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Found 49 results

  1. I got negative assessment for being my tasks are not highly relevant with the occupation applied for; Financial Investment Adviser (222311). My manager intentionally did gave them an opinion which knocked me off Just applied for a review of that decision! anyone did this before? Do they turn their decision??
  2. Here goes my story I would love to share with everyone, especially to those who felt like they have lost all hope. First of all, my visa journey was a very very complicated one. I believe some of you guys are on the same boat here. I am from Malaysia, was a civil engineering graduate from UWA in 2014. I was playing and partying around in the whole 2015, working as a salesperson for vodafone(good money and commission), while being too comfortable, I was wasting time instead to look for a job and practise my IELTS to 7 or even 8. Being young and wild and ignorant knowing that my time is up before I know is too late. Mid 2016, I found a job with a dodgy small property development company (didn't know at the time of work), so my graduate visa running out within 1-2 months time, I had to do something so my employer agreed to sponsor me as an engineering technician since it requires only $55k on paycheck as evidence, but I paid all the visa fees ~ $13000 incl agent fees. The company was doing well until I found out my boss were dodgy in the sense that he performs all activities with cash only, no bank ties at all. When the time came, we were asked to provide company financial statements and balance books to the immigration for criteria check for visa grant, he refused to provide as he is worried that they would find out his tax evasion schemes. At that moment, I was thinking to myself What am I still doing here. As predicted, it failed through but fortunately the visa 187 was refused with option to pay $3,500 for AAT tribunal review. I quit the job shortly after and relying on the time bought with AAT review that lasts 14 months before I get called to court for last chance to provide evidence, otherwise within 28 days I have to leave the country. ***Money paid: $9000 (visa 187) + $4,000 (agent fee) + $3500 (AAT review) = $16,500 ***At the time of quitting job, time left: 8 months left to stay Again, after I left the job, I had totally wasting time and lost the opportunity to apply for individual skilled visa as an engineer, my IELTS can't even score all 7's. Even if I did, my EOI will take at least 2 years for invite since I have only gotten 60 pts. Above all, I found my soul mate, a girl who is so good to me, loves and care about me even though knowing I don't have much time left in Australia. Another note, she's a PR with family migration few yrs ago. So I approached an agent to help with me to apply for a spouse visa that allows me to stay and work and live. Most importantly, she agreed to this, it can be a big decision for some partners as it involves their personal life. So now, the complication comes, agent doesn't allow me to apply for visa 820 onshore because my partner is not pregnant or under any circumstances that I have to be onshore to look after her, even if we apply for it, it will be refused anyway and money will be wasted. So, I found out the other way is offshore visa 309/100 where I am required to be out of Australia while application is being processed. Gladly, my AAT review application provided me with a bridging visa where I could continue to stay and work until I got called to court and being decided or visa 309 being granted. Gladly, few days after I quit the job, I have gotten a job offer with a big private engineering company calling me to start the following week, well I had to lie about my visa status so that I could get a job there during interview. They were not too fuss about it after I told them midway, as long as I have gotten full work rights. 3 months after, we got married! Not a lavish one, we only signed the marriage papers in one of the perth marriage office where both families came together to celebrate. This fulfills my requirement to apply the visa as married couple, while she's the sponsoring one. And so, we applied the visa 309 and lodged. *** Money paid: $16,500(part 1) + $7000(visa 309) + $1500(agent fee) = $25,000 *** At the time of applying, time left to stay in Oz : 5 months and 1 week. I have went online everywhere forums and immi website to search for processing time for visa 309, and far out, it was at least 16 months, I was prepared mentally to leave the country away from my loving wife for that long and wouldn't know what would happen due to that separation, and also to leave the good paying engineering job I love. That mentality and thought just got me pulling my skin off thinking about it, all will roll back to square one losing everything. 1 month after lodgement, immi asked me to perform the health check where it's usually come after half a year after lodgment. At the final week of the 5th month, I went back to Malaysia for a wedding and thank god that immi officer called my agent asking me to perform a biometric collection outside of Australia, luckily I was in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur that time and able to find a centre that does that. Few days after, they had granted me the spouse visa 309 before I am due to come back to Oz with my wife!!!! Too, I have withdrawn my AAT review applications and no longer needed that. As you can see, I have quite a few ups and downs in this journey, but I kept my faith strong if I want to stay in Oz forever. If money can solve a problem, it's not a problem, remember this! Don't save and cut corners, nobody can help you except yourself. Things I did that sped up the approval process: 1. We got married and used that status to lodge, instead of DE-FACTO. 2. Whatsapp chat messages, emails, air tickets and phone call records to show them that we are in contact every few days, proving our relationship is real. It's cringy but well, if that helps with the approval then why not? 3. Wrote out clear love stories of both of us, 6 pages long, including future plans. 4. Submit police clearance docs early, overseas usually take longer. 5. Financial aspects, we opened up joint bank accounts straight after we were dating, share meals, groceries and stuff. Talk to your spouse about this, tell her it's your future. 6. Translation and certification of all documents before lodgment. 7. Gather all couple selfie photos and date them in zip folders. 8. Submit a DECISION-READY application !!!! Feel free to ask me any questions and I will advice you best as I can.
  3. uzair

    Review or Appeal

    Hi Guys, My problem is related to ACS reassessment for one work experience judged as not closely related. I applied to be assessed under 261311 (Analyst Programmer), my latest experience of 3 years 1 month has been assessed to be suitable with this ANZSCO however the problem is with my prior experience of 2 years in another company. Being a small-sized company the job roles were limited and more job duties were performed. My Job title was Project Coordinator but i had been performing almost 70-80% of the job responsibilities of Analyst Programmer and thats what my experience letter said as well. However it has not been assessed as closely related to 261311 (Analyst Programmer) and i want to get this reviewed/ appealed My queries are: Does Review has better chance of success than appeal as further documentation could be attached? What are generally the chances of positive review? What evidence in my case would be suitable? Does a detailed revised experience letter stating job roles in detail from same company helps? Thanks
  4. Hi folks. We were unsuccessful on our assessment for painting+decorating. Submitted 18.05.12, finalised 29.05.12. We got the letter plus email with outcome reasons yesterday. I sent them every document + certificate we had proving Daves trade but they wanted actual certificate that proved his qualification is equivalent level 3 which we don't have. I've chased this up with all relevant trade depts in Scotland and it seems Dave was never actually sent the blooming letter stating his apprenticeship completed, skills test successful and he has gained svq level 3 in painting+decorating! Argh! We are now getting that so will forward it to TRA as this is all they need to change our assessment to success...I hope. My question is... this will cost another $300, is this refunded if successful this time? Bit confused as I'm sure I read somewhere if they changed the outcome you'd be refunded but I've probably read it wrong. Dave has IELTS on Saturday so fingers crossed that's successful then hopefully by end of month we can submit the extra certificate they need and they change their decision. Will we go to back of queue and wait months again or as its review do we get checked quicker? I'm awfy glad its been something simple that we have missed and we can sort it I personally feel this hurdle is a test of how important and serious our hopes+plans are coz some I'm sure would take this first knock back and walk away but those who are deadly serious will fight back. I hope everyone else who has been unsuccessful manages to overcome this hurdle and get a success on the review. Thank you for all the advise + support over the last 6 months
  5. Guest

    Agent Review

    Hi, Happened to see a couple of threads from folks who are having all manner of troubles with their agent. Got me wondering if we could have a thread on here for each agent we have experience with and what the experience has been like. If the agent is on here, they could respond as well. Kind of like trip advisor but for MARA agents. It would really help in terms of agent selection and maybe even make them more accountable. Not sure about the etiquettes and legalities of this. Perhaps the mods could pitch in there.
  6. Hi All, I have unfortunately failed my skills assesment with the ICAA :em4600: They asked for additional information on my university syllabus which I could not supply and so failure was due to lack of information. I have now managed to get further information from my university which I think will be sufficient to pass. I was wondering if I should apply for a review of the assesment with the ICAA or go with a different body - the IPA instead. I hear that the ICAA are mor strict with the assesment criteria than the IPA so should I go for a review with the ICAA or a new assesment under the IPA? :confused: The choice is pay $100 for a review under the same body ICAA as they have most my info already and I can just submit the additional info but risk failing again as they are strict... OR Pay $400 with new body IPA and submit all info again but with the chances that they will be more linient..... :angel_happy_face_ha Any Ideas????
  7. Guest

    Movie review thread

    Wondered what people thought about this for a thread....we can keep it on going and people can add to it. Put the movie title in the title box and away we go!
  8. Hello Everyone, This is my first post and need some serious help from fellow ppl. I have recently received a negative outcome for NSW State Sponsorship for accountant general. The reason states that I donot meet the criteria for recent work experience of 3yrs in areas of audit, taxation, risk. The fact is that I have relevant work experience of 9+years as an accountant in a reputed firm and have recent experience of 5+years in risk alone. In the first 3 yrs I've also had audit experience but that wont count. I have substantiated my documentation with reference letters and also employment references describing my job profile. I am also FRM (Garp) certified risk professional. I fail to understand why NSW has said I donot meet the critria when I thought I was most eligible and a clear candidate for receiving State sponsorship. Is it possible to review/ appeal this refusal to grant state sponsorship and explain my CV and role more clearly to them? Do they review applications which are refused? Experts kindly share your views. Thanks, Expatin.
  9. Guest

    Review of Melbourne hostels

    Thought I'd start a thread reviewing Melbourne hostels and people can add to it as they see fit Of course, things may change from the time of writing to when people arrive! YHA Metro, North Melbourne This is a really nice hostel, with good facillities. As always seems to be the case with hostels, the kitchen isn't really big enough for the hostel, but its always very clean. The washing facilities are pretty good too with each floor having showers and toilets. They have a lot of stuff going on through the week like cheese and wine on the rooftop, which has a lovely view of Melbourne! What I would say is that it's a bit out of the way and has no bar, so it's not the best place to live if you plan to go clubbing at night as it's a right trek to get back there! But as a place to stay, it's really good. The rooms themselves are really nice too - good solid beds and you get a nice big locker for your luggage but need to bring your own padlock. All Nations, Spencer Street This is a really good hostel closer to the centre that's great for meeting people as it has a bar underneath. The kitchen is TINY though and cooking can be a right pain in the ass. If I was you, I'd ask for a room on the top floor as it's much quiter up there (from the noise below I mean) but you can get down to the bar nice and easy. It's also the cheapest place I've stayed yet and you get free pasta and rice to use for dinner! The rooms are pretty good too, although they have wooden floors so beware anyone walking in at night with heavy footwear waking you up!! The bar also shows lots of sport and the drinks are pretty cheap Nomads, A'Beckett Street I'm in this one at the moment and I like this one too (its the same company as All Nations)! It is a lot smaller than the other two and you can tell straight away, but it's got a very lively bar downstairs for a good night They also have a tv that shows some games as well. The room is good but the beds are REEEEEEEEEEEALLY creaky and just like the All Nations, the pillow you get is almost non-existent, it's so thin! But if you can beef it up with a jumper it's all good As with all hostels though, who you are in the room with is far more important than the hostel itself! Hope that's been of some help
  10. What are the major points that Mr Knight has proposed to government and when are they going to be applicable.................??????????????????
  11. Hi I am Computer Professional NEC, Now after doing Re-Assessment i got 263112 Network Administrator So will i be in CAT4 or CAT5 ? if i send it to DIAC awaiting for urgent reply
  12. Mrs Depp

    UK Panel Doctors under review

    Hi, I've done a search but can't find this anywhere so apologies if it's already been posted. I've just been having a nosey at the other panel doctors on the DIAC website and it now states: 'The United Kingdom and Ireland medical panel are currently under review. Please ensure you check doctor details close to the date of your intended appointment as changes may have been made and previously listed clinics may no longer be available. Failure to attend a formal clinic may result in you being requested to repeat your medical examination.' http://www.immi.gov.au/contacts/overseas/u/united-kingdom/panel-doctors.htm I don't remember seeing this when I was booking our medicals at the end of May, does anyone know why this is or when it's likely to change? It'll be just my luck that they change it just as we are about to go for ours! :eek: Cheers Clare x P.S i'm computer illiterate - if the link doesn't work!
  13. Hi all, received the sad news of my sister's application as a Skilled-Regional Sponsored (subclass 475) that was refused on 21st April, 2011 due to not meeting the criteria of her work experience versus the skill assessment that she had. We have the option on getting the result review via MRT, should I do it or not? We did all the application by ourselves as we cannot afford a migration agent, do you know a good migration agent that is not too expensive to charge... any feedback is good..thank you
  14. Hi There, I was awarded 2231-79 .NET Tech Specialist. My letter was dated 27th April so that left me 3 days short of the Free Review window. I contacted ACS about this and one of the senior assessment officers authorised my free review. Anyway, I sent my free ASCO/ANZCO reveiw documents and they received my application on the 5th August. On the 12th my status changed from 'In Process' to 'Written Off'. I then received and email on the 13th stating that they would not continue with my application and stated the following: This is to advise that your Application for PASA Review has been received, yet we will not proceed with your application, as you do not meet the following criteria for such applications under the ACS transitional arrangements outlined below: These arrangements are for applicants who: * have been affected by the temporary suspension of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications on 8 May 2010, and (TRUE - I have indeed been affected) * have the skills and qualifications assessed as SUITABLE under the ACS Pre-application Skills Assessment Guidelines in place at the time of skills assessment application, and (TRUE - I currently hold a positive assessment as 2231-79 .NET Technology Specialist) * received a result letter issued within the time frame: 1 May 2010 - 30 June 2010 inclusively, and (TRUE - Although my results letter is dated 27th April 2010, my review has been authorised by Helen Martynyuk. Evidence of this was sent with review documents.) * are able to provide a verifiable independent evidence of possessing skills and qualifications closely related to an occupation listed on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) as at 1 July 2010 or the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL) as at 1 July 2010, and that occupation continues to be an acceptable occupation for skilled visa program purposes, and (TRUE - This verifiable evidence can be found in my original assessment documents. ) * wish to be reassessed under ANZSCO standard, and their ASCO occupation information may not be considered under skilled visa program ASCO-ANZSCO transitional arrangements endorsed by DIAC. (Could this be clarified to me?) I've emailed them to clarify what the problem is but I'm still waiting. Anyone have any ideas?? My repsone to there email are the ones in Grey. Any ideas would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. Vetassess test Refrigeration and Air-conditioning review Hi I have now completed my vetassess practical exam for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning so I am posting this to help others who will be doing the test with what happened on the day. Ok first of all the test I did was on the 22-2-2011 at North West collage London not bad to get to, not far from wembley stadium. I rang the collage before the test to ask them about parking and found out that the test would be carried out when the collage was closed for the week so we would be able to use the staff car park in the collage for free. this was very good news as the road side car parking looked limited and with all the tools I had to bring I wanted to be close.(well worth ringing the collage before and asking some questions) tools I took with me electronic leak detector, gauges 404a 134a scale , refrigerant compotator, every day hand tools, solenoid puller, multimeter, vacuum gauge. I also took P.P.E. with me safety boots, gloves, goggles, and wore my work clothes. There were 5 people taking the exam and 6 the day before I think the max number is 6 there was 2 English examiners there that worked at the collage and an Australian from Vetassess. First task was to take some readings from systems we were given I.E. hi side pressure, low side pressure, condensing temp, evaporating temp, ambient temp , how much super heat the expansion valve was producing, and liquid line sub cooling. We then had to reclaim the entire refrigerant from the system and record how much we got out then pressure test with o.f.n. and do a leek test using soap spray then recharge the system and re take all readings for the system. Next I was asked to make up a pipe to the drawing given it had a swage joint a few flared joints on it. When made up we brazed the joins using o.f.n. to purge the pipe work and after cut the joins open so the examiner could see the quality of the joint. Then on to the motors (compressors) I was given 2 motors and asked to test them electrically. The single phase one was fine no fault the 3 phase one had 2 windings shorted together then I had to determine the common start and run terminals of the single phase comp. Then draw how I would wire the 3 phase comp in star and then delta. Then I was given 2 plugs a 13a domestic and a 16a 3phase and a length of wire and asked to wire them up. Next came a air con split system mounted on a upright board I was told there was an electrical fault on it and asked to take a look I did not see it but the examiner told me to look at the capacitor wiring where I then noticed that both wires had been placed on one side of the capacitor essentially making the capacitor out of the circuit. Next I was given a system that was not working the evaporator fan was not working so I chased the wire down to the electrical panel where the wire had been removed from the terminal block.(I was not asked to fix either of the faults only to find them) and last a system that I was asked to record the systems running data the same data as in the first test and find the system fault the fault was with the dryer partially blocked causing bubbles in the sight glass a big temperature difference from the inlet to out let of the dryer and after about 10 minutes some frosting on the top of the dryer. All of the findings were recorded in a small booklet I was given when we started which also outlined the tasks we had to do the examiners where helpful and thank god as I asked more than my fare share of questions. There was all so a few verbal question and answers as we were going along like can you describe the triple vack method. The test stated at 8a.m. and finished at 5.30p.m. Hope this helps some people that are going to do the exam good luck :cute:
  16. If anyone wants an opportunity to bitch and moan, sorry offer thoughtful objective advice, about student visas (and migration pathways), the government is holding another...... review/inquiry....... no doubt due to universities (and TAFE) new commencements falling off a cliff..... Don't ever let anyone tell you Oz is a bureaucratic over regulated xenophobic indecisive country lacking in confidence because it's not, I don't think, is it, it's just all those foreigners making problems surely? "Student Visa Program Review The government has commissioned a strategic review of the student visa program, headed by the Hon Michael Knight AO, which is to report to government in mid 2011. The international education sector is important to Australia in supporting bilateral ties with key partner countries, supports employment in a broad range of occupations throughout the Australian economy, as well as delivering high-value skills to the economy. The review is an opportunity for education providers and stakeholders to share their vision of the sector's future. It is tasked with enhancing the continued competitiveness of the international education sector, as well as strengthening the integrity of the Student visa program. See: Submissions Invited for Student Visa Review"
  17. This is what the ACS are saying: Applicants who hold, or are about to hold, an assessment outcome letter with an ASCO code issued by the ACS prior to 1 July 2010, are advised to apply for a review of assessment outcome and follow application for review process that will be publicised on the ACS website once the framework, in which new SOL would be applied, is introduced by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC); Up to and including 30 June 2010, assessment outcome letters will be issued in ASCO codes only; and From and including 1 July 2010, assessment outcome letters will be issued in ANZSCO codes only. I do hope they don't expect recent +ve assessment receivers to have to pay for a review. I received mine on the 4th May and within a week all GSM's were suspended. Now I have to wait for the ASCO to ANZSCO transfer. More waiting...............
  18. A quick question...Does anyone know how long a decision made by the MRT will stand for??? A previous application for a Skilled Migration was refused, however after a Review Tribunal it was granted (some years back).... the confusing bit between is that since it was granted no-one was notified (that we are aware of...and several house moves later) this has only come to light now. I have tried contacting them directly but with no response to date as yet.
  19. Hi All Download and Read This : http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/acs-skills-assessment-review.pdf I have ACS assessment positive Computer Professional NEC (2231-79) on 22 Dec 2009, As i need not got the SOL & MODL , i Re-applied under 2231-79 ( Network Security ) and got the Positive on 22 June 2010, I would like to know, as per Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment Review – 7 January 2011 , Do i have to get Review/Re-assessment/ New Assessment under ANZSCO, so that DIAC can put me under Priority 3 ? Which ACS Form do i have to feel?
  20. mipi

    Monthly review of WA SMP

    Just checked WA's site and they have posted that they will be open to applications from Carpenters, Electricians and Fitters from 1 Feb 2011. Hope this helps.
  21. Cerberus1

    2010 Yearly Stats Review

    First off, a big thanks to each and everyone one of you who contributed to the forum in 2010. All of you have played a part in helping the forum go from strength to strength:notworthy: The success of the forum is all the more remarkable in the light of the global domination of social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace etc. these days. For several years now, I've seen posts/articles on the internet asking if forums are dying out? Well, our community certainly isn't :hug: [wrap]http://www.pomsinoz.com/images/stats2010.gif[/wrap] After busily beavering away with an abacus (I'm a little 'old school'), the site statistics are in for the year ending, 2010. Total number of unique visitors in 2010: 1,596,808 (up 40% on 2009) Total number of 'visits' in 2010: 3,340,431 (up 48% on 2009) Total number of pages viewed in 2010: 66,219,137 (up 98% on 2009) Total number of posts made in 2010: 295,355 (up 20% on 2009) Number of new users registered in 2010: 11,074 'Top Poster' in 2010 (with 5834 posts). Won't reveal their name, but their football team won't be picking up any honours this season. 2011 ? If the start to this year is anything to go by, then 2011 looks set to be even better than 2010. So far this month, we've had 9 consecutive days of over 1000 posts per day and are on target to hit over 30,000 posts this month (which would be the most ever in a month for the forum). New user registrations look set to be around 1500 this month which would be close to the record number of new users signing up in a month. And it looks like it may be a record breaking month for visitors to the site. This month has also seen the forum record the most number of registered members online in a 24hr period - 1,224. So thanks once again to everyone who participates on the forum, and a special thanks to our small but dedicated team of moderators who help to keep the good ship PIO on an even keel and manage to navigate her safely through all waters.
  22. Hi, can any immigration agent shed further light on an article posted on the ABC News Website, the gist of which I've provided below: Anke Nagel says the Immigration Department has been reviewing all the employer-sponsored visas from January 1 with the intention of implementing changes from July 1. Ms Nagel says the plan is to consolidate a number of visa classes under temporary and permanent employer-sponsored visas. She says there are also plans to introduce a new points test for skilled migrant visa applications. "It really doesn't affect employers as such except there might be more migrants actually approaching them that do not have enough points under the new points test [who are] looking for an employer to sponsor them to still be able to migrate to Australia," she said. Employers 'will lose out' under visa review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
  23. Student visa program under review - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) "...The Government says the inquiry will look at ways to reduce the abuse of the student visa program and consider the possibility of introducing visa categories for different education sectors..."
  24. Guest

    GSM point test review!

    Hope many of you guys familiar with this http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...oints-test.pdf I'm just wondering whether the point test in DIAC http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/gener...-applicant.htm reflect any of the stuff stated in above paper. I have noticed, they have done some changes to age, but nothing else. Since they have removed the MODL points majority of applicants are in hell of trouble. Also I don't think they have introduced anything new to replace the MODL points as well! :err:
  25. I asked ACS when should I make my review application, whethere there is a deadline for it and here is what they replied .. " As your letter is dated 11 May you meet the requirements to receive a free Review. Please note Reviews MUST be applied for within 60 days from the date of your result letter otherwise you will need to lodge a new application. Please apply for the review of your original skills assessment using Application for Review of PASA available from the Migration Skills Assessment Section on the ACS website ACS (Australian Computer Society) - Membership, Professionalism and Leadership for ICT Professionals and the ICT Community Please note that it is an applicant's responsibility to nominate an occupation that corresponds to applicant's qualifications and experience and is on SOL/ENSOL at the time of application. We cannot offer advice as to which occupation to nominate. If you are uncertain whether your skills assessment is acceptable for a visa application, or have further questions regarding the above, please contact DIAC to discuss your situation." My letter was dated May 11th, 2010. which means I need to apply for free review before July 11th. Otherwise, will have to do full application. As I'm not sure which occupation to nominate ( I have been assessed as 2231-79 ( Unix 0)) I was planning to wait for SMPs to come out and decide which one to nominate. But seems like ACS won't let me to have that opportunity. I need to take a risk by nominating either Software Engineer or Systems Administraor. I'm afraid that I may be seen unsuitable for the first one .. and 2nd one may not appear on SMPs. Thought this info would be helpful for peoples who are in same situation as me. thanks tarini