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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Im moving to Melbourne in the next few weeks and may even have a job interview sorted for when I get there with a company called ALCOIL but I could really do with some advice on how hard it is to acquire my ROOF plumbing licence. I've been sheeting for 9 years here in the UK and I presume it is very similar type of work in Australia but could really do with a chat with any UK SHEETERS that have made the move and got there ROOF plumbing licence. Just some basic questions on what they look for and how hard it is to get licenced as a ROOF plumber in Oz. Il be forever grateful for any advice, please message me if you fit the bill. thanks Mark:wacko:
  2. Hi all just wondered if anyone has applied for or has a similar job as this, and would the industrial roofing/cladding be near enough to the roof plumber on the 60 point list ?i have 8 years experience in steel erecting and cladding,also an nvq lvl 2 in cladding/industrial roofing,does anybody know if my qualification is good enough for this job title? just wanted to learn a bit more before taking any steps,any help would really be appreciated,it is my dream to work and live in australia with my family thanks in advance guys,regards chris
  3. Guest

    55 year old roofer

    Hi, I,m 55 & looking to find roofing work in WA. Whats the chances of doing this legally? Would I be able to get a visa to work if I found someone to sponsor me? Thanks....Smigs
  4. cartertucker

    North or South for a Roofer?

    Which will have better prospects for my Hubby who is a roofer? Is there more building work going on North or South? :unsure: Thanks in advance :wubclub:
  5. miffy82

    W.A SMP list - Roofer

    Hi Everyone It feels like we have been waiting forever for the SMP list and now we have to wait until 1st september (hopefully it will be released by then):SLEEP: OH is a Roofer and are really hoping he is on the WA list as that is where my brother and wife are heading too. Although I have been told Roofer will proberly be on list until I see it in black and white don't want to start the process. Anyway just wondered if anyone else had any more info on Roofing work in WA? Or is there anyone else in the same boat?
  6. hi there, im Jack. Im looking at applying for the 176 visa as my sister is a permenant resident and will sponsour me. Im 20 years old and have an NVQ level 2 in Roof Tiling which is on the SOL list. Im at the stage of the TRA online form, towards the end it ask's me for my TRA reference number and my agents number ( both highlited in blue) i dont have either of those as i was told by friends my visa would be straight forward enough to apply for it myself saving a small fortune. Do i only Need a TRA reference number if im using an Agent ? Also i will be printing it out soon as its almost filled out, could you please advise me if ive forgotten to include anything to send to Canberra office : 2 new passport pictures of myself All copys of Certificates i have A photocopy of my passport ( picture page) Receipt of payment attached anything else ? thank you sooo much guys Jack
  7. Hello All Happy New Year! My wife i and our 2 children have started the 175 visa process. I have read on various sites that my job is in demand but cannot find many jobs advertised on the various recommend sites. We wish to move to Perth hopefully it will be this year! Does anyone know if i will find it as easy as they say to find work. I do single ply flat roofing, slating and tiling with city and guilds qualifications. thanks Steve
  8. cartertucker

    Re: Roofer - NVQ certificate 2/3

    Hi there, Im just wondering if there are any other roofers out there that are applying/applied for a NVQ certificate 2/3 recently in order to emigrate? My husband is just applying now, as we have been advised by 2 respectable migration agents that with the new guidelines being set out by the 'Tra' on September 1st that this should be a suitable certification to have. So it would be great to hear from others in the same/similair situation. Kelly & Jay. :smile:
  9. Guest


    hi heading out to oz (melbourne) in dec on year working holiday visa. iam been roofing concractor in ireland for years, is it hard to job or sponsored by company, what is the roofing licence about is it hard to get? thanks mike :spinny:
  10. Guest

    aqf 111 for roofer

    hi all , i'm early days as far as getting everything together for a skilled visa but spoke to my agent and he says that i can either be assessed here for £2000 or go to perth and be assessed there for $1500 as i dont have any qualifications only work experience, my mate lives in perth so this sounds like a good idea, just wondering if anyone on here as been over to perth and done it for roofing or any other trade, also has anyone been refused ? got to wait to see if reopen pathway d or whatever it is in july before i start parting with my brass though... so many hurdles to overcome its doing my head in....:arghh:
  11. Guest

    TRA Assistance - Roofer

    Hi I hope you don't think I am being cheeky (or lazy)..... My OH is having difficulties with his TRA process and wondered if anyone can help or offer any advice, it is taking ages to fill in and every time we sit down to go through it he just clams up and we get nowhere fast.... We have the form printed so many times for trial runs and I have made a chart / table to assist him with detailing the jobs he does but I don't think I am helping... Can anyone help ?? K x
  12. hi all , just wondering if anyone has been through it all and how hard or easy it was.. i'm in the process of getting everything together that i may need, any tips welcome.. just holding out a bit longer to see if they re open the old pathway.. i'm a self employed roofer with 12 years in the job but dont have any quals just work experience. i dont really know which way to go, can anyone help please :arghh:
  13. Lancashire Lass

    Brickie, Roofer or Plasterer...which one??

    Hello, I'm new to this website. I'm so glad I came across it though. We are at the early "should we" or "shouldn't we" stage and have been looking at going to Perth. My husband is a General Builder, self employed for the last 10 years. Before that he was a glass cutter for over 10 years. We were planning on moving to Perth and him doing full time bricklaying but since reading some threads on here today I have discovered that Brickies are being laid off. My OH also does roofing and plastering and now I'm wondering if it would be better to focus on these areas of work instead. Does anyone know the potential salaries for roofing or plastering and does anyone know if there is any demand? On a different note.....we are looking at the suburbs between Rockingham and Mandurah. We wont be bringing vast amounts of money over so we want to try and get a nice house for no more than 260000 AUSD. I'm worried though that cheap housing means dodgy districts with high crime. Can anyone give me advice on this area? We have two children coming out with us aged 10 and 7 and my 19 year old is considering joining us later so we need to be somewhere with stuff to do for the kids. Love the website and I'm looking forward to your responses.
  14. mrogers

    Roofer going to WA

    Hello there WA, we are pretty much set on WA, as it ticks all the boxes. I may only be able to get into OZ on am employment visa, so there has to be lots of jobs on offer for me to have a chance of getting in. Will this be a problem for me? As after doing my own research for roofing jobs, there are quite a lot, but not many in WA. unless Im looking in the wrong place. Please advise if you can.
  15. Guest

    Roofer's any info

    Hi is anyone aware of how the industry is for roofers, my partner is a roofer and we are looking to move to Oz possibly Brisbane and was hoping someone out there might have some info.... I am myself a Personal Assistant in the Police but can also do the girlie things like manicurist and nail technician plus hairdressing.. would love to hear from someone... K x :v_SPIN:
  16. Now i really am puzzled cos i'm on the Modl, but iv'e just gone through the Oz yellow pages and can't find any Roof tiling / slating companies in it. Now is it the fact that it's really expensive there, or is there no call for it as so much of the housing is done in metal an something called colour bond or do they just paint over it like a lot of them advertise. Or do i go completely forget my trade an become a postie, like someone else has said he knew, who was a qualified electrician ( thats at least 5 years ) could'nt find work an is now working as a postie. Is there any roofers already in Oz that may be able to help on this. Yours, A Concerned Professional Roofer. Mr KP Nut.
  17. We are thinking of moving to Australia, and were wondering how easy it would be to get a job. I am an Administrator/multi tasker with experience doing legal secreterial work and a bit of IT too. My boyfriend is a roofer/roof line installer, no qualifications but has 6 years experience and is excellent in his trade. Would we get jobs easily? Where would the best place in Australia be for us to move to? I want to be close to the beach but not caught up in the rat race of living in a city....been there, done that, couldn't do it again. Want to move to Aus for an easier pace of life. I am 25 and Adz is 31, therefore we wouldn't want to be in the sticks with nothing to do either! Can anyone advise us at all? I have looked at a lot of sights and brochures and just seem to be more confused by the minute! Help! :confused:
  18. Guest

    Roofer coming to Melbourne

    I have just sent my application for my visa I have been assessed by the TRA and has been accepted but would like to know if this is sufficient for me to gain employment once in Australia. Or will I have to have further tests, my classification is Roof Tiler and Slater. And how do I find out about the safety card that I have to have. If anyone can help please let me know. Thanks