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Found 27 results

  1. BRISBANE is knee-deep in Pommies, who are spurning migration to the southern states in favour of a life in the Sunshine State's capital. A survey commissioned by British bank NatWest has found Australia has displaced New Zealand as the top destination choice for Brits abandoning the mother country. Brisbane has also overtaken Perth as Australia's most popular destination for migrants. One in ten Brisbane residents are British ex-pats | Courier Mail
  2. scmercer

    Returning Residents Visa

    We have just returned back to the UK after 2 years in Oz. I think we may have made a mistake in returning and I am now trying to find out what our options are should we want to return in the future. We have two years left on our Permanent Visa, however I am concerned that if we don't return in that time do we have to reapply for residency or can we apply for a returning residents visa. I have heard bits about the RRV but don't understand the grounds for applying for it . Also is there an age limit for PR Visas? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!
  3. Guest

    Residents Return Visa

    Hello to all at this Forum I wonder if anyone could give good advice on the following dilemma: My wife & I had a Skilled Migration Visa which ran out at the end of 2010. Over the intervening years we had remained in the UK to nurse and care for a close relative. Towards the end of 2010 the relative went into a Nursing Home and we ended up going to Australia, unfortunately though we had to return as the relative became very ill. The long and short of it is our Visa ran out and I thought that was the end of it and we did not have the 2 years residency in Australia to get it renewed. Over the last month I have started to look closer and now wondered if there would be any possibility that we could obtain a Residents Return Visa. It seems to me that we would struggle to obtain a 5 year Visa but may be looked at for a 3 month one. In honesty, I really believed once a Skilled Migration Visa had expired and if you did not have the 2 years residency, that was it. Looking into it deeper there seems that there is some possibility that an RRV may be issued. I really wanted to ascertain whether I am dreaming thinking that we might get an RRV. I can document all the above. The only thing that I lack in terms of a 5 year Visa would be family connections, compelling reason or business links. I think it is our last hope that I may be given a 3 month Visa but I still wonder if I am dreaming and being unrealistic. Any help or advice would be REALLY appreciated. Thank you
  4. Residents in southeastern NSW have been warned to prepare for strong winds, with gusts up to 100km/h. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for Tuesday, predicting blizzards and gale force winds. Residents in Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong will be affected, along with the Hunter, Illawarra, Snowy Mountains, South Coast, Southern Tablelands and Central Tablelands. Blizzard conditions are expected in the ACT and the Snowy Mountains. A State Emergency Services spokeswoman said strong winds of 65km/h and peak gusts of up to 100km/h were forecast. The SES is advising people to secure loose items around homes and businesses.
  5. Hi all, I read somewhere recently (can't remember where, might have even been on here) that quite a low proportion of people who come out to Oz on a 457 actually end up staying for good. I'd be really interested to hear peoples experiences, because I was going to use this option to get me and my family out to Oz after I graduate from uni. I'd hate to sell my house and possessions to find that after 4 years I'd be coming back to the UK as I couldn't secure a permanent visa.......maybe it's just a risk I'd have to take???? :chatterbox:
  6. We emigrated to Oz in 2009 with our sons who were 16 and 15 at the time. My eldest had completed his GCSEs. Unfortunatley for lots of reasons we ended up coming back to the UK after 7 months and have now been home for about a year. We have permanent resident visas which don't run out until January 2013. My eldest is due to complete his A levels in July 2012 and my youngest will finish his GCSEs at the same time. My eldest is starting to think about University - he wants to study marine sciences. With the increase in fees here in the UK he is also considering whether to go to University in Oz. It may well be that we all move back to Oz before our visas run out. What I am trying to find out is would our son be classed as an international student or because we have permanent residency as a home student. If as a home student would he be eligible for any loans etc for payment of fees. Could any one help with this or does anyone know where I go to find out the answers?
  7. Hello! Brand new to this site, am too eager to get this post on here so have skipped the welcome board just for now in the hopes of getting some much needed information. Our situation is that my husband holds both a British and New Zealand passport. From our understanding he can get a Special Category Visa to live in oz but this does not give him the priveleges of a permanent residents visa, although he is able to sponsor myself and our children to live in oz with him. As I dont have NZ citizenship and nor do our children and we would rather avoid having to live in NZ for 5 years for me and the children to get NZ citizenship first, Permanent Residency is obviously very important to us as we want the security it brings and also the ability to eventually apply for oz citizenship. Unfortunately my husband nor I have a skill on the SOL and the only way at the moment that we can think of ever getting a PR visa is for me to go back to Uni when our children are a couple of years older (we have a 2 year old and due to give birth to the next one any day now :wideeyed:) and gain a qualification that is on the SOL (probably Occupational Therapy). Our queries are this: - 1. If/when I qualified, would I immediately be eligible for a Permanent Residents visa or would I have to be employed for a period of time first? 2. At what stage would I be able to sponsor my husband/children for Permanent Residency? 3. It was mentioned to us about Employer Sponsorship - however our belief is that you have to secure a job listed on the SOL, i.e. it cant be any job/employer that you get sponsored for - is this true? 4. does anyone know any other way we can get permanent residency that we may not be aware of? I think that about covers our initial queries - theres plenty more where they came from! Look forward to seeing any replies and ideas you guys may have thanks in advance x
  8. Hi Does anyone know of any banks that give credit cards to non-residents (I'm on a temp spouse visa but won't get PR until the end of the year). Thanks Smiler
  9. Location: Hillarys (on the marina!!! with sea views!!!) Stipulation: Permanent Residency holders only please Salary: Neg. dependent on experience We urgently require two SEO / Link Builders to join our Online Marketing team in Hillarys, Western Australia. This position is ideal for graduates and those seeking to start a career in Search Engine Optimisation or Online Marketing. Although we are more than open to hiring those with experience as well. For those that need it we will provide full training, exposing you to a wide range of Online Marketing concepts and tasks. Your primary responsibilities will be: • identifying potential link building opportunities; • reviewing and responding to incoming link exchange requests; • planning and establishing relationships with potential website partners/advertising opportunities • proactive link building for our network of websites; • monitoring, analysing and reporting on link building activity across our network; • and competitor research. The ideal candidate will: • have excellent written and spoken English; • show a high level of attention to detail; • be able to work methodically; • have professional email communication skills; • be computer and Internet literate; • be used to working with Microsoft Word, Excel, email clients and the web; • and be familiar with the Internet as a search tool for research, shopping, general lifestyle and hobby use. Training will be provided Previous experience in Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or Link Building would be helpful but is not required as full training will be given for each aspect of the job. Knowledge of HTML or other coding languages is not required. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an international company with a solid reputation in the industry and gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing. About Infoactive Media: Infoactive Media is a cutting-edge Online Publishing firm specialising in the development of interactive websites and advanced business information services. We are committed to the creation of useful and compelling destination sites that empower our users. Examples of our online business directories include Bizwiki and Australian Exporters . Originally established in the UK, Infoactive opened an office in Australia in early 2007 and is expanding its reach as a global player in the online content market. Infoactive Media Pty Ltd is based in Hillarys with stunning views of the Indian Ocean and Hillarys marina. Our sister company, Infoactive Media Ltd, is based in Hampshire, UK. This position is offered by the Australian company and is only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. We are not able to provide visas for this position nor are we looking to hire anyone that already has a 457. Recruitment agencies need not contact us. Please PM for further details. I look forward to hearing from you! Teresha Aird | Marketing Manager Infoactive Media Pty Ltd Suite F4, 45 Northside Dr, Hillarys, 6025, WA Australia
  10. We are South Africans who have been living in the UK for four years. We got out Aus visas in January, have been trying to sell our house here for ages (why oh why did we buy it?). So as we are only here on a workpermit, are we allowed to leave the country and still have a mortgage in the UK? And would we have to go with my husband immediately or would we be able to stay on for about a month while he sorts stuff out. I rang UK immigration and they told me they can't tell me what to do I need to contact a solicitor. Which I don't think is worth the cost to answer two questions? The worst is that we can apply for UK PR in December but we need to be in Aus by December. Also morally I don't want to apply for UK PR as we are planning on living in Aus, but if we did get it it would make it so much easier to get back into the UK to sort our stuff out.
  11. Hi all. I'm in the middle of getting my police certificates sorted. Having been a bit if a Gypsy over the years and I lived in Holland for a while. I've been on the Dutch Ministry of Justice website and even read the english translation of how to go about getting a Certificate of Good Behaviour but i'm struggling to find where to down load it and still further how to go about getting it legalised any one had to do it ??? Any advice appreciated :-)
  12. I'll be applying for my onshore partner visa at the end of Feb, and we were thinking that it would be a good idea to draw a will, both to include in the application, but also a good idea regardless, since we have joint finances in australia. However, obviously I'm not a PR yet, and all the will kits say they're only for PR and citizens, so do I need a UK will? but then my partner and I would have wills in different legal systems, so how on earth does that work???
  13. Anyone in the low lying areas of Strathpine and Caboolture are being asked to evacuate immediately.
  14. I have 18 months left on a temp visa (457) and desperatley need a car. I live in Perth and have not yet tried anywhere as i've been told I wont get finance due to the visa. I am applying for perm res very soon (next week, but it takes at least 8 months to come through). Does anyone know where I can try or should I just wait? Thanks:arghh:
  15. I want to buy an investment property in the UK, but banks there are telling me that Australian regulations forbid them lending to Oz residents, regardless of citizenship. Has anyone come across this? And would anyone know what regulations they are talking about? Thanks
  16. Guest

    Returning permanent residents?

    Hi All, I’m looking for some advice from anyone who has had experience of returning to Australia as a permanent resident; our circumstances are below My wife and I lived in Oz between 2001-2005 on permanent resident’s visa, we stupidly left without our citizenship. We would now like to return however our resident visa has expired. I have heard about a one entry resident return visa which it seemed we would qualify for; apparently we’d have to prove extenuating circumstances for being outside of the country for so long. I contacted an immigration agency and they advised me that we’d have to apply for a skilled independent visa from scratch again, is this correct? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.
  17. Just browsing through the forum it seems like I could have found the fountain of all knowledge regarding our wish to settle in Australia!:biggrin: My partner recently applied for her residents return visa to be re-instated but it was returned as refused yesterday as she left Australia on that visa back in 1997 so obviously after the 10 year period. :frown: There were genuine reasons for her leaving Australia at that time but they didn't seem to count either when it came to applying for this visa. She is 43, I am 51 and we already have a house in Ormeau (between Brissy and the Gold Coast) ready to move in to. The very nice girl at Australia house seemed to think there was a different type of return visa for people who have been away for more than 10 years so I was wondering if anyone knows anything about that visa? (she couldn't provide the visa class number!) To add insult to injury, my 3 stepkids (Partner's kids) all have Australia Citizenship and Australian passports but only one of them wants to move to Oz so that doesn't help!:arghh: Any suggestions (sensible please!) ideas very welcome as our youngest finishes school next year and is keen to move out late 2011 - and doesn't really want to go without us!
  18. mrsindecision

    Residents Return Visa

    Can I just check info about the 5 year residents retunr visa. We are leaving Aus in June but our PR visa doesnt expire until 2012. Do we apply for RR visa before we go or before PR expires. Can we apply offshore or do we have to be onshore to apply? Thanks
  19. THE number of permanent and long-term migrants arriving in Australia has soared to more than 500,000 a year. Record numbers of migrants, temporary workers and overseas students are piling into the lucky country. This is not good news for those planning to migrate, gives more excuses to anti immigrationists, "white Australia" types, hair shirted environmentalists etc. to make it even more difficult, but data is still flawed.... At least now the writer has clarified what ABS defines as migrants as, i.e. includes temporary visitors..... but like in the UK various lobbies have used the inclusion of temporary residents in population figures to alarm people, and help prop up the property market i.e. suggests future growth..... Further, he probably does not understand that mere rumours of migration and student visa changes in 2008 caused a massive spike as many from Asia were instructed by migration and education agents to just get to Oz asap, and see if you can manage to stay..... Nor does it explain that many true migrants may have applied between 6 - 36 months ago.....but managed to arrive this year....? Applying the similar negative logic about overseas residents, Tourism Australia and state bodies should close down, plus the education sector should stop taking international students and forget about migrating? Like migration, past and present changes may take students up to 2-3 years to filter through system.....but many will be having visa extensions etc. rejected already....then even more in the new year...
  20. HI ALL well we cant believe it, twice in one day. firstly, 5.30 tea time, the postman brought our cheque for the $900, (thankyou very much!!) THEN................ i was up a bit late, but thought i'd check my emails before going to bed, and guess what..... it read, NOTIFICATION OF APPLICATION FOR PERMANENT 887 VISA HAS BEEN GRANTED application was submitted on the 5th of feb, a decision has been made and the visa was granted on the 5th may. (WHOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!) so it only took 3 months exactly, what a great birthday present, (it was mine on sunday!) can go to bed now, a very happy bunny!!!! joanna
  21. TV COMPANY IS LOOKING FOR LIVELY BRITISH EXPATS WHO ARE LIVING IN AUSTRALIA, AND WISHING TO MOVE HOUSE! WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR UK RESIDENTS WHO ARE ABOUT TO MAKE THE MOVE TO AUSTRALIA. IF YOU HAVE YOUR PERMANENT RESIDENCY VISA IN PLACE, THEN WE CAN HELP YOU FIND THE HOME OF YOUR DREAMS. DO YOU FANCY STARRING IN A GLAMOROUS NEW PROPERTY SERIES - 'FANTASY HOMES DOWN UNDER'? Whether it’s a dream beachfront property in Sydney or a farm with acres of land in the Outback... you tell us what you need and we’ll find it. We are the highest-rating programme on UKTV Style, currently in our third series. Our presenter will show each couple four great properties in their budget and so hopefully being involved in the programme takes the hassle out of house-hunting. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 00 11 44 207 255 5482 or write to fantasyhomes@splashmediatv.co.uk for a questionnaire.
  22. Guest

    Dilema!! Brisbane Residents!!

    We have our heart set on living in Wellington Point, I have a job in Greenslopes. Found out today hubby's job will be based in Kedron. Have been told his journey will be about an hour. Do people think we should look at changing our suburb we live in as I really like the sound of Wello Point. Advice really appreciated
  23. Hi, just wanted to run something by all you lucky people in the Mornington areas. I have been checking regularly on various forums about information about Mornington, this site being no exception. I got a reply back today from another forum about commuting to Melbourne CBD from Mornington. Please see below: Hi there - I don't want to interfere with your plans, but just to kind of put it in perspective a little, it's almost the equivalent of getting a train from Exeter to London every day for work. Trust me, I'm speaking from experience here - I know it's beautiful but think about how this will impact on your relationship. Hubby will be working hard to give you all a new life & isn't going to be able to be part of that if he's out of the house something like 12-14 hours a day. Why not look a bit closer to CBD, there are some lovely areas & look forward to spending those weekends exploring the peninsular - it isn't that far away for a weekend? Wishing you all the best whatever you decide Now I am slightly concerned this person could have a point and my dreams of living by the sea in Mornington area are dashed. I know some people have already checked the commute on here and I have read lots of info but does anyone from this forum actually have to do the run each day, if so what do they make of it. Is it like this person says and the quality time we were hoping to spend will not be so much quality but less quantity? There are so many areas to look at, I had narrowed down my search, and really believed given the chance for a visa this is the place I would like to bring my kids up in. What do you think? If it is like some people have said and its about an hour, I personally can live with that (not sure about hubby lol), but if its gonna be 2 hours is it really that lovely that its worth the sacrifice. Look forward to replies.:unsure:
  24. I've got a tax file number from previous travels in australia but its a non residents number. Anyone know whats the easiest way to change it from a non residents to resident tax file number? Thanks
  25. hello There,can Anyone Help And Tell Me How My Parents Can Get To Live In Oz , We Have Our Perminent Residency Visas And My Retired Parents Would Like To Come And Live The Rest Of There Days In Oz Near Us . There Both In There Mid 60's And Still Full Of Life . Many Thanks