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Found 10 results

  1. YIPPEEEEEEEEE I got a letter in the post today granting me my second stage partner permant residence (801) Eligable date was 3rd sept. I got a letter from them at the end of June asking for a stat dec from my partner & I, a police clearance for me & a completed form 80. I sent it all in a couple of days later to Melbourne and received an acknowlagement card about 10 days later. Then heard NOTHING......until today granting me perm res. Thought I'd post this so those still waiting get can an idea of current timelines. Zoe
  2. Andy & Kelly

    457- Perm Res Dilemma

    Hi, My 457 runs out in Feb 2011. At this point i will be applying for 856 ENS. It states that you should have a minimum of two years working in Australia with at least one year with your current employer. Now i have this.....nearly! The thing is my visa was granted on a Friday, then there was a long weekend so i didn't start work until the following Tuesday. So basically i'm short by a couple days actual work at the point of applying for new visa. Will this matter? Are DIAC going to notice? If so will be visa be denied? Any help much appreciated. Andy
  3. Hi, im trying to clarify what the course of action would be on expiration of a 457/two year work visa in relation to securing permanent residency.. Ie. I am querying whether it would be better/easier/cost effective to apply for full Permanent residency now or to take up a 457 visa for 2 years and to then apply for permanent residency; i.e. are the full permanent residency fees the same/the same course of action (medical/skills assessment) necessary if I have been resident in Australia on a 457 for 2 years.... Any help greatly appreciated. Liam
  4. hi all just been granted my temp 820 spouse visa here in perth, was wondering what happens after the 2 years when the next bit for perm ressident occurs. the lady at immi office said it isn't as stressful and something about melbourne office send u forms to complete and send back and they make a edcision based on that. does anyone no what sort of questions information they ask u to complete?provide? thanks
  5. hi all at the beginning of form 80 it asks you why you are applying for a visa to travel to oz. and to tick one boz. refugee, tempoary residant, migrant, visitor or student. am applying for prospective marriage visa so which box do i tick, would it be temp res or migrant?:laugh:
  6. rockola57

    Perm res to citizenship process

    HIYA,We moved to SA 8 MONTHS AGO ON 457 VISA,JUST GOT OUR PERM RES(ME,WIFE 2 SONS 17 AND 18)We came to OZ for a better future for them,but they just want to go back to their mates and way of life in the UK.We still have our house back in the UK,RENTING IT OUT,and are renting here.Anyway now my wife wants to go back as the boys are unhappy and so is she.So i was wondering what the process is,and how long to wait for citizenship?As i suspect strongly that we may all come back here in the future,if things carry on as they were in the UK before we left.Also what are the rules and stipulations with perm res long term,beyond 5 years,if you are out of Australia?Time limits etc?
  7. HI, Please can anybody help me,just found out that to apply for a job with Centre Link (Department of Work and Pensions in the UK) you have to be an Australian Citizen which could take up to 5 years,so I'm a bit peeved as I've worked in 'benefits' 20 years and therefore not trained to do anything else.I was wondering as I'm a temporary resident (came over on my OH 457 visa) am i eligible to apply for other jobs? We will be putting in for our residency in August when we've been here for a year. I can't remember being asked if I was a British resident when I applied for jobs 20 years ago!!!!!:arghh::arghh:
  8. hiya everyone Im just waiting to hear back from anmc. How long should my perm res visa take to get?? Im planning on getn my medicals and police checks done in march so im not wasting time at the end! Im hoping to get to aus in end aug/sept. Is this feasible? Does it matter that Im a nurse or does everyones visa take the same time? Thanks Carol x
  9. steteevic

    New Year Res, Nothing Gonna Stop Us

    :wubclub:Hi guys, been a while since I been on, bloody pc packed up, just broke OH arm to let me open my pressie early,new pc so here Iam, over the moon to hear of all you lucky people who have your visa's, GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL:jiggy: Jimbo&Rachel got your email, I know your in th States right now, Merry Christmas will be intouch SOOOOOOOOOON, have a greatime., looks like our sponsor ship route is a NO GO AREA, lots of emails and letters sent, few replys, but nothing postitive:arghh: wil keep trying, though MY Steve says he's happy to go the student route (OMG) never thought He'd do it. will look into that middle March 08 have got to try and get excited about going Disney World Feb for our little one, thats been planned since sept 07 ( yes guys I am off me trolly ) went to the expo in york Oct, since then, the OZZZZZZZZZZZ thing has totally taken over My life, only got excited for crimbo few weeks ago, sorry to waffle on, on top of this, My Sister and some close family friends are leaving for OZ ,first week Feb 08, ( 457 visa ) I so want to go with them, sure most will understand, well I wish every single one off you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, LET ALL THEM VISA'S ROLL IN FOR 2008< WE SO DESERVE THEM, be happy Theresa Steve & Vicky.:wubclub:
  10. Call Jo on 0424 71 60 71 or Email your resume but you must be in Australia on a Perm Visa or an Oz Citizen. jo-cuz@hotmail.co.uk