb

    I'm looking for a job now and there's a job chance but the office is in Parramatta. I am not sure about this area. Cause I heard it was not a safe suburb. Is that ture? Thanks~
  22. Huddy

    Are these areas safe ?

    Hi Everyone. I am moving out to Sydney on Tuesday ! Eeeeekkk ! Giddy kipper ! ha After having done a LOT of research I am still struggling with what areas to aim at to live, I love the look of Woolloomooloo and like the idea of being able to walk to work (working in CBD) I am 28 and want somewhere with good pubs, resturants etc etc but have read quite a few things about the above and kings cross not being overly safe... I havent got a lot of time to find somewhere to live, so am looking at narrowing down to 4 places, then when I get over there just got and have a wander around... can anyone offer advice on the safeness of these places ? Ideally I want to live near a harbour or beach.:biggrin:
  23. Guest

    fire safe areas

    I am moving to melbourne later in the year with my family, and am quite worried about the fire situation over there. We are looking to move to south east melbourne, and every suburb we look at has had problems over the last 2 years. Why is this? Is there a suburb that is known to be the safest in this regard? We have considered langwarrin, safety beach, carrum downes, dorama??, not sure on the spelling. Am I worrying about nothing? Should I by a particular kind of house or in a particular area?
  24. The Yuills

    Safe arrival - 1 new Ozzie!!

    On the 10th March our baby arrived, 7 weeks early, in King Edward Memorial Hospital, Subiaco, Western Australia. Jake Sonny weighed in at 4lb 8oz he was Jaundiced so has spent most of the time naked and under lights. He was moved last week to Fremantle Hospital and he continues to do very well. We hope he will be coming home very soon. His brothers and sister can't wait for him to come home. It is strange being here in Australia, away from friends and family, though I have a really good friend here, thanks Rachael and Steve for all your help. We are managing to get through it though. The care Jake and I received at King Edward and Fremantle is 2nd to none and Fremantle hospital is so friendly. So come May, we will have more to celebrate than being here for 1 year!!! So for now daily drives to Fremantle are what I look forward to......... from a very proud mum :hug: Sue xxxx
  25. Guest

    Sh7tman Have a safe journey

    Mr. & Mrs. Alan Sh7tman..... have a very safe trip over to Australia, I will miss your morning/evening banters so dont be a stranger. Exciting times seeing your grandchild again, dont forget some pictures for us. Love Susie:hug: