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Found 44 results

  1. amibovered

    River Island

    Now shipping to Australia if anyone wants to give their credit card a work out :biggrin:
  2. The Pom Queen

    Daintree River Train for sale

    What I can't understand is why allow another operator to take on the permit but not purchase the train, talk about stopping competitors AFTER 23 years chugging along the Daintree River giving visitors an up-close look at the area's unique wildlife, it is the end of the line for the Daintree River Train. The vessel is up for sale and, with its river permits being taken over by an existing cruise operator, its new owner must take the River Train to star on a new lake or river. Registered as the MV Spirit of Daintree, the one-of-a-kind fibreglass vessel was hand-built on the banks of the Daintree. Its unusual design consists of seven independent carriages powered by three 9.9hp outboard motors, which boast the lowest fuel consumption for a passenger on the river. It leaves no wave or wake that can damage or erode the fragile riverbanks, and can wind its way along the contours of the river exploring different creeks and tributaries. Local couple Steve and Sharon Doble sold the business to Far North newcomers Gordon Lamb and Gail Robbie last year. However, the economic downturn took its toll and earlier this year the couple off-loaded the River Train to Daintree River Cruise operator Bruce Belcher. Mr Belcher has decided to sell the 64-seat vessel but will keep its permits. The River Train is listed with a marine broker for $100,000 or nearest offer.
  3. The Pom Queen

    Fish Dying in Cape York River

    Over 1000 fish were found dead last week in a Cape York river, most of them were barra and jewfish, still no idea why, they say it could be the weather but come on surely this wouldn't kill all those fish would it?
  4. Hi all We have just had our quotes back for a 40' Hi cube going from exeter to margaret river. Quotes all suggest a cubic square footage of between 1600 and 1700 for our household goods plus our BMW330. Dorree Bonner - £8,583.00 Pickfords - £7278.00 Anglo Pacfic - £7998.00 PSS - £8535.00 Have picked thru the quotes and they seem to be like for like. So why are Pickfords so much less? Seems like an easy decision for us? Any one out there got an opinion on Pickfords? The local rep seemed very keen for the business and very proffessional. And Pickfords in Australia have already emailed me to say hello.
  5. Hi Does anyone fancy meeting up for a coffee and a chat. I am missing the girls back in the UK. Me and my husband are in our 30's and we have two children 6 and 3. We are living in the Mandurah area. Love Samx:biggrin:
  6. Apologies if this has already been asked, I had a brief look, but couldn't find a similar topic, but then I'm male so it could be right in front of me. I'm considering a Franchise purchase at the moment and I need an accountant who can look over the books, give some advice and help set up our payment structure if it all goes through. Does anyone know of one preferably south of the river, but beggars can't be choosers. Thanks people. Andy
  7. Cerberus1

    Barron River, Cairns

    The Barron River, near where we are in Cairns is in full force today, following torrential downpours yesterday. I took this picture at the end of November. Same stretch today [YOUTUBE]9JCMOs17wlg[/YOUTUBE]
  8. Hi My family, (hubbie and two boys, 13 and 15) emigrated in September 2010. We have settled now and live in Waikiki, however we are missing the socialising and friends. We are in our early 40's and young at heart. Looking for likeminded people that understand friends, and family are important. Shaz n carl:cute:
  9. Guest

    South of the River

    Hello All, We are moving to Perth in May 2011 and need to find a rental. I have been looking south of the river. Does anybody know about Bicton, Attadale, Applecross, Melville, Alfred Cove, Palmyra...... On the real estate site the houses look ok for a budget up to $550per week. We have a little boy 4 1/2 so schooling is very important as well as lots of activities/clubs to get involved with until school starts next year. Any advice would be fab.................will get the BBQ/beers ready for May :-) Thanks Lou x
  10. Hi, my family of seven have been in WA for 25 years from England. Never any regrets. Now very very happy in Busselton three hours south of Perth. Great area to bring up children. . Have a waelth of information having worked lived and brought up five children for a wonderful life in Western Australia. regards Darryl & Sue
  11. Hi Everyone We have just been to see a house in Southern River, and had a brief look around Bletchley Park Primary. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an insight into the area and school. It seems a lovely area and nice school, but its always so difficult to know unless you live in the area isn't it! Anyway, thanks for reading! Claire xx
  12. Guest

    Mums North-Of River?

    Hi there, I was wondering if there are any Mums in the Tapping/Carramar/Joondalup area's (and surrounds) with children who are similar ages to mine. I have Lucas (4) and bella (2) and am going slowly insane! I desperately need to meet like-minded Mums who would like to maybe form some kind of Play-Date calender so we all have things to look forward to. gemma@dalyanvilla.co.uk Gemma x x x
  13. Hi - We are moving to Brisbane in the next few weeks for a temporary posting and will need to put our six year old daughter into primary school for a term (the final term of Aus Year 1, ideally. She has just completed Yr 1 in the UK.) We are looking to rent a property in one of the river suburbs - eg. Hawthorne, Bulimba etc. Our daughter goes to a Catholic primary school here and we contacted St Peter and Paul Bulimba but they have a waiting list. Basically we are looking for a good, happy school for her and do not mind whether it is private or state - it does not have to be Catholic, but that would be a bonus. Any advice gratefully received as this is quite urgent for getting her in for the October term start! Thank you!! Alison
  14. Hey. Does anyone have a boarding kennel they would recmmend North of the River? We are going to Melbourne for 5 days and need to put our Cocker Spaniel in kennels. This will be her first time in kennels, so would really like somewhere nice & recommended if poss. Thanks :biggrin:
  15. stevie ellis

    Kart tracks south of river

    Go Kart Tracks south of river are there any ? any info wud be great , thanks stevie
  16. Hi My name is Becky (38) Adam (39) three girls (15, 12 and 3). We arrived from Birmingham in September 2009 and are now lookings for friends South of the River, for drinks and laughs. Are there any poms down here or are you all up North ? :laugh:
  17. stevie ellis

    car hire south of river

    Hi folks , can any of you recomend car hire in secret harbour or mandura or any where close? thanks in advance. stevie
  18. hi all, we going over to perth to action are visa some time before october, and looking for some where to stay for a 10 days north of river.. ie caravan parks, cheap lettings, etc. any help welcome. thanks Andy
  19. Hi All, has anyone any experienced this virus caused by infected mozzies or had similar symptoms and if so what was the outcome? Symptoms - a rash, aching muscles and joints, constant headache, loss of appetite. OH has not been well for about six weeks. Doctor suspected Ross River Fever, as apparently there have been lots more cases throughout Queensland, sent him for blood tests for that and other illnesses. All came back negative, but doctor still suspects this virus and said that normally test in stages until antibodies show up in the blood and can then confirm it is that. There's no cure for RRF, and you can only treat the symptoms, and as OH has to pay his own medical fees is not keen to pay for more blood tests. We're just wondering if it could be something else.
  20. If anybody has (or are about to) move to perth (north), What are the comparables good & bad. cost of living,schools (for children 4,7 & 9) etc. Where do you live & how do the areas compare? All info gratefully recieved cos I need to make some serious disissions fast Cheers me ducks:wink:
  21. Hello, We have been living here for 1 year now and we are very happy. We have met some good friends on here and wondered if there are anymore people who fancy meeting up who live SOR as we know it can be hard to meet new people sometimes. We live in Port Kennedy and are in our twenties (Jamie 27, Hayley 26). If anyone else is also looking to make friends please drop me a reply. Cheers, Jamie & Hayley :cool:
  22. Our daughter is currently playing U12 soccer for the diablos at cramlington juniors, for which she captains the side. Club News | Cramlington Juniors FC She is keen to continue when we arrive in February and is looking for any girls teams set up around the woodvale areas or generally NOR any information appraciated.
  23. Hello, We have been living here for 1 year now and we are very happy. We have met some good friends on here and wondered if there are anymore people who fancy meeting up who live SOR as we know it can be hard to meet new people sometimes. We live in Port Kennedy and are in our twenties (Jamie 27, Hayley 26). If anyone else is also looking to make friends please drop me a reply. Cheers, Jamie & Hayley :cool:
  24. Happy new year to you all! Had two early Christmas presents - 175 granted 16th Dec, house sold 18th so planning the big move now. Provisionally looking to arrive in Perth somewhere around 15th - 25th March and looking for names of estate agents etc that specialise in short lets (about three weeks) until we find suitable longer term rental. Minimum would be two bed as we have a two year old daughter. What sort of paperwork would be required? Is it worth asking my bank (mortgage lender) for a reference to say that there have been no problems with the account? Really looking forward to the new opportunities that 2010 will bring us!
  25. Hi people, I already posted a similar thread to this one looking for other pommie mums (english, irish, scottish, welsh or whatever!!) south of river but have had no replies!! Maybe you all live North!! If there are any mums north of river who would like to meet for coffee, baby talk, playdate then let me know. My girl is 14 months. I have a couple of aussie friends but would really like to meet some other mums in a similar situation to me ie new to Oz etc and missing their mum! Also my hubbie would like to join a football team either north or south if anyone is looking for new players!! Thanks L:wink: