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Found 10 results

  1. Hi folks, have been here all of 2 weeks and am looking for a vehicle to purchase in Sydney. Am willing to drive out and pick up from not-so-near neighbourhoods if necessary. If anyone has something they are looking to sell please PM me! Many thanks Naomi
  2. Ive recently upgraded my TV, and now have my old one to give away... Im in Manly, Sydney, and its an NEC big beast CRT thing.. It works well, nice picture and has a remote control. Its only analogue so youll need a digibox to watch tv in a year or so, but it will plug into dvd/ps3/foxtel etc no problem, it has 2 or 3 different inputs.. Only condition is you come and get it... Hope ive posted this in the right place, please move it if not.. Heres a little photo:
  3. tonyman

    land fill/soil to get rid of

    i have about 4 traillor loads full of soil /land fill.......how can i get rid of it without it costing me anything ......i thought about the old great escape trick , keep filling our pockets up and emptying them on the neighbours lawns .........seriously tho how can i get rid of it ....and there is lots for to be rid of to follow ...........thanks
  4. Hi everyone, New to PomsinOz - I have been regularly hanging out on 'another' forum - but have just defected to you guys - so Hi! 175 Visa in hand since April (nurse) , desperately trying to shift house, so that we can be off to rellies in QLD by Xmas (I wish)! Have visited the forum as a viewer and have got loads of useful info from it - so Ta! and hope that I can contribute to those in need of support! Pleased to meet ya! Rah :wink:
  5. chisywhizzy

    Need to get rid of furniture!

    Hi all. Well we've given it three years and we are off back to Blighty. Main reason is my work, air conditioning, or lack of it, but we have all just had enough. After three years here the thought of spending yet another xmas and new year here is too much to bear. We are going to sell most of our furniture here so if anybody is on or near the Sunshine Coast and wants a bargain, let me know. cheers Peter
  6. Double sofa bed - yellow. Mechanism works fine. The origial yellow sofa cover is well used, and marked, but we have a red cover which we use over it - looks fine like that. Single Winnie the Pooh duvet cover and pillow case Single tweenies duvet cover and pillow case Barbie Curtains Forever Friends Curtains (a bit faded) Bag of linen and cutrains (not new stuff by any means!) I may add more stuff as I find it!!! Send me a PM if you are interested. Pick up is Thornlands. Love Rudi x
  7. Hi All We were in Oz in 06 when daylight saving was introduced for the 3yr trial. I know alot of aussies don't like it... Are they keeping it ? or will they revert back ? Just looking for an update :spinny: Cheers Guys
  8. Guest

    How do I get rid of him.

    How do I get rid of a stalker? :arghh:This guy follows me around waiting for my posts every few minutes…he must spend hours waiting for me to post so that he can burst into action with his tirade of abuse and venom….I can see him now eyes bulged waiting waiting for the name “earlswood” to pop up It must be a sense of control or power in it: the ability to dominate another person (or at least, the illusion that you're dominating another person) makes for a kind of "cheap high" -- a power rush. The behaviour is justified by whatever perceived offences have been committed by the stalkee. Digging a little deeper, you could ask "why would someone crave that kind of cheap high?", and the answers would spread out a bit -- mostly various forms of "I'm unhappy with myself". Getting a bit of buzz from this kind of power trip may be one of their few forms of relief from the anxiety of weak self-esteem. Thoughts.....
  9. Guest

    Getting rid of furniture.

    Hello all, We are sorting and packing all our stuff that we are taking and not taking, what a job, and we are trying to decide what to do with the stuff that we are not taking. Apart from ebay, giving away and dumping has anyone else had any good ideas on what to do with unwanted furniture.
  10. Guest

    Getting rid of stuff..

    Having done all the donkey work myself so far, I asked my lovely hubby if he would sort out the 'outhouse' and do a trip to the tip. :shock: HE DID JUST THAT! He has taken EVERYTHING to the tip :shock: I am still in SHOCK.. all the childrens' first outfits, school work, OMG the list goes on.....PLEAAAAAASE give me some moral support before I implode :cry: :cry: :cry: