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Found 21 results

  1. oldgit

    Flying fox/Zip Wire ride

    Hi, Do any of you Guys Know anywhere in the Brisbane/Brown Plains area that I can get hold of a Flying Fox/Zip Wire ride? I'm looking for one around 40m long and that will take the weight of a normal size adult. I've looked on ebay but I would rather go into a shop and see what I'm buying. Cheers The oldgit
  2. There is a great website where you can purchase a backpackers car/camper, sell one and also share a ride. The website is: http://www.travellerscarmarket.com
  3. foy465

    Ride On Mower Hire

    Just wondering if any one knows of any companys and the cost involved in hiring a ride on mower ? I am sick of paying our gardener, and not got the spare cash to buy a mower yet. we are in the Caboolture area of Brisbane. Many thanks in advance
  4. My wife and myself are going to ride over to Phillip Island in Oct this year with another set of our friends, we have done this for the last 3 years and had a great time and was wondering if anybody else on this site is doing the same thing as it would be great to meet up and chew the fat cheers wandering poms:cool:
  5. The Pom Queen

    3 teenagers ride the rapids in Brisbane

    3 teenagers managed to go 15km down stream on blow up air beds. Looks like they enjoyed it but the police weren't too happy http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/queensland-police-slam-ipswich-teenagers-15km-mattress-flood-trip/story-e6frf7l6-1225977093044
  6. Purplethunder

    Emotional Rollercoaster Ride

    Hi All, Just venting some steam....after me persuading hubby to finally go to Sydney (only 2 years!) he then gets 2 offers 1 with a PR visa but not paying so much, the other on a temp visa but offering LAFHA and paying more anyway, he finally agreed to go on the temp visa. He was just about to accept the offer on Monday morning only to have a call saying that it's all on hold as the guy has left that made him the offer and now they're having a reshuffle and may now be going to China for their consultants.....AAAARRRRGGGGGG to say the least!!! He won't even entertain the offer job offer as he has a bad gut feeling about them...sooooo now I'm thinking we go in on my skills as a CIMA accountant but just found out we don't have enough points for PR....OMG!!! Don't want to give up though as I really want to be there....any ideas??? Cheers all Debs
  7. Dont know if anybody out there is intersted, but i'm looking at going for a ride this easter setting off Sunday morning early, and getting back some time late Monday (4th & 5th april) Dont yet know where i'll be heading, probably inland somewhere to the north. Bendigo/Swan hill/Mildura etc. There will hopefully be a couple of mates tagging along, so hoping to get a group of 5-10 riders together. the more the merrier. All types of bikes welcome. pm me or give me a call 0400 874875 Paul.
  8. Guest

    ride on mower for sale

    greenfield ride on mower for sale. this mower will can be taken away after mid march, but using up until this time, cracking little mower with a briggs and stratton engine, 4 stroke, runs like a dream, easy to use, and to maintain, we live on 1.25 acres and takes about 3 hours to complete the job, would not even consider doing it by hand. P.m me for details. $500.00
  9. nik_kershaw

    ACT Motorbike ride 18th Oct

    I have been looking to join a bike club but as I don't really know anyone over here who rides a bike, however I saw tonight that Taff has a SV650 (the old bike I used to have in the UK and a great bike!). So I thought I would just throw it out there and find out if anyone else out there has a bike and would like to go for a ride on Sunday (the forcast looks good). Even if your not able to make it on Sunday then lets just see who has a bike.
  10. Hi. Moving to Geelong near Melbourne in Oct, as a non driver just wondered how easy it is to learn and ride a moped in Victoria.
  11. Hi Just wondering if anyone had a trailer and ride on mower they wanted to sell? thanks Karen
  12. Australia seen as best place to ride out downturn THE world has voted Australia as the best place to run a business during the economic downturn. This supports what local economists have been saying for some time, that the nation is well-placed to weather the global financial crisis. A survey of 7500 international business people from 24 nations identified Australia as the country that was surviving the economic downturn the best, with 20 per cent of respondents citing it as the clear leader http://www.theaustralian.news.com.au/business/story/0,28124,25542981-36418,00.html
  13. sfaasen24

    Were to Ride SuperBike??

    Hi Lady and Guys.. Not sure how to start this, my husband has just brought a new superbike ZX10R.. He is worried he may not be able to ride it in Oz, from what we heard no one drive faster the 120km/h.. Does anyone have or know someone whom owns superbike and can give us advise were he can ride it more then 120km/h?? We are looking to move to Brisban.. Any advise would be great. Thanks Sarah:notworthy:
  14. Hi everyone, Is it normal to fear the unknown??? Since starting the whole process of emigrating we have been really excited and felt privileged to be in a position to move to Australia. Then when we put the excitement to one side and get to the nitty gritty of actually putting it all into practice, my god this is the scariest thing we probably will ever do. I was on a high last Tues cause we had our medicals and pcc done, had the house valued and the removal guys round for quotes and that is when we realised just what it all entails. Today after dropping my daughter off at school reality really hit home the forsale board in the garden!!! I was just wondering if other people in the same situation have all these mixed emotions going round, although I have not changed my mind about moving to Oz I feel very nervous of the unknown, and if I am honest I am worried about leaving family and friends. How does this Roller Coaster ride make you feel?? I hope its just not me!! :jiggy:
  15. Can anyone help me out here? I want to get a little moped to tottle back and forward to work rather than run a car. Does anyone know if I need to take a bike test? I would only want a 50 - 100cc moped type thing. I have no desire to join the Victorian chapter of Hell's Angels or spin round the streets with my face 2 inches of the tarmac, just to potter around. I've looked at vicroads websites and I can't seem to find anything specific so I'm hoping one of you lovely PIOers out there can give me the info. I've got a driving licence and I have actually got a moped certificate of basic training that I took when I was 16, although I'm sure that counts for diddly squat!
  16. Hi all. I have had a post on Britvics for a week or so, and keep meaning to put one on here as well. I am planning on an Expat motobike ride on Sunday 16th November. The meeting point will be here in Monbulk (Dandenongs) hoping to leave here by 10am and plan on heading up into the hills through Seville, Healsville, through the Black spur of reefton spur, Marysville etc. It will be a fair run, and will stop for a bite probably just past the Black spur or even in Marysville. Expected time of arrival back in Monbulk around 3.30/4.00pm So far about 6 takers. 4 poms & 2 Dutch. Anybody else fancy a ride out ? No mad cap riding, just a fun day out enjoying some of the best roads in Vic. Either add to this thread if interested, or PM/Email me. Paul.
  17. Hi all...not been on here much recently... we moved house, had visitors etc...you name it we have been busy...but i feel i must tell you of our horrific day out …. We took the boys to Caversham Wildlife Park in Perth as I had always wanted to cuddle a wombat…!!! Lol… anyway after spending a lovely morning at the park we came across the camel rides and the boys were desperate to go on so we qued and sure enough it was soon their turn. The woman in charge brought another camel in as we have 3 kids and the 2 youngest went on the first one and my eldest Brindley went on the back…. Basically they got half way round and Brindley’s saddle slipped he feel to the floor his camel went berserk set the other camel off which threw my other 2 to the floor. The first camel ran into the bush with the saddle around its neck. Elliot my youngest fell on his head, Harvey fell on the floor and had to roll around under the 2nd camel to miss its feet. We were videoing the ride when it happened. We ran to the boys the woman who was the camel handler took no notice of us we were screaming for first aid help…. We ended up carrying the boys to safety to the paddock where someone called for the Caversham staff. The woman gave us an old towel and a bottle of water which we used as cold compresses on the boy’s injuries… but after that she never spoke to us. The camel that had run off was cut and bleeding…but she didn’t treat it… instead she cleaned up camel poo then started doing rides for other holiday makers who had just arrived. Several people stayed with us who had seen the incident and could not believe how she treated us. The Caversham management arrived and got a minivan for us to escort us out of the centre… the manager said that he had nothing to do with the camel rides as it was a separate business… BUT… we still had to pay $20 to get into the centre to use the rides!! Basically we ended up driving to the nearest A&E dept where the boys were checked over… Harvey escaped with bruises, Elliot had a massive bump to the head which blew up into a right egg, and Brindley has a suspected fractured wrist. Our concern was the lack of duty of care…. The health and safety was appalling… with no first aid, no apparent means of communication to other staff…. No safety headwear etc… we have reported this to health and safety and it is being looked into. The local council cannot do anything as the park is on private land and so it is out of their jurisdiction… We have had no apology The boys are fine now.. The younger 2 have had a few bad dreams… Brindley is a little more shook up as he is aware of his own mortality and how it could have ended up. I went to the papers and they printed our story and also put the video on their web page: http://www.westtv.com.au/?Channel=News&ClipId=1416_WAU1521&bitrate=300&Format=flash My main concern is that it doesn’t happen again…. This is just a warning to you all Min x
  18. Guest

    What to ride?!

    Hello again guys, Ok the dilemma I have is what motorbike to buy once i get to WA. Here in the UK I ride a sports bike (gixer thou for those that know) and after reading about the state of the roads I'm wondering if i'd be better off with a motorcross bike.?! What are the most popular bikes for the ozzies? Thanks
  19. Hello there everyone :spinny: I've been lurking for a few months now and thought I would join and say hello! We are on this rollercoaster ride too, we currently waiting to have a case officer appointed. :yes: Then the doc and police checks. (What happens when you have your medical done btw?) OH is in IT, I'm a housewife and we have 2 kids, Daughter who is 15 and son whos 13 and a dog who we arent sure what to do about tbh. :unsure: We were looking at Adelaide but at the moment we are swinging towards Brisbane. OHs sister and her family are also at the same stage as us and are heading for Brisbane, so we thought it might make things easier for us having family there too. Anyway I hope to chat to you along the way, at the moment I'm in a state of nervousness and excitement. I keep getting overwhelming tummy churns! :twitcy: See you about!
  20. Hiya all Someone on PIO once described this Visa malarkey as "one hell of a rollercoaster ride!!! " Boy were they right !!!! Since we have told family & friends that we have finally got our visa, and we could actually be off soon............. the phone has'nt stopped ringing and mates and neighbours all keep popping in, and over the last two weeks we have now seen people who we hav'nt seen for ages and a few more have made plans to come down and see us (coz we originally come form London and now live of the south coast) !!!!!! Its been sooooo lovely, (especially yesterday an old mate came down, my hubby has known him since they were at primary school, and ive known him since i was 16, and remember his first daughter being born, who's now 20 ) ......... but blimey......... its started me off again !!!!! :cry: :cry: I still know we are definately doing the right thing and have no hesitations, but why does it have too be soo hard ???????? !!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. What a ride we have been on. No lung tumor - just scar tissue. House sale should be exchanging tomorrow for completion on 1st June. Visa finally granted today! Look out Jimboomba we are on our way at the end of June, just a massive to do list to sort out in 4 weeks - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Good luck to all those of you still waiting - it is so worth it when you finally get it. We are having a few champers tonight - The Very Happy Ryders