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Found 4 results

  1. Hazel Murray

    Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

    Hi all! Sorry if this has been asked before. We are moving to Australia in 6 months (I am on Visa 461 and my partner is a NZer on visa 444). We are not pregnant yet but are trying. My question is whether I can enter Australia pregnant and register for medicare. (As I understand it I am eligible for medicare under the RHCA). I am also having trouble finding out what kind of maternity cover I get under RHCA. I may take out private cover but I want to know exactly what I am currently covered for. (Plus I know there is often a 12 month waiting period before you are able to claim). If anyone else has given birth using RHCA cover please share your experience. Thank you,
  2. Dear Everybody, I hope everything goes fine to you. I am Mario and I ma writing from Italy. I won an ANU University position (Research fellow) for 2 years and the superannuable salary per annum is $85,733 + 17% of Supetannuation. I got a 457 Visa and I have a de facto relationship (she also got the 457 VISA). I have a question on my 457 VISA status and also some questions regarding Australian taxation, Superannuation, RHCA (Reciprocal Health Care Agreements) and LAFHA (Living Away From Home Allowance). 1) 457 VISA Health Insurance My and Lucia' 457 VISA has been granted from 31 August 2011 and it will be valid for 2 years. Since for some problems we are still in Italy and we will be in Australia at the end of the year, I would stop to pay our Private Insurance. I read on the DIAC web site on this link (http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/457-h...isa-holder.htm) that: "The condition requires visa holders to maintain adequate arrangements for insurance for the duration of their stay in Australia" So this means that if I am NOT IN AUSTRALIA I can stop to pay the insurance, restarting it, when I will be in Australia? Is my understanding right? If not, can I do something different like do not cancel our Health Insurance but request to be moved on a latter date in a way to move also the payment? I am really sorry to bother you also with other questions, but as you could understand all this certainties are important for our staying in Austalia. So i need your help. Please help me, trying to clarify my doubt. 2) LAFHA As I told you, I got the 457 VISA just for 2 years (from 11 August 2011 to 31 August 2013) and I know from the ANU that I can apply for getting the LAFHA. My maximun LAFHA will be (85,733-47,480)=$ 38,253, right? So this menas that all the tax that eventually I have to pay (Salary Tax, MediCare and my part of 7% of the Superannuation), will be applied on this $47,480, right? See calculation below. Suppose that i will then get an extension of my ANU position for other 4 years, will be possible to get a new 457 VISA and so the LAFHA? 2) RHCA My understanding was that i just had to have a private Health insurance for getting the 457 VISA, but once I will be in Australia, I can get for sure the MediCare card for the RHCA. Moreover I read that the MediCare is sufficient to meet the health insurance required by the 457 VISA and so it should not be necessary to make the private health insurance. Is it right? Moreover, a friend of mine is working in Melboune, not with 457 VISA because he is working in Australia but not paid by the Australian, and he said that he got the card for FREE just going to the Medicare office, since Italian. When he leaves Australia and return he can ask for another MidiCare card. He just went to the MediCare office and asked for a Card. If so, my doubt is, SHELL I have to pay the 1.5% of the Medicare levely or since the RHCA i can get it for free? What about my de facto relationship? She got the 457 VISA too, thanks to my one, but she is without INCOME. Do she will pay the Medicare levys? Is for the Austalians the definition of a family also a couple in a de-facto relationship? Because if it is like this, i read that, even if I have to pay the Medicare levys (that I still did not understand), since our two incomes are given just by my one ($85,733) and since is less of $160,000, i do not have to pay the 1 % for the surgery. Is it right? If I should pay the MediCare levels (1.5% + 1%), Could I do a private health insurance and avoid to pay them? 3) Australian Taxation With the 457 VISA and with 2 years position, I am an Australian resident for taxation purposes (http://www.ato.gov.au/content/12333.htm)? And then, if I will stay longer (4 year ANU extension)? 4) Superannuation Suppose that I stay with the 457 VISA in this 2 years (and for the 4 year ANU extension), can I claim (bring with me) my superannuation benefits (both the university (17%) and my one (7%))? Which part is taxed at 35%? Will be the university one (17%) calculated on the $ 85,733 gross salary or on the $47,480 if i will apply for the LAFHA? What about the 7%? Can I decide to reduce my 7% to 0%? And then, if I will get the 4 year ANU extension, it will be the same? In any case I should not apply for getting an Australian permanent resident, otherwise I will be not able to claim them, right? SO FOR SUMMARIZE, let me estimate my salary without the LAFHA: Gross salary: $85,733 Tax: $19,671 (If Australian resident for taxation purposes) Net salary: (85,733-19,671)= $66,062 -> $ 5,505 per month. - If with MediCare Net salary – 2.5% of Gross Salary: (66,062-(0,025*85,733)= $ 63,918 -> $ 5,326 per month - If with my superannuation of 7% Net salary – 7% of Net Salary: (66,062-(0,07*66,062) = $ 61,437 -> $ 5,119 per month - If with my superannuation of 7% and MediCare Net salary - 7% of Net Salary – 2.5% of Gross Salary : (66,062 - (0,07*66,062) - (0,025*85,733) )= $ 59,294 -> $ 4,941 per month - If with a Private INSURANCE (estimate $1100 per year) Net salary – 1100 = $64,962 -> $ 5,413 per month SALARY with LAFHA: New Gross salary $ 47,480 Tax on $ 47,480: $7,794 Merdicare 2.5% on $ 47,480: $1,187 Superannuation of 7% on (47,480-7,794) : $2,778 SO the Net salary will be (85,733 - 7,794) = $ 77,939 -> $ 6,495 per month. or SO the Net salary will be (85,733 - 7,794 - 1,187 - 2,778) = $ 73,974 -> $ 6,164 per month Could you tell me which of them will be realistically my Salary? My gross salary when i have recieved my contract (before the 7/07/2011) was at $82,834, but now the rate is increased to $85,733. Shell I have to make all the calculation on the new rate ($85,733), as I did ? I apologise for those questions but they are really important to me and LUCIA. My warmest regards Mario
  3. Does anyone have any real world experience of how this works? I've read a few websites, and on the face of it, it looks great, and than coming from the UK me and my family should be very well covered (travelling under my 457 visa). But what I'd like to know is, what are the limitations of it when you come to use it. My wife has a prescription for a drug that is very expensive, and reading the websites it appears that PBS under RHCA should cover us. The difference in price between the PBS cost and the actual cost is huge. Has anyone on here had positive experience of getting prescriptions under the scheme?
  4. krestsaf

    Medical waiver and Medicare RHCA

    Hi If a medical waiver has been asked to be signed by my employer on a 457 visa, does this then put all responsibility for all medicals costs to my employer? My query stems from the medicare RHCA. as a UK citizen and the 457 being a temp visa, then my understanding is RHCA is avail for ALL people visiting Aus except students who require their own insurance. Therefore I understand that RHCA will cover me for all emergency/medically necessary treatment in hospital. Other treatments such as GP, and prescription meds costs and dental are at the expense of myself, or if the medical waiver is signed by my employer then they are responsible for anything not covered by the RHCA??? OR Is my emplyer to be responsible for ALL medical costs regardless, and the RHCA is deemed invalid to me once upon a 457 visa with a signed medical waiver from my employer? I have researched this but only found grey areas, i just want simple black and white.:arghh: