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Found 19 results

  1. Hi all, This is my first post since my wife (29) and I (29), received our 176 visa for Perth and we're moving to aus at the start of August...getting excited now! We picked Perth following a reccie and fell in love with what we hope will be our future home for a very long time. In the UK I'm a keen climber and love mountain biking too, which I want to carry on down under. It'd be great to get a thread going to hear from anyone who climbs or bikes around Perth to get some ideas on where is good to go...anyone who's interested PM me and I'll sort a get together for like-minded souls who want to tackle some routes around perth. Thanks!!! Chris
  2. Guest

    Ayers rock

    Hi, me and my partner moved to Sydney from the uk 8 weeks ago all going very well! but have decided to have a break away in Sept to Ayers rock, can anyone help me with any information what to see where to go? We wanted to Hire a camper at Ayers rock if anyone can recomend any camper hire companys would be great we plan on flying into ayers rock as flights are cheaper. Any information would be great. Thank you in advance Andy.
  3. staceyirvine

    Clarkson, quinns rock, butler

    Hi PIO what a great site this is! I have become a regular reader of the comments on here...anyhow does anybody know what the above areas are like and what the schools are like in these areas? Stacey and Damian Damian -floor finisher passed aqf III april, wa applied april 2011, wa approved, lodged 176 19th May...
  4. .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}Right......... so, I have a life-long friend who has recently told me something that has got me having sleepless nights. She and her husband are in the process of immigrating to Australia, and have been saving money towards this big move for quite some time. In passing the other day, however, she metioned that her husband hasn't paid his taxes for the last couple years (knowing that they are leaving), and has therefore managed to save even more money to put in their kitty. Now, my dilemma is this: I feel so angry that someone has done this and got away with it!! My husband works all the hours God sends, to keep a roof over his family's head and does everything 100% by the book. I am full-time mum, and as a family living on only one salary - money is tight. This particular friend of mine is adamant that it's nothing to do with HER, that her husband hasn't been paying his taxes, but then in the next breath, it sounds like they are planning a blow-out holiday before they immigrate. I have mulled this over for weeks now, and can't decide what to do.... Is it the right thing to do, to notify someone (?) that I am aware that someone is fiddling their taxes? Or do I just let it slide and hope that "what goes around, comes around"?? OR: Has this only upset and frustrated me because I am JEALOUS, as we are not nearly in as a good a financial position as they are, and I doubt we ever will be!! It kills me that people like my husband and I, who are honest and hard-working, ultimately end up having to compensate for the people who do not pay their taxes. I don't know what to do????? I know this will destroy our friendship if she ever found out I told authorities, and I couldn't live with myself if anything happened and her husband got put in prison (maybe I'm being a bit dramatic here - I don't know what the penalties are!!) But every time I see this man in future, I am going to know that he's dishonest. BTW: We are in the process of immigrating to Aus too, and that's why I'm using this forum to have a vent! I know there's lots of other folks on our position, scrimping and saving every penny and this has really just upset me to no end. Any advice will be welcome. Thank-you.
  5. rockola57

    Entranced by Rock Chicks.

    Great Googamooga!!!! What's with those Babes that make us poor Fellas go weak at the knees:embarrassed:?They got everything,like great voices,great looks, great personality,great music and Sex Appeal. Who are the ones that get you in a hot frame of mind?:biggrin::wink:
  6. theonetruechris

    Picnic at hanging rock

    Has anyone been, is it worth the trip out?
  7. FlappyChicken

    Brisbane to Uluru (Ayres Rock)

    Hi POMINOZ Look for the best flights to Uluru from Brisbane, any tips? Thanks FC
  8. hiya eveyone im 14 and live in quinns rock ive moved here about 4 week's ago and im gonna start claksons high school. if you live by me we should chat and maybe meet up i ove makeing new friends xx :wubclub:
  9. Guest

    Rock Climbers in Sydney

    Any expats in the Sydney area that are into rock climbing at all, looking for a place to climb indoors and then outdoors as well once my container arrives with my gear :-) Thanks Chris
  10. Lovely rental available in Quinns Rock from the 7th September This is a 4 bedroomed home with 1 1/2 bathrooms, workshop and very close to the ocean Good schools, shops and medical Centres very close by. Contact Wendy see link below Property West Real Estate Property Details
  11. Guest

    Between a rock and a hard place

    My partner and I and children (I have just had a baby) have an application in for a visa to Australia. When we first applied the plan was to go to Oz for five years or so, but subsequently my partner has decided he wants to go for life. I thought I would be able to return to the UK to live at any time (after the five years agreed with my partner), but sadly research has thrown up the Hague Convention which means that despite the fact we are all British, I would not be able to return with my children unless I had my partner's permission which I do not think he would give. My partner is determined to go with or without me and the children. I am now in two minds what to do - on the one hand there is the australian dream of sunshine, beaches and a new start after a turbulent few years where we have not had a lot of luck, but there is the real risk of losing my children if either the relationship does not work out or if I am so unhappy I want to come home or if the rellies are ill etc. On the other hand I could stay in grey Britain with a new life as a single mother, trying to explain to my first born why she does not have a Daddy anymore, but at least I get to keep my children. I will not be able to get any financial help from my children's father as he will be abroad nor obviously any emotional or practical help with school runs and all the things to do with bringing up children. I worry about the children not having their Dad and whether they will blame me in the future for them not going to Australia/being a family. The visa is imminent and I will need to remove my name and the children's names from the visa which is tortuous as it is so final in terms of the Ozzie dream, my relationship with a man I love so much, and the children having their father around (please excuse the emotion but I have recently given birth and am inevitably feeling more vulnerable and I am very upset at the moment). Whichever way I go, I will wonder whether I have made a mistake? And it will be too late - if I choose to stay in UK now, I wouldn't have enough points if I reapplied in the future to join my partner, if I go to OZ and it all goes pear-shaped, I can't keep my children. If only I had known about the Hague Convention before applying for a visa, or if only the law were not so strict....but if I had absolute trust in my partner like obviously the rest of you have, perhaps I would not be in this predicament at all. By the way, my partner will not sign a legal agreement to say I could keep the children. Comments or advice please.
  12. Guest

    Primary schools Quinns Rock

    Dear all, I have looked at the website for one of the primary schools in Quinns Rock but I wanted to know if anybody knows whether either of the 2 primary schools have got "after school clubs"? Is this common in Australia or is it more in the UK? How do you cope as a working mother if you find that you need to work full time? My little son is 3 1/2 now and if we come over to Perth late next year I guess he would go to some sort of pre school. Has anybody had any problems in getting their children into the schools they wanted? So many questions...we are trying to read up on things on the Internet but there is nothing quite like getting advice from someone with first hand experience of course. Putting our house on the market in the next few weeks and will then have to keep our fingers crossed that it sells reasonably quickly so we can move into a rental property. Many thanks, Madeleine
  13. Guest

    Stu and Mickey ready to rock

    We fly out from Manchester tomorrow morning at 9:20 with Singapore airlines, stopping off in Singapore for 4 hours before continuing to our new life in Brisbane...... Has anyone flown with Singapore?.....just wanted to know if they are uber strict on baggage allowance or if they will let you off for a pound or two........cheers Stu and Mickey
  14. What's it like in this neck of the woods? Is it in the sticks? notice the highway only goes so far? Any help about these areas would be great cheers joe:no:
  15. Hi all my family and I are hoping to come over to Quinns Rock (perth) for a holiday in april 2010. we have friends that live at Tapping way and pipestone place in Quinns Rock. We are looking to find a holiday rental in this area, As this will be the area we hope to emigrate to. We are not having much luck searching the net :arghh: . Any advice would be apprciated :spinny:. Thanks
  16. Guest

    Classic British Rock / Metal

    Hi just wondered if there is any body out there who may be new to oz who likes good old Rock Music ? I have been living on the Gold Coast for almost 6 years, have been playing the guitar for almost 2 years none stop, and have been told im getting pretty good? I have just turned 18 and im now wanting to get serious with the music, influences are just about any one who has picked up a guitar and made it. I like Maiden , sabbath, saxon, Priest , Def leppard, Metalica , zac wylde ect. So my question is if there is anyone out there around my age who is a musican especialy drums and bass around the gold coast / brisbane areas and would like to meet up maybe to jam ect , please get intouch.
  17. Is there anyone out there that can help? My 22 year old son has just arrived from the UK. He's into hard core heavy metal, tattoos etc etc and needs to meet like minded people of his own age. He's been and checked out Rosies Bar in the city, but its no fun going on your own.......any suggestions please?? thnx :wub:
  18. A 13-year-old busker who plays the electric guitar in Brighton has been earning an average of £70 an hour. BBC NEWS | England | Busker boy earns £70 an hour He's bloody good too!
  19. Guest

    Northern Rock Mortgages

    Was wondering if any one else on here has a northern rock mortgage . We have and was reading in the paper to day that if someone dosent buy them out soon, and the goverment take them over ,We will all have to remortgage to pay them back or put the house up for sale , are house is up for sale. just hope it sells soon . this country hey .... karen