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Found 43 results

  1. Hi All, Just wondered if there were any CRAs out there with permanent residency obtained through the skilled migration option. I can't seem to find a skill associated with clinical research. Please help!!
  2. Hi, I am an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Warwick, UK, and I am conducting research into how people think about the relationship between Britain and Australia over time, and how this relates to attitudes to migration policy. As part of this, I would like to conduct interviews on this subject with people planning a permanent move from Britain to Australia, or who have very recently moved. Would you be interested in helping me by taking part in a short interview? This could be face to face, over Skype or phone, or by email or instant messages. If you might be interested, I can send you more information about the study and what it would involve. Just leave me a message on here, send me an email at the address below, or get in touch via private message on this site. Hope to hear from you, Hannah Dr Hannah Jones Associate Professor Department of Sociology University of Warwick h.jones.1@warwick.ac.uk http://www2.warwick.ac.uk/hannahjones/
  3. geex3

    Primary Schools Melbourne

    Hi, I am moving to Melbourne in June 2017 with my husband and two children (7 & 4). My husband will be working in Bundoora. We have been looking into living within areas approx. 20 km from his work place...Eltham, Templestowe, Research, Diamond Creek etc... I am hoping for some local knowledge and recommendation of the local schools (they all look good online). We are moving from a small east coast village in Scotland and from a primary school with approx 100 pupils, therefore a smaller school would be desirable. Any local knowledge on the different suburbs would be greatly received. Thanks.
  4. Nick Osbaldiston

    University Research into Brits in OZ!

    Hi all, I wasn't sure if this would be ok to post this here and if it isn't then I'm certainly ok with it being deleted! My name is Nick Osbaldiston from James Cook University and together with my colleague Dr Felicity Picken from the University of Western Sydney, we're presently conducting a research project on the British experience of moving to Australia. We're also looking at New Zealanders too. We're keen to find people willing to talk to us for about an hour either through Skype, on the phone or in person depending on where you live. If you happen to be in the Tropics all the better as we are really interested to hear from Brits who choose to live in those areas! However we are keen just to talk to all British folk. We have a page set up if anyone is interested where you can sign up with an email address. We really look forward to working with everyone and would be really happy to share our research with you all when it is completed. Just to be clear also there is no commercial or financial benefit to this study. This is purely academic research only. If you have any questions, please PM me. Thanks for your time Nick
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Kim McGuire and I work for a design research company called Symplicit (www.symplicit.com.au). I am looking for people to help with paid research, specifically a 60-90 minute telephone or Skype interview and/or a 20-minute survey. We're trying to understand the experiences that people have when moving to Australia. What I'm looking for is people who fit the following profile: Moving to Australia. Moving from the UK or Ireland. Are still in their country of origin (Have not yet moved to Australia). Have a 457 visa (skilled migrant visa). Would be willing to complete a paid telephone interview and/or survey about their experiences. If you would like to help or if you know someone who fits this profile, please contact me at kim@symplicit.com.au. I'd love to hear from you. Cheers, Kim
  6. Hello all! I'm very new to all this. I've never been part of a forum before so if I seem a bit slow on the up-take, bear with me! Very basically, myself and my partner are hoping to come for a 4/5 week trip in the next 12-18 months. I've been doing some researching on what to do, where to go and what to see, however my better half is really indecisive. He's also not the 'leap of faith' type and likes a more 'tried and tested' approach. So I thought where better to ask advice than with you guys! The trip will hopefully be the first of many and will also play a part in determining if we really do want to take the plunge and move here in the future. We unfortunatly can't take a trip any longer than 4/5 weeks because of work commitments, and to allow for a 4/5 week trip it will have to be around the Christmas/New Year period where we are given 2 weeks by our employer. What I'm after here are any opinions/ideas on what to fill our little trip up with. What are the 'must do's' and the 'must see's'. I'm still in the very early stages of research so anything I can then go on to find some links or webpages, with plenty of info to bombard the other half with, would be fantastic!! Thanks for all your help, hope you're all having a great day! Erin x
  7. CockneyRebel

    This website is subject of research

    How about this??? This website is now a major talking point/case study!:notworthy: http://www.smh.com.au/national/homesick-and-away-pingpong-poms-bounce-back-to-the-old-dart-20111031-1ms93.html
  8. Hello all I have a query regarding the much needed research info for the WA SS eek!! the 3 regions that we have kinda chosen are Perth, Peel and Wheatbelt and we have to provide info on why we have chosen these areas (wanting to be as close to Perth is not a great answer) and details on how we researched our preferred region, and also evidence that my OH's skill is in long-term demand in the region of our preference (not really sure how to go about that one to be honest). So would love any help and advice you can share. Almost forgot the financial status section asks how we researched the cost of living in WA, will that be straight forward enough?? as hoping to get this sent off for the beginning of May :smile:. I look forward to reading any advice and if there are any suitable sites I could trawl through that would be brill too. Many thanks
  9. Can anyone shed some light PLEASE??? My wife and I are at the stage where we are doing our research, collating all our research ready to submit to ACT for SS and eventually 176 visa. Over the past few months I have collected numerous job ads from seek, my career etc etc etc. All the ads collected are in a word document but looking back at the doc I have a few questions. I achieved an AQF in Print Machinist, MUST the job ads be specifically for a Print Machinist? I've been in printing for 15 years and therefore been involved in every sector of printing, so would it be ok if I include in my research (this is the document I will eventually submit to ACT for sponsorship) print sales jobs, design jobs, management jobs etc etc etc. They all involve printing but not Print Machinist specifically as my AQF states. Any help??????
  10. ducktape

    can you over do the research?

    As the title suggests can you over do the research? I think research is important without it I would have just turned up in Australia without knowing about tradesman licensing since it wasn't as important last time I was there. So whilst it's important can you over do the research ie research a place or area to live read all about it then arrive only to find it isn't anything like you pictured, can over research be damaging?
  11. Hi All, We're looking into doing a 176 for South Australia. They've closed the SS applications until 1st July, when we're hoping to be able to submit our application. Until then, we're busy researching. We've been looking for jobs for Carlie, (Secondary School Teacher) but can't find the definitive jobs site for teachers. Most schools seem to have very few positions available; we were wondering whether that is because it is the wrong time of year to hire? Also, what other things should we be looking into SS wise? Do we need to prepare a letter on why we want to go? And has anyone who has done it/going through it got any ideas?! Dan, Carlie & Helena
  12. Guest

    Research Help

    Hello all, Hubby and I are about to start completing our WA SS application form. For those of you in the process of completing or who have already completed their application, what websites/books/magazines did you use to get information? I am especially looking for info on where to get cost of living figures. Another question is how did you pick the three regions you are interested in for your application. We intend to move to Secret Harbour as our best friends live there and I have researched the area. We have other close friends in Clarkson and Duncraig. So you personal experience with this would be great. If anyone has any other advice on where to get info or about the application in question, I would be really happy to hear from you. Thanks for reading. Nicky x
  13. Guest

    Research for SS WA

    Im just filling out forms at the moment for SS and wondered if someone could point me in the direction of some good websites to do some research on the costs of living in WA and maybe relocation fees etc? relocation fees does this include flights, cost of shipping items anything else should be included here? thanks for your help
  14. The Government of Victoria is currently conducting research on the experience people from the UK have when migrating to Australia. As part of this research, they are keen to talk to people who have moved to Australia in the last 7 years. You will be paid for your time. The research company, Colmar Brunton (members of the Australian/New Zealand Market Research Society and signatories to the Code of Ethics of the market research industry) is conducting the research on behalf of the Government of Victoria and can contact you in one of two ways – in person or via telephone. Both methods will be audio recorded however the sessions will be completely confidential and names will never be disclosed or provided to any third party. The in-person discussion (preferred) will take approximately 90 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $150 to families who participate or $80 to individuals who participate. The phone discussion will take approx 30 minutes and we will pay a one-off payment of $50. The research will ideally be conducted in February 2011. If you would like to participate, please send a PM • Name/s of participants to be interviewed • Occupations of participants • Age/s of participants • Total time in Australia • City of residence • Email • Phone number • Preferred time for interview (morning, lunch, afternoon, or evening) • Preferred method (in-person or telephone) On behalf of the Government of Victoria, thank you for your time and consideration.
  15. Guest

    Cancer Research in Oz?

    Hiya, i'm considering moving to Australia, but my daughter (in our year 11) wishes to go on to university to do MBBS medicine, and then Cancer Studies. I can't find the Cancer Studies course on any of the university websites, wondering if anyone knows anything? Thanks
  16. Jimm

    Orima Research Survey

    A book of complaints about DIAC can be written by clients in this survey for sure. http://www.immi.gov.au/media/research/projects/
  17. Been reading a couple of threads recently, especially about weight, not for one second am I saying that I am innocent. I have and will continue to look at some people and say the word 'fat', 'big ears' 'skinny', never within earshot, but I WILL often say it. Its not until I know them really well that I would dream of mentioning their weight, just as I wouldn't expect anyone to criticise my rather protruding ears until they know me well enough. I will try and get of the fat theme asap, promise. But what I am trying g to say is simply this. That weight loss, being as skinny as a rake, drinking too much, taking any class of drugs, whist in some peoples eyes seem strange for the most part there is a REASON. Fat people can in no way ALL be fat because of glands, medications etc. Just like a wino, they MAY have chosen to be a drunk, but in others what drove them to this path. Was it family bereavement, job stress, blah, blah, blah. The taking of drugs, some do it for pleasure, others get hooked on class A because they WANTED to experiment, a MEANS of escape from their environment, etc. Skinny people may choose to be skinny, but what about anorexia, etc. What I am saying is simply this, it is NOT until we KNOW the reasons why someone has taken such a path that we can truly know what is going on in their head. I know that when I was on the drugs and booze big time many, many people looked at me with a pathetic and at times vicious condemnation. Yes, I CHOSE to take class A and drink until unconscious, but the events leading up to this were a bloody nightmare and one that I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Thankfully I am now off everything and have been for years, however I still smoke and have a rare drink. But everything is now under control thank God. I guess what I am trying to say is simply this. If I had reacted every time someone had a pop at me because of my lifestyle back then I would be in a constant fight. My experiences taught me that rarely do people actually say comments with viciousness and vitriol, for the most part they are JUST being humans, right or wrong that is the way it is. I can now look at people and if they are prepared to listen I will explain to them the reasons why I chose to take such a path, and for the most part they understand why I did such things. People will be people and its not until we know the real reasons that our understanding may be a littler better informed. To this day I look at drug addicts and call them 'Druggies', large people I call 'Fat', and this is a shocker. My other half has been and will be anorexic for the rest of her life. But I STILL call skinny people a 'rake' and he/she needs to get a good meal inside them to put some 'fat' on. I should know better, seeing as how Ruth has suffered for years, but I am human is all, and I still make mistakes. Just on that point, wether you believe this or not, the main reason she is anorexic is simply this. That a close relative said to her when she was sixteen that her 'Bum looked big'. A few harmless and unintentional words, but they impacted on Ruth for the rest of her life, BUT. We both realise that whilst being a hurtful remark it was not MEANT to cause Ruth years of hardship and grief, it was simply being a Human Being, warts and all. So in conclusion (at last) even through my experiences I STILL make presumptions about people based on their looks, so how the hell can we expect other people with no experience of such issues to even comprehend the need to at times grasp the situation. For all our faults we will be a being where looks play an integral part in our personal relationships. Some I admit take great glee in ripping into people, but I honestly think in the main that people at times say things with no intention or malice at all, just being human is all. Signing off now. A rather podgy 47 year old, with stick out ears and eyebrows that meet in the middle.:biglaugh: Cheers Tony:wink:
  18. tracy123

    How important is research?

    After doing all of your research, finding the perfect area, the perfect house, and the best schools for your children, etc, etc, etc. Then the day comes and you’re in Australia, has all of that research you put in been wasted? Has the area you have spent so much time researching been what you really wanted or expected?
  19. Hi Guys, I've been hammering the forum a bit today appologies is anyone thinks or says, 'that dam Nige again!' I'm just 'researching how to resarch' if you follow. I wondered if those already in Oz or about to go could share with me and others in my daunting positions any advise on the best way to research what you need to know for example, Websites Book Magazine Agencies Social gatherings, etc Anything really just any hints would be brill its just so daunting the sort of things I'm interested in although if you could think of others I'd appreciate it are, Jobs - wages, finding a job, Australian employment bureau or equivalent Costs - food, etc Utilities -water, gas, electric, etc Taxes, etc Transport Health Education Driving Banks and on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where do I start as I say any help and/or guidence would be so, so, so, so appreciated Cheers Nige
  20. Guest

    Research Trip

    Hi Everyone, My partner Ricky and I would like to move to Australia but have decided to take a research trip first so we know we are making the right move (I'm sure we will but its been advised thats what we do). The only problem is, I don't have a clue what to do or where to start! Does anyone have any good ideas? My partner is a civil engineer and I think we have decided to move to either Adelaide or Melbourne. Do we book a normal Holiday and take it from there or do we do something else? Please Help. Thanks Sal
  21. Guys, I am here on a post grad visa, arrived at the end of October. Due to the nature of my girlfriend/Life partner/whatever's job, she did not come out with me, the plan was for her to get more experience in her present job before moving out here with me. She is a graphic designer. Anyway, I am looking to find out if she can be added to my visa as a defacto partner - we comfortably meet all criteria set and then some - is this possible? if so can someone advise on best course of action. I have had mixed messages previously re: this issue, and would like some clarification. If not possible, what do you reckon our options are? I'm out here for another 3.5 years and are very keen to explore any avenue. What course of visa applications 1. look best for potential employers? 2. look best to the immigration dept. in oz? 3. enable her to work fulltime and take advantage of our situation? I look forward to your responses. Thank you
  22. Can anyone recommend good books or websites for research into areas in Western Australia? :unsure: I do already have a few books & many links to websites, which I will gladly share if anyone else wants to know them...? But im looking for more please! :cute:
  23. libbysmum

    SA SS application - research

    Hi all, hoping to get a few pointers from you all, we are just preparing an application for SS to SA and have come across a question asking us this: What research have you undertaken of the job market in South Australia outside of your nominated occupation? Detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the other employment prospects and opportunities that may exist for you in South Australia. So what points have others tended to here? Does anybody know what exactly they are after as an answer? Obviously it will be important to have an understanding of what other opportunities exist, but the OH has no real intention of moving into any other role other than barbering which is what he has been doing for the past 10/11 years:confused: Pointers in the right direction would be very much appreciated!!! Cheers all.
  24. Hello all I'm doing some research into opening a clothing store and would really appreciate input from as many people as possible. I've been here for 2.5 years and find the fashion in Australia uninspiring so I'm considering opening my own store or a franchise. What UK brands do you miss most and why? Is there a particular item of clothing or outfit you've really struggled to find? If so, please share some details. Would you buy online from a UK brand if there was an outlet available and a good returns policy? PS, I've already approached M&S and they said no (booo) so information on any other brand is appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to help and feel free to send me a lit or a lot of information as you prefer. Pj
  25. After much debate and research and rekki's we we have finally rented our house, as it just would not sell in this current market. We have booked our tickets and fly to perth 30th nov, arghhh. Excited, but so scared of leaving everyone behind. But hopefully we will all be fine. Anyone else heading for Perth soon?? I am dreading saying goodbye.. How does everyone cope with the awful bits of emigrating. Jan