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Found 11 results

  1. Hi everyone, Our family is in a really complicated situation so please bear with me (apologies for a long post!!) I have been on here before asking people to sign our petition on change.org (message me if you want to sign it) So our situation is this (in as concise a way as I can put it): we came to Australia on a 457 visa in December 2016 with my husband as primary applicant, and we live in Perth WA. It was all going well until the news broke in April this year of the 457 visa being abolished and with it the age limit to be able to apply reducing to 45. Unfortunately my husband is 46, and our chances of being able to apply for PR will in effect vanish by March 2018, 9 months before hubby is eligible to apply on the TRT 2 year stream. He was unable to apply by direct entry before July due to not enough post grad experience, and unable to apply via the regional sponsored as Perth is no longer regional So it looks like our days in this beautiful country are numbered and our lives are being destroyed, all over 9 poxy months!! Yes there is a chance that existing 457 visa holders conditions will be grandfathered, but 1) we dont know if that will happen 2) when it will be announced for sure and 3) I havent heard that this condition accounts for those in the 45+ age bracket... Now onto me...I am 38, been a housewife for the past 5+ years, having before worked in the family business in the UK. Prior to that I was a lab technician, with about 8 years experience but I dont have any qualifications whatsoever having gone into lab work almost straight from school. I was advised that I could be eligible to apply for PR from a regional sponsored visa, as I would only need over 3 years of experience in place of any formal qualifications....cos a regional visa is not skills assessed. BUT....that would mean I would not only need to get an employer to sponsor me on a full time job for at least 2 years IN A REGIONAL AREA....but during the time it takes to process hubby would have to stay in his 457 visa sponsored job IN PERTH until my visa was granted (around 14 months)!!! Now I know a lot of people would say "stuff that" but at the moment we are willing to try absolutely ANYTHING to stay here... That being said, it leads me to my question. How on earth do I go about getting someone to sponsor me on a regional visa?? Is there any websites, forums or can anyone point me in the right direction?? I have no idea of where to start, most jobs I have seen on SEEK and other job sites require formal qualifications or certificates, and over 95% of them are in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or Brisbane (all metropolitan areas). I've applied to a few but no response as yet... And while on the subject, has anyone got a regional sponsored job with no qualifications, how did you do it, where did you go and what was the application process? Oh and one final thing....I need to have a sponsored position in place by March 2018 as life science technician (closest to my job) is on the short term list and will no longer be able to apply after then. Can anyone help?? The easiest thing obviously is if we know for sure that my husband can apply for PR due to our conditions being grandfathered, then I wouldnt have to relocate and leave my kids and husband behind for over a year, but we need a back up plan if hubby cant apply, and this is our back up plan Thanks in advance xxx
  2. Hi Guys, I have been working for this company for almost 4 years now. they lodged my RSMS 187 application after 2 Years of working there and after 11 months i got my PR. I received my PR in November 2016 so it has been 8 months . I'm now thinking about leaving this job as I don't feel comfortable working there. There's been change of management its causing me lot of stress & Anxiety so my doctor recommended I should quit this job but my PR requirement states that I have to work there for minimum of two year. Now the question is What happens I quit this job after 8 months receiving PR? Will immigration cancel my PR even though I did work there for total 4 years.? Should someone notify immigration? Does any one have experienced this? please Help!! detailed answers be really appreciated.
  3. powelly37

    Which ANSZCO code to use?

    Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. Basically, I have just left Oz as my 2nd year working visa ran out. However, my employer (a tavern in a regional area) is desperate to get me back as a manager. They have offered me sponsorship on a 187 visa but I am not sure which ANSZCO code needs to be used in this situation. I would be sponsored as a duty manager of a bar/restaurant. I have looked at codes: 141999 (Accommodation and Hospitality Managers NEC) and 141111 (Cafe and Restaurant Manager) but the info on both isn't too detailed. Has anyone been sponsored as a Duty Manager of a pub/restaurant on here before and if so which ANSZCO code did they/their employer use? Any help on this would be great as I want to get the application process under way as I know a 187 can take a long time to progress. Cheers
  4. I have been working in a pub in regional Queensland. My work is pretty simply and easy, but when it comes to working hour i officially work from 10am till 9:30 or 10pm at night for 6days with no officially breaks coz my boss says that we are not really busy so you can sit and relax when on customer is here but as soon as i go for rest in that so called break time customer just pops in and i have to serve them. Means if i want to have a mid day nap or i am tired, he can come anytime knock on my door for work. Is it legal? As i was reading the Fair Works conditions you can say No to your employer if he ask you to work more then 8hrs a day when you are full time. And you need to have 1 20mins paid break and 1 30mins unpaid lunch break. With me I am working 10 or more hours everyday for 6days, i know that this is illegal. I am not doing anything coz i still have'nt got my visa granted, after that i will write my conditions which i think are not correct and if will agree then i will stay of otherwise i will send him an email saying that why i am leaving, so that i will have a proof that i have already had a chat on the issues. It wont be doing anything wrong because he is the one who is doing everything wrong according to the agreement which both of us signed. So you can tell him that you are going to have a chat with Fair Work about it and going to give him 2weeks notice. In a way you will scare him coz a employer can get minimum of $10,200 - $50,sumthing fine. And most of the people dont even know that RSMS can even be cancelled. It wont be cancelled till the time your employer wont complaint himself and i dont think so most of the employer knows about it. But make sure when you give your employer notice, give it a written notice with all the issues you got with him through email. Coz after getting residency immi. dont even look for the person that if he is still working on that particular position. And make sure when you leave you write all the dates and days you have worked more then 40hrs/week, and not got paid penalty rates, that goes for people going 10 extra hours or more for free. Employer cant make you work more then what is there in the agreement but 3-4 hrs are alright. Before leaving make sure that boss should know all the reasonable ground you are leaving. And it should be his fault not yours. And i am pretty sure after you will leave he wont complaint coz he would be in fault not you!!! Happy days!!:smile:
  5. Hi My partner is a hairdresser and has a company interested in sponsoring her. It's in a regional area so RSMS 187 visa is an option. As is a 457. I know a skills assessment is not needed for the 457, but I'm a bit confused as to whether one is needed for a hairdresser applying for a 187. Does anyone have the answer? The processing time for the 187 looks better, but not if a skills assessment is required. They want her to start ASAP. Thanks Joe
  6. SKJB

    mistake in nomination

    Hi all, Just wondering if anyone can help... My partner and I are applying for the RSMS on our own, without a MA. Our employer applied for for an RCB, which was approved within a week. The employer then completed the nomination form, attaching all required documents, however when asked whether we had received RCB advice, he put NO as an answer! We have attached the RCB approval document but there is no way of getting back into your nomination application to change that answer. Does anyone have any advice? Can you contact immi to ask them to change the nomination? No sign of a CO yet! Will this delay our nomination from being approved? Thanks in advance!
  7. n3pte

    RSMS query

    Hello, I am recently offered an option for RSMS as a cook by my employer but i dont know if i am eligible for the visa. I am an international student studying IT and working as a cook based on my 1.5 years experience in my home country. Its almost 1 year and 8 months that i have been working in the position of cook in my current workplace. I have no relevant education in terms of Cookery. Do you guys think i am eligible? I have the minimum 6 in each band in IELTS and am 26 years of age. I do have an appointment with a lawyer late this week but was just wondering if any of you guys could help me.. thanks in advance.
  8. Hi, I am living and working in Cairns, QLD as a cook. My employer is ready to sponsor me. I have done certificate 3 in cookery and advanced diploma in management. I can do certificate 4 in couple of weeks as well because I have studied almost all the units of it as part of advanced diploma. I have valid IELTS with 6 each. I am currently on TR 485 visa which is expiring in 3 months. My question is; can I apply for PR and what type of visa I should go for? Also, how much time do I have for all this? because I have heard that new rules are coming on 1st of july 2013. Does anyone have any information what kind of changes coming in? Please help. I am in chaos! Also, if anyone can give an advice about some good lawyers/immigration agents in Cairns? Thanks! P.S: Has anyone recently applied for RSMS 187 as cook OR any PR visa as cook?
  9. Hi, Is anyone applying or have recently applied for RSMS 187 visa from Far North Queensland? I have a situation here to discuss and its really urgent! Please drop me your email address here in reply OR drop an email at nitecreatures@hotmail.com. Your prompt response and help in this regard will be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  10. sullyosullivan

    RSMS Applications - Parramatta Office

    Hi Guys, Like so many others out there I am waiting for my 187 RSMS Visa to be assessed! I applied offshore from a low risk country, through an agent and has been lodged through the Parramatta Centre. My application has been lodged as Decision Ready. Here is my timeline so far: 4/09/2012 Nomination Certified 9/09/2012 Medical Completed And Sent Directly To Parramatta Office (At Agents Request) 15/09/2012 Nomination Lodged 15/09/2012 Visa Application Lodged 28/10/2012 ACK Letter For Valid Nomination Received 7/11/2012 ACK Letter For Valid Visa Received Now waiting to be assigned a CO!! It would be good to hear from other applications through Parramatta after the July backlog. From what I can see, this office seems to be progressing at a more reasonable speed than the others.
  11. Hi All, Did anyone received a visa approval from Parramatta Office for DRC RSMS 187 lodge after 1st July 2012?