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Found 94 results

  1. John and Alexa

    IELTS Results & What to do next?

    Hi Everyone We are hoping we can draw on your knowledge & experience. We both received our IELTS results yesterday & whilst we both obtained an overall score of 8 & 8.5 our reading results were 6.5. My results were 8,6.5,8.5,9 & Johns' were 9,6.5,8.5,9. Our instant re-action was how? Especially as the other results are good. At the time we thought the text/questions on the whales was poorly written & open to interpretation but decided it can't have been that bad as it is for an English test & maybe it was just us. Has anyone else taken this test in the last couple of weeks & found the same? Yesterday I informed our agent & she has told us we have to re-take the test as a minimum score of 7 in each section is required. Is this correct? We were under the assumption it was the overall score that was needed. Today I'm deliberating on what to do next. Should I contact the test centre & query the reading results for us both or should I just do what the agent says & book a retest? We are hoping to follow the WA SS route. Thanks Alexa :confused:

    Further Medical Results Referred

    Any thoughts anyone??? Had meds sent & uploaded by EHealth & this is listed on my case: 04.03.2011 Further Medical Results Referred Could it be that something has been queried?? hmmmm
  3. Guest

    Medical test Results

    Hi All, I did medical along with my wife and daughter on 05/11/2011. It seems that HOC has received the medical test results and I can see that Health requirements for self has been finalized on 21/11/2011 but for my wife it says "Health requirements finalized" on 25/11/2011 with "Further medical results referred" as shown below. Can someone explain what does this mean? 25/11/2011 Health requirements finalised 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 Further medical results referred 21/11/2011 HIV blood test referred Many thanks in advance, Shrikant:biggrin:
  4. Guest

    Medical Test Results

    Hi all, I have applied for GSM 175 on 21/06/2011 ... I along with my family have undergone the medical tests on 05/11/2011 and asked the hospital to send the med results directly to Sydney office. I want to know when DAIC receives any med result for an application (without CO being assigned) Do they update their system ?? Thank you, Regards, Shrikant:biggrin:
  5. Can't access the online results page and wasn't sure if I can't login in or there not there yet. Has anyone accessed theres yet?
  6. Guest

    Vetassess results

    Hey all! Did anyone on here do their vetassess in October this year and have results yet? I know it's not been that long yet but the suspense is killing me! So much is resting on the results as my husband has a possible job offer in Oz and we need to know what's happening! This has been the longest 14 months EVER and feel like we've got no-where so far! Lucy
  7. Hi, Is there anyone waiting for results. My OH took his this weekend and is now worrying about what scores he will get. :wacko: Not sure if I should book another test just in cases as we need to submit WA SS & the Visa (176) by mid Jan. ANYONE FEELING THE SAME? :chatterbox: Sporty
  8. flissbob

    Awaiting IELTS results! EEK!

    Hello there! Anyone else awaiting the results from the dreaded IELTs test? I sat the academic one on the 20/10, really nervous as need 8's to get the required visa points! Which seems to be an impossible task! Nervous.com! :arghh:
  9. Hi, I got the dreaded phone call today from my vet about my two staffys Milo & Maisie not passing there blood results for their first rabies vaccine! Also both of their results have come back with the same score, which is VERY strange and makes my vet and my agent think that the lab have messed up somewhere. Either way this now means that me and my two doggies are now delayed on going to Perth until end of April next year, was hoping to go end of March. So anyway i have taken them to my vets again tonight to have their 2nd rabies vaccine done, and now ive got to wait 4 weeks to have their bloods retaken, however, my agent and vet have requested the lab to retest the blood samples as its weird that they have got the same result, BUT either way one of them hasnt passed it so this will make no difference to the time frame just cost! Its so annoying and i just cant believe it!!! there 2 healthy spoilt staffys infact im taking maisiemoo for hydrotherapy friday to help with her muscles for her back legs so this must be my payback from them :wink: Im hoping a miracle will happen but somehow i cant see it so what will be will be, me and my :animal-dog: & :animal-dog: will just have to wait another month to see my partner again and there daddy :sad:
  10. Me again!! Thanks to all who help with the notary issue I had yesterday, have found another one and he is cheaper!!! Result. Can anyone tell me when the NMC and British consulate (in my case) send my certificate of registration status and evidence of completion of IELTS coruse to APHRA?? When I send my application in, after they have received it?? I just dont know.
  11. Clicking Your Chicken :laugh: http://www.google.com/#sclient=psy-ab&hl=en&site=&source=hp&q=Clicking+Your+Chicken&pbx=1&oq=Clicking+Your+Chicken&aq=f&aqi=q-n1&aql=1&gs_sm=e&gs_upl=37082l37082l0l38075l1l1l0l0l0l0l501l501l5-1l1l0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.,cf.osb&fp=86840bfdf4b212bd&biw=1366&bih=715
  12. Guest

    Faxed copy of vetassess results

    Hi, I just received a faxed copy of my results.. Do you think that I can use it for applying for a SS or it is better to wait another week for the originals? (on the copy there is written on it COPY, of course) :arghh:
  13. Hi there, I'd like any advice about peoples experience of Brisbane State Primary Schools. I am really concerned that in general queensland schools have extremely poor grades compared to interstate schools, and qld is generally considered one of the worst states educationally. This may be partly to do with the children starting school somewhat older than in the other states. In any case, I am wondering if we need to look at private schooling throughout to ensure our kids have a good education. (I went to state schools for my entire education prior to uni in nz so this seems unusual to me). Everybody we know in australia though has elected to do this. I was there recently looking at a (private) school and the young 9 year old who was showing me around told me her parents had moved her out of her state school because they were only "singing" their times tables in Grade 4 (I think that was the Grade). The school she was attending in considered a "really good state school" in a good area. My question is, do the private primary schools teach more advanced curriculum, more in line with other states etc? It seems like a lot of money but we can do it if that is what is required for a good education. I definitely dont want them to fall behind and have a poor education. (Also - is IB only for high schools? I dont know much about that) Thanks for any help in advance.
  14. Georgiajoe

    IELTS results

    Yippee, just got my results . L 7.5, R 8.0, W 7.5, S 9.0 Do I call an agent now or try to do it alone. O few wines tonight in order to celebrate!!
  15. Guest

    IELTS Results.

    Hello, I got my results through on Tuesday after taking the test on 3rd September. When opening them I was happy to see I scored an overall 8.5 which is great as I needed an 8 to boost up my points. I have just been browsing a few websites and have realised I may need to re-sit the test as I only scored 7.5 in one of the individual bands (reading). Does anyone know if this is true, I am a little bit worried now! Any help is much Appreciated Thanks Mike
  16. Maxg

    ielts results

    Well today is d day as oh gets his results today hopefully as it has been 2 weeks today since he sat his exam. Can't believe how nervous I am, as the dream could be over.
  17. Guest

    Medicals - Chest X-Ray results

    Hello all, Just wondering how common chest x-ray "abnormalities" are? We had our medicals a fortnight ago, all fine and "graded A" except for my chest x-ray. Apparently there is a small irregular calcified area showing on one of my lungs :eek:. I'm mid 30's, fit & healthy (or so I thought!), hardly ever ill and to my knowledge have never had TB or Pneumonia. Is a finding like this pretty common? I appreciate why it's being queried, but I've been stressing quite a bit over the last 2 days that it's something awful and i'm doomed! :wacko: Am off to see my GP later today, fingers crossed it's nothing serious. Has anyone else recently had this? Appreciate any comments/feedback/reassurance!:unsure:
  18. Guest

    IELTS Results

    Say I am applying for a 485 visa and providing evidence that I sat an IELTS exam and I am given 28 days to provide results. And test I sat did not give me a good mark. If I resit the test after I have applied for the visa and get new results within the 28 day timelimit, will they count?
  19. Hi Everyone, Me my husband & 3 girls are waiting to apply for 176 visa SS to WA as soon as his vetassess results are back which may be anyday now. We are off to Perth, im feeling excited, nervous, happy, sad and all the other emotions that come with moving to the other side of the world. Anyone else waiting for Vetassess?
  20. IMMI mentions that for a 175 visa, you need to show your results. http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/175/eligibility-english.htm I interpret this to mean, take the test, get the results sent to your house, and attach them to your application. However, from the IELA test center (about to book): http://www.nmit.edu.au/pdf/ielts/nmit_ielts_info.pdf So, still bit confused. Do I need to send results to IMMI as mentioned in the form. I will likely not be lodging my applciation for another couple of months after taking the test.
  21. Guest

    ielts results

    WHOOHOO!!!!!! got my ielts results..overall 8.5!!! 9 in speaking and listening, then 7.5 in reading and writing!!! so glad i don't have to do that again!!:arghh: roll on the next step!!......
  22. I was under the impression that ALL medicals were sent to Sydney. I came to this conclusion by bits of info from this forum. I've applied for the 309/100 visa and Sydney have no record of my medical. It transpires that my results are in London and have been for the past 16 days. Are they supposed to be there? I've emailed my CO and also HOC to see if anyone can tell me if they are in the right place. Does anyone know where they are supposed to get sent to? :arghh:
  23. Guest

    X-RAY Results

    Hi, Does anyone know how long it takes immigration to receive the results of the chest x-ray once it's been done? Thank you
  24. Guest

    IELTS Results

    Hi all, I have received my IELTS results today. My overall band score is 8.5. listening -9.0 reading -6.5 writing -8.5 speaking -9.0 I am hoping to apply for a Western Australia state sponsored visa (subclass 176). According to the new points system released 1st July 2011 I need to achieve a min IELTS band score of 7.0 in all of the four components. Does anybody know if my reading score of 6.5 will result in me having to re-take the test? Cheers all
  25. judyq

    cervical smear results!

    One for the ladies.Just in case anyone doesn't know you are required to take a copy of your latest smear test result with you to the visa medicals. Just found out as have been asked to do medicals so now have a mad rush trying to organise a copy and not sure if it's recent enough! Hope this helps somebody!