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Found 62 results

  1. Hi, just wandering if anyone in the process of transferring from the R.N to the R.A.N.. We are in the process of doing it ourselves at the moment, and was just wandering if anyone else is out there in the same boat. :jiggy:
  2. Hi All, Just watched ep4 I think, about the flooding, meter girls help, backpackers, and RM Daz from Redcliffe who moved 2yrs after ex wife and 2 daughters. He holds a special place in my heart as has had a similar journey to me when I went to QLD, in that he has cancer since his arrival. I am now back in the UK, but planning a return 2020 or before all being well. Wondered if anyone knew Daz, or could pass him onto this thread as would love to hear about his journey, treatments and share stories together. Hoping he is well, and enjoying the QLD fun. Thanks :biggrin:
  3. hi has anyone made the move from the RN to the RAN? Considering doing this when my 22 years is up and any advice would be greatly received.
  4. Peach

    Royal Wootton Bassett song

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FmdJ-Hj_tJI Very worthwhile cause that deserves your support!
  5. Hi, My wife just received AHPRA eligibility email for nursing registation. She is working in Neuro ICU as band 6 in London NHS trust and we are planning to move to Sydney. We are not able to decide Royal Prince Alfred or Royal North Shore which one to apply as only these two have Neuro ICUs. In term of renting RPA is better but don't know how these both hospitals are. Hoping to get advice from nurses working for these two hospitals. .....Mansawant
  6. The Pom Queen

    Royal Melbourne Show

    Just a reminder that it's only 16 more days until the Royal Melbourne Show http://www.royalshow.com.au/index.asp For those who haven't been before it is a wonderful day out (easy to get to on the train) but be warned it will cost you a fortune on show bags. I would recommend all parents with young children and the ones who are big kids themselves to write down which show bags you are going to buy before you get there you can search by price here: http://www.royalshow.com.au/showbags.asp Have fun, I'm jealous I won't be there this year:no:
  7. Just like to say thank you to the town of Royal Wootton Bassett for supporting the repatriation flights over the last 4 years, from September the flights will land at RAF Brize Norton so the towns role will come to an end.
  8. Hi, Is there anybody who has worked or is currently working as a Nurse in any of these hospitals who can shed some light on what it is like to work there. My wife has been offered a job in both hospitals and we can't decide on which one to accept. Both offer roughly the same salary so our decision would be based on working conditions/environment and future prospetcs. Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated. t4top
  9. Heya ppl.. Hope ya'll doing just great.. wonderful day here in Mel today.. Nice and sunny.. couldnt be better. Had awesome fun with my pals,, Need a piece of advice.. I bought a Royal Enfield Bullet Classic some time back in INdia and was interested in Shipping it here in VIC. Can anyone advice on how ?? and what $$ ?? THanks.
  10. Hi there, I am an RGN moving to Perth at the end of this month. Should I continue my subscription to the RCN for any cover or cancel it? What are the nursing unions in Perth anyone could recommend. thanks in advance for any replies.
  11. Guest

    Royal Brunia Airlines?!?

    Hi, has anyone flown with Royal Brunei, Air china or Korean Air? They seem a lot cheaper than Singapore, Qantas etc... We are departing on around 3rd October and it seems to be very busy due to the NZ Rugby !! Any feedback would be great.:wink:
  12. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/royal-revenge-we-had-to-draw-the-line-somewhere-2277354.html
  13. Guest

    Royal Wedding

    Any one in the Mordialloc meeting up to watch the wedding?
  14. ...But if they did they'd probably look like this...
  15. pablo

    Royal wedding,watching?

    Just wondering will the majority on here be watching THE wedding? i reckon as far as PIO goes it will be a big majority YES,fair do's,each to their own,me? im working as a fluffer tomoz on a new gay adult movie "Gladiators in goosefat":cute:,thats how much im looking forward to it.
  16. Nick and sez

    Julia Gillard At Royal wedding.

    Watching the royal wedding today, i saw Aussie PM Julia Gillard, she looked great in her out fit and i think did Australia proud as their representitive.. many people may not have liked the wedding but i think Will and kate have done more PR today for a stuffy outdated monarchy than in 30 years..... Love them or hate them, the new Royal couple are a breath of fresh air amd maybe will be the key to the commonwealth staying together.... Hopefully the Queen will pass it straight over to Prince William and not Charles... William will make a good KING, I did not see anyone else in OZ after the floods apart from Wills, forget the pomp and pangentry, today was a good day your PM Julia Gillard did Australia Proud..:yes:
  17. What's your royal wedding guest name? Start with either Lord or Lady. Your first name is one of your grandparents' names. Your surname is the name of your first pet, double-barrelled with the first street you lived in... I would introduce myself as Lady Lois Lad-Leontes
  18. HRH and Miss Middleton are getting married as you know, i am dying to know if people in OZ will watch the wedding or dont even care...:SLEEP: My mate Travis from Benleigh,QLZ(GoldCoast) says that most aussies dont care, i am just wondering if thats true or do the Aussies love the royal family... Will you or wont you watch.... Ps It costs me a day wages but my daughters get a street party... im not bothered about it as i lose money... but many people love it... its like marmite( Love it or hate it)..:biglaugh: I think do that HRH Wills should have had a hair implant though for the big day..:biglaugh: Cheers Nick..:jimlad:
  19. Hi there, I am a journalist interested in what celebrations people are putting on for the grand Royal Wedding. I would love to know if you have started preparations for a street party. Kind Regards, Rachael
  20. Guest

    Royal wedding help needed

    Hello. I am writing a newspaper story about royal wedding memorabilia. Does anyone know either a shop that collects it, or a collector in Victoria? In addition, does anyone know of someone planning a royal wedding party? Ring Carolyn. Ph: 03 8667 2134.
  21. Guest

    Royal wedding souvenirs

    Hello. Is anyone a royal wedding souvenir collector? Seeking someone living in Victoria to interview for a newspaper story. Also seeking people staging royal wedding parties.
  22. cs259cr

    Royal wedding

    Hi, with the royal wedding not far away I was wondering if anyone knew if it is going to be shown live anywhere or some events held for it. I just think it might be fun to attend something like that, Cx
  23. Guest

    Royal Brunei Airlines

    Hi .... we are hoping to fly to Perth at Easter to validate our visa (if it comes in time) and are just looking at flights. We used Emirates when we went in 2008 but Royal Brunei are coming back the cheapest at the minute. Has anyone flown with these before and if so, was it a postive experience?? Many thanks in advance :biggrin:
  24. Markandsharon

    Royal burnei

    Hi has anyone used royal burnei to fly to oz ?? trying to get the cheapest tks for me and my family and have checked the web over and over, but royal burnei keep coming out the cheapest!!! Which is a bit worrying , if it was just me and the hubby I would book but have two small girls!!! Decisions .. Lol
  25. Guest

    Rubbish Royal Mail!

    Sent docs to SA for SS between shutting down, and starting up of new application system. Still not arrived - aarrghhh! What is the point of track and trace when all it says is "received and ready for processing" - grrr! So tempted to just do a new application, but it was so time consuming. Worried about missing out on SS I'm possibly the only person who wants the SMP to wait until my application has been processed, just in case there's a sudden influx of applicationds after release. Anyway, ranting done. I do hope SMP is released soon for all those waiting patiently!! x