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Found 22 results

  1. A reminder that HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) must receive your 2019 personal UK tax return and any money you owe in respect of the year to the 5th of April 2019 by the 31st of January 2020. If you have been issued with a Notice to File a 2019 UK tax return the return must be completed and lodged if a late filing penalty is to be avoided. Penalties start at £100 if your tax return is received by HMRC a day late. An additional daily penalty at the rate of £10 per day is added if the tax return remains outstanding more than 3 months after the due date (with a maximum daily penalty of £900), with additional penalties arising if the tax return remains outstanding more than 6 months after the due date for filing. These penalties apply even if there is no tax to pay. If a balance of tax is payable for the 2018/19 UK tax year and has not been paid by the end of January 2020 interest will start to accrue. Best regards.
  2. brucewayne

    Tax Returns

    Just filling out my tax return for the first time. Do I have to declare income from my home in the UK which I'm renting out? What about interest/savings/ISAs etc that are still in the UK? I have filed my NRL forms in the UK and I know that there will be a certain tax liability in the UK for my UK money, but if that is the case do I have to declare it here in Australia on my tax return? Are there any do's or do not's that I need to know about. I'm putting in a mobile phone claim as my company out here don't supply one with the job, but is it just the cost of the phone or can I claim the top up vouchers (it's a pre-paid phone for the moment!). just wondering if anyone else out there is in the same boat as me and filling this all out for the first time?
  3. Hi to all of you that are on your way here. This is just a little useful note for you to know, everyone in Australia is required to lodge a tax return by law. So if you work for a company and you are on a salary they will issue you at the end of the year a Group Certificate of which you handover to your accountant who in turn looks at all your receipts that you will have saved , and then will forward it onto the Tax Man. So please make sure from the moment you arrive in Australia you save ALL your receipts, you will be pleasantly surprised at the Tax rebate you get back. This will also help you when you claim for family assistance and rent assistance. We have been here now for just over two and a half years , and trust me it is good to get a Rebate at the end of the year. To all those that go Self-Employed make sure that you put your tax money aside for the end of year aswell. Regards Mark (marknhelen) :wink::yes:
  4. kernow43

    Downton Abbey Returns

    Downton Abbey Returns to Itv on September 18. Can't wait, a great series!
  5. Can anyone recommend an accountant in Melbourne for tax returns? This will be our first tax return so unsure on what to do. Need someone who uderstands it all and especially in relation to 457 visas as we financed our move out here so am unsure what we can offset / claim in terms of flights, relocation costs etc. Thanks, Mike
  6. Balman

    Oz Tax Returns

    Hi It that time of the year! Situation - we migrated to oz from the UK 6 months ago, hence have both UK and Oz income for this tax year, and will continue to receive interest income from the UK. Questions - I believe we need to declare our UK earnings on our tax returns, However these have been taxed in the UK. Will we have to pay tax on these in Oz? Do we need to see an accountant for our returns? I made to understand that there are numerous tax offsets eg : internet, school uniforms that we can claim back , is that correct?How is interest income on joint accounts in oz worked out for tax purposes? Any advice / suggestion are more then welcome. Cheers
  7. RVN

    UK tax returns

    Hello there, I live in NSW, can anyone advise me on a tax agent over here that understands the UK tax system? Im trying to lodge a tax return for the rental income on my property which I still have in the UK. Im at my wits end as I just do not understand the questions they are asking and I cannot seem to get hold of any member of staff at HMRC??? For example Im not sure if I am supposed to declare my current aussie income as "foreign" income on the form..I just dont get it... :arghh: thank you. rvn
  8. Woofyhugger

    And He Returns

    Hey Guys. Some of you may remember me, others not. Born in the UK, but lived in Oz all my life (I'm 39), returned to the UK to live back in April. Well I'm now back in Australia. I guess I have been in Oz too long, set in my ways with how things are done in Australia, and wanted to come back, so I did. I'm not gonna bag the UK, I love so much about it, and returning there answered many unanswered questions for me, I have carried since childhood. I am so glad to be back in Australia though, and I doubt I will ever leave again, unless it's for a holiday. I was sad to leave London, and made some great friends there, but when I touched down back in Melbourne I was so happy. Anyway just an update, more so to let the few who know me, how things went. Cheers! Matt
  9. Guest

    UK Tax returns

    Hi I've recenlty found out I need to complete UK Tax Returns for 08/09 and 09/10 I'm drowning in papers and completely confused by it all - can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm a perm resi in Oz since Sep 08, worked in UK and Oz for 08/09 and have a house rented out in the UK Thanks :confused:
  10. Hello, I left Australia in March and left with a Friend (accountant) all of my information so he could fill in and lodge my Tax Returns. I spoke to him in April and he said "they have changed over systems and it takes longer when lodged manually" however he did say he had completed it and said we should hear something back soon. I was just wondering seen as it is July whether this is the normal wait to hear back, seen as its only just been the end of the tax year. Any information would be gratefully received please? Thanks Keith
  11. Could someone please give me a rough idea how much on avarage accountants charge for an end of financial year's tax return? This year is our full year to do our tax return, never done it before and would involve a lot of complicated things (that's why we need an accountant to do it for the first time). Just had it done for the year 2009, but that was only for a couple of months and what our accountant charged us it's rather steep in my opininon. Many thanks.
  12. andromeda9

    online tax returns

    hi there poms can anyone tell me if UK tax returns can be done from OZ online,had thought they couldnt but not sure, my last years returns had to be sent three times as the first two got lost a nightmare still dont know if the third ones got there cheers Lynda
  13. ianmckeown

    Idiots Guide to Tax returns

    Guys, First experience of having to actually file a tax return here in Oz. Can someone explain the process or put me in the right direction of an idiots guide? I am here on a post grad research visa, I don't know if that makes any difference. Thank you, Ian Canberra
  14. Weasie

    Tax returns grrrrrr

    Are there any accountants that can help me with both UK and AU tax returns? Please PM me. Thanks Weasie
  15. andromeda9

    UK tax returns

    Hi there I am now sorting my UK returns for a property that I rent out in the UK,can anyone please advise me, on the property page would I be correct in thinking that only the rent is taken into account less running costs by the Inland Revenue and that my state pension and any uk bank interest is paid to the ATO kind regards Lynda
  16. Guest

    Tax Returns in Oz and UK

    I moved to Australia 18m ago as a permanent resident, leaving behind a house that I rent out and a small amount of money in my UK bank account to cover the expenses relating to the house. I have completed one tax return here (just submitted the 08/09 one, somewhat late!) I received a letter from the UK HM Revenue & Customs saying they believe I need to complete a tax return each year. Its just a general letter, so doesn't specify why I need to do one. Is this right? If you could offer any advise that would be much appreciated. Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place....
  17. Guest

    rugby lad returns home

    some may read this as a very negative post im sure but i suppose in a way it is. After speaking to my friend today whos 20 year old brother went over to oz to play r ugby as decided to return home early due to a ozzy guy running over his foot with his car on purpose and causing him hospital treatment apparantly this oz guy said to him were sick to death of you poms comming over here and taking our jobs he politely replyed and said im over here playing rugby mate not to take anyones job away the guy thought he was been rather clever in his reply to his remark so got in his car and run over his foot on the roadside put his head out the window and said now try playing rugby you pompus git and casualy drove away. So friends brother is now returning home said oz is not everything people try making it out to be and the people are not very nice. Now some may say this is a negative post but this is truthfull about this poor lad and just goes to show theres bad people in ozz as well as the uk.
  18. KathK

    Oz Tax Returns.....???

    ....what can we claim back for & what receipts do we need to keep? I know its still 9 months away but want to be prepared! As newbies to Oz, and thankfully at start of tax year, want to make sure I don't throw away we might need next year when we do our first tax return. Have looked at Govt website but so many pages wasn't sure where to start looking! Someone told me we can claim back for kids school clothing & books/stationery & even travel to school etc, as well as work expenses? What sort of work expenses? (I need an easy to read booklet which summarises it all for me!) Any advice would be appreciated. Kath x
  19. Can anybody recommend a good tax agent for me please in the North Perth area. I am a nurse on a 457, don't know if this makes any difference-never done a tax return before and don't know where to start. What sort of thing do I need to provide to the tax agent etc.. Many Thanks.....:cute:
  20. Guest

    UK Tax returns

    Hi All, Does anybody know what tax offsets you can claim against while filing your UK tax returns if you are living in Oz and still have a property in the UK? Another boring tax question, I know, but i need to save the little bit of profit I have actually made during this tax year! Gazzer
  21. Guest

    Tax returns in Oz

    Hi all Just a question about the tax returns system in Australia.Does evryone fill one in whether they are working or not? How do you get one? Also what reciepts should we be keeping? Many Thanks Mandy x
  22. Woo Hoo! Wanted Down Under starts again on 2nd Jan on BBC1 at 9.15! So excited! It's what enspired us to look in to moving to Oz again...had thought about it a few years ago, but it never got past the discussion stage! It looks like there will be familes travelling to NZ as well as Oz this time round. Here's a link to the listings detailing the programmes: Show times for Wanted Down Under - UK TV Guide Why or why do they put it on when most people are at work!! :wacko:So get you Sky+ or video/DVD recorders ready!! Mags:wubclub: x