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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there! I've been searching around for reviews on living in certain parts on the golden coast (Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Sydney, etc.) on Google, and pomsinoz.com kept showing up! So I read all the reviews and stuff and my plans for moving to Cairns were quickly killed. I also noticed that almost all the reviews were negative, so please, try and not take all the bad things and put in a few good qualities, too. Just as honest as possible. But if you really truly hate everything about it, tell me, and why. I'm actually not a pom, I'm American (I'm quickly picking up Aussie terms, like pom- I was so lost for a while on that one). But anyways, I'm looking to move a twelve-year old girl, a 44 year old woman who got a degree in environmentalism, and a 22 year old boy looking for college, but will initially be living with us. The younger girl has a passion for swimming and surfing, from what I read, there are some stingers, crocs, and sharks around, and I was wondering if there were parts that weren't so dangerous for her. She is very ambitious and plans to go to JCU. The woman needs work in the environmentalism area, so I was wondering if we could get a work visa for her, and then the other two would get visas as dependent children. The older boy is quite dependent while he looks for college. He wants to live with us until he can find school, and then he will be at the school almost constantly. All of us are American, dual citizens actually, so I guess you could say Brazilian-American. Not only am I looking for visa help, I am looking for where we should live. I've heard some good words put in up north, but the farther north you go, the more expensive it is. We're trying for some beachfront things if the water's not dangerous and you can go swimming, or beach front anyway because we're a family of beach lovers If there are some good swimming places, thats an ideal. I've liked the looks of: Townsville Southport Port Douglas Palm Cove And was wondering if anybody had recommendations for down by Brisbane? I feel it would be best to live near Brisbane, but don't know the area very well. I was also wondering about companies to ship furniture, and some aussie terms that I should know, and the seasons.... When does the winter/summer/spring/fall season start? What is the temperature like there? What's the shopping area like? How pricey are things? Like, in Brazil, clothes are really expensive but food is really cheap, and housing is getting kind of expensive. Also, how's the crime? Is it peaceful or just plain painful to live there? What's the culture like? :wacko: We're thinking about moving sometime in late 2013 or early to mid 2014. Sorry I have so many questions... Thanks! Amanda
  2. Guest

    Holiday reviews.

    TRIPADVISOR is doing my head in. I am trying to book a 5 star holiday to Cape Verde for me and the wife, we deserve a bit of luxury and everytime i look at the reviews, this happens below, most are great reviews, but 1 in 10 say something completely different, its as though they are different hotels. How do you get round the negative reviews, ignore them? don't look at them? Anything else? 1 star out of 5. I really would not reccomend this hotel to anybody at all who expects normal 4/5 star standard hotel service,they are charging the price of 4/5 star but delivering sub standard service.I agree with a review earlier the spanish staff are very bad towards the local staff,who are actualy the most polite nice people. Anytime there was a problem the Spanish management seemed to blame everything on the locals who they were training,work that out for yourself(pass the blame),IBEROSTAR are a massive company and surely they should know what they are doing,obviously not here anyway. We had major issues with the hotel and staff right from arrival,we paid for something we did not get and iberostar did not deliver shame on them. The food was very much holiday camp style,if you like pizza ,chips and bland pasta you must go,but if you have some taste do not consider this hotel it is atrocious nil points for food and drinks the same result nil point. DONT DO IT,STAY AWAY GO TO THE CARIBBEAN WORTH THE EXTRA FLY TIME!!! 5 stars out of 5 “Fantastic relaxing break” Flying into Boa Vista as you approach into land. Then out of the window you see what I can only describe as the most incredible beach, stretching for miles into a mist thats been churned by the Atlantic surf. Little did we know at that time that this was the beach (Praia de Chaves) that is right in front of our hotel. The location is amazing. Elevated above such an increadible beach. We made it a daily event to watch the sun go down with a G 'n' T, and a morning ritual to wander as far as we wished in either direction. The Food was excellent. Good variety, and quality and along the lines of what we had experienced in Mexico (only on a smaller scale as it had 200 rooms). Its only a 260 room hotel so even if they were full, it wouldnt be too crazy as it isnt one of those huge complexes where you get lost finding your room. The staff were so welcoming and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble. The rooms are clean and functional. We did have a couple of minor issues but the hotel staff sorted them out. Sure Boa Vista isnt like the Canaries but there are things to do there at your own pace, and if your up for a relaxing break in the sun I would definitely recommed it. As for the Iberostar, it was perfect for us and very pleased we didnt chose the Riu. We are considering returning next January with some friends. I only hope that we dont fall out deciding which direction to walk!
  3. The Pom Queen

    Cinema Reviews:

    Just thought it would be great to have a thread about the latest movies, what you thought of them and a score out of 10:wubclub:
  4. Hello all due to fly out to Melbourne on may 26th with malaysia airline which as far as i had seen on skytrax have a 5 star rating so felt reasonably happy with, however after having a little search around i keep reading bad reviews which is now worrying me a little as we have a 3 year old daughter flying for the first time with us. so really looking for anyones honest review on flying with them Many thanks
  5. Guest

    skills assesment reviews

    hello everyone,i,ve looked up my assesment with tra on line through the portal tracking and unfortunately it says unsucessful.i am primairily a digger driver but along with that do all the pipework that goes with it.i.e. a "drainer" i was wondering is there anyone else out there that has applied for this.i sent them all the info that was needed and then some.been doing the job for 15 years and was very dis-heartned to see the out come.:no: i know i have to wait and see what the reasons are but in the mean time if anyone has any info i would be very greatful:notworthy:.luv these little men pics.dont normally know how to use them..thanks...mel...
  6. Hi Everyone we are considering living in the above areas just from driving through and it is close to work in Chatswood, any advice or reviews or suggestions on alternatives? I will be using public transport would like to either catch one bus to Chatswood station or get on the train directly to Chatswood, would appreciate advice as we have only been here 6wks so don't really know the areas. We have no kids so at this stage transport links, nice cafes, park or harbour closeby are our only needs. Thanks
  7. Hi I have read some mixed reviews on Cathay Pacific and I was hoping some of you could share some of your thoughts, we have previously flown Singapore and they were really good, but we are thinking we should stopover at Hong Kong this time. Any thoughts on the service of CP comfort etc....
  8. Hubs and I eat out a lot and seem to be doing it more and more at the moment, mainly because we are camping out in an unfurnished rental and are coping with just a wok and a panini press :laugh: So I thought it would be an idea to share our eating out experiences so that people know where to try and where to avoid. Please join in and post you foodie reviews here! Thanks Emma x
  9. Hiya, Im getting to the stage of being able to start my visa app for me and my family and we were looking at using an agent, iv looked around and spoken to 1 or 2 and found Visa Unit a guy called John Mumford. I just wondered if anyone had heard of him or used him as their agent before i commit myself. Thanks Sarah x