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Found 27 results

  1. Hi Im moving to Melbourne in the next few weeks and may even have a job interview sorted for when I get there with a company called ALCOIL but I could really do with some advice on how hard it is to acquire my ROOF plumbing licence. I've been sheeting for 9 years here in the UK and I presume it is very similar type of work in Australia but could really do with a chat with any UK SHEETERS that have made the move and got there ROOF plumbing licence. Just some basic questions on what they look for and how hard it is to get licenced as a ROOF plumber in Oz. Il be forever grateful for any advice, please message me if you fit the bill. thanks Mark:wacko:
  2. Hi all just wondered if anyone has applied for or has a similar job as this, and would the industrial roofing/cladding be near enough to the roof plumber on the 60 point list ?i have 8 years experience in steel erecting and cladding,also an nvq lvl 2 in cladding/industrial roofing,does anybody know if my qualification is good enough for this job title? just wanted to learn a bit more before taking any steps,any help would really be appreciated,it is my dream to work and live in australia with my family thanks in advance guys,regards chris
  3. stevie ellis

    roof tilers?

    So lads whats the story are you working or no, are you enjoying or no? all stories gratefully accepted:notworthy:cheers stevie
  4. Guest

    Mating snakes wreck Cairns club roof

    A seven metre female python and her harem of male snakes are literally bringing the roof down at a Cairns sports club. Six scrub pythons measuring at least 3.5m and weighing up to 50kg are fighting over one female in the roof of the Hekili Outrigger Canoe Club at Yorkeys Knob. The amorous males have dislodged the ceiling boards in their pursuit of the female python, which club members have dubbed 'Nagini' after the giant snake in the Harry Potter series. Club coach Sue Lockwood said the roof was replaced just three months ago after it was damaged in Cyclone Yasi. 'The whole board underneath the eaves has basically popped open and now they're entering and exiting through that hole. When we're inside the shed we can hear them moving around,' she told AAP. 'We've only just had our ceiling replaced because it caved in when Cyclone Yasi hit us. 'It was pretty well much a mess for a long time, it's all just been replaced and now the snakes are breaking the roof.' A snake catcher has removed two of the males but the others are proving elusive, Ms Lockwood said. 'He can see where they're going but he just can't get in there so we have to wait until they come out.' She says bite marks found on one of the captured pythons show they have been fighting over Nagini. It's not the first time snakes have used the club's roof as a mating ground but this time around the males are bigger and there is more of them, she said. Some club members are unsettled but Ms Lockwood says the snakes are mostly harmless and only bite when startled. 'The irony of it is is that we paddle canoes in croc-infested waters and we have marine stingers for six months of the year, and we have tiger sharks and bull sharks in the bay where we paddle, and big huge saltwater crocodiles and yet everyone is scared of a little snake,' she said. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 » 04:48pm
  5. tonyman

    roof rack for Kayak

    if i have a roof rack put on a Honda CCR- VHS-BETA MAX....Would i be able to get two kayaks on it ...? Bob may be able to help me out on this one , does the rack have to be a fixed one or one you can quickly take off when not needed.....thanks
  6. Guest

    roof slater/tiler

    not sure if this in in the right thread but if people can move it then please do . carter roofing and slating looking for a slater / tiler . someone who is in the country already . all work done same as the uk contact russell on 0415986441 web site carterroofing.com.au for more details thanks
  7. not sure if this in in the right thread but if people can move it then please do . carter roofing and slating looking for a slater / tiler . someone who is in the country already . all work done same as the uk contact russell on 0415986441 web site carterroofing.com.au for more details thanks
  8. sadsmile23

    "Tin" roof and rain - don't laugh!!!

    We are just going through the purchase of our first house in Oz (very exciting). Both fell in love with it as soon as we walked through the door, but there's just one problem........it has a "tin" roof, as I call them! The rental we have been living in had tiles so never lived in a house with one of these roofs, but I've heard really bad stories about them when the rains come - apparently the noise is soooo bad. I'm getting a bit paranoid about the move now, I know it sounds silly, but friends have told me their kids have had trouble sleeping because of the noise, you have to turn the tv right up etc etc. I'm not a great sleeper at the best of times and I'm now getting worried that, in every other way I have found my own place, but I'm gonna be too knackered to enjoy it!!!! Is there anyway of deadening the noise, other than filling the whole roof space with insulation, or re-tiling LOL - is it really as bad as I'm being told..???????:confused:
  9. Hi, We've just bought our first house and are trying to suss out the minefield of different types of roof insulation. Well you have batts (pink, polyester, fibreglass, earthwool) or ecofoil and there are probably some more that we haven't come across. Anyone know from experience which is better?? Thanks Wendy
  10. Hi All, We have been here 3 weeks now and the holiday time is over and its time to start looking for work. Does anyone know of any roof tiling jobs around the Gold Coast area? Thanks Damon
  11. PommyPaul

    Possums on the roof

    Big noisey buggers, been trying to get one of my residents on camera for awhile now but they are very elusive, but this evening after setting up abit of food on the pipes that run from my gutter to water tank i managed to get him. W1exZ_yigL4
  12. Guest

    Roof tiling

    HI,im looking to come to victoria on a working visa in feb 2010,is there any roofing tiling work bout or no of any one looking for workers. thanks tom
  13. Hi too all..... my partner has his AQF111 in roof tiling and slating.. does any one now of any good roofing companys in Perth... any info would be great ....:huh:
  14. We have just bought a house in the cairns region and we need some whirly birds put into the roof, along with some insulation put down. Can any one recommend someone whos good and competitive price wise? Many thanks Andrew
  15. Guest

    carpentry practical hip roof

    When building the hip roof on the carpentry practical is the ridge already set for you and you have to install the common rafters ,hips and jacks or do they just give you the pitch of the roof and you have to do all the calculations yourself from scratch? Thanks in advance. Mark
  16. Hello to you all out there Are there any Roof Tilers/Slaters, North of Brisbane to Gympie or any that are yet to move out here??? Please let us know would like to share experiences so far!! Thank you The Langley Family
  17. Guest

    All under one roof

    Hi all New member, be gentle! Been thinking about finally fulfulling my Antipodean dream for a while now, I need to seriously do my research on everything OZ beforehand. Obviously I'm aware of all the online advice, australia & new zealand magazine etc....but I was wondering if anybody knew about the various exhibiton as getting all the information under one roof and talking to experts really appeal to me. Does anybody know which shows their are in the UK and which are best. Help greatly appreciated Thanks
  18. Guest

    roof tilers

    Hi all can any one help me and tell me about roof tileing jobs in queens land.
  19. Guest

    Roof Tiling

    We have been here on Sunshine Coast 7 Months and loving it. Is there any roof tilers out there that can offer any advice my husband is learning metal roofing at the moment Thanks Natalie
  20. Hello, (deep breath, and.......) I have been in contact with Silver Trowel (perth) and they fly back and forth to UK assessing roofers (and other trades) with the ultimate goal of getting an AQFIII for prior recognition of skills. Brilliant I thought, then I contacted thinkingaustralia.com ( agents) and they told me that all these companies are jumping on the band waggon to get our money, and are a waste of money. First I thought, rubbish, but then Im thinking, I still need to use them as an agent, regardless. So why so adament it is rubbish? Is she unaware of Pathway E? Is this new? Silver Trowel cost around £2200K, and if this gives me an AQFIII, but TRA dont accept it, whats the point? As anyone got their AQFIII who has been granted their VISA? Or at least been accepted by TRA? Im Pee'd off with all the stress!!! It was expensive enough, but now for the AQF's aswell thats more cash!! As long as it gets me in its well spent. I wanted to get the ball rolling before 1st Sept, as I would expect there to be a flood of applications. Anyway, look forward to posts.... Mark & Family.:nah:
  21. i have just received an email from company for assesment on roof tiling for an aqf 3 on wed the 4th june , any roofer sat this yet on site assesment anyone tell me what they are specific on cheers jim
  22. Guest

    HELP!! Roof Tiler / Slater

    Hi my OH is a roof tiler/slater and we are really keen to move to OZ, as he only has 15 years work experience and no formal qualifications we have no chance in going. Is anyone else having the same problem? Can anyone offer any advise as we are really frustrated :arghh:and don't know where to go from here. Many thanks
  23. Hi all just wondered if anyone has applied for or has a similar job as this, and would the industrial roofing/cladding be near enought to the roof plumber on the 60 point list ? just wanted to learn a bit more before taking any steps thanks lee
  24. Hi anyone got any more info on pay etc for roofers?? Also do roofers have to do extra training ie are their skills acknowledged over in Oz unlike a sparky?? Thanx Michelexx
  25. Guest

    Roof Plumber

    HELP Desperatley Needed. My husband has his own business here in the uk fitting fascias, guttering, cladding and some roof work and we are desperatly trying to find out the requirements in Oz so that we can emigrate. We have been on the ABS website to find out some details of what is expected under 4431-17 Roof plumbing. We have had our own business for the past 8 years, but this is fitting plastic and not metal guttering etc. We are just about to put my husbands CV together to send TRA but want to get everything right before we do so. Can anyone suggest or even tell us what is expected ? We need this information asap as we want to get the ball rolling straight away. Any information would be greatly received.:err: