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Found 32 results

  1. Can anyone provide any insight, I lodged a 176 sponsored by a family relative application a year ago to receive "Notification of invalid application" email. This is the relevant part of the response from DIAC: This application was made as an Internet application on 5 September 2010. Form 1277 was provided on 13 September 2010 however the sponsorship was entered into on Form 1277 after the day in which the application was made. As the applicant has not met the sub item requirement by providing Form 1277 at time the application was made, this application is invalid under Item 1135(3)(ca)
  2. Hi everyone, Has anyone managed to get a refund out of DIAC yet, I followed the instructions of a post that was "Stickied" (although it isnt there now) about emailed them and then waiting for the reply which should be a no and then complaining to the ombudsman. I had a reply on 17 Oct, saying my request would be expected to be dealt with within 10 days, I've not heard anything since! I agree with the reasons behind changing the immigration criteria to best suit Australia, after all that's one of the reasons we wanted to go, however I'm totally disgusted with the service they have provided to people who now have little (NO) hope of now getting a visa and refusing to refund VAC. I'm going to email them again today and complain that they have even failed to deal with my complaint within their guidelines and I'm not a happy bunny! Rob
  3. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me on the following issue (or knows any more about it). I left the UK in August 2010 and filled in a P85 in the hope of getting a refund. I started work in Australia in September 2010 and have been paying tax on my earnings. I received a letter from HMRC saying that as I don't intend to be resident in Oz for a complete tax year I will be treated as a UK resident for tax purposes and my non-UK income is chargable to UK tax. Is this correct? Jomu
  4. Guys is it necesary that fro skil assessment your university should be recognized by Australia??? How can I come to know that the univeristy is recognized? :mad: help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. My Australian Immigration Medicals have been completed and finalized. All documents have been met. Expecting Visa Grant any time. I found out today that my wife is pregnant. What should i do now? Should I inform the case officer or just wait for the grant. What options do I have as my initial entry date is expected to be 1st week of June 2012 and my Wife's due date is Mid April 2012. Cant go immediately for visa validation due to my job commitments. Was planning to have a visa validation trip in Feb - March 2012 but wife wont be able to travel then. I think that if i wait until our baby is born, we wont be able to get the baby's visa after birth in April in time to make it there before first week of June. Please respond urgently, because if i get the grant letter in a couple days, i wouldnt have too much options. Look Forward to prompt responses. PLEASE HELP....
  6. Guest

    No response from CO

    Hi, I sent a query email on 2nd June, asking whether the required documents had been received. However, I haven't got any response from CO who used to reply promptly. Is it normal? Today is the deadline for sending further documents, but I'm not sure whether CO received my documents. What should I do? Keep waiting for the reply? Thanks. Regards Redprimrose
  7. Guest

    Quick response from co!!

    Hey All Thought I would give my CO a wee bit of praise!! Thanks SM!!:biggrin: I emailed late on Sat night attaching some documents, also say we our medical were signed for in OZ on 30th may and that we were having a bit of problem with police check. We got reply all ready, meds changed to met! Atfer reading lots of post on here I thought I would be waiting ages. One step closer!:biglaugh:
  8. Hi there I've seen from searching the forum that a few PiO members have kids with epilepsy. I wondered if you could help me out with developing an emergency response plan for my son at school? We moved over in January this year. We are on 457 visas tied to my husband's (permanent) job. We had no problems whatsoever getting a visa for my son. He hasn't had a seizure since March 2008 and he has been off drugs since September 2010. I have a letter from his neurologist in the UK with a complete history, saying she feels he has (had?) a benign childhood form of epilepsy and is unlikely to require a neurologist in Australia. In fact I have only once taken him to a GP and it was a drop-in clinic because he had a viral infection and his temperature wasn't coming down (no seizures though). I felt it worth flagging up the epilepsy with his school just in case he has a seizure, and understandably they want to develop an emergency response plan for that eventuality. I feel perfectly able to write this myself (based on the information we used to give to all his carers and his previous schools in England) but I wonder if it is worth taking him to our 'regular' GP just to let them know, and make sure they have an input into the plan? Anyway if anyone wants to share their experience with me I would be very grateful. Thanks so much Scimum
  9. WeegieDave

    VETASSESS response times

    Was talking to my agent this morning with regard to my skills assessment. I have been waiting 9 weeks now and time is getting on before 1st July changes and he informed me that the response time is now 12 - 14 weeks and no longer the 8 - 10 weeks that he originally told me. Anyone able to confirm this?
  10. this is what PIO feels like today:
  11. Guest

    TRA Response Times

    Hi All Just asking on behalf of someone else. I cant find a thread although Im sure there is one somewhere. Can anyone help with the approximate response times from TRA with a decision? The TRA is for a 1st Class Metal Machinist Many thanks :hug:
  12. "Gudday mates" you can get updates by email about the processing times for GSM visas, by sending a blank email to this address: gsm.processing@immi.gov.au however, me and many others are facing a problem: http://www.pomsinoz.com/forum/migration-issues/111222-auto-response-email-problem.html when I send to gsm.processing@immi.gov.au from hotmail or gmail I receive no replies, and for sure it is not going to my junk folder. I tried it from my work email address and I received a reply every time all the mails I sent were blank, no subject, no body. my guess is the spam software for that automated email address is filtering most of the hotmail-originated, gmail-originated, yahoo.... as spam, hence no reply. if you have a corporate email address try using that. anyway, here I will post the latest updates I am receiving: (they also sent an attached file, see it at the end) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sent: Wednesday, April 13, 2011 4:12 PM Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf Important Information for Priority 3 clients.pdf
  13. Guest

    No response from CO

    I had CO assigned on Feb 16th and she asked for Form 80 which I submitted (online ) the same day and emailed her about the submission. Few weeks later ( as it was been a while since my meds finalized, on Feb 22th ), I sent another mail asking mainly for status. But I haven't got any reply. Last week I sent another mail ( this time through DIAC's PLE page ). Still haven't heard from my CO. the waiting is unbearable and loosing patience. I dont' know what's the status of my app and whether its sent to the 'scary' security checks. I'm worried. Guys what should I do ?

    Time scale for response from hoc

    Well, as expected Hubbys medicals have been referred to HOC, whilst mine & the childrens have all been finalised. We sent a letter from his consultant about his condition (psoriatic arthritis), this letter stated it was mild & under control hasn't stopped hom working & has a good prognosis. Does anyone know how long HOC will take to come back with a response? Has anyone experienced this scenario lately? It's driving us crazy!!!
  15. Hi I asked out agent to send a PLE to DIAc about our application. Am I right in saying that as per DIAC's service charter they are obliged to respond within 5 working days ? Cheers Shane
  16. Guest

    Application Response Time

    Dear All I hope someone can shed some light on this. I have applied for general skilled visa in June 09 and recently sent my caseworker an email asking what progress has been made on my application. I received the following response: ”We are currently doing internal checks for completness of your application. Once this is completed we will be in touch with you for the file to proceed. Thank you for your continued patience regarding your application”. I cannot understand what completeness checks mean. Can somebody tell me what the completeness checks are and how long does it normally take to complete these. I do not want to send another email to caseworker as I have been told off by a call centre staff earlier. Kind regards Abu
  17. Please i need your urgent advice. I applied for 175 Visa July 11th. Thereafter, i got sponsorship from Queensland August 12th. I commenced a new online application, but could not completed it because an error message kept telling me i had a previous application in the system. I called and wrote DIAC, they confirm that my July 175 application will be treated as a 176 visa because of my sponsorship, no need to apply for a new one. This confirmation was done both when i called and they also wrote me an email to confirm this fact. My queensland case office also confirmed that my application will be treated as category 2 if its on SMP. he also sent form 1100 to DIAC Now SMP is out and my occupation is there. I called DIAC today to find out the status, only to be told that my State sponsorship from Queensland was not accepted by DIAC because i got sponsorship after i have applied for 175. The lady also confirmed i have a case officer, but it will be treated as 175. I need advice as to what to do. I want my case treated as 176 to enable get the full points. I am afraid i may score between 110 to 115 if treated as 175 whcih will not be up to the 120 points required. Please what do i need to do to get them fulfill the original mail they sent to me that my case has been noted on file as 176? Your advice will be greatly appreciated
  18. Hi, My wife and I both did our medicals at the Medibank centre in Sydney and provided DIAC with the booking reference. Once we received the letters, our migration agent forwarded them to DIAC without opening them. 4 weeks ago, a DRC list was sent to DIAC, but a week later we received a response that the DRC was not accepted because they hadn't received the medicals from the 2nd applicant. :mad: Our agent tried to resolve the problem by contacting the department. DIAC's initial response was that a computer error was the cause and that they would sort it out, but we haven't had any feedback since. It's over 2 weeks now and our agent has tried to contact them multiple times since but seems to hit a wall; no response from DIAC at all. Our agent is reluctant to push DIAC too hard on this issue because it might negatively affect his relationship with them. Is this true? :err: Now he is going to try to send a new DRC in the hope to get a response. Can anyone please advise if there is anything else we can do?
  19. Guest

    No response?? Help?

    I am looking for 457 sponsorship with a plastic manufacturer and have applied for a load of jobs which suit me down to the ground. I have the perfect skill for them and have nothing holding me & my family back. Could go asap, but I hav'nt heard back from any of them. How else can I find sponsorship. Really really wanna migrate. Dont want to lose hope but cant help feeling :mad:
  20. John Gilfillan

    Latest response from DIAC

    Hi All, A friend of mine just received this response from DIAC when he inquired about his visa. Dear Client, Thank you for your enquiry about General Skilled Migration (GSM). A reference number has been allocated to this enquiry and can be found in the subject line of this email. We will aim to reply to your enquiry within 5 working days. ORDER OF PROCESSING GSM APPLICATIONS Section 51 of the Migration Act 1958 gives the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship powers to consider and finalise visa applications in an order of priority that the Minister considers appropriate. The s499 direction applies to both new applications and those applications awaiting a decision. The priority processing Direction gives priority to people who have particular skills or qualifications. The Direction responds to the changing needs of the Australian economy. For further information on how the current processing priorities will affect your application see the department's website at What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Processing priorities are subject to change. We recommend that you check this website regularly for updates. APPLICATIONS NOT ON THE CRITICAL SKILLS LIST (CSL) Applicants who have applied for an offshore GSM visa and do not have a nominated occupation on the CSL and are not nominated by a State or Territory government in accordance with an occupation on the State Migration plan, are unlikely to have their visa finalised before the end of three years. Applicants who have applied for an onshore GSM visa and do not have a nominated occupation on the CSL and are not nominated by a State or Territory government in accordance with an occupation on the State Migration plan, are unlikely to have their visa finalised before the end of two years. For the list of occupations on the CSL please see our website at http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/critical-skills-list.pdf OPTIONS IF YOUR APPLICATION IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR PRIORITY PROCESSING Should you be able to secure employment in Australia, you may wish to consider an employer-sponsored visa. An eligible Australian employer could sponsor you and guarantee to employ you for a period of time under the Temporary Business (subclass 457) visa, the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme or the Employer Nomination Scheme. More information on these schemes and instructions for obtaining nomination/sponsorship is available at Visa Options - Employer Sponsored Workers - Workers - Visas & Immigration or by contacting your nearest Centre of Excellence at Centres of Excellence VISA SUBCLASSES EXEMPT FROM PRIORITY PROCESSING CHANGES Skilled - Recognised Graduate visa (subclass 476), Skilled - Graduate visa (subclass 485), Skilled - Designated Area Sponsored visa (subclass 883) and Skilled - Regional Residence visa (subclass 887) are exempt from the priority processing changes. Applications under these subclasses will continue to be processed in the order in which they were received by the department. ALLOCATION DATES The Brisbane and Adelaide Skilled Processing Centres are unable to provide indicative timeframes for allocation or processing of individual applications, however we are able to provide general allocation information. To check current allocation information, please send a blank email to: aspc.processing@immi.gov.au (Adelaide processed cases) or gsmb.information@immi.gov.au (Brisbane processed cases). To determine where your application will be processed, please see General Skilled Migration Processing Centres If you require information on the changes announced by the Minister on 8 February 2010 please visit the department's website at What's New? Recent Changes in General Skilled Migration Yours sincerely, Department of Immigration and Citizenship Lets hope the State Migration Plans are on our side. Regards, John Gilfillan
  21. n111kkx

    no response from DIAC

    I have emailed the DIAC twice now to see if they have received my certified documents, and still no response. I get an email giving me a reference number I wait over a week and still no response? does anyone else have this issue?
  22. Hi, I just want to know if there is anyone here with Globus/T24 testing experience who got a positive assessment from ACS. It seems that software/computing tester, which is classifed under 2231-79 (nec) is not included in MODL or CSL. Just need to see the possibility of getting a positive response from ACS before applying for skills assessment. Thanks.
  23. Hi all, My story is that I'm looking to retrain and then migrate. i have read many posts trying to find out what experience you need, not just on this site, and have found varied answers so i emailed VETASSESS I said: I have looked through the site and faqs and cannot find if there is a minimum number of years experiance as an electrician needed They said: Dear Steve, The assessment process is based on a competency framework. This means, we are assessing the skills and knowledge that applicants possess, not on qualifications they have acquired throughout their working life or on how long they have worked in the industry. It is often the case that applicants will acquire competencies in their trade outside a formal educational context, such as through work experience. All applicants will be assessed to see whether they meet Australian standards. General information about the Trade Skills Assessment can be found on our website and by downloading a Trade Assessment Guide. The specific standards applicable to your occupation can be accessed by downloading a Trade Fact Sheet. It is also highly advisable that you complete the Self-Assessment Tool (also available on our website). This will provide an applicant with idea of the competencies they need to possess. It is worth noting that if you do not hold a formal qualification, you will need to provide evidence to VETASSESS that you can meet the standards for your nominated occupation. This can be done through work references, position descriptions, work logs/journals etc. All applicants will be assessed in the Competency Profile stage to determine if you broadly meet the requirements for a Practical Skills Assessment. One of the benefits of this assessment process is that people who are successful will be awarded an Offshore Technical Skills Record (for licensed trades). This will enable applicants to have their skills recognised in Australia more readily after they have gone through the migration process. In terms of the number of years work experience, VETASSESS does not have any formal requirements. It may very well be that work experience will give an applicant broader skills and knowledge in their trade and this will help them in the assessment process. If you do not hold a formal qualification you will need a minimum of two years work experience. They may, however, have further requirements with the Department of Immigration. Anyway thats the response i got if anyones experience differs or if you've got any advice on retraining as an electrician (I'm looking at doing a fast track course then working for someone for a couple of years to gain experience) please let me know. Steve
  24. Hi Guys I applied for SS in May 17th and I got a response yesterday. They are very concerned about our limited funds. I cant say it came as any surprise because after reading threads on here regarding funds for SS I realised I was being a bit naive. The thing is a month after applying for SS I appied for my 457 which was approved in July , and we leave in 6 weeks and I start my job in 8weeks in Perth:jiggy:. Does anyone know whether they will take my wages into consideration. They asked me to contact them and give more information regarding how we were going to support our selves whilst I looked for work etc. I have explained about my new job and that we have the 457 visa etc. The thing is even if we are lucky enough to have SS approved which is doubtful, as it is an off shore visa is there any point pursuing it now because there will be no way I could take leave, to have the visa activated for atleast 12 months!!! and I can not imagine it would come through before we go:arghh: Has any one had this happen to them and if so how did things pan out. Cheers Dawn.
  25. Hi everyone I am new on here so hope posting in the right place!! My partner and I have decided to emigrate to Oz after visiting my brother in WA last Christmas. We contacted an agent back in Feb and have just got round to submitting our RPL to ACS last week. Took ages as have just had baby in May and the last thing on my mind was preparing the RPL! So, was just wondering how long it has taken others to get the response from ACL. Claire