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Found 9 results

  1. Sunset

    Plastic shopping bags.

    On the news earlier the WA powers are trying to ban the use of plastic carrier bags from all shops, as it is having an impact on the local coastline apparently? I am all for clean beaches and a cleaner environment, but when ever we walk the beaches here i can honestly say hand on heart we never see any litter only washed up seaweed. Now the areas around some shopping centres are sadly beginning to show the signs of litter drop, but thats allsorts of rubbish not just the grey plastic bags?
  2. Thanks for the idea Connie Here's a few to get things started Hog's Breath (Cafe)-not something likely to stimulate your appetite Athletes Foot-yes that's a disease, why not change it to 'Club Foot', or go the whole hog and call it 'Gangrene' Clymax (natural product to help a woman's libido-I've got a better idea, leave australia) Footy (short for football) meaning any game predominantly played with the hands Soccer (football! cor, dear) The socceroos. that must have taken a nano second to think up, here's a better one: 'the Joeys' The Matilda's -Aussie female soccer team (to me conjures up images of old dears in dungarees holding pitchforks) the Wallabies (I would have even thought that 'the echidnas' would be more threatening, at least they've got spikes) I'm getting tired..more later
  3. BRITAIN may not boast the best weather but that doesn't stop us indulging in alfresco love-making, an exclusive Sun sex survey reveals. Just over half of the 2,124 people questioned said they'd romped in the great outdoors. The survey reveals that raunchy Brits are also a fan of sex toys — with 43 per cent admitting to using them — while 40 per cent owned up to getting jiggy in a public place. A third of those quizzed said they had watched porn with their lover, while 18 per cent of ladies and nine per cent of blokes confessed to dressing up in a fantasy costume to please their partner. But while we might be having adventurous sex, we're not having it very often. When asked how many times they would get busy in the bedroom each month, nearly one third claimed NOT AT ALL. 48% of men had never looked at porn online. 8% admitted looking regularly. The rest of the survey can be found here http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/features/3817615/Its-great-outdoors.html
  4. Guest51810

    I have so much rubbish!!

    Just spent the whole day clearing out the house for moving house. Didnt realise i had so much rubbish everywhere!! Had bags and bags to throw out and others to hand into the charity shop. That was only from one room and most of it was collected from just over a year lol. Think im a hoarder!! At least thats the worst of it done now, the rest can wait till tomorrow. Oh and thats the rain off now so i can get out for a walk with the dogs! :biggrin:
  5. whopperdaisy

    Gardening & Rubbish Removal

    Does anyone have a recommendation in the Capalaba/Redlands area for someone to do a quick end of lease gardening job and also remove some rubbish to the tip? I know there are a few around but figured someone here might have found someone who will do a decent job.
  6. Guest

    Rubbish Royal Mail!

    Sent docs to SA for SS between shutting down, and starting up of new application system. Still not arrived - aarrghhh! What is the point of track and trace when all it says is "received and ready for processing" - grrr! So tempted to just do a new application, but it was so time consuming. Worried about missing out on SS I'm possibly the only person who wants the SMP to wait until my application has been processed, just in case there's a sudden influx of applicationds after release. Anyway, ranting done. I do hope SMP is released soon for all those waiting patiently!! x
  7. notaclue

    rubbish shipping

    I am seriously at a loss at what to do next. I cant believe that noone else has had the same experience from the shipping company. Is this normal. Our stuff left the UK first week of march - coming upto august, it still hasnst arrived at my house. It actually has been in sydney for about 12 weeks - and we do not have a clue why?? This is certainly not for lack of trying to find out. I have rung every day since it arrived in the country to find out why - and I have had different answers, to just plain lying from the same 3 people at the shipping company. I was told 3 weeks ago that it has cleared quarantine, and will take 48 hrs for the paperwork to be done, it will then be delivered. Well, 3 weeks later and a call every day to them, has resulted that my stuff hasnt even been inspected yet. Please send me a message if you would like the name of the company, so you can avoid them totally. It is not so much the fact that it has taken so long - more the fact that they cant be honest and truthful, and have just played the game of passing the buck. My OH has said that he will be visiting them tomorrow to rip their heads off and stuff them down their necks. :arghh: rant over
  8. been off the pc for just over a week and come on to find over 2 pages of threads to try to churn thru ........ so someone give me a brief overview of the gossip ............ please ................................
  9. Guest

    What's Rubbish About Oz??

    We know the brilliant stuff about Oz - great weather, chilled lifestyle, better quality of life, VFM houses - the list goes on. But we really want to go there with open eyes and not be disappointed because we've not taken the negative aspects into account. So to people who live there - what sucks?! :eek: Thanks Abi & Dan