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Found 27 results

  1. Dear all, I was hoping that someone might be able to answer a query i have regarding what is meant by the DIAC requirement of recent work experience in your nominated occupation being required for 12 out of the last 24 months. Does this have to be consecutive? The reason i ask is that my wife is applying for SS to WA and has been on maternity leave since March this year. Our agent has told us that we need to get our visa application in before March 2012 due to the 12 out of 24 month rule. I have asked if this has to be consecutive or not as if it is not a requirement there is no deadline as she will be returing to work after one year and would have worked 12 out of the last 24 months at any time we apply. Hope someone can confirm that this has to be consecutive 12 months employed. Thanks.
  2. What's your standing in the Vocabulary Quiz?? http://www.merriam-webster.com/quiz/index.htm I got 3260 on the first try. Last one to kill a bad guy buys the orange juice :wink: (Sorry, I don't do beer :tongue:)
  3. The Pom Queen

    Pets rule our hearts

    In the latest study 82% of pet owners said they wouldn't date someone that their furry companion didn't like. I must admit I'm quite shocked that it's 82% :shocked:
  4. UNIVERSITIES will be allowed to entice foreign students with quick visa approvals and the right to two years of work after graduation as part of a reform package to stem further losses of overseas student income. Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans said yesterday they would act on a remarkably frank report on Australia's education export industry by former NSW politician Michael Knight. By mid-next year, foreign students keen on an Australian university degree will have access to a new, fast-track visa system. Students from supposedly high-risk countries such as China will no longer have to show $75,000-plus in a bank account to prove they can cover fees and living costs. Instead, as with students from developed countries such as the US, they will be able to simply declare they can support themselves. Onerous financial requirements have been bitterly criticised as an overreaction to past failings when migration was the motor of education, especially in private colleges. The reforms come after the education export industry -- one of Australia's largest export industries -- complained of "a perfect storm" of rapid and unsettling changes in visa rules and skilled migration policy, the strong dollar, more competition for students overseas and lingering reputational damage done by attacks on Indian students. Australia's education export earnings fell by almost 10 per cent in 2010-11 from their $18 billion peak, as Indian students were driven away while the US and Canada made inroads on the China market. Sharp declines in numbers at English language colleges and tertiary preparation courses suggest universities are heading into tough trading conditions next year. University leaders yesterday welcomed the life raft thrown them by the government. University of NSW vice-chancellor Fred Hilmer said: "The reforms announced are more positive than anyone we spoke to expected (and) they come when competitors are kicking own goals -- riots in the UK and US funding cuts." Professor Hilmer, in New Delhi yesterday, said education agents had told him that a streamlined student visa system was "the key to restoring our competitive position". Under yesterday's Knight reforms, which single out universities for special treatment, foreign graduates emerging with a bachelor's degree will be entitled to two years' work without restriction on type of job. If they want to stay for good, they still have to satisfy stricter rules for skilled migration, which are much less generous to on-shore foreign students with low-value skills. Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications of the reforms had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules, he said. ACTU president Ged Kearney said the labour market impact of any new student visa program would have to be closely monitored and steps had to be taken to ensure it did not lead to an erosion of working conditions. "Unions want to encourage Australian universities to be competitive, however, we are cautious about the potential impact on the local job market these changes may lead to," Ms Kearney said. "It is essential that any overseas student or work visa program must recognise and protect the rights of temporary migrants and their families, and not be used to undercut wages and working conditions in Australia." Also promised next year is a comprehensive review of the so-called risk assessment levels that immigration officials use to vet would-be students. This system makes it harder for students from China and India, for example, to get visas. "Unfortunately the worst perceptions about visa processing times are in Australia's biggest market, China," Mr Knight said. He recommended a new work rights regime for foreign students who graduate from an Australian university, and said this had to be "administratively very simple". "The scheme must be one which can be marketed by the universities to prospective students as almost guaranteeing post-study work rights," he said. Glenn Withers, chief executive of Universities Australia, said the work entitlement was "one of the biggest breakthroughs". "This (work right) is as good or better than the Canadian or the US provisions," he said. But Monash University researcher Bob Birrell said the labour market implications had not been thought through. Locals already were competing with thousands of former overseas students who were on bridging visas following a reform of the skilled migration rules. University of Sydney third-year international relations student Yun Liu thought about switching to the US during her six-month wait for an Australian student visa. "I kind of wanted to change my mind, but I'm pretty patient," she said. As a Chinese applicant planning to package foundation studies with a degree, she was subject to a level-4 risk assessment -- the highest currently applied. "It takes longer (than in) other countries, say Singapore or Japan," said the 21-year-old from Tianjin, near Beijing. The Australian visa application process involved depositing a large sum in a bank account to prove Ms Liu could afford to live and study in Australia. "I can't remember [how much]," she said. Mr Knight justified special measures to boost overseas student recruitment by universities, rather than by TAFEs or private colleges, on the basis universities were of "universally high" quality. He cited the "huge financial stake" of taxpayers in a university sector that had become heavily dependent on fees paid by foreign students.
  5. Guest

    1 year rule

    Hello Wonder if anyone ca explain something. I read all over that if you want to import a car or motorbike when you move you have to have owned it for a year. But you can import vehicles when ever you like? when reading the rules in another thread you are still liable for tax - import and local . so what am i missing if i were to just import a car later on or import one I havent owned for a year?
  6. Hi, our flat is going up for sale now and in the estate agents contract it says the following: However, in the event that you have exchanged unconditional contracts but the sale will not be completed (for whatever reason) the Commission is to be paid to us on the date on which completion was scheduled to take place. Is this standard procedure? In this current property climate I don't trust things really and don't want to end up paying an estate agent money and still have a flat that is not sold. How likely is it to 'exchange unconditional contracts but the sale will not be completed' ? :mad: Any info or advice on this guys? Cheers
  7. teamv

    The one year rule

    The one year rule on importing a car ,do you have to have owned it one year before it sets off or can it be when it arrives in Oz.Ie can you send it at 11 months so you've owned it for the 12 when it gets there. Thanks Kev.
  8. Apologies if this question has been asked before. My wife and I were issued 176 State Sponsored visas in August 2009, which we then activated during a short recce in October/November 2009. We were then planning to make the big move last year but, due to a number of factors, had to delay. We are now trying to plan again (we have until 2014 on the visa), but need advice on the issue of the residence requirement - at the time of the visa being issued we were told we had to remain in WA for at least two years. Can anyone confirm from which date that calculation is made - date of issue; date of first arrival; a physical count of two years in Oz (ie time back in the UK would not count), etc? We are still aiming to go to WA but, if the option comes up to at least look elsewhere in Australia without breaching our visa, it would be useful to be able to factor all that in to our thoughts. Thanks
  9. http://www.deewr.gov.au/Skills/Programs/SkillsAssess/TRA/Pages/ChangetoSkilledWorkerProgram.aspx can Does that mean trade course students who can gather 65 points and are confident that they can pass the tra rto assessment need not go through the job ready program and can go for a test and if they pass they can apply for permanent residency based on point system. any info from experts will be highly appreciated. thanks.
  10. Guest

    5 Year PR Visa Rule

    I was wondering if someone could help me with a query I have regarding the 5 year rule for the 176 PR Visa. We have applied for a 176 Visa which allows us 5 years to enter Oz from the date of grant. In the Visa it states that you are expected to be in Australia for a total of 2 years (730 days) in the 5 year period. This I believe is so that we will qualify for a RRV after the 5 year visa expires. My question is does the 2 years have to be 2 consecutive years? Once we migrate we would like to be able to return to the UK for 2 weeks each year, if we move to Oz 2 1/2 years before the visa expires and then take 4 weeks holiday would the break out of Oz be OK as we would still have been in the country for 730 days? Any help in clearing this up would be appreciated!
  11. Hi all, I am a PR living in Melbourne and have lived here for 21 months coming from the UK. I emmigrated alone as my girlfriend, who has children didn't want to move due to pressure from the father and also it being a delicate time in the childrens education. These issues have now been resolved and we want to be together with the children in Australia. We have been a couple throughout this time, it is coming up to 6 years in our relationship. The obvious problem is that we have not been living together for the 12 months preceeding our application for the partner visa. Has anyone had any experience of waiving this requirement, and what were the circumstances? I have proof and evidence of our relationship for the 6 years, we lived together in the UK and we have shared holidays since my time in Australia including her visiting here twice and myself returning to see her three times. Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. Guest

    12 month rule

    Hi Just wanting some advice on applying for a defacto visa My circumstances are MY girlfriend and i met on october the 18th 2009 and she moved in with me at my parents house on october the 28 th the earliest evdence she was there is a bank statemetnt in december 23rd. she went back home in april due to her father having cancer and wanting to be with her family we kept in contact through skype and phone calls every day which i have evidence for. i went to sweden for i month to join her and then had to come back due to work. she is now coming back here in october on a holiday visa for 3 months and we want to applly for a defacto visa. but im not sure if it will be approved. to sum it all up 28 oct until 14th april lived together( 23rd december earliest proof) can we use a stat dec from my parents stating when she moved in as proof 14th june until 12th july in sweden together 29th sep she arrives thinking of applying 20th december some advice would be appreciated thank you
  13. I received a +ve assessment under 2231-79 .NET on 4th May 2010. I've read from a PIO user that if he is to apply to be re-assessed for the transfer of ASCO code to ANZCO code, then it must be done within the 60 days or he will have to re-apply again!! 60 days after I received my assessment is 2nd July (3 days ago). I haven't applied for re-assessment yet as I am waiting for the SMP's to be announced. The new SOL only came out a couple of weeks ago. I've emailed ACS but still waiting for their response. Anyone else heard anything regarding this?? Cheers
  14. kernow43

    Rule Browntannia

    New tax bombshell: 20% VAT A rise in VAT is looming whichever party wins the general election, as Labour and the Conservatives draw up plans to balance Britain’s books. Alistair Darling and George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, are both considering raising VAT to as high as 20 per cent — the European average — from the current rate of 17.5 per cent, The Times has learnt. New tax bombshell: 20% VAT - Times Online You could always emigrate,Portugal, Ireland,Italy,Greece.Good countries [for a holiday] Don't go to Oz ,It is no good, ask Aldo. He will tell you everything about it!:yes:
  15. mr luvpants

    ETAs and extending the 3 month rule?

    Hi we are flying out at the end of the year and the in laws are coming with us with a view of later coming back to stay on a CPV. They wanted to stay for about 6 months. How "easy" is it to extend the ETA to 6 months ? Anyone done it? JOHN
  16. Hi All, A quick question. I am in the process of applying for an ENS 856 visa. My employer is using a visa lawyer for their part and I am doing it by myself. The lawyer has told my employer that I need to get a skills assessment because everything is going to be changing on 1st January 2010. I am being sponsored as a Project Administrator and have been on my 457 visa for over 2 years, I also have 5+ years previous experience as a project administrator. Is it true that everything is going to be changing on the 1st January and I will also need a skills assessment? Thanks.
  17. Hi guys this site has been useful to me so far so I thought I'd give it another crack My partner and I have been together for over 4 years, my parents moved to Australia 6 months into our relationhip - I moved back to the UK to be with her and from then on we were living together. We decided that Australia was the better option in life so we left last year to come here, she on a WHV. We lived together until March this year, in which she had to go back to the UK to tie up loose ends. I stayed in order to get closer to my Citizenship, buy a car, renovate a Garage and so on - Whilst there she has had job struggles and family problems - Thats now sorted and we are going to go for the Spouse Visa (309) this month - We've hit a snag with the 12 month rule though - We can highly demonstrate that we have been together for the last 4 years through bank statements, pictures, cards, stat decs etc, and we can prove she was living with me up until she left. The problem is, is since she's been gone, we've mainly used MSN, Skype and Email - I have no records of the MSN and Skype records (On our own stupid part) but do have the Emails (Success at last) - It's only been the last month or so we've used the phone. I spoke to someone on the Immi phoneline, and they were pretty ignorant and didn't seem like they wanted to talk so I thought I'd ask here =) Is this going to be as big an issue as I'm fearing - I can throw emails at them but is the CO likely to care and shoot it down because it's just email? Our family and friends can state that they know of our constant contact and our future plans, so that's alright - but we are obviously worried that all of the things we have went through to be together in Oz (Ie having to be apart) will be pointless as they will just look at the almost 6 month gap we've had - We are both only 21 (almost) so have no real financial commitments, we just did everything together and took life as it came but we have plenty of evidence that we are a genuine couple. Has anyone else had a similar issue? And am I looking far too much into this? Because it's making us hesitatnt to put our money towards it, when I could just go back to the UK with it (not what we want to do at all). I'm not sure what to do now because it's just too worrying to get yourself built up for a big knockdown... Any thoughts, advice etc would be kindly appreciated
  18. Guest

    Defacto 12 month rule fiasco

    Hi all Ive bween reading through this site and wow what a site it is. It is kond of that place if you need help you can find it here. Well lets hope I can find some help regarding my 12 month rule. Below is a little timeline fo what my GF and I have been up to over the last 3 years: My GF and I met in England 09/06, and moved in pretty much straight away. We lived above a pub that we were both working at which is pretty standard for people working in pubs. We had no bills etc as everything was taken care of by the owner of the pub we do however have contracts of employment and a simple lease stating where we were living. We both had bank styatements going to the same address but that was it. So we lived there for 12 months as she came back to Aus in 09/07. I had to carry on working and save some money to come to Aus and arrived in Feb 08, we stayed together for a few days and I went to do some farm work on my first WHV and did that for 3 months so I was eligible to get my 2nd WHV. When I had finished that we stayed together at ther moms house in Melbourne for 3 months and moved to the Whitsundays for 2 months. We both have joint bank accounts going to her moms house address, payslips working together at the same place and I can get a letter stating thaty we both lived together on Daydream Island in the Whitsundays. Now it gets tricky in October 09 when we finished in the Whitsundays, my GF went back to Melbourne and I went to visit a friend in Perth for a month. I decided Perth was a awesome place and wanted to stay. My girlfriend and I chatted about this but at the time she was training with a new company and didnt want to move to Perth. I went to Melbourne for a month and we spoke about this and she decided to come to Perth and check it out. She arrived in Feb 09 to check it out and decided to move here. So we moved into a houseshare for a month until we found our current place for which we signed the lease dated (10/04/09). Now my problem is the 12 month immediatly before applying rule, I have to apply for my visa before 21/02/10. Do I have a case on the 12 month rule because of our circumstances or should I try something else. Please help me as my girlfirend and I are really settled with pets, nice house etc etc and would hate to leave. Any help is appreicated......:hug:
  19. Guest

    2 year study rule

    Hi Has anyone been in this position. I started a 2 year hairdressing course but after 8 month study i left to go to a differant college i did not take RPL as i did not know whether i had been taught correctly !!! i enrolled in a 2 year hairdressing course (checked with immig they said ok to change providers) what i am wanting to know will the immigration add the total study period together ? to add upto 2 years ?
  20. Guest

    2 year rule 176

    Under the SSV program, the applicant acknowledges their obligation to remain living and working in Western Australia for at least two years from their arrival date. can i do the initial entry and then go back home for a few month before coming back to australia. then live 2 years in the state. or do i have to stay for two years immediatly after first entry?
  21. Guest

    Rule *********

    Did you hear about the bigot who hates all things English? He makes a good living in the concreting business, because almost everything in the city depends on this industry. It’s just a pity that reinforced concrete was invented by W.B. Wilkinson in Newcastle, England. Our bigot’s home uses electric power generated by steam turbines, which were invented by Sir Charles Parsons. Many of his home appliances use electric motors, which were invented by Londoner Michael Faraday. These range from vacuum cleaners, the invention of Englishman Hubert Booth, to sewing machines, invented by Englishman Charles Weisenhallback in 1755. Not all of his appliances run on electric motors, though. There’s his microwave oven, based on the magnetron invented by Sir John Randall and Dr H A H Boot at Birmingham University. Or his modern central heating unit, designed by Englishman A H Barker. Even his TV set, the brainchild of Englishman Shelford Bidwell, while its production depended on the invention of the cathode-ray tube by London physicist Sir William Crookes. All these things reminded our bigot too much of England, so he turned on his radio for news from some country more to his liking. It didn’t help much though, because he remembered that satellite radio transmitters are powered by fuel cells invented by the English chemist Francis T Bacon. He thought of expressing his frustration by writing an angry letter. But it wouldn’t go anywhere without the postal system, created in London by Sir Rowland Hill. That is, unless he chose to send his letter by e-mail on a computer – the brainchild of Englishman Charles Babbage. Our bigot briefly considered getting away from it all, flying off to some remote place with nothing to remind him of English genius. But then he recalled that modern jet aircraft engines were designed by English test pilot Sir Frank Whittle. He decided to do some home chores. So he thought of washing the dishes – but his sink is stainless steel, invented by Englishman Sir Harry Brearly. And some of his utensils are made of plastic, the brainchild of Birmingham professor Alexander Parkes. Desperate to avoid the brilliance of the English, he headed out of doors – passing on the way out his modern WC, designed by Londoner Alexander Cummings. The lawn was a bit overgrown because he couldn’t bring himself to use a lawn mower, originally designed by Edwin Budding of Gloucestershire. That’s why he scraped himself, and was briefly glad that his tetanus shots were up to date – until he remembered that immunisation was discovered by Dr Edward Jenner, another Gloucestershire man. All this contact with things English might well give him a heart attack. It’s just as well that he’s been fitted with a cardiac pacemaker, the invention of English surgeon W H Walshe. Perhaps by this stage our bigot is secretly wishing that he could have a transfusion of good Anglo-Saxon blood. Well, it can be arranged – thanks to James Blundell, who pioneered blood transfusions at Guy’s Hospital, London. But whether that would turn him into a creative Englishman is another question altogether. Taken from http://www.geocities.com/endeavour_uksa/index.html
  22. I’m working for a recruitment company & am on a commission only basis. I was looking at the option of setting up either as a Sole Trader or as a PTY & invoicing them directly. As it is, I’ve to go through another company, whom I pay close on 5% of my revenue through. This covers Public Liability / Indemnity & their processing fees. So they bill the company I’m with & carry out all the required tax work that goes with it. I’d like to deal with the recruitment company directly. I’ve been told that there’s some kind of 80% rule, whereby if you’re deriving 80% of your income from one company, then you have to be on their books. I might have not explained this exactly as the law is, but I can see exactly where they’re coming from. If this wasn’t the case a lot of people would just set up their own company & invoice their employers directly, taking full advantage of the tax breaks companies can avail of. Before I go paying for financial advice, maybe someone has an idea of a way around this predicament (if indeed there is a way around it)
  23. chippy2

    rule brittania

    :biglaugh:been here 4 months,enough said moving back god save the queen yeah its raining poeple would rather look away than talk to you but end of the day its home?liked our time here in brisbane but after applying for wot seems like a million jobs even thoug they are on the australian critical skills list(dont know where the critical come from)had enough,know the uk is in a recession but this place i feel is just starting and have more oppotunities back home am a fully qualified carpenter/joiner but this place looks after its own and us poms have no chance?so if anyone is reading this whos on there way out i would say look in to it very much because there is no jobs unless you want to work for crap money and be treated the same.this mainly goes out to familes like myself who have spent thousands of pounds and learnt the hard way now its time to ship all my furniture and tools back glad i didnt unpack most of them,by the way if anyone interested iam selling a mitsubishi 380 in mint condition for 15000.cant wait to get a pint of carling when i get home wash this bad taste out of my mouth from all the dramas i have encounted here:jiggy:
  24. I am in the process of applying for a state sponsored skilled worker visa for SA. I am applying with an occupation from the SA occupations in demand list and meet all criteria except one. The sufficient standing resources rule which states you need a minimum in assets of $25,000. However, there is an exception to the rule that if you are a recent graduate a parent is allowed to sponsor/guarantee your application if they have sufficient funds. I graduated in November 2005. Will I still be classed as a recent graduate making me eligible to take advantage of the above rule or is it too late? Does anyone know the period after graduating before you are no longer classed as a recent graduate for the above rule? Thanks for any help you can provide.
  25. Guest

    Rule for Pets Re-entering UK

    Hello all:cute: Have noticed on a couple of threads that folks heading back to the UK seem to be under the impression that their pets would have to do 6 months time in quarantine on re-entry. Having looked at Defra's website it appears to indicate that as long as your pet dog or cat is coming from one of the listed qualifying countries (as Aus is) they can re-enter the UK without quarantine providing that they meet the rules of the PETS scheme i.e. they are microchipped and wait 6 months after receiving rabies jab before travel. Hope this helps someone!