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Found 19 results

  1. Guest

    Quinns Rocks

    Hi all, We are looking for a bit of info/advice regarding Quinns Rocks. My family and I are moving to Perth on the 1st Nov (yay!):biggrin:. We have a short term let in Quinns rocks and have been looking at the area as a possible permanent move. We had a brief look at the area Christmas 2009 and liked it, along with Clarkson Butler etc. I was wondering whether anyone could rate the schools and area first hand? Our kids are 5 and 11 months respectively and we would like a quiet-ish suburb, but with plenty to do for the kids i.e. beach - (Quinns beach looks tidy), parks etc. clean healthy fun. We have been looking at 4x2 houses, and there seems to be a few around the $400-450 per week rentals so this is within our budget. Many thanks, Chris.
  2. Hi, We are seriously contemplating renting a property in one of these northern suburbs, however, I am concerned about the commute into the CBD for work? From what I can gather, a bus and train ride into the city will take approx 1 hr, which I have no major worries about. But, I have just been reading an article (not sure how long ago it was written) that said the northern burbs have become too large for the public transport system which results in overcrowded trains heading into Perth. What is the commute really like? One of the draws to the north is that we seem to be able to rent more property for our $$$ there, as opposed to the property that is nearer to the city centre, but a consideration is that if we end up spending those savings on a longer commute to work, is it really worth it? I'd really appreciate some guidance from people that live in these areas and use public transport to make the daily commute into Perth. Thanks, Simon
  3. Hi there 29 year old from North East England and single just moved into a shared flat in North Rocks. Just wonderered if anyone out there would like to meet up and have a craic! Look forward to hearing from you. Matt
  4. Just wondering if anyone has any info/insights into this high school. Family moving to West Pennant Hills area and apparently this is the high school we'd be zoned for. Their website doesn't really give away much but they are a small school with just over 500 students; don't know if this is a good or a bad thing. My daughter would be starting Yr 9. Can't find much on the academic abilities so keep wondering whether I should try to get her into one of the other high schools like Pennant Hills or Cherrybrook, but again not sure about their out of zone policies and whether we would have a better chance with her starting Yr 9. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Anyone have recommendations for accommodation in or near The Rocks in Sydney. My mom's coming to visit in November so want to show her more than Adelaide this time around. (Don't need anything flash just thinking as she's older she wouldn't have to trek all over from that location.) Cheers Suz
  6. Hi Fingers crossed we should be flying out on the 26th August to perth. We are staying in the Quinns Rocks area. I have a daughter of 2 years old. I want to start making friends as soon as I land and I think by taking her to any groups etc will be the way for us to settle in. Just finished my job here and will be a a stay at home in perth - so woried I will get lonely!!! Aay ideas/suggestions/anyone that wants to meet up??? please help........this is all v.scary:unsure:

    Quinns Rocks Perth

    Quinns is a possible rent & buy for us this year (Sept) we will have a 18 year old boy & a 12 year old girl so could I have neg & positive of the area. we will have between $500,000 to $600,000 max for a house.
  8. Hi Looking at Suburbs slightly north of Perth, but still commutable, in anticipation of our visa. Quinns looks really nice & affordable so wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what its like or has any advice on areas. We would like to live relatively near a beach, although the area& houses available will influence un more. Thanks Nic :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    Huge earthquake rocks Haiti.

    Just off the net. Huge earthquake rocks Haiti | News.com.au A 7.0-MAGNITUDE quake has hit the impoverished Caribbean nation of Haiti, rocking the capital city, officials and witnesses said. A Caribbean tsunami warning has been issued for parts of the Caribbean, including the impoverished nation, neighbouring Dominican Republic, Cuba and the Bahamas, the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said. "A destructive widespread tsunami threat does not exist based on historical earthquake and tsunami data," the centre said. "However, there is the possibility of a local tsunami that could affect coasts located usually no more than a 100km from the earthquake epicentre." The country's ambassador to the United States, Raymond Alcide Joseph, told CNN television: "I think it's really a catastrophe of major proportions." The ambassador said he was heartbroken as he had just spoken by telephone with a senior presidential aide who described scenes of chaos and devastation.
  10. Guest

    Quinns rocks

    Hi there I hope there is someone that can help me, my wife and i will be in quins rocks in jan 2010 and i was hoping that someone could tell me what the rental conditions are like there?. Also what th4e place is like for living, wht amnenities there are etc.. Really appreciate any info that can be given... thanks
  11. Hi We are moving to Perth in April 2010. We have x3 young children. We are looking at Two Rocks what is it like? We are thinking about the SeaTrees Estate?We want a beach lifestyle yet close enough to the City & other amenities should we need them. Thanks
  12. PommyPaul

    queensland rocks!!!

    bit of a random post, but OMG can't beleive this is the first time i've used my hot tub.... sitting here now, beer on the go... bubbles/jet on full and its ace... and this is how youlive on min wage!!! :cool:
  13. Hi can anyone give us their opinion on living in Quinn Rocks and Butler areas. We are applying for our visas and my partner has passed the skills test. Got four young children, is there much going on in these areas? As the house prices seem pretty reasonable. Also are there many schools in the area?
  14. No longer available
  15. Anyone want to meet on the last Friday in August in the Rocks for a beer or two? We have been here since beg of June and had one PIO meet in Darlinghurst. Are you up for it Michael? Don't mind where we go, we will be there straight from work probably about 6.30ish.
  16. Best part of Quinns Rocks - Avail Beginning Aug 08 Unfurnished $380 per week - short or long term Pets Considered ) Stunning 4 double bedrooms, 2 new bathrooms, open plan living areas and formal lounge. Dishwasher, ait conditioning, double lockup garage, undercover outdoor entertaining and large shed for extra storage. Pics available please contact by email matthudson1973@hotmail.com or click on below link to view property. http://www.rentalsinoz.com/index.php?option=com_ezrealty&Itemid=26&task=detail&id=55 Cheers Matt and Sam
  17. Guest

    Ageless Max Rocks The Hall

    AGELESS MAX ROCKS THE HALL By Desmond Zwar The headline on the Entertainment Page said: ‘YOUNG MAX STILL SINGING.’ ‘At 72,’ it assured his fans, ‘Max Bygraves is still going strong.’ It left the unfortunate image of an elderly singer-comic tottering bravely on stage, voice trembling. A has-been entertaining oldies. ‘People with memories,’ was how the publicity hand-out put it. Would it be worth $12? I wondered. On the morning of the show, the lifts in the huge entertainment-and-poker machine palace had broken down and the retirees and pensioners who had been bussed in, climbed the stairs to the sixth floor, pausing gratefully for breath on the landings; welcoming the free cups of tea and coffee brought to them by girls bearing great pots. Walking frames and sticks left at the side of the auditorium, the capacity audience of gentlemen in slacks and sports shirts then settled down with their ladies, who appeared to have just left the hairdresser, even at that hour in the morning. And at last he came on. A bound rather than a totter. Tall, trim, hair shining gold in the spotlight, the face exactly the same as I’d seen it when I’d met him in London 30 years before. He had on a white double-breasted suit (courtesy Austin Reed, as he showed me in the dressing-room later), and a bright green tie. He could have passed for 50. And that might have been stretching it. Roars of welcome; claps and shrill whistles. ‘Oh what a privilege and pleasure it is to be here!’ he says, smiling the wide, naughty-boy grin. ‘It’s a pleasure to be anywhere!’ They roar, doubled up with laughter. ‘I remember last year I was crossin’ Leicester Square,’ he begins. ‘And some fella called out: "Oi! Max! You let us down..." I didn’t know what the fella was talkin’ about. "What d’ya mean, I let you down?" ‘He said: "When Benny Hill and Frankie Howerd died we had you in a trifecta." He stands there, wicked look in the blue eyes. Waiting. And then goes on... ‘Did you know that Eric Jupp’ (the veteran accompanist across stage) and I were in the RAF together? I know what you’re thinkin’. You’re thinkin’: "What could two nine-year-old boys have been doin’ in the RAF?" The five-piece band strikes up "Jealous", and as though they’ve been rehearsing it with him, several hundred voices join in as he moves into a quick-step, the long legs as supple as a teenager’s, the toes of his shoes tapping on note. ‘There was this fella,’ he tells them, ‘just about to close the Job Centre, you know, the CES, and he hears this voice: "You got a job for me?" And he looks around and all he can see is this duck. And it’s the duck asking for a job! So he phones the Palladium and they actually need a talking duck! The fella tells the duck he will be paid a thousand pounds a week for a 14-week season. But the duck doesn’t want it. "No good to me," he tells the fella. "I’m a bricklayer." "Farrraway places, I’ve been dreaming about..." ‘There was this Australian,’ (and he over-does the accent) ‘waitin’ at London Airport and he sees this beautiful girl sittin’ there, and she’s got a case with NSW on it. So he goes over and asks her if she comes from Noo South Wales. No, she says. "The letters stand for Nymphomaniac Society of the World." She says she’s been doin’ this survey and she says the best lovers in the world are the North American Indians and just behind them, the Jewish race. ‘ "By the way," she says to the fella. "What’s your name?" ‘ "Hiawatha Goldberg."’ He sings again: "You need hands...Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer..." Then he asks them: ‘You old d’you reckon I am?’ Shouts of 72 from those who’ve read it. ‘I am 84 years old.’ Roars of denial. He’s been on stage now for one hour 45 minutes and appears reluctant to leave. In the foyer after it’s over, changed to open-neck blue shirt and slacks, he signs $10 cassettes of his singalong songs for a queue of some 300. Then on his way to the pokey back-stage dressing-room he is shielded from more followers by a minder. At last he settles in front of mirrors, the shiny hair quite obviously his own, face almost unlined. I ask: ‘When were the best times for you?’ His blue eyes stare warily into the mirror at me as he thinks. ‘There’s a lot to be said for the years gone past. In the old days when we were in the theatres there were eight acts on the bill and there was always somebody that you knew. That you could play golf with; go off to a museum with. And the fun - there was always lots of fun.’ He said he had an 84-acre property at nearby Murwillumbah, New South Wales. He’d bought it from an English couple who had set it up as a resort, but it had gone into receivership. ‘I swim in the pool, I play golf. I’m there four or five months a year and then I go back to Bournemouth.’ What was the secret of his apparent agelessness? He chuckles. ‘Bert,’ (his tall, balding minder), ‘and I were talkin’ about this yesterday. Sayin’ it’s alright to be doing this stuff and be under stress. But there has to be some time in your life when you need this tranquility. You’ve gotta have it sometimes. And I think I’ve had a lot of it over the years. I’ve managed to live in places where I’m not in a rush. I’ve got an apartment in London as well, and it becomes a treadmill there, I can tell you. ‘I write a lot of my own stuff. My friend, Eric Sykes, writes a lot. He’s got some lovely approaches. My script-writer, Spike Mullins, died last year. ‘You know,’ he smiles as he turns around. ‘There’s nothing more rewarding these days, than to draw up a little routine, and go on stage and find that it’s right. Though - to get the laughs - you’ve got to wait. Gotta sit on it. You don’t go out there and do 15 to 20 minutes and find it’s easy every time; there are the silences. And when you’re driving home afterwards, you think: "There was a moment there, and I missed it." That,’ he said, ‘is how you hone it. Try and get your act together.’
  18. Hi there We're moving to Perth mid April,we know the area fairly well as lived there a few years ago. We're a little nervious as have been told about the increased house prices so have been looking at lots of reasonably priced properties in the Quinns Rocks area but have heard mixed reports about this suburb. Does anyone have any advice about this area? We just thought it seemed to still be commutable to the centre of Perth as well as being close to the beach which is what we're looking for! Many thanks in advance for any advice.