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Found 9 results

  1. Guest

    For Gothic Rose

    This is for tomorrow my Beloved Gothic Rose, hope you like this :cool: I know I've been busy using your faster computer, but I've been making good use of it , as you will find out tomorrow on our Anniversary, when you can have all your presents. :biggrin: Some musical offerings to enjoy [YOUTUBE]Wn3QLGULoXY[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]-SQGJ0rfIEk&ob=av2n[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]AubgJ5ZO07U&feature=fvsr[/YOUTUBE] Dinner is served, I trust this is to your taste My Lady , & as you like cake how about this one to share with PIO Happy Anniversary & Happy Halloween :wubclub: Love Thorn X13
  2. I managed to get up by 9 am today - got to stick to that, keep to a 9-5 routine even if I'm not working. I did have an interview at 11am but they rang to cancel it. The bludger in me was secretly relieved and almost went back to bed to celebrate. Well, applied for a couple more jobs, spent a heap of time on here - unpaid voluntary work keeping my typing speeds up. T bone steak,chips, salad & a schooner of Carlton Black last night for $15 at the RSL. Got a Pataks Balti sauce and some chicken to make a curry up tonight. Funny, I see that Pataks is made in the UK, not here, so why does a curry taste 'better' in UK? 'Bludger' without 'Dole' in front of it is no fun - like 'chips' without 'fish!'
  3. Guest

    Welcome back Gothic Rose

    Know you've been busy but nice to see you on the forum again :wubclub:
  4. I shall walk the mean streets of Sydney and as I pass each shop, restaurant, cafe bakery, pub, whatever, chant my new mantra - It's not as good as the ones in England. IIf I repeat it 100 times a day I will eventually believe it and hopefully piss the Philistines aka Aussies off enough to kick me out?
  5. For Thorn.. I know you are en route to the UK, wishing you a very safe flight and a wonderful reunion with your lovely wife. Happy holidays with your dear husband and may your visa application go without a hitch. love Susie x
  6. Guest

    rose tinted glasses

    hi id really like some help with this one i grew up in brissy and moved to england when i was 14 ( im now 38) im seriously wanting to move back to oz, i would imagine that there has been so many changes but i just dont think i can live in uk much longer , since having kids ( 2 boys one 3yrs other 6yrs) im so worried for their future, it seems so violent, depressing and expensive here now that i just dont know which way to turn, i would appreciate any feedback on my situation, i am tired of fighting a downtrodding system here, i remember oz as a proud,fair and hopefull place for a family to live, and im sick of worrying about going to the corner shop in uk at 7 at night will i be attacked by a load of hoodies and not able to allow my kids to play in their own front garden. Am i seeing my past in rose tinted glasses or is it safer and more child friendly in oz.:confused:
  7. Guest

    gypsy rose lee

    I own up - l have lost the plot. I sit night after night scouring PIO, BE and the BE Timeline Spreadsheet, l come home from work at lunchtime and check my emails, l check for visa grants during work time when no-one is looking. I am obsessively looking for that crucial piece of info that might indicate when oh when will we get this bloody visa... I might as well read my tea leaves (except we have tea bags?), hunt out the tarot cards (not seen for years?), read my palm (except l don't know how?) It has finally happened, my sanity got fed up and slammed the door when it left, bugger it then, l'm off to sell some pegs... :wacko:gypsy mel (7 months in - no end in sight)
  8. Hi all, I am english (born 1961)emigrated to Oz with family when I was 9 yrs old in 1970,came back to live in England with my own family (kids born in Oz)in 1998 and returning to Oz to live later this year.I would just like a add a few comments that may open might be emigraters eyes to what life is really like in Oz.I have been watching "Wanted Down Under"on the odd occasion.Yes England has its problems,but so does Australia.I know because for one I talk to my family (Mum etc still live there)I also listen to my local Adelaide radio station online.So whats to know that "Wanted Down Under" the show does'nt tell you?For one,lots of people are in debt there,the same as here,houses are getting repocessed on a regular basis.As Oz is experiencing its worst drought in history,food prices are hitting an all time high.Yes you can grow your own supply (as I did years ago)but as everyone is on water restrictions,that idea is'nt a great one.Petrol is also on the rise and as we speak is'nt far behind what we pay here,but as Oz is a big place,you need more petrol to get around.500 young people commit suicide every year in Oz.Racial tensions are building.So you may ask why I am returning?Its of matter of having to really.I don't like living in England anymore,and as my permanent visa runs out next February I want to have to choice.It does'nt matter my kids are ozzies,i would still lose my residency.Yes Australia is still a fairly good place to live,but go with your eyes open wide and look behind the tv shows.Its going to be tough for us starting again (we're not home owners here)but I want to be with my family,my Mum is in her twilight years,and if I don't go,my kids may return there one day and I'll be stuck in England,pretty much on my own,well except with my husband!Travelling outside of Australia is very expensive.Since living in England we have travelled extensively,India,Malaysia ect,something we would never have afforded to do if we had of stayed in Oz.Yes I am grateful to this country for giving me a good job,travel etc but I can't stay here.Anyway good luck to any of you emigrating and keep an open mind! Regards "Been there Before":wideeyed:
  9. Well folks, we've been here six months now and the honeymoon ended long ago. We are all settled into our new lives and everything now feels as normal as I imagine it is going to get... We decided to postpone buying a house and now I'm really glad as we've decided that although Sanctuary Lakes is idyllic, we have found far nicer places which would suit our lifestyle better. We came with a very open mind and that has served us well.. Parents consultation day at daughter's school was a challenge to my open-mindedness though! I mistook the first teacher for someone who looked as though he had slept in a skip, English teacher was painting her nails, Science teacher's neck was covered in tatoos... However, I got more satisfaction from them and their down to earth aproach than I ever seemed to get in U.K. I am very pleased with both the schools we chose and hold the teachers in very high esteem. Jobs.. we've been very fortunate and both have good, secure, well-paid jobs BUT I don't know how we would manage if we worked 9-5.. Getting the children to and from their various activities has been a logistical nightmare and I think that unless you work shifts as we both do, one parent or carer needs to be on hand to drive considerable distances several times a week. If I was commuting to a 9-5 job I would probably have hanged myself by now.. I miss the rolling Shropshire hills, the countryside and the architecture of Britain.. I miss being able to drive 3 hours and be somewhere completely different. I miss our weekend breaks courtesy of Easy Jet! It goes without saying that I miss family and friends.. If we could turn the clock back, would we do it again??? YES, YES, YES... BUT I would plan much better. In short, it's the same shit, just a shinier shovel!!!:err: