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Found 24 results

  1. :sad:Hi Guys I just felt I should write a post and share my wisdom with you all. Hope you are sitting comfy and I will begin......... Around Feb 2008 I decided after a few glasses of wine to post hubbies CV around the world, OH is a scaffolder by trade and at the time we both had good jobs and owned our houses. I received a response from a company in NZ who after a few months flew OH out to Sydney. He was there around a week and subsequently offered a position in Australia. We were soo excited although quite apprehensive. As neither of us are on the most wanted list and do not possess a degree we were granted a 457 working visa. OH gave up his job in UK and flew out in Oct 2007. I was left behind to pack and sell furniture, the children and I even ended up a week with a near bare house. I joined OH in Jan 09 we gave up both houses as neither had any real equity in them anyway. When we arrived in Perth I fell in love it is absolutely beautiful we stayed in Port Kennedy and Warnbro and were looking to eventually move to Secret Harbour. Things started to change with OH job and the job he was promised Senior Technical Advisor was not really the job he was doing. He was sometimes expected to work weekends without pay and the recession started to hit OZ. We were in a furnished rental which we extended and at the last moment our permanent rental fell through, so we had no where to live and panicked with that, feeling really homesick and my mum constantly asking when we were coming home, we decided to return to the UK in March 08. A relative let us stay in their caravan a bit of a squash with three children but we had no furniture which I hasen to add did not arrive back until Oct and is still in storage costing a fortune. I think as soon as we landed at Heathrow in March I knew deep down we had made the biggest mistake of our lives and have continued feeling this way ever since. To make matters worse my sister moved out to Perth as a PR and is loving it her hubbie is a police officer. We managed to find a two bed cottage just before xmas to live in until Feb and hope to be offered Social Housing. We were lucky in the fact we left our car here with family who gave us it back when we returned only an old Volvo but so realiable, sadly someone drove into the side of me before xmas so it is written off and I am going to buy another one. I had a brand new car in OZ on finance, which I lost lots of money on when we left. We ended up spending all our savings and are starting from scratch. The lucky thing is hubby was offered his job back in the UK as soon they knew he was back. Would we do it all again the answer is simply "YES" we would. We had a fantastic experience and so wished we there now and would go back tomorrow if he could find a suitable sponsor. But sadly deep down I don't think it is ever going to happen although he has lots of experience in his trade and travelled around Australia working for the six months he was out there I don't think there are many companies sponsoring on 457 anymore in his field. We will continue to live in hope and pray. If you are considering going out go for it but please think really really carefully about returning too soon don't make the terrible mistake we did!! Good luck to everyone going out you will soo love it like we did!!!:biggrin:
  2. Hello I write for a British women's magazine and I am looking for British expat families who have moved back home. I am looking for a woman (35+) who would be happy to be interviewed over the phone about why you decided to move back home. You'll also need to be OK with having pictures of you and your family published. If you're interested, or if you know of any British expat families who have recently moved back to Britain who you think would be interested, please PM me In your PM please include: - a photograph of you and your family - your age - where you moved from and to - why you decided to move home again Thank you for your time. I'll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know if we'd like to interview you. Many thanks
  3. mtlboi

    Returned Documents

    Wow... I wasn't expecting to get back every piece of evidence I sent to them. I'm guessing they must scan the whole lot on the system. I did notice that my partner's job offer letter wasn't sent back, nor was a letter from Canadian Immigration stating I had sponsored him for Canadian PR back in 2007... Interesting.. My medical is scheduled for Monday morning in Edinburgh, so fingers crossed. Hope everyone has a super day! :biggrin: 309/100 application received 22/11/11, payment taken 22/11/11, CO Assigned 25/11/11 and meds requested....
  4. jasperyogi

    TRA application returned!!!

    Just an update....... Having sent off hubby's paperwork for his TRA assessment via our immigration agent over 4 weeks ago, we awoke to an email from them today full of apologies. They have informed us that the TRA paperwork has been returned as it has to be assessed by victoria University! there was us thinking we were paying a company thousands of pounds to avoid the mistakes!!!! So another 4 weeks down the pan :-( plus to make matters worse instead of the TRA fee of 399 GBP we now have to pay the VU 2255 GBP!!! our agents are refunding our fee for overlooking our TRA paperwork 1227 in total, have said they will deal with the Victoria Uni assessment free of charge and give us a 30% reduction in future charges. Its days like this we wonder why us?????
  5. Hi everyone. We have just returned from having our medicals done today. I wanted to let people know what happens as i was very worried beforehand. We are a family of 4. 2 adults and one 14 yr old and one 7 yr old. we are applying for ENS 121 visa and it is decision ready application. So we had to print the form 26 and form 160 from the DIAC website. We did not have a TRN number as we have not submitted the application up to DIAC yet. We arrived late at manchester as traffic was bad. But all was well, they asked for our passports ASAP upon arrival. Once in the building we all went into the doctor who checked our blood pressure, urine sample and ears, eyes, and had a feel around our stomach. We had our height,weight and a picture taken, then both adults and our eldest son went for a chest xray and blood was taken for HIV. That was it. The total cost was £845.25 for 4 people. I think i am in the wrong business. N.B. for the ladies out their. dont worry about timing the appointment right, just drink plenty of water before the appointment and everything will be ok. :laugh:
  6. paris hipon

    Vetasses docs returned to sender

    Hi all i have sent my vetasses docs on the mailing address they told me to send but it says return to sender by sender. anyone here had the same experience?? I have emailed vetasses about this but it will take them about 5 business days to reply so im thinking ill just call later. this is the mailing add they gave me: VETASSESS Skills Recognition - General Occupations GPO Box 2752 East Melbourne VIC 3001 AUSTRALIA
  7. Hello all. Over the last few weeks, i have received several messages regarding help with school appeals, Would like to say that i am more than happy to help where i can. Can i just ask that if you do want some help to point you in the right direction, could you please tell me a little more information.. Local school authority and area to which you are returning, is it the same school you have applied for that your children attended before you went to Australia, What year group they will be going into, also why they have been refused a place! This will help me find the relevant links to pull up! The appeal process is i think the most stressful part of returning to the uk, Appeals can be won, so please try not to panic and stress yourself out! We won both of ours, The first being a infant school, which are very strict on numbers, and the 2nd was for a very highly over subscribed secondary school, which are very strict on catchment area, and do not have a policy for sibling link! At the time we thought we had no chance, but thanks to looking in the right places and obtaining important information we did!!! As i said i am more than happy to help, Dawn :wubclub: x
  8. Hello all, we will have been here 11 months when we return home in June, just wondering if we have to pay flights back to the UK or will the sponsor have to, bearing in mind it is us who is leaving (rather than being sacked in which case it might be different??) They paid for our flights out but we shipped our own stuff, wd be grateful for any advice....thanks
  9. ...I lodged our visa application in the UK last week and yesterday received an email with a ref number and what I assume is the name of our Case Officer?....if someone could confirm that it is a CO, that would be great, as I wasn't sure if it was just acknowledging they had received it.....Anyway, back to the concern....I today received an envelope containing: a receipt of payment, two original credit card statements, 1 australian stat dec (I had sent 4) and 2 supporting statements from people in the UK (I sent 3). There was no note with the documents. I understand the original bank statements coming back, but not the stat dec and supporting statements. I had got the impression these were important and I personally thought the stat dec that was sent back was the most impressive one. Has anyone else had parts of their application returned to them and returned so soon? Makes me wonder if they were properly read. Thanks....so anxious about the processing and I had thought the worse bit was going to be putting it all together!
  10. How long roughly has it taken for the paasports to be returned once sent off for stamps? We are cuting it fine we have flights booked for 30th March and our furniture has already been sent, but still not got passports sent back. We provided special delivery return also didnt know if it helped but was a small price to pay. thanks sharon xx
  11. Conniebygaslight

    Husband returned to Oz

    Unfortunately on Christmas eve my mother in law suffered a brain haemorrhage whilst in hospital for routine surgery, she died on new years eve. My Husband managed to fly out on 28th of December to be with her and is still there. Christmas was just awful for everyone and of course it really hits home how far away we are (whether here or Australia). As some of you will know, we moved to Austraia this time last year to be near my husband's family but unfortunately it wasn't for us and we returned to the Uk end of August. The whole experience cost us a fortune emotionally and financialy but the time with my mother in law really was priceless and well worth every single penny spent & tear shed. My husband does feel guilty for not being there but he also feels that the UK is where we belong and is just so grateful that we were able to spend a good deal of quality time with his mum and the children got to enjoy the best Nanny ever. Being here with 3 young children is very difficult without him ( as we have no family support) but there is still no place on earth where I'd rather be.
  12. calNgary

    Jessica Watson

    Jessica arrived back in Sydney today after her amazing 7 month sailing adventure, i must admit after her little accident prior to her departure i did doubt if a 16yr old girl could do this,, but credit to her,she proved many people wrong. I bet her parents are so proud,well done Jessica! Torn sail delays Jessica's homecoming | Courier Mail Cal x
  13. Guest

    For anyone who returned home

    I am contemplating a trip back to the UK before we pack up and go back for good. Even though I am 100% sure I want to return my OH thinks I should go back for a visit - just in case. I just wanted advice from anyone who had done this previously or who had returned home without a visit. I have a family and it wont be cheap to send us all back for a holiday and going on my own isn't really an option. My worry is that the return back could really put my OH off returning as he is quite happy here in Oz. Also, I lived in the UK for the majority of my life, I know what it is like - Is it really worth going back for a visit??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I just wanted to ask all those that have returned to the UK in the last six months how easy it has been to settle back in and find work I can imagine that the move is just as difficult as moving out to Australia. My main concern is finding a job in the current economic situation. Also how easy it is to apply for job seekers allowance, family allowance and tax credits etc. Is there anyone that regrets their return to the UK?? Thanks everyone
  15. Hi All, I lodged my Spouse application visa and a Bridging visa while I was in Sydney Australia but needed to return to the UK to submit evidence for a Family Law case which was going on prior to me obtaining my Prospective Partner visa. However, my Prospective Partner visa is due to expire & I don't have a case officer assigned to me yet nor do I have a Bridging visa yet. As I was leaving Australia a customs officer told me that I may not be allowed to re-enter Australia after my current visa has expired. How can I re-enter Australia after my Prospective Partner visa has expired? If anyone can advise I would appreciate it. Thank you. Demi
  16. We hear about pingpongers, about the millions flooding over from the UK to Australia, but has anyone gone back and loved it, warts and all. We didn't return because we had everyone telling us 'country's gone to the dogs'. We believed them and stayed here in Sydney. We believed them, easy to do when everyone is chanting the same mantra. But who's out there who thinks life's good back in Blighty?
  17. I dont post much on here but i've read lots. My impression of what Oz would be like was firstly, it's about 10 years behind the UK in everything, I'd never do a proper weeks food shopping again & if the spiders and snakes never got me the cane toads would!! However, what I found was a truly amazing & stunningly beautiful country who have the friendliest people I have ever met in my life. I have honestly never been to a country where everyone, and I mean everyone wants to know "how ya going" Even if they ment it or not, I got the impression it was a genuine gesture. We spent 3 weeks looking around areas we'd seen on the net, we done all the touristy bits, as well as looking into the relocation side of things. In my opinion the places we went are no where near that behind! The cinema had the same films out, we went gold class of course! (they aint got that where I come from in the UK!) The music on the radio was the same (some of the adverts take getting used to mind!! Anyone for a bit of nasel spray!!!!!), the fashion in the shops was similar to what I've seen here, Austar is the same as sky (not sure about ALL the progams of course) and on the GC in particular there are all shops to suit everyone's lifestyle. There's all your designer shops, if you've got the $$$ of course, there's Mango which is similar to Zara, and even the shops that were unknown to me had really nice fashions in. When I went food shopping I got everything I have in the UK with ease, personally I like the fact you've got your Butcher,Fishmonger,Geengrocer,Baker ect just outside aswell, I think local trading is something the UK has lost touch with, and wherelse would you find a drive thru off licence! Fantastic! In Sufer's Paradise you could go to this Square (forgot the name) anyway, it was surrounded by coffee houses, and in the middle the council had set out chairs and erected this huge screen so everyone could sit and watch the olympics, you wouldn't see that in this country, they'd be to frightened in case someone complained that their homeland wasn't getting enough coverage!! They maybe biased but their proud! I could write so much more it untrue! I now think: If you want everything the same, Why are you leaving? If you cant find what you have here, Try something new? All in all AUSTRALIA ROCKS! By the way, I didn't see ANY creepie crawlies, and I was looking, belive me!!
  18. Guest

    Evidence returned help

    help everything i sent on monday has been returned!!! birth certs letters from bank everything is this normal? :arghh:
  19. Hi All Can anyone clarify this for me - are police checks returned to me once checked, then I have to send them off to Diac...or do they get sent straight to Diac?? Sent mine off over 2 weeks ago and not received anything yet. OH is convinced they come back to us, but I didnt read the info, so dont know. Have been waiting by the post box for the last couple of days and need to get a life! Thanks Kirsti
  20. Hi there, My partner lodged our de-facto spouse visa at the Australia House in London on 3 March. We've been assigned a Case Officer. She asked for his Dutch police certificate and UK address which he provided. My partner followed up with the CO on the status of the application. He emailed three times and left her two voice messages over a week, before she finally responded with a curt response: ----- Yes we have received your police certificate. Please note processing may take up to 3 months. ---- She has confirmed she received all the documents and have not requested any further documentation. Last week, around 4 April, my partner suddenly received through the post all the photos, greeting cards, ticket stubs, etc. which we submitted as part of the supporting evidence in the original application. We had requested these to be returned to us and gave a self-addressed envelope to do so. Now that these items have shown up in the post, do we take this as a positive sign? Does that mean the application is progressing? And usually how long after they return these items will they grant the visa? Anybody has any similar experience to share? Or do you think they have returned us the items because it's a gone case. I am just being paranoid. It's been a month now and we are getting rather anxious! Thanks.
  21. Hi everybody, We have finally had a letter from TRA but not an acknowledgment.....its an unsuccessful application due to closure of pathway D.. Unsure why this has affected us a I sent City and guilds certificates and also marking forms that luckily OH's organised mother had kept (since 1989). I also sent other training courses mark had done as well as work experience.:huh: Absolutely gutted, as we supplied everything we possibly could and I spent every evening runuing around all over the county with bottles of wine and a begging expression to get it all done so quickly. I was kinda half expecting to get it returned through lack of info on Q8, but not through lack of qualifications.:cry: Any advice out there from the pool of knowledge that is PIO ???:unsure: Hays
  22. Wow this alien abduction thing is amazing. There I was, making my way to the PC to chat when....WHAMMO! Little green things with strange voices and several heads, jumped me. Didn't have a chance to struggle, cos it all happened so quick! Obviously there must have been strange forces at work as I don't get overpowered easily ( and haven't been jumped for years...) They obviously did some kind of brain drain as I don't really remember anything else. Next thing I know. I'm sitting at my PC and months have gone by......Be warned..... Not a lot happening in the Dibley household. We did loads of decorating to get the house on the market. We put the house on the market...then decided to take the house off the market and sell it to property developers instead. So now we have decorated the house, who ever buys the land will knock the house down....(now you can see where the insanity plea comes from...). We have had some developers interested in buying so now we are just sitting and waiting for something to happen. We can't book flights, or anything until we have exchanged on the property / land so here we are. Twiddling our thumbs, waiting for something exciting to happen! I have been in touch with the BIG Cheese upstairs and asked if he has any spare miracles knocking about that he doesn't need...but so far nothing! Adelaide seems like a distant dream at the moment... and its getting further away by the day! Howz things with everyone else?????????
  23. Guest

    TRA Returned ...

    Hi all, just got post and our TRA application has been returned! Am feeling crap ...:cry: Phil is a fully qualified electrician and has had a successful business for the last four years since leaving college (as a mature student) even though he didn't do a formal apprentiship. It seems that although he's qualified and has work experience they seem to require a formal or informal apprentiship. I am very confused now. Can anyone help with where we go from here? Can we still apply under the new system or is this the door closed? There is no guidance with the letter and it just seems to go on about pathways! Thanks Bernie :sad:
  24. Guest

    The favour returned!!!

    Hi all, You've all probably been following my threads along the way to getting my lovely new house- in which I have to personally thank all of you for your help!! I wouldn't have been able to do it without you all- so Thanks!!! Right now thats out of the way, I now feel its time for me to return the favour... As we all know the whole process is very tiring and VERY stressful, especially when searching the internet day in, day out for the "best" providers in currency, shipping, insurance, properties and even mortgages! Well during my late nights in, prowling the internet I found the answer to all our questions!! It comes in the form of a website called http://www.currencyfinder.co.uk its abit like moneysupermarket where you fill in a simple form with all your requirements and then it does all the leg work for you by comparing all the relevant companies and coming back to you with the winner!! In all honesty it ended up saving me a few bob or two and I therefore feel its well worth a look- This is not me trying to advertise it- I do seriously believe it to be a valuable asset! Hope this helps all you newbies and even some of you oldies!! Al