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Found 42 results

  1. Hi there, I'm currently in the process of getting my de facto visa to live over here permanently and so in the meantime, I'm looking to get back into the running I once loved in the UK. Does anyone know of any social running clubs in the Frankston/Seaford area that I could join either during the week/evenings or at weekends? I just thought it would be a good way to have a mutual interest to meet new people...... Thanks S
  2. Hannah81

    An Englishman in Melbourne!

    My husband and I have just moved to Melbourne from London with work. We are both in our early 30's (no children) and are renting a house in Hawksburn Village Prahran. We are enjoying the weather, work and lifestyle and looking to make friends. We enjoy running, keeping fit and also socialising. If anyone has any suggestions on where to go or fancy meeting for a drink, message me,
  3. Hi all, we moved over to Brisbane from Scotland at end of May and have now managed to get sorted with jobs, place to stay (Wavell Heights), school for our 4 year old daughter anda car. Now just need to get some mates! Im 37 and love my football (the real stuff :-), running, cycling, and maybe even the odd game of golf - though I'm really crap! Ideally would be great to meet up with some fellow Scots and Brits for coffee, BBQ, trip to the park at the weekend. Got a new phone and no-one to put in it! Game of five-a-sides one night during the week would be amazing but think I may be asking for too much... Hope to hear from you soon Martin
  4. Hi there.....I was pointed to this forum by a friend, who suggested it may be able to help. I am currently in Melbourne, 33, from the UK, and have been working as a designer for Holden for the last 2 years as a contracor, via an Australian agency. I moved out here for the job and the agency sponsored my on a 457 visa. Thankfully, despite all the current redundencies, Holden still want to keep me on. However, my agency called me a little while back and advised me that due to changes in the 457 legislation (that have taken place since my initial visa was granted) they are no longer able to sponsor anyone, so couldn't renew my visa, and that my best option was to apply for permenant residency. I called the immigration department to ask about PR, and they told me that unless the agency can guarantee me work for 3 years, they can't sponsor my PR application, so I would have to apply independantly.....for which I would not be able to get a bridging visa. So as it stands, with my current visa soon to expire, it looks like I may soon be out of work....even though Holden wants me to stay...and wondering how best to remain in the country (I now have a g/f here...so would like to stay). I have tried other agencies, but Holden can only use the ones currently on their books...none of which have the ability to sponsor people under the new laws. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could possibly (A) stay working at Holden, or (B) stay in the country!! Many thanks, Fonz PS - I have an uncle who is a citizen here now, though he lives up near the Gold Coast.
  5. Guest

    Time is running out!

    I am posting this on behalf of a friend.... Her sister came out from the UK with her parents in the 50's. Never became a citizen as at the time they were told they didn't need to!!! 10 years ago she went back to the UK to spend time with family leaving her elderly parents here and a brother and a sister. Her father was diagnosed with cancer 3 months ago and her mother is not coping. She now wants to come back to Australia to help look after them but she never updated her permananent res. visa....(Ihave no idea why!!) She has since tried to renew this visa but it has been knocked back. Shes been told she can appeal this decision and has 3 weeks to do so, but she dosn't have the cash to appeal. She has 60,000 sat in super over here, and has no idea what to do and is very upset over it all. None of her family here are citizens but they have all kept there perm res visas up to date. Can anyone help with the next step she needs to take Thank you in advance
  6. Inspirational Deborah de Williams who has inspired many, and has been inspired by many more has finally finished her world record of running around Australia with maggie her dog. together and with their team have raised more than $220,000 aud so far, but you can still donate to running pink! http://www.themercury.com.au/article/2011/05/07/227951_tasmania-news.html well done running pink xxx so proud of you all that supported her, ran with her and shared your breast cancer stories with her as she ran xxx:hug:
  7. Purplethunder

    Time's running out!!

    Hi All, Been on this road a long time now and time is running out..well has ran out for hubby so we're going to try on my qualification instead. I'm CIMA qualified which is part of the CPA mutual recognition programme, so I could be a member of both bodies but I don't know whether to do this or to just get my skills assessed by the CPA as I don't have a degree? Anyone got any ideas or advise on this or been there and done it?? Thanks Debs
  8. Hi Sir/Madam, Can anyone please let me know that whether we can run 175 and 176 visa applications in parallel? I have a ongoing 175 visa application but I have obtained sponsorship from the state too. Can I re-lodge a fresh application for 176 (paper-based) when I have 175 in progress instead of withdrawing? Kindly advice.
  9. Hi all, This is my situation: I am currently on a working holiday visa (417) which expires at the end of this month. I haven't done any 3 months work to get the second year as I didn't think I'd need it as my options were looking good at the time for a PR application. A company is currently in the process of looking at sponsoring me, although I am running out of time. What is the best way to go about being able to stay in the country longer while this gets sorted out? A friend has advised going overseas and then applying for a visitor visa. Would this be a good idea? Cheers!
  10. Excuse me whilst I vent a bit. What is it with these people who own pooches that think everyone else is a bad pet owner? where we rent it is a bit snobby but overall a great area. In the morning my husband runs our cocker spaniel for an hour..... this has done wonders for calming her and for her knowing where she is in the pack and has stopped any aggressive behavior towards my little toddler son. Anyway....... so many people ( mainly older women in too tight lycra on there daily stop and chats with there brushed to death pooches) have been making comments such as " oh poor little dog" and " hey theres alot of pulling there"..... It just makes me a bit mad, my husband is such a nice guy and he would never hurt our dog, he says the leash is slack and she runs mostly happily except for the odd investigation around trees ect.... People have gone mad here.... I love dogs and i love my dog but she is a dog .... she wants to be a dog and she needs exercise. cockers need to run dont they? our neighbours say hi to our dog but never ask how we are..... my friend said to me after the birth of my son in a very concerned voice " look after your little dog won't you" she has never asked after my son!!! It just makes me so annoyed that people feel that dogs are humans in fur, they are not and i really do LOVE my dog but jeez..... its crazy where I live..... my dog gets a more expensive hair do than me .... gets fresh food and bones..... has someone at home with her all day , me and my son .... and has a daily run of an hour .... and we still get the comments! Im sure no one will reply to this i just needed to get it out..... !!!!Please someone tell me an hour run for a cocker early before it gets hot is not cruelty!!!
  11. terry & Melanie

    Arrived and hit the ground running....!!!

    Hi Guys. We have been here for 11 days and our feet havnt touched the ground!!!! The flight was great (would defo recomend Singapore!!) and the kids were absolute stars...all the games, ipods, books, colouring equiptments etc etc wasnt touched!!! they watched one film after another. I think they were TV starved...we had been staying at a rental of my parents for the last 3 weeks in the UK and they didnt have a tellie:laugh:The flight went suprisingly quickly, although I didnt sleep a wink...at one point I got up to go to the loo and returned to my seat to find Ruairi flat out asleep across my seat and his...I stood in the isle for 2 hours!!!! The jetlag has been a killer and took me a day or two to get into the swing of things. I wasnt prepared for the swing of emotions I would feel on arrival, but we are settling in now. Its helped being with family. They were complete strangers when we arrived but they have been great. All the family have been so hospitable and made the transition much easier. Nonetheless we felt that we needed to get a rental sorted ASAP. We are quite cramped where we are and Terry's aunt and uncle are in their 70's and must feel like they have been invaded. All last week we spent searching for rentals and picked up the keys this morning for our first Aussie home!!!!! Its a stunning house in Cleveland. I had done loads of research into areas before leaving the UK and thought that the Bayside area was where I wanted to be and for sure it didnt disapoint!!!! Anyway our container doesnt arrive in brisbane until 16th and then it has to clear quarentine so we have begged, borrowed and scrounged most things and are going shopping for the rest to see us through tomorrow!!!We move in on Monday when we can get the electricity turned on. Anyway I will have to do this in installments so not to bore you all...so until next time...TTFN.xxxxxx
  12. Guest

    Running out of time

    Wot happens to all of us who are in a race against time, my OH is 45 next week and will be too old to reapply for our visa's. All this stress could be for nothing, they take your money and then say that newbies (no Offence ment) that apply from 1st July 2010 will be given priority, if we were good enough for state sponsor before 1st July why are we not good enough now????
  13. Hi, I live in Hillcrest and like to run ( although not very fast). I went for a walk in Karawatha Forest Reserve the other day and there are some tracks that might be quite nice for running. It's a bit isolated though so I don't really fancy going on my own. If anyone would like join me for a relaxed run some time please let me know. Just a note that I'm a bit injured at the moment so once my physio gives me the all clear I might have to start with a couple of laps of Forest Lake, but running partners would always be welcome and I'm sure we could find somewhere for a coffee afterwards! I'm 32, live with my boyfriend, no kids, been in Oz for a year and a half. Kate
  14. well i just have almost 15 dayz left in lodging my 885 visa im onshore student and all of my docs are ready but i lodged my AUTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE VERIFICATION on 11th may and im getting panic coz i havent recieved anything yet.. so just wanted to know in case if i havent recieved it for next 15 dayz then can i apply PR on reference number of verification coz sumone told me that i cannot apply PR on reference number only TR can be applied but then sumone wrking in my agents office said that i can apply PR as well with verification reference number which i got from post office while submitting my verification... so totally confused,,any suggestions will be appreciated, like to hear from sumone who knows abt it ..no guess plz thanx KARAN
  15. As above really, can you? Would they allow you to keep working in WA or would you have to move?
  16. Guest

    Running out of time

    Our time is running out to sell up and get out of this country, and the house still hasn't sold!! Had 3rd viewing on Bank Holiday only for them to turn around and say no...gutted!! :arghh: We're beginning to think we're never sell, OH thinks we will be old and grey and still sat in the house with a cobwebbed For Sale sign still clinging to our fence!! So the time has come to think about a validation trip... but my question is, do we all have to go (so expensive with 2 children) or can I just go by myself, I'm the main applicant that would be ideal!! Any ideas??? And I guess there's no way we can get an extension on the validation date (currently 9th September) Jules
  17. Guest


    My son is a middle distance runner - a very good one. Does anyone know of any good coaches or clubs he may join when he comes over in Oct 2010? He will also be looking for work in the sporting industry - he's taking Sports and exercise Science at Uni' at the moment; he graduates in July. Thanks, Chris.
  18. I am based in Sydney and I have two quotes from two migration agents. The first is for $95 for a 20 minute chat with Anne O’Donoghue at Immigration Solutions http://www.immigrationwolutions.com.au And the second is for $350 for written advice or a 45 min phone conversation with Sydney Migration International Sydney Migration International Obviously I understand these places are not going to do things for free. But as prices vary so much, and I don’t know what they are even going to suggest I do next, I am reluctant to book with either at this stage. Can anyone tell me about their experience with agents, and if they are worth it or of they think better it’s to do themselves? My situ is that my WHV comes to an end of 1/5/10 and so I am looking at what options I have to stay after this date. I am 32 so no chance of another WHV, and I am worried about the length of time that a skilled migrant visa will take, or if I’d even qualify (after online tests I think I may be 5 points off the 120 minimum). I don't understand what state sponsorship is so they could tell me about that – but if I pay someone $350 just for them to tell me I should try get a job that will offer me a 457 I’ll be a bit annoyed! Hope someone can help! Thanks very much
  19. Hi there. I've been searching online for someone else in this predicament, but can't seem to find them. Wondered if anybody here had any thoughts? My wife and I lived in Melbourne for two years on 457s. When her project came to a close in March 2009, we returned to the UK but immediately put in applications for non-sponsored 175 PR visas. At that point, we thought the wait time was about 18 months. Of course, turns out now it's three years. Here's the twist ... While in Oz, I set up my own business. It took a little while to get going, but since being back in the UK, it's taken off. It's now my only business and I run it full time from the UK. All my clients are Australian, I employ Australian contractors on occasion - and I pay my taxes in Australia. The only problem is it doesn't turnover enough to meet the insane requirements for a business PR visa. I have no intention of jumping the queue - but it's obviously frustrating to me (and puts a huge strain on the business) to have to wait the full three years to get back out to Australia when I'm already paying my taxes there and have a business that's already employing me. I know rules are rules. Do I just have to suck it up, get out to Oz on short term business visas whenever I can, and try to keep the business running for the next three years? Or is there anything else I can do to speed up the PR process? Any suggestions / similar circumstances, I'd love to hear from you.
  20. Hi. First time to PomsInOz, hope someone can help. My son's 417 working holiday visa runs out on Friday and he's been trying to get sponsored to stay here. He hasn't done any work in regional Aus and so can't extend his 417 for the second year. We've looked into ENS, subclass 121 and he falls short of the experience requirement. He's been doing plastering over here on his 417 and has someone who will sponsor him, we were going to take a chance but but they're worried they'll get into trouble if my son doesn't meet the requirements. He's got a plastering certioficate from the UK but no experience there, only the ~12mths here. We've looked into family sponsors, subclass 176 and 475, and he just falls short of the 12 months minimum experience requirement (both) and isn't in regional Aus (475). Also I've been told there's no bridging with these visas so he'll have to leave the country on Friday to get a tourist visa, then, if he's successful, leave and return again to get the sponsored visa activated. He's running out of time and is facing up to having to return to the UK and start again when he's got more experience. But he doesn't want to leave! Anybody and ideas? Thanks in anticipation, Kymosabi.
  21. Hi, I noticed rather late in the day...my passport with my new unused visa only has a year and a bit left on it. This means I can hopefully renew it while in australia. But once renewed I'll then need to get the passport evidenced again. Maybe I am best doing it now in the UK before I leave? any ideas?
  22. Hi all POI's Just wanted to share the news. Received a call from our Agent in the week to say that my Wifes TRA application was successful and our WA SSP was being lodged yesterday. All gets exciting from here
  23. Guest

    Is Pio running slow for you?

    Is PiO running really slow for anyone - I've had a number of folke say it is running really slowly - It shouldn't be but I will look at it if there's anyone having problems - Just Pm me! Tim
  24. Hi Wondering if anyone can hep me. We have for a while wanting to moving Australia, but my partner is passed the age for applying for a visa. I could but i need to spend lot more years retraining and it doesnt mean it be right to apply for one. We live in Scotland a have been saving we are talking of starting a business either B&B or holiday lets. But we not sure it would work for us in Scotland as everything cost alot. Can anyone tell me if we would be able to start a business in Australia how much outlay must we have. We are thinking of saving for another 2 years. Would this be possible any help would be great. We are talking of travelling to australia next july and staying a month for a holiday and a look around anyone give me ideas that would suit our plans. Carol
  25. Guest

    Running a business

    Hi Wondering if anyone can hep me. We have for a while wanting to moving Australia, but my partner is passed the age for applying for a visa. I could but i need to spend lot more years retraining and it doesnt mean it be right to apply for one. We live in Scotland a have been saving we are talking of starting a business either B&B or holiday lets. But we not sure it would work for us in Scotland as everything cost alot. Can anyone tell me if we would be able to start a business in Australia how much outlay must we have. We are thinking of saving for another 2 years. Would this be possible any help would be great. We are talking of travelling to australia next july and staying a month for a holiday and a look around anyone give me ideas that would suit our plans. Carol