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Found 12 results

  1. Fuch

    190 visa restrictions

    Hi all I just got my skills assessment outcome today, everything positive, so I got 15 points from my degree and 10 points from my 5 years oversea experience. And I'm at age of 29, so I got another 30 points, which gives me 55 points in total. 1. I've seen from other webpage claims that 190 has no different with 189, as the 2 years restrictions is so called "moral obligation". Is that statement true? 2. In my previous IELTS test I got 6.5 for writing, the rest above 7. My next scheduled test is 2 weeks later. I'm planning to lodge in EOI now, if I manage to get additional points from IELTS then I'll update my EOI by then. Is that the right thing to do? Any better advise? By the way, I'm a Civil Engineer (233211). Thanks. Fuch
  2. Hello all Could anyone shed some light on the following: Will state sponsorship be refused if you are locked into a current employment contract? I'm currently serving with the RAF and my end of service date is the start of October 2012. I have been told by my emigration agent that they have not had any issues with this in the past. However I have been informed once by an outside emigration agent that I may be refused the 176 visa as I'm still serving with the RAF and under contract. We are now at the point of lodging our visa applicantion and would not like to find out that we have wasted our money. Also we don't want to delay the application and face the possibility that my occupation is removed from the State sponsorship list as currently there are only two States available to us. Any information would be gratefully received. I have also posted this on the Migration part of the forum as I was not sure which would be the best place:confused: Many thanks Ian and Debbie
  3. Hi, I am currently in Australia on a working holiday visa (which I acquired through USIT). I have a query about the six month work restriction on this visa and cannot seem to clarify this from the Australian Government website. I was wondering if USIT can assist? Does the six month working period limitation to one employer mean six months consecutively or can this be cumulative i.e. 3 months here and 3 months there or a few weeks here or there? In other words is it possible for the six month period to be cumulative over the one year working holiday visa or must it be in a consecutive period of time? I would be really grateful if anyone could help me with this! Many thanks!
  4. Hi, I wonder if anyone could offer me any advice. My partner has been in Melbourne since May this year on a 457 visa. At the time of her application as I didn't qualify as defacto I came to Australia in August on a 12 month 676 tourist visa. I would like to change over my visa to be attached to her 457 to enable me to work but I have 8503 condition attached to my visa. I have called immigration for advice, and they said that I can only lodge an application outside of Australia. So as i see it my options are: 1) Try to get the 8503 condition waived - but as i understand it from the factcheet I don't really have a compelling reason to get this done, but is it worth trying anyway? 2) Leave Australia for a short break to NZ or Asia and lodge an application for a defacto 457 visa then come back in on my 676 visa as its valid until July 2011 Can anyone tell me if they have attempted either of these options before? My main concern is that if i left I wouldn't be able to get back in the country as immigration will notice that i've lodged another application and will question my 'tourist' status. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Ian
  5. Is there a restriction on when you can sell a car that you have personally imported?
  6. Hi good people! Please don't ignore my post as I believe that "World will always welcome the lovers" As you can see from the title - I'm on my student's visa in Sydney and it has a condition 8534... Can I still apply for the appropriate type of visa to stay with my wife within Australia? Even though the conditions of my current student visa (subclass 570) says that I can only apply for the student visas within Australia (restriction 8534). Are there any leeways in Australian legislation concerning my particular case? How to make it easier? Should I still go back to my country and make an application from there??? It takes for ever to get the visa! We been dating each other for two years and have great romantic stories to tell and we also have our mutual bank account since March 2009 (at a time we thought to make a partner's visa) and everything is genuine and full of love and we have "billion" of photos and stuff and we live together and we have even got married and STILL it is so difficult for us just to being together! I have some job in Sydney and I don't breach any of possible law requirements, I just wanna be with my sweetheart! Thank you so much!
  7. I heard that some state has restriction on sponsorship applicaiton if you submit to other states simultaneously, appreciate much if anybody can give more details or hints on this.
  8. Hi, I am currently in Oz on my first working holiday visa which is due to expire end of May. I am awaiting a decision on my SS 475. My question is - does anyone know if immi will allow a 2nd WHV when the applicant will be 31yrs at time of applying? I did speak with someone at immi who said they thought they would allow a 2nd WHV as I am awaiting a decision on my visa but since then have had contradicting info. Can anyone please help? Thank you, Mark.
  9. Guest

    8503 Restriction Question.

    Hi to all you whinging poms out there (aint we all sick of hearing that hey haha) My name is Tina from Derbyshire in the UK and have been here in this fantastic country for 13 months. I have a question for you that are familiar with this process, firstly i will tell you my situation, as follows. General Information. I have been currently residing in Australia in TAS for the past 12 months with my partner (Ex Pat Aus Citizen). I originally arrived in Australia on the 12/03/08 on a ETA as the travel company Flight Centre in the UK had organized this for me. I explained to the travel company I booked my initial flight with that I had already applied for a 12 month holiday visa and they said it would be ok to arrive in Australia and then have the 12 month visitors visa tr676 granted. Once in Australia I contacted Visas for Australia (UK Visa Company) via email and telephone to enquire about my ongoing 12 month visitors visa application, they informed me that this was not the case and the information given to me by Flight Centre staff was incorrect and that I had to leave Australia for the 12 month visitor visa 676 to be granted. They recommended I leave Australia on a said date when the visa would be applied for at the Hobart Immigration Office. This date was the 09/05/08 and I departed to Thailand for 2 weeks, within a week the visa tr676 was granted for 12 months and I returned to Australia on the 24/05/08. As the 12 month Visa was applied for in the UK and I was already in Australia I was never informed in regards to the 8503 condition by Visas for Australia, I was not aware of this at the time. Now, I am aware as the department explained this was my responsibility and because I was already in Australia on a ETA, this is why the condition was imposed. I understand if I had entered Australia on a standard 12 month visitor visa the 8503 condition would not have been added and I would have been able to apply for a spouse visa and remain in Australia. I have applied for the 8503 to be waived but have had it declined. Question As i have this 8503 restriction on my current 676 visa can i leave Aus and go to Thailand :biggrin: again and return on a ETA 976 visa. Would the ETA 976 visa have this 8503 restriction added too as i have previously held a tr676 with the 8503 condition, if not can i return then apply for a spouse visa (and obtain a bridging visa). 'Deep Breath' how complicated is this visa stuff. I have read many post on this site and still cannot find a answer, this site is very imformative and so pleased i have found it, I thank you in advance for your reply Regards Tina.
  10. Hiya, I work as a social worker and am leaving in the next couple of week for Victoria. I'll be working for the local children's service department. However I also have a different professional as a drugs counsellor and wanted to do a little casual work for the the health service to keep my knowldge and skills going. However the Visa bureau says that I can't work for any one other than my original sponsor / employer. Is that right? Does anyone know a way around this? any info advice appreciated. Liz
  11. Guest

    age restriction

    Hi folks, hope some one can give a quick numerical response......is there an age restriction on going into oz. outside qualification massage therapist.
  12. I have read on the Vicroads site regarding exchanging your UK licence for an Victorian one. Seems simple enough but currently I only have a full car licence (since 1995) but am looking at getting a motorcycle licence (now)before we migrate in November next year. According to the Vicroads site, motorcycle licences have a restriction of 12 months limiting me to nothing greater than a 260cc motorcycle with no passenger allowed. So by getting my full motorcycle licence( at a cost of 500 pounds) here in the UK, will I bypass this restriction? Or will I simply be able to exchange the UK licence as it's seen as on a par with those in Victoria? Many thanks.