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Found 58 results

  1. What was your academic IELTS test result? How many attempts did you take to pass? JOHN
  2. Hi guys I just had my vetasses result after 4 months of waiting and its negative. I applied for archi draftsman but im actually an interior designer so now I need to change occupation to vetasses and need to pay $500 aud. Anyone here who experience this situation .. needed to change occupation in vetasses? How long did it take? thanks for anyone who will share :biggrin:
  3. Please share for those who have information and knowledge about this, thank you. Johnmarkz
  4. Tappers2oz

    Got my GCSE result and......

    I PASSED!!!!! It took me 4 flaming years but i have finally done it! :laugh: I can now say i have a B grade in GCSE English! The 4 years were 1 year in school, the following 2 (yes both years i got a D!) years in college. Then a break for 8 years and finally did it this year. A lesson to people, NEVER GIVE UP. You can do it. :jiggy: :hug: Hope all others waiting for results have got what they wanted.
  5. Hi All, I got sponsorship from SA in Nov 2010 and my case is currently with DIAC under security checking. I received a strange email from immigration SA today regarding a discrepancy in my IELTs test results. Below is the text from email: Now this is very strange for me because I provided them a sealed TRF from British Council Pakistan (British Council Conducts IELTs test in Pakistan). It seems that there is a either a real discrepancy in the TRF that was sent to me & to SA & the online system or someone in SA punched in wrong credentials while checking my IELTs test via their online system. What should I do in this situation? Luckily I had given 2 IELTs tests, one GT & another Academic. I used the the results of Academic since it was newer however both were valid at the time of application to SA & both are valid to date. I have got the minimum 6 score in both the IELTs (that was the minimum criteria for obtaining SA sponsorship for my profession at that time). But I am still confused, that what should be my response to SA?
  6. Hi guys, a friend told me that it is possible to apply for PR with just 110 points.(10 extra points are needed from IELTS four 7s). I current hold a 485 VISA, I got 110 points, i'm working on IELTS at moment(only achieved four 6s). my friend said I can apply for PR even without IELTS result, then I will have 18 months(not TR) to do the IELTS. Is that true? i couldn't find the official info, if anyone who knows where the info come from, please let me know where to find the link. Thank you very much.
  7. As the title says really.....i received my results on saturday and i have 8.5, 7, 9, and then a 6.5 in reading....during the test i found it very distracting with all the paper noise and also one of the people kept asking questions and was discussing his listening paper. Just wondering if anyone had appealed or if you think i hav grounds to appeal??? Thanks in advance!
  8. bensdad

    IELTS Result

    Well after what seemed a wait of eternity this morning I finially got my IELTS result and to my surprise I got the following result: Listening 8.5 Reading 7.5 Writing 7.5 Speaking 9.0 Overall 8.0 Iam really pleased as I have been reading this forum and some of the results other people had, and in my sheer excitement I did my online SS application and forgot to add my misses!!!! oops , hope they get my email and add her to it. So for anyone else out there fretting don't I'm sure you will be OK. Sorry just wanted to share my news as other than my other half i have no one else to tell :biggrin:
  9. My skill assessment result has come as negative on the basis that my practise teaching certificate is for 30 days and not 45. The university from where i have done my teacher training has 25 lessons and 5 micro teaching lessons...total amounting to 30.My queries are as follows : 1 Should i pursue the matter with the authorities? 2 How should i proceed ? Need help asap.......:confused:
  10. Guest

    ACS Result awaited

    My ACS application status is 'In process' and case is managed by Rachal Underhill. I applied on Jan 12. Guess I need to wait 10-12 weeks for result, fingers crossed. :confused: Any others in similar position?
  11. GavCar

    Positive TRA result!

    Sooooo excited DH passed the skills assessment woo hoo :jiggy: Just doing the final touches to the state sponsorship & should be applying for it in the new year! We can really enjoy Christmas now & then have the nail biting wait in the New Year! Cara :biggrin::jiggy:
  12. Boesman

    TRA result in under 2 weeks

    Hi, we are in emotional uproar this morning as we just got our SUCCESFUL TRA result in less than two weeks. They told us it would be 30 days, but hey presto, there it was this morning. Now for the next step. We are going for the SA SS now as we don't have the 7 years expperience for WA. Boesman:biggrin:
  13. Guest

    Medical result!

    Hi all, I had my medical check up yesterday in Melbourne. The lady at the front desk asked me where to send the result and I told her to send them straight to DIAC with my TRN provided. Will DIAC receive this you reckon? Has anyone had the same experience? Cheers Lee
  14. bennyboy

    Certifying documents result!!!!!

    Hi to all, Thank you to everyone who commented on my last thread about certifying documents for Spouse visa. I have been ringing around Solicitors and have found an absolute gem who will charge me 10.00 for the lot and that will go towards there cake fund at work!!! If only they could all be like that!! Just need to get a copy of my decree absolute from the courts as lost my one years ago-incedently the courts are charging me 40.00 for a copy!!!! Bloody rip off!!! Onwards and upwards now it's all coming together nicely!:jiggy:
  15. Guest

    Re: ACS Assesment Result Letter

    Hi friends, I am new to this forum and found very much useful information. This is my first post and I need your suggestion on my situation with ACS result letter: I have applied for skills assessment with ACS on 15th July 2010 and When I checked my application status on their website recently, it is showing as "Case Finalised" and doesn't have any registration post number. I am bit worrying on my assessment result letter because its been more than 2 weeks with the same status by now and i should be able to receive the letter in 10days as per the ACS website ,as I live in Melbourne . I have sent a mail to my case officer about the situation but no reply as of now. Can anyone please help me, what should I do to get contact with my CO about assesment result letter. Thanks missionPR:dull:
  16. I can't seem to find a definite answer to this question. Does anyone know for sure? I've read somewhere that for onshore it doesn't need to be but for offshore it does. Is that true?
  17. Checked our ACS status online and it said the following: Given NameXXX Date Received23-August-2010Event TypeGeneral (PASA)StatusClosedManaged ByXXX GradeApplicant Is it possible to get a positive assessment if the case has been finalized in 3 weeks? :unsure:
  18. Hi , I am IT professional with experience of more than 11 years. I am currently placed in Australia on 457 visa sponsored by a leading IT consulting company based in India. My IT experience comprise of all aspects of Software Development ranging from Programming (MS Technologies such as VB/ASP/SQL Server/VB.net), Test Lead, Team Lead, IT Project and Test Management. I did my B.E in Electronics from University of Pune and was reasonably good student. I recently applied for ACS assesement for System Analyst role but the application got rejected with the reason, even though my Qualification is equivalent to Australia graduate degree but it doesn't have sufficient ICT content to be considered as a minor. As per me the subjects studied during engineering had reasonable ICT content to achieve 20% for example Digital Electronics, Microprocessors and Micro computers, Computer Fundamentals to name a few. My agent based in India has advised me to apply again via RPL. Must say though I have invested huge some of money but am loosing faith in my agent's capabilities and even thinking of asking for a refund. Can some one please adivce me regarding the best way forward. Should I go for RPL or appeal for the reconsideration ? Regards
  19. linus44

    re-using Medical test result

    Hi All, I renewed my student visa in March this year and one of its requirements was to go through the medical checkup. It's been five and half months since my medical test was done (i.e. 24th Feb 2010). It's approximately a month since i am graduated, and now want to apply for the TR (485). Can i reuse my medical test result to apply for this visa? I have spoken to the immigration dept., They said it utterly depends on the CO, He might or might not requests to get the new medical test result. I was wondering if any of you were in the similar situation as i am now. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Guest

    Vetassess Practical Result

    Have had the fab news today that my hubby passed his practical carpentry exam!! We are so happy, he took the practical last Friday so we have had such a quick result which is fantastic as he had a real tough day at the exam!!! We are hoping to go to South Australia and Carpenter is on the new SOL so now we are keeping our fingers crossed for the SMP list!!! We so hope he is on it!!! We are making the move with our best friends, and he also got a positive practical result in his diesel mechanic exam!!!! We r very very happy and can't wait to start our new lives!!! Just need to be on the SMP list now and for SA to open up the State Sponsorship applications!!!! Xx
  21. This morning I had my appointment for test and interview, it went like this: Waited for 5 mins to be called, lady asked me for my passport etc and copied them and took a pic of me. Which took less than 5 mins. Went to the next room and sat the test, another 3-4 mins ( the computer tells you if you pass ) Back to 1st room and lady prints off your result, and says i should get a letter of acceptance in the post in the next few weeks. then at a later date go to the citizenship ceromony. The end Took about 20 mins! I found the test questions a touch harder than the practice questions in the booklet and online, but I got 17 from 20, and only read the booklet for about 30 mins. That was all my prepartion for the test. It took me longer to decide where to park lol
  22. Guest

    Assessment result after new sol

    hi does anyone know or have an update on the assessment cases which are already "in-process" and result is expected in few weeks before 1st july. What code would they be assigned and if they gets old asco codes how would diac going to convert into anzsco. i.e, my assessement case is now pending with acs at "in process" stage, when i receive the letter before 1st july will it contain the codes from new list? I know someone posted the correspondance email from engineers australia that they are giving the old codes till 1st july but what about the others?
  23. Applied to WA for state sponsorship for one of the 500 places that they had on offer and got a positive reply this week !!:biggrin: Just filling out the forms to move it forward but what are the processing times from here?
  24. I am one of the unlucky people who is worst affected by the recent Feb 8 changes . Actually I filed my DIAC application through an agent, eventhough I gave all the required papers to agent before one month they submitted the paper only on last Friday (Feb 5), so I guess my application would not be received by DIAAC before Feb 8. Before Feb 8 changes, I was having total 130 points including MODL's 15 points. Now as the MODL has been revoked my total points has come down to 115, when looking for the other alternatives one of my friend advised me to reattend the IELTS exam and try to score 7 in all bands (previous IELTS scores, L-7.5, R-6, W-7,S-6.5) by which I could get another 10 points and also can get total 125 points which is 5 points more than the required minimum 120 points for independent skilled Visa. I would like to know whether is it possible to ask the DIAC to consider the new IELTS marks once after filing the application to DIAC. Please advice me.
  25. Guest

    london expo result

    Hi to all Just to let you all know that i went to the london expo yesterday and that i was offered a job, I have abit of a dilemma though. We wanted to go and live in adelaide but this job is in a place called port pirie, i have looked on google earth and it is about 223km away from adelaide and that it would take around two and a half hours to drive there so would have to live in port pirie instead, looking at the place there is not that much there really, there is only 3 schools for the kids and shops and things are abit scarce. I spoke to the owner of the company at the expo and he said i am exactly what there looking for and that he could accelerate my visa, he said he could have me out there within 2 months and that he would put me up in a house 4 a week and meet and greet me at airport and help with banking and mortgages etc. He wanted to speak to my wife to convince her it is the right move to live at port pirie, so he said he will ring me this evening (sunday) and arrange to come to my house up north and speak to my wife. He wanted to sponser me but I said that we have paid for everything so there is no need. My dilemma is that should i bite the bullet and go to a place where there is not much there or forget him and go to adelaide in the distant future. The wage are not bad he will pay me $20. to start with and depending on my skills he will increase that to $28. Port pirie looks a nice place to live and that i have put a search in on the net and cant find any bad reports about the the place so just dont know. If anyone has heard anything on port pirie please please let me know. Cheers:unsure: