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Found 26 results

  1. Hello all A friend was told they had 2 weeks notice at a place on a 457 visa, having been there over a year. They handed in their notice, agreeing verbally on the 2 weeks notice in their resignation meeting. They have now been told they actually don't have 2 weeks but 4 weeks notice (from their initial contract). Added fun: they have also signed a further contract with an update to all roles, which (we believe) states 2 weeks notice. This is because everyone else in the workplace (Australian) have 2 weeks notice. 1) Can they have a different notice period for 457 as other workers? My readings of this: "You are entitled to fair pay and to basic rights and protections in the workplace. Your sponsor must provide you with the same terms and conditions as Australian workers performing the same work in the same workplace." (http://www.immi.gov.au/faqs/Pages/what-are-my-rights-as-a-worker.aspx) Is that the terms and conditions (eg notice period) must be the same as everyone else working there. So here I'd assume it's 2 weeks notice. Other options: 2) When resigning they asked their notice period, the manager said it was 2 weeks and accepted (verbally) - does this stand up? I know a resignation has to be in writing, but does an acceptance? Here I am unsure if it would be the 2 weeks verbally agreed or the 4 weeks when agreed in writing. 3) Assuming the new contract does state 2 weeks and it doesn't say it supercedes the previous contract - they are saying as the initial contract was done with a 457, it was for the longer notice and so that remains in place. Can they do that? They appears to be picking and choosing what they want from each (I know we need to find the contract and check) 4) If the new contract says it does supercede previous documents (which the first one states) and it has 2 weeks notice. I would assume it should be the new contract and so 2 week notice (unless there is a rule where the longer notice period takes priority? Maybe?). To me number 1 seems their best bet? (otherwise we really need to find the contract!) Number 2 is possibility. 3 & 4 depend on the contract. Any help advice, or best - links! appreciated. Too much information to read through it all! (at least I am unemployed with time!)
  2. hi, :Randy-git::wacko: hello to all of you. I am very much confused and very much searching for information. I am planning to apply for a 176 visa and move to Australia. I, am wondering, if I could really get a chance in securing a job. People out there in ausi, can you please tell me how the job market is. is it possible to get a job of any kind or anything odd or professional (i am into computer science, and i have good experience in it) with effort?. Please do reply me. I will be grateful to you. Thank you.
  3. Guest

    Job at Risk!! whats my rights?

    Hi all, I am currently in the UK waiting to move my family over to oz in Feb (just waiting for my 457 visa to come through). I have accepted a job offer in writing a couple of months ago, which has been signed with a contract (full time) by both parties. The company are currently sponsoring me for the 457 visa. Here's my problem; I recevied an email today saying that the company are re-structuring and making redundancies, they have not said that i will be affected, but i am majorily stressing out, as we are well progressed with the move and arrangements. Please can you give me some advise on what my rights are should the worst happen and my postion becomes at risk :unsure:
  4. I have seen many cases this week (mainly in The Mail granted!) of people "getting off with things" by chanting that it will infringe their Human Rights. Is this a global Act that all countries sign up to, or purely European as I'm getting bloddy sick of hearing it being used in what, to me, are spurious cases. Not at all au fait with it, but I'm guessing that it was set up with very good intentions and has done an inordinate amount of good, but can't help feeling that it's all getting a bit out of hand. Do you get this in Oz or is there an equivalent? Just wondering.
  5. Dear friends Would appreciate if someone could share the information about my legal rights and obligations, secondly benefits and facilities provided by the government if I will apply for a State Sponsor Visa to Melbourne, Victoria. Thank you
  6. Guest

    Perm Resident rights

    Hi, Hope someone can shed some light for me....to be honest I am trying to find a way to get back to the UK ASAP. We have been here over 2 years and at the mo the thought of another 2/3 years to get passports fills me with dread! Whereas that is my partners ultimate goal!! as a Permanent resident of Australia can I come and go as I please as long as I keep renewing the visa. (Does anyone have an idea how much this costs?) Or would I have to do my time and become a cit before I could do this. Alsoif I have 2 children who both have aus passports and later in life we wanted to move back over here is it likely that they could sponser us? as this is the only reason I can see myself wanting to live over here again. Any help gratefully received Thanks L
  7. Hi, I'm 2-4 weeks away from getting my residence visa (according to case officer)! I am considering purchasing a managements Rights business in either Noosa or Airlie Beach areas. Has anyone got any insight/advise as to whether this is a good or bad move? Would ideally love to chat to someone who has already either tried it or is doing it! Failing that how hard is it to get sparky work out there at the mo? Cheers Pat:hug:
  8. Hey guys, am having a bit of a dilemma, I have just been informed by a friend who is in Sydney that she doesn't think I will be able to work when we get to Perth as our visa (176) is through my OH's skill. I have been on DIAC's website and can't for the life of me find out if this information is correct. Can someone please help me????.........Please Becks
  9. FAILED asylum seeker Mohammed Ibrahim has been allowed to stay in England on a permanant basis after it was argued that his human rights would be contravened if he were sent back to Iraq. Ibrahim was already banned from driving when he ran down 12 year old Amy Houston and fled the scene leaving her dying under the wheels. Amy,s father then had to make the decision to turn off her life support machine:no:. He was later jailed for FOUR months:mad:after admitting driving while disqualified and fleeing the scene. This makes me so mad, if he had been deported when his claim for asylum failed this would not have happened so not only has Ibrahim who is a spinless piece of filth got blood on his hands but so have the spineless oafs who make the decisions. Just to leave this poor girl to die under his car and run off makes my blood boil no matter what you have done wrong, and for only to be given four months is a tragic insult to amy,s family, if he was not deported he should have been given 25 years as he should not have been driving anyway. When are the powers that be going to wake up and start making punishments that fit crimes, you would go to jail for longer for not paying your vat or trying to swindle the government. Amy,s family have got to live with this for all of their lives while the filthy scum will be free to commit crimes safe in the knowledge he will not be sent back and even if caught will get away with it.
  10. Hi all, I`d like to inquire about my status - I am still holding student visa, we`ve lodged our (flawless) application with my (Aussie) wife for 801/820 visa 8 months ago. I was told that all applications have been put into 12 months backlog - that means, I am (if mostly luckily) getting my TR somewhere after july 2011. However, I`ve just finished undergrad and want to study postgrad. My student visa are expiring in august 2011, then I`ll get automatically bridging visa (if not already having TR by then). My question is: Is temporary residence more like PR or is it just extension of student visa? Will I have to study full-time on TR visa? That is my biggest concern - I cannot afford paying $24.000/year after completing undergrad here. My idea is to do is part-time. Any ideas would be appreciated. Moreover - if holding bridging visa - do I have to study full-time? Thanks, Good luck to all with your stuff guys :v_SPIN:
  11. Can anyone help with info or tips about "Management Rights". As I understand it, you basically look after a development of houses, units or apartments and in exchange, get a home and an income. We should have our CPV by the end of 2011 and are looking into what options we might have job wise and we stumbled on this option on our recent visit to Oz. We are both in our 50s and are still very active. Any help would be greatly appreciated, both positive and negative.
  12. Hey guys, just been granted a student visa ready for my study in feb next year (yeah i know its wierd they granted it so early!) anyway there is a condition on my visa which says i cannnot work untill my course starts in feb, which is ridiculous as i dont understand how the government expect me to support myself. has anyone else had this condition and somehow got it changed? i havent got any savings to last me for 3 months rent! thanks rob
  13. Hello, I have a sharp question on this. I am a PR holder (with a RRV), we are going to OZ end dec. My partner was granted with a WHV, that has the "classical" work restriction ( 6 months max with the same employer). She has already found a long term term job, and she plans to lodge her "de facto" demand a few weeks/month after our arrival (once we are sure we want to settle in undefinitly; via a migration agent that we have not yet choosen), so she will be given a bridging visa. Knowing that the work conditions are the same for the bridging visa as for the visa for which she entered Australia (WHV), she will be able to work. But" does this 6 months max with the same employer" condition applies to the bridging? Hope I was clear enough ;-) Thanks a lot for your answer
  14. what rights has a father got to stop a son and mother from migrating !!! Please help cause xxx my friend would love to move to oz with us !!! but does not know what her legal rights are xx can anyone help xxx thanks carole x
  15. Hi everyone, I have been offered an amazing job with a well known Australian company (I am currently on a student visa, course finished 20/11 and I have my qualifications already). The problem is finding the piece of immigration legislation that says I can work full time until my visa expires (March 2010). I will be applying for PR and will automatically get a bridging visa, but until this happens (around a month away) the company will not let me start with them until I can prove to them that I can work on my current visa Can someone please copy and paste the legislation on here so I can send it to the HR manager? Thanks in advance, Will
  16. Guest

    work rights on spouse visa

    my partner and i are applying extend my visitor visa and then get a de facto visa. at what point will i be able to work - while i have the temp de facto visa or only once i have the permanent one after the 2 years thanks claire :biggrin:
  17. Ratchet

    tenants rights

    Im not that happy, not happy at all. i appologies now for my moaning, but i could do wiith an answer if anyone knows? A week ago (sunday) i put in a urgent request for our hot water boiler and heating unit to be looked at, as neither were working that well. Plumber called 4 days later(thurs) to come and have a look on. He said that the hot water boiler needs replacing as kn*ckered and the heating unit wasnt that far behind it. Recommendation was to have the hot water boiler replaced. Fri we dont hear anything for agent, nothing on saturday either.......i decide to wait it out til tomorrow.....Then today - no hot water. boiler not working, not re-igniting, nothing, nadda, sweet FA........ I get out the contract, find the 24hour number and call it. answer machine. 10mins later hubby gets a msg on his mobile. Its the agent, she plans to contact the plumber to see if he can come out and have a look at it:mad:Not good enough. ive got the be up at 530am to go to work. cold shower in a cold house.........i cant wait for that one! Ive heard that if its urgent such as hot water etc, it has to be repaired within 2-3 days. Is this right?? Do i have a case to be this angry? or am i just being melodramatic. id call one out, but dont have the cash to pay them...........
  18. Does anyone know what the chances are of being granted travel rights by switching to Bridging Visa A to B? My partner is awaiting a decision on our application for an unmarried partner visa. He's got the form he needs to fill in to apply to leave Australia for a holiday to the UK and we want to book our flights now but don't want to loose our money if we're denied travel rights. Has anyone here been denied travel rights while on a bridging visa?
  19. Guest

    Work Rights

    hi all.. i came Australia just 3 months ago and now i wanna apply for job over here. but i don't know about the work rights of my visa i.e. Subclass 309 (provisional) visa. if any one know about the work rights, please reply to my post asap with relevant information.. thanks miti
  20. Can somebody please explain to me exactly what a temporary resident is entitled to under the reciprocal agreement? And if taking out private health insurance what sort of thing do we need cover for?:wacko: I have had to buy a policy as it is in my contract of employment that we must have one (otherwise your employer has to meet your health costs-I understand that bit) But doesn't medicare cover us for basic GP visits and hospital treatment anyway? I know we have to pay for prescriptions..but then we did in the UK too..I can't really see the benefit of having a private health insurance policy. Don't really want to be forking out nearly $150 a fortnight if I don't need to Can anyone explain things to me in very simple terms please...many thanks in advance Fiona x PS: Can any of the ladies tell me the cost of contraceptive pills or jabs?
  21. Guest

    Human Rights, what a joke!

    Listening to the radio this morning I nearly fell off the scaffold, when it was reported on the news that hate preacher Abu Qatada, apparantly Bin Ladens right hand man has been awarded £2500.00 compensation. This compensation was awarded by the European court of human rights because his detention without trial breached his human rights. Has the world gone mad:wacko: or is it me!
  22. stevie ellis


    Hi , i would like to know what the applicants rights are . I put my application in on octotober and then in december the ozs move the goal posts to suit their selves [CLS list ] which o dear my job roofer is not on it. So my application could take forever and i am not waiting , So my question since they have changed the rules ,do they give refunds cause ive had enough. Cheers stevie [and my mood is relaxed]:biggrin:
  23. Just wondered if anyone can answer a few questions that i've been pondering... Whats the procedure if they want you out of the property? How much notice do they have to give you? Do you sign an x amount of months contract then they can't make you leave till the end of contract? Do they have to give you notice if towards the end of the contract they don't want to renew the rental contract with you?
  24. Hi All I dont know if this will help anyone but i have found these web sites that may help? Wage net also has jobs Australia wide. www.wagenet.gov.au Workplace Authority: Workplace Authority Homepage Good luck Geoffrey
  25. Guest

    Grandparents rights????

    Hi, My O/H and myself are in the process of applying for our Visa's. Hoping to be out in OZ sooner rather than later! My Brother-in-law called me last night and announced that he and his partner would like to apply in the near future but he is unsure of a few issues, I was hoping someone might be able to help. Brother-in-law is early 50's & partner early 30's, not married. He has 2 daughters both with 2 children who will be living in OZ within the next year. If and when he applies, under what visa will he be eligable?? Will he and his partner stand a better chance Married?? they can prove 5 years of living together but have been together 11 years. Niether have any qualifications to apply independantly but he has mentioned Grandfathers rights???? Not sure what that entails! Also, can they ship thier vintage MG car over? Would appreciate any help you can give.