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Found 32 results

  1. We are moving to a smaller place and have no room for our cool "York" 'Barrel Chair' It is a big round chair, It is REALLY comfortable and 2 people can sit in it comfortably. It is under 12 months old, in excellent condition and was purchased from Harvey Norman for $999.00 We paid to have it Fabric Protected also, that way any spills/marks will be easier to clean. We are asking $650 for it and will be sad to see it go - it really is 'different' and very comfortable We are hiring a moving truck on the weekend of 11-12 Sept and if you are fairly local or would like to give me a little extra I'll deliver it to you. Pick up would be from Wooloowin, Brisbane - Please e-mail me any questions PS here is the link to it on Harvey Norman:- http://www.harveynorman.co.nz/york-barrel-chair.html
  2. Hi, visiting family in melbourne and would like to meet up with people to look around the city, go for coffee and just hang out. The family I am visiting are at work or school during the week so am free most days. Anyone free give me a shout, age and gender unimportant.
  3. We just recently transferred money from the UK to Oz on a spot transfer and discovered that our bank has set a limit of £10,000 per day so on this occasion we ended up transferring in 2 lots. However, our house money is still in the UK and it would obviously take longer than the usual 3 days specified for the money to reach the exchange company. We tried ringing the bank, but sat in a queue for ages which is quite costly as we are currently in Australia. Has anyone else experienced this and how do you get round it?
  4. nicandjay

    Who has lasted 2nd time round ?

    Hi Just wondering if anyone ping ponged but lasted on the 2nd attempt ? what was so different that made you stay ?
  5. Hello everyone ! Just thought I would finally say hi after 'cruising' the site for what feels like ages! Just wondering if anybody else has had the final interview for wanted down under? We had a researcher with a camera come to chat with us yesterday and just waiting to hear (next week) if successful. Me and hubby have 2 very young children and are hoping to move out to Perth in the next year or so. I am a paramedic and have applied to St Johns In Perth, again waiting to hear. I guess it is all a waiting game. Would be good to chat to others in similar position Thanks Jo xx:rolleyes:
  6. I often read on here people asking about who is the best airline to use to fly to OZ, I know we are all different, costs, leg room, child friendly all come into it, but hopefully by putting this poll up it 'may' give a better idea to some who are looking at the many different airlines that fly to OZ. It 'may' give a better overview of which is the 'Best All Round Airline'. If I have missed any out I apologies, as I only have the option of ten in the poll. Cheers Tony.:wink:
  7. this is what PIO feels like today:
  8. PommyPaul

    Round the Twist

    Anyone remember the kids tv show :cool: am camped out by the lighthouse from the show at the moment, so went for a nosey hehe also treated myself to a helicopter ride over the twelve apostles which was awesome fun! 1eXtCgwfO_s
  9. Guest

    All round advice please!!

    Hi All, Looking to emigrate, husband, myself and 12 month old within the next 12 - 18 months as a maximum time frame. We have looked at loads of sites in the internet and all with conflicting information. Can someone please help us!! We are looking at Perth or the Darwin areas to settle but what are the job prospects for a Landscape Gardener and myself with a strong sales background?? Also with wages what do you think the average salar of those types of jobs would be? The other thing that we are struggling ot find out is childcare and how that all works over there if 2 parents are working full time, what are the options and costs involved so as we can build that into our monthly budget. Hope someone can help us.... Cheers Em
  10. I have had an idea. After a bit of surfing last night , I may have a cunning plan, a plan so cunning you could put a tale on it and call it a weasel! It seems that some people have trouble getting 7 in each section for the IELTS.After taking the test a few times they get the desired 7 in each section but its not in one sitting. It seems that NZ nursing council also require a 7 in each section as well BUT the results can be from any IELTS test as long as they are within 12 months of each other. Registration So me thinks it may be possible to apply for NZ registration and then apply to your chosen state under the mutually recognised scheme. QNC - Applicants from another state, territory or New Zealand What do you think? Or am i talking s@@T? JOHN
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm in need of a little friendly advice with regards to what to do next. I have been nominated for a 457 Visa after securing a job as an Intensive care nurse in Melbourne (Due to commence Oct 2010). My fiance is also on my visa nomination.:twitcy: The problem is I am waiting to have my IELTS test on 17th July and also awaiting registration from NBV which is pending IELTS results. I'm not sure if I have to wait for both the above mentioned before I can lodge my 457 application online? Another issue is Health insurance, as a UK resident I should be eligable for Medicare but I cannot enrol with them until I am in australia. I have been trying to arrange adequate health insurance (BUPA) but not sure how long a cover is neccesary until medicare is arranged. Bupa will also only start the cover 6 weeks prior to commencent of cover but I would need proof of cover for 457 Visa application. I feel like I am wasting valuable time waiting to have my IELTS test and wondered if there is anything I could be doing in the meantime? ie medicals etc I have spent a lot of time looking on the forum site for advice but my head is starting to spin with all the information to take in. Any help would be greatly appreciated Joanne
  12. hi well my oh contract has arrived so i am looking at schools for a 13 yr old boy who is on the talented and gifted register for maths and science in his school here and has been since he was 5 he's just started yr 9 he has a march birthday probably would be a public school as not sure could finance a private school he is pretty good at languages too latin, german and french so would be looking at schools in areas surrounding West Sunshine tbh i am looking for a school that will challenge him i dont take notice of league tables as his previous school was in a poor neighbourhood with bad results but was classed as an ofsted outstanding the head and the teachers fantastic the school he was at beforethat was high on league tables but bullying and one upmanship was rife amongst both children and parents and had cliques was horrible but in both schools he did well so i know he will do well wherever he is have transport straight away as company are giving us their ute for 3 mths what yr would he be going into in oz ? also have 3 yr old starting nursery here on monday would he have a nursery place or would we pay going over on a sponsored 457 and company will then sponsor pr thank you in advance for any advice
  13. Hello. Kids can not be sent into the garden to play in London for a minimum of half the year. My ideal is to have a house with lovely indoor outdoor living where kids are able to play in the garden for most of the year. Is this possible in Melbourne?
  14. Guest

    Going round in circles !!?

    :confused:Haven't been on here for a while - had forgotten how addictive it is!!! I have just read this before posting and i apologise in advance !! Long story cut short (ish) - We started the visa process 2 years ago then put it all on hold when we had some bad news re. my brother. we felt staying here was morally the right thing to do. But the dream won't fade and we are now in a time running out situation re. visa. We have a good life, good jobs, nice house, nice area, great school for kids but still feels there's more to life than work, eat, sleep and the odd weekend where if you're lucky and have a fortune to spend you can get out and do something. We're not niave to think Aus is perfect and it's just sunnier but feel it would offer us and our children a better quality of life in terms of work/life balance and the opportunity for our children to have the outdoor sporty life they crave. We have visited Aus numerous times before we had the kids - even got married there. OH did a reccie in 2008, concentrating on the Central Coast. It confirmed what we felt. So what's stopping us - security, family, jobs, house, equity...the unkown. No guarantees. It's almost like we need someonelse to make the ultimate decision and then it's not our fault if it all goes wrong. We are both secondary school teachers (don't let that put you off!) I teach Maths and hubby is a special needs teacher (Autism). We both have jobs we love in good schools, fairly close to home with decent salaries. We keep hearing how difficult it is to get a teaching job in Aus and that the salaries are a lot less? Why give up a good thing ? Aaaaarrgh - i'm annoying myself now !! I keep reading posts from people that have recently arrived or are a few months in and most honestly describe it as being difficult at first but then great. Maybe i'm just a wimp and not brave enough to do it ? Not sure what i want in terms of reply - honest helpful advice, thoughts, comments - a kick up the arse or just tell me to shut up !?! :arghh:
  15. Guest

    good news all round

    No No not the visa yet. My wife and I are now expecting our first baby :biggrin::biggrin: and the other great news is my future employer has been granted his ENS nomination for me so now time to file the paperwork for the third time. Who would think, we first started in July 2007 and now after far too long of a wait we are hopefuly going to get some sort of answer some time this year. Now just need to start emailing removal companies to ship a rather large toolbox and a few other smaller items. I think £1500 just for a toolbox is a bit excessive so thats masons out the list. Good luck to all those others who have been waiting as long and had their 175's and 176's delayed till sometime in 2012 at the earliest. And yes I'm a tradie (HGV Mechanic) Paul, Lisa and the medium bump :biggrin:
  16. Cerberus1

    A-League (round ball game)

    Well, after being here nearly 5 years, I went to my first A-League game at the weekend. (Footy to some of us, soccer to others:laugh:) Not a bad first game to choose - Melbourne Victory 6 Perth Glory 2, so can't complain about the entertainment, 8 goals and could have been double that. Just wondering what any A-League followers think of the standard over here, how does it compare to other leagues.? Maybe I caught Perth on a bad day, but the defending and tactical naivety was abyssal and I think a top 6 team from League one (third tier) in England would account for either team 9 times out of 10. Anyway, looking forward to when Melbourne move to the new rectangular stadium next season, should make for a great atmosphere.
  17. Hi guys, we thougth we'd ask. We've got 3 removal companies coming to quote, PSS today, John Mason tomorrow, and Doree Bonner Friday. Selected these because I didnt see too many bad reports on them on here. So, whats your thoughts? PSS have a good tick in the box already, cos although he's running late he rang ahead and apologised, the missus likes that. So, any thoughts or comments???
  18. Hey I have jus moved from the UK to live with my family im looking to get settled in but while doing so it wuld be great to meet people my own ages and get to know them. Im 21 years old , just be nice to get some freinds for myself than stealing my brothers lol :jiggy:. be good to hear you Dave.
  19. KathK

    Its come round so quick...

    ....we came back after validation trip at Easter with a job offer in Brisbane, & plans to migrate within 12 weeks, & its finally here!! Where did the time fly? We had a house & 3 cars to sell, furniture to ship, & so much organising to do...but we seem to be getting there. House sold in 3 weeks, 2 cars gone & 3rd going to a friend when I leave. Furniture shipped with Doree Bonner, OH flew out ahead this week, ready to start job next week, I will follow with 2 kids once they've finished school. Am sitting on garden furniture & sleeping on borrowed beds. The goodbyes are still the hardest part tho......sommat I'm not looking f/ward to. (And of course theres still a small matter of finding swhere to live when I get there, before the furniture arrives!) Kath x
  20. Guest

    Round and Round in Circles!

    My head is about to explode trying to come to a decision about moving to Oz :wacko: We live in a lovely semi-rural village near Eastbourne, East Sussex. We have a victorian house that looks out over fields at the back and we have just spent thousands of pounds on it as it was a money pit when we bought it. My husband is in a new job since being made redundant a couple of months ago. It is a lower level than what he worked previously but a job after all! I work part-time in a job I don't mind but would prefer to be at home more with my three year old. We live near a nice Primary School that my son would join next September although with me working, god knows who will take him and collect him! Our families don't live local but have the intention of moving here if we stay. All in all, we have a nice life but not the one I really want but I could get a better life here if some things changed. So, without having ever lived in Oz, reading people on here ping ponging and moving back and then others loving it over in Oz, it is doing my head in not knowing what it will bring for us as a family. We don't have any really close friends here as our best mates already live in Perth which is where we plan to go. So, we would have a good support group and friends already and waiting. Obviously work is going to be a question, as it could all go pants up if hubby can't get a job (he is a Senior IT Manager/Director). What would life be like for my darling son? Are the schools much better than here? I know he will have much more of an outside life but will that be at the cost of not seeing his grandparents. Is the heat going to drive us crazy as its all very well wishing for weather like that but living in it could be different. Our agent is off to Perth this week and he is going to take my OH CV with him and ask some of his contacts what work prospects he would have in Perth. We will then need to decide if we want to proceed with our application as we have already paid him the first £500 although we should get some of it back if we change our minds. We have worked hard for what we have over here and don't want to risk losing everything if it doesn't work out. But I don't want to live with any regrets and wish that we had just tried. Am I just being scared? I have always felt a pull to Oz and living abroad in general. My husband is 41 this year so we only have a few years left to apply. I just want to make a decision and stick to it. We have had some ups and downs with our marriage over the last year or so but feel that this move will help us as we want it to work. We had planned to visit Perth in October whilst our application is going through the motions so we need to decide. This decision was so easy when we first made it but now we have got closer to taking action, all these doubts and worries have appeared. Do we really want to go? Will we regret it if we don't? Is it going to be the best life for our son (that's what matters most)? Should we just work on getting our perfect UK lifestyle? Is this country going to keep going downhill and all the bad things will out weigh the beauty that I see from my window everyday? See what I mean about my head exploding!!! I don't expect any answers from anyone as I know it is our decision but I don't have anyone to talk too about this and just needed to get it off of my chest before I go mad!! What a woffle!! Sorry guys!! Wake up now!! :SLEEP:

    sit round the camp fire

    The last couple of weeks on here has brought me back to the days of scouting we all need each other in our own way to acheive a goal on our own it may of not come true even now there are hurdles. I would like to thank each & everyone of you for your input to mine & other peoples threads.I think you have changed me to the person i am now & hope when we all arrive in oz the ones who are able due to which area we are in can meet up & become real friends as we are here. Life seems so much brighter & rewarding just by having you all here to talk to thankyou.
  22. Hi, want to fly to oz, perth for 2 weeks and then to zealand, christchurch for 2 weeks then back to uk. plan to go oct 09 ish. i have all sorts of quotes ranging from 2 grand to 7 grand , what can you please suggest to get a lower quote? Thanks
  23. Anyone else tuning in for the action? First lot of support races starts at 1pm on 7 :jiggy:
  24. We spoke to our agent on tuesday morning saying we wanted to swap over to 176, she said that there would be no problems, but would have to contact Diac to make sure it was ok? Its now thursday, no emails or contact from our agent, we have tried to ring her, its either constantly engaged or no one picks up, After reading the SA Sticky we are now getting worried as application might not reach them by the 31st, Any suggestions welcome!! As we now feel we are banging our heads against a brick wall and moving further back..:sad:
  25. Hi guys, Loads of people said they fancied getting together but no one seems to be putting a date forward so I thought I'd bite the bullet and sort it. How about Sunday 21st Sept. On the last thread someone suggested the following pub: Phantom Winger - Broughton Preston Lancashire I dont know it but looks OK, and we can always reserve some tables in case its busy. Let me know what you think??? LOL Toni