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Found 7 results

  1. vdolls89

    Social Aspects in Australia

    I'm intrigued on what every ones experiences have been moving from England to Australia, in terms of socializing making friends!? For me I moved here with my family when I was 17, still living here 8 years on! For the longest time I had difficulty making friends (Australian friends) & had on multiple occasions wanted to moved back to England because of it. Now I wouldn't change it for anything. I live in Melbourne now and for me it was a matter of moving from a small town to a city, and now have what I would call genuine friends, and a great social life. What gets me now is, on many occasions, I've been to parties where many English people have attended, and must say I've been left feeling dissapointed. I consider myself open minded and sociable with all walks of life but have found it challenging talking to the Brits as they come across as quite 'stand offish', and quite frankly given the impression, especially with the girls to be quite bitchy and stay within their own clang of friends. Of course I'm not branding all English girls like this, but just the ones I have met over here. And of course I don't assume 'we must get along cause we're both British, so of course we must be friends!' But I just never remembered it being this difficult with socializing in England. Many of the English are typically backpackers so perhaps they're in a different 'mind set'? Or perhaps I've been here too long and am having some sort of reversal culture clash? And forgot how truly reserved the brits are? What are your thoughts & experiences on this? (Also this is in no way to offend English, this is purely in my experience. I am English myself after all!)
  2. Guest

    Making friend is difficult?

    I find making friends over here so hard. I moved here 5 years ago from England to Brisbane. I accept that things are completely different here to England some good some bad and I have always appreiciate different cultures/interest/religions etc etc But I've just found making friends so hard and awkward, I feel like it's a mission, there's no flow in any conversation, people don't understand my humor, and I think I've just had enough. And it gets me down so much because I love this country but I've never experienced feeling so isolated from a whole nationality of people. I know they'll be some aussies saying ''well if you don't like it bugger off' ''Well we'll just have to see what the aborigines have to say about that, ay! It's that exact arrogance I can't stand. Has anyone else had difficulties making friends? I live in Brisbane, and I feel like my mind wants to blow up sometimes, I don't get the people, their attitudes. Perhaps us 'pommies' are too soft, but I believe in self respect and giving it back, I find having both these traits make you come across as a weakling and it will only get you knocked down and walked over.I have gradually found myself loosing my sense in humor I once had and have now adopted this defensive attitude in preparation for cocky, smart uncalled for remarks. I apologize if this is just too personal and may offend australians, and I have met some really lovely people here, just not enough of them.
  3. Guest

    So rude!!!!!

    Hello All, Everything in Oz has been great for me, apart from the work aspect of things. I got here in January last year, and was obviously a little naive about how easy it would be for me to get a job! I'm an administrator with quite a lot of experience, but I didn't get a single interview out of all the jobs I applied for; many of which I was over qualified for! My boyfriend didn't have a problem because a) he's aussie and b) he works in IT. In the end, a friend of his got me a job at the small business where he works, and I've been here since last May. I'm very grateful to have this job, but I must admit, it is very slow, not much happens here, and I could really do with a change! So, I finally found the courage to go back out to the job market, and I sent my CV and cover letter to a position which sounded perfect for me. To my delight, they emailed the very next day, and told me I was on their short list, and they would contact me the following week to arrange an interview. That was last week, and I heard nothing. I emailed them on Friday to re-iterate my interest in the position but had not response. I called them today; the lady in question declined to speak to me, but got her secretary to tell me the position had been filled. Fair enough if there was someone better for the job, but then why tell me I'd got an interview and then never get in touch again??
  4. Guest

    Rude migration agent need help

    Hello everyone My O/H and i have been thinking about moving to australia for a while now as my mum is a permanent resi there. I unfortunatly dont have any skills (warehouse worker for 5 years with forklift license) My O/H is training to become a vet nurse (not in demand) and should be qualified by the end of the year. She does have years of expieriance. The only reason she isnt qualified yet is because she took time out when she had our daughter . I spoke to a couple agents yesterday and they were most rude. They didnt even try to help or give any advice on what we could do. This has upset both myself and my O/H as we both really want to move . Can anyone help
  5. kellyjamie

    rude migration agents

    seriously i have to just comment on this im so annoyed. jamie and i have spoke with several different agents recently and asked some questions so we could gage who we felt was friendly and whom we may choose to work with when the time comes. i can say the majority were excellent but the guy at the head office of concept australia is totally totally rude. hes one of those people who talk down to you as opposed to talking to you!! he asked what we do i explained jamie is a youth worker to which he replied "a youth worker?" with a tone in his voice of disgust "well does he have a degree?" he asked to which i replied no hes in the process of gaining his AQF diploma in business management well youd of thought id just spat at the pope! i wont relay the whole conversation but im sure you get my jist, he was completely rude and acted like because we wont be a straight forward 60 point occupation nice and easy case he wasnt interested and made me feel like crap. how he ever gets clients with his obnoxious and rude manner is completely beyond me!:realmad: rant over sorry on the plus side the agents below were extremely friendly and very helpful and will we defo use one of them when moving birdies in oz (on pio) george lombard Ian Harrop Marina at Go matilda Overseas emigration Darrell at Thinking Australia if theres one thing i hate its people thinking their better than other people, you never know whose path your gonna cross and whose help you may need
  6. Polkey

    Rude doctors

    Hi every one, A bit of a moan here. My wife and i had our meds done at the end of August wich was the day before our wedding. Full of excitment to be having our meds done at last plus the high of the wedding we turned up at the surgery and had what i can only describe as a very impersonal and uncomfortable exprience. The doctor had no intrest, spoke to us like we were a couple of idiots and was rude and aragont at the same time. We left nearly £500 poorer and rather shocked, we didn't expect him to share our excitment but we didnt imagine we would get such a terrible service. We live in Chester-Le-Street in the north east and this guy is the only person in the area that is listed to do the meds. Had we known what a git this doctor was before we would have spent the money and gone further afield wich is what i would recomend to anyone else in the area. Its a real shame that more doctors are not available to do the meds and that there is not a way of recomending a good doctor to save people paying good money to suffer the bad manners of fools. Been thinking about it for weeks now, wasnt sure if i should ignore it or not, geuss i needed to get it of my chest, sorry to moan but what a kn*&b. :arghh:
  7. Guest

    Friday Morning Rude Joke!!

    Two Aussie blokes , Bruce and Doug were in a bar having a well earned pint of larger when all of a sudden a woman on the table next to them starting choking on one of the complimentary peanuts she had been eating. She was really in a bad way, going blue in the face and close to collapse. Without saying a word, Bruce stood up, put down his beer went over to the choking woman and before any one could believe what was happening, whipped up her skirt and started licking her bum! The shock of this caused the woman to spit out the peanut and start to breathe normally. Without a word Bruce went back to his table, picked up his beer and started drinking. His friend was amazed. "Strewth, Bruce. How d'ya learn to do a thing like that?" " Easy mate, Haven't you heard of the Hind-Lick manoevre?" :jiggy: