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Found 21 results

  1. Hi everyone Does anyone out there have any idea how much a roofing contractor could possibly earn in the brisbane area? Many thanks Jason
  2. cartertucker

    Roofing work ~ NOR ~ WA

    My hubby is a roofer with 15 years experience (currently owns his own business in the UK) When we move to Perth (NOR) later this year he is looking to work for someone else :yes: We would love to know who are the best companies to get in touch with? :unsure: Or would it be a case of looking for vacancys in the newspaper/websites? Would anyone be able to suggest the amount of earnings he may be looking at getting? :wideeyed: And anything else we should know? There seems to be alot of building work going on NOR, so we are hopefull that work wont be too much of a problem
  3. Hi my names lee i'm 38, my girlfriend is in the process of getting a 457 visa as a childrens nurse in syndey to start in march i will be coming over as a defacto on her visa. really need some advice/help about work. I have 8 years experience roofing cladding although this was a few years back. what evidence/paperwork do i need ive got a cv an can easily get references. Or what would i need to do to get work? THANKS
  4. Hi All, What would be the best tactics for a couple of blokes looking for roofing & plastering work in WA. To be honest we dont have work visas but are hoping to find sponsors when we arrive in a couple of weeks time. Do you think its realistic/possible to do it this way? Were both too old to get WHVs so need to find sponsors. It sounds like there is plenty of work just at the moment & we dont mind moving around in order to find work. I believe there is plenty of work in the Karatha/Port Hedland area. Anyone have experience of working up around there? Many thanks....Smigs....
  5. Guest

    any roofing stories

    hey people, fly out on the 25 feb on one year working visa to perth and looking to get some roofing work as thats what i do in london. anyone got any experience of aussie roofing and how it differs from the uk etc or any roofing tips you may have? i have already stocked up on the factor 50 suncreem :yes:
  6. Hello all If all goes well, I should hopefully be in South Australia within the next 6 - 18 months, as a roof slater/tiler, my question is to any British/Australian roofers who have worked in both countries, are both trades similar in both nations? i.e do both use the same types of slates/tiles, use grp/lead in valleys, use lead on abutments,etc or is it totally different, or are there just a few differences?, if anyone has any knowledge about any of the above it would be greatly appreciated. p.s merry christmas to all and happy new year
  7. Guest

    Flat roofing in australia

    Hi, can anyone give any advice on what flat roofing systems are used in australia please?
  8. pete'n'tray

    roofing option!

    hi , to anyone who can help is there any one out there who chose the roofing option when doing there plumbing practical just would like to know what they had to do and what they had to make and also what questions were asked , doing mine next month , you hear that alot of people chose the ,gas would be interesting to see if any one chose the roofing option . any info appreciated pete
  9. Guest

    Roofing Advice - Documents

    Hi... I am just in the process of filling in the documents to ensure we have enough to complete our TRA and am worried about the amount of 'education' information they ask for, (The forms we are completing are the pre-skills assessment from Go Matilda) Glyn never attended any colleges to obtain his role as a roofer (sheeting and cladding or in Oz Roof Plumber), it has all been done as on the job and never completed an apprenticeship either... He has later since gained an NVQ 2 and 3 in the trade plus other licences such as cherry picker, scissor lift, cscs card etc but after looking at the forms am worried that we will fail on the education side... Has anyone else out there gained on the job experience in a trade and been successful ??? Thanks xxx :unsure:
  10. Guest

    Roofing questions.

    My hubby is a Roofer and has been for around 10 yrs plus but was tought on the job and didnt do formal training in Roofing. Would we still be able to apply or is it going to be a waste of time? Thanks
  11. :hug:Hello to all.... just wondering if any one knows about the roofing job scene in the northern territory ???? any info would gladly appreciated thanks...
  12. Can any tell me if they know of any roofing work in OZ ??? or of any job sites to search please ....:unsure:
  13. Hello to all..... does any one know about the job scene for Roofers in OZ please...
  14. Does any one know what the Roofing work is like in Adelaide or surrounding states ????
  15. Hello... i was wondering if any one knew the job situation for Roofers in OZ please...
  16. Guest

    roofing industry

    hi all, quick question, i'm an approved flat roofer in the uk also specialising in the green roofing industry, what is the market like in australia for that? many thanks.
  17. Guest

    Roofing Jobs

    Hi needing some info on oh job (he is a roof slater and tiler with 14 yrs of exp) But having great probs what a roofer earns over there! :arghh:If anyone would have any info on this it would help! Thinking of perth or adelaide can't decide still doing homework on this bit! :twitcy: Many Thanks
  18. Hello Could anyone tell me if there is decrece in building work going on in perth as i have read a few threads about brickys not having a lot on is this true and are all the trades being affected. Thanks Steve.
  19. A plea for help form those of you in perth.Would any one know of any reputable roofing companys in perth that we would be able to contact with ohs details with a view to possible sponsorship.we will be in perth for 3 weeks in may/june So thought we could email companys then if any are remotely interested they might be willing to meet oh when we're over there. thankyou Margaret.:notworthy::notworthy:
  20. Hi All We are off to Brisbane area in 3 weeks, everything is fine except my husband is concerned about finding work, he is a roof tiler & slater and needs to know if anyone can provide us with any information. Can't wait to feel the sun on our backs. Thank you Langley Family
  21. Hi I just wondered if any roofers had to get a licence to work in Oz My OH has his CITB City & Guilds recognition card, will this be enough?? He has 25 yrs experience Thanx All Michele xx