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Found 107 results

  1. Manzz

    Bridging Visa A (010)

    Hi, I’m on a bridging visa A (010) and would like to know if I can register and start a business while waiting for my substantive visa to be processed? I full full work and study rights. I’ve Checked my visa condition and it doesn’t have any restrictions or whatsoever, only full study and work rights that’s why I’m confused if I can register a business while on Bridging visa A? I would really appreciate a feedback. Thank you
  2. Hi All, I am currently investigating applying for my Skills Assessment as a Hairdresser to then apply for a 176 SS Visa. I have been working as a Self Employed Mobile Hairdresser for 10 years now and am finding it hard to gather all the required documentation they want for the Skills assessment. I have a client base of over 100 people and have built up my business through word of mouth mainly. Has anyone else applied in the same situation?? And what evidence did you provide?? HELP!! Thanks:biggrin: Emma x
  3. Hi everyone, Could you inform me, (and the community in who may read this thread in the future)in regards to: Inviting someone to Australia As of 2022 Could you please answer these questions, that could help me, or others in the future too. the examples are to illustrate case situations that may fall in these criteria, you may be in that situation or not, not all examples are pertaining to me personally but rather to emphasize the requirements, given how obtuse such answers are to enquire. #1 What is the minimum employment status towards inviting someone to Australia: - Example: John has been working for 3 weeks and has only one pay slip but has accommodation, Sarah has been working for 3 months and has multiple pay slips but has no accommodation, Chris is listed as casual, and is recieving part payments from Centrelink and has accommodation family, Lastly Tom is unemployed but can provide some financial assistance with accommodation while on Centrelink, but is not working as of now. - #2 Does the visitor require mandatory travel health insurance if they visit? #3 Does the visitor require funds before traveling over sea's? #4 Does the recipient from whom they invite require all documents provided via their respective channel, need to have all documents statutorily signed by a public official (bases on documents) - Example: bank statement from it's respective source/government/Centrelink/payslip, bankruptcy in the unlikely event, compound interests, pertaining towards proof of support. - #5 When and when not(basis of pandemic or not) do you notify immigration of immediate changes: - Example: Andrew's wife was married outside of Australia but decided to inform the immigration in that respective country, due to the nature of unforseen circumstances that had created them to live single lives, they then decided to remove financial burden in their respective countries given the situation was out of their control, until they were able to do so on arrival in Australia. Ben was living in Thailand or Philippines, or any region in Asia for two years, and found work while unable to return to Australia, could a family member invite Ben back to Australia if he was a British born citizen, or countries that have joint sovereignty to Australia like New Zealand being one example, should Ben notify the embassy, or contact Australian immigration immediately to update changes. - #6 What constitutes a business for a visitor to visit Australia: - Example: Lou worked for the family business, but earned nothing from it until he's older sister found work, given Lou was not employed, and the business name was in Lou's sister's name, but Lou's older sister decided to give Lou the online business due to her finding employment; does Lou's new found business in these respective countries: Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia allow Lou to apply for a 600 series visa even tho Lou has no property but is earning a income. - #7 Does each state enforce immigration more differently then other states of Australia: - Example: overseas visitor to Perth Vs over sea's visitor to Sydney (pre-pandemic and current pandemic) would the outcome be more stringent or more lenient. - #8 If at such circumstances the visitor isn't able to travel to the respective state in Australia, can another family member invite them? - Example: Harry's younger sister lives in Mexico, but wishes to visit family in Sydney, but cannot because harry has only invited he's sister to Perth and only Perth, could Harry's sister stil travel from Perth to Sydney and leave sydney back to Mexico, if that person in sydney who stil is a family member but could not for-fill the requirements pertaining to work, or accommodation that Harry could still be able to meet the requirements in a different way. -
  4. Hello, Can anyone answer any or all of the below questions please. On a State Sponsored 491 Visa, it states you must work and live in Regional Australia. Does the company you work for have to be based in Regional Australia or could the company be based elsewhere (UK) and you live and work from Regional Australia? Does the company have to have been established for any amount of time? Could an Established UK Company open an Office in Regional Australia, and working for this company, based from the Australian Office, count towards the 491 Visa Requirements? Thanks Martin
  5. CactusON

    Q on Visa 887 Work Requirements

    As a casual (albeit paid more per hour) employee at 2 jobs that make up 30-35 hours a week for 52 Weeks straight seems unfair. In comparison to a Full Time employee with the benefit of 4 weeks of paid leave out of the 52 Weeks. This not including paid sick leave and public holidays. To meet the work requirements of Visa 887: Is it strictly 52 Weeks consecutively (straight), no breaks in between? No Holidays, No Sick Days, No Public Holidays?
  6. I’m planning to work in aus next year and I smoke canabis most nights. Will this affect my chances of gaining working entry? Or will I be required to provide blood/urine samples as standard? Please help:/ ? ???
  7. Hi all, I hope some of you will be able to help me today. I'm currently in WA on a Working Holiday Visa and registered with the Teaching board of WA. I'm looking at applying for PR visas 189 and 190 in a year or so. I have an MA Degree in French from a French University and later completed my PGCE Secondary in an English University. I've read that the AITSL requires a) a 4 years study including Teacher Training from an English Speaking country or b) an IELTS Test as a proof of English competency. I'm not sure if my LOTE Degree + PGCE qualify me for option a). Any idea? Thank you very much. Ana.
  8. Guy Bourne

    457 Requirements

    Hi, My current employer has kindly agreed to send me out to Australia and to sort out my Visa. The only issue being that they're as new to this as I am. We have an Australian subsidiary which has applied for the ability to nominate and we're reached the stage where the nomination and the individual application has to be logged. I wanted to make sure that I was understanding the required steps and clarify a few points where I've seen conflicting views on the internet - The ©SOL I'll be nominated under will be the Specialist Manager NEC (139999) - This requires a completed VETASSES evaluation? - I don't require a points test? - As a UK resident applying for a temporary visa I do not require a health examination unless requested - I only require character references if requested - As a UK resident I'm covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement and do not require additional health insurance. Obviously with all the above I'll have to submit the necessary paperwork (passport/degree certificate/transcript/proof of paid employment/CV/Work statements etc.) Am I missing anything here? Cheers! G
  9. Hi, Can anyone help in providing information on the licensing requirements for painters and decorators to work in NSW (over and above the requirements for visas)? I am trying to find out exactly what licensing is needed to actually start work in NSW as a painter and decorator, and how to go about getting this. I have found a lot of information on TRA certificates, etc. for visas, but after doing some research, I know that a trading certificate/ license and blue card will also be required to actually start work. Does anyone have experience of this and could tell me more, or could refer me on to someone/ somewhere for help? Most websites also refer to the Australian qualification of BCG30603 Certificate III in Painting and Decorating being required in order to get a trading license for NSW. Is a TRA certificate be acceptable instead of the BCG30603 Certificate when it comes to getting the trading license? Any information would be appreciated - it's all v confusing! Thanks
  10. Hi all, I apologise for going straight into a new post without researching the forum further... I'm a bit tight on time today but want to get any sort of ball rolling! Thanks in advance for any feedback. I'm a 40yr old single professional in the Graphic Design sector with dozens of years experience, etc... I've gotten to know Sydney well over the years after various trips, and have now decided to have a make a bid for moving there permanently. I realise it's not an easy process. I have no real links or background related to Oz that will help. As I understand so far (online research) it appears to be a case of Find Job > Get Sponsored > Move. I understand this will obviously take some effort, but worth it I'm sure. My question is, aside from Find Job > Get Job to Sponsor > Move, is there any other great avenue or opportunity I could pursue under these circumstances..? The outcome would always be to relocate to Sydney and work permanently, but maybe there are more ways than one..? Thanks again for any pointers. Mike.
  11. Hello everyone, I am looking at the ENS requirements and this particular requirement is a bit unclear: You must also meet one of the following requirements: you must have your skills assessed as suitable for the nominated position by the relevant skills assessing authority. A list of assessing bodies can be found in the (ENSOL) you must have at least three years full-time work experience in the occupation before the visa application is lodged or have been nominated to fill a highly paid senior executive position with a salary of more than AUD250 000 per annum (excluding superannuation or allowances). Am I interpreting the above as you should have a positive skill assessment AND at least three years full-time experience? What do you think? If I am understanding it correctly, I wonder how International students will satisfy the requirement? The maximum experience one could possibly have is 1.5 years provided they got their experience while on the Temporary Graduate visa after graduating. Thanks
  12. Guest

    An Accounting degree

    For Accounting jobs, do Australia require to be CPA or some don't require it? Under assessment or visa application, does it require to be a CPA? :wacko::wacko:
  13. Can anybody shed some light on the requirements for a ENS 856. From my understanding the company must be lawfully opearting, have a training strategy and the position has to be available for at least three years. What is the requirements for the training strategy and how much evidence is required for a company to be approved?
  14. Guest

    Emigration requirements

    Is it still required to have a certain amount of savings before being able to emigrate or does that only apply to those retiring or without jobs to go to?
  15. Guest

    Character requirements !!

    Hi guys, I had the old police clearance letter from my country on 3 years ago. However I never go back to my country for last 4 years. Can I use the old police clearance letter for applying RSMS visa? or I have to do a new one any way. Thank you
  16. Hi Guys Sorry, this may be a bit of a random question. Can someone clarify if the 3 year experience requirements for WA State Sponsorship needs to be stated on my skills assessment, or will they count recent (not-assessed) experience by looking at myCV? The situation is as follows: I have recently had a successfull skills assessment from the ACS - Great you would think but...... They did not assess my recent experience, despite my completing a Statutory declaration because I was not able to get a reference from my current employer without raising eyebrows! To make matters worse, they have assessed my first three years experience as "Not closely related to the relevant occupation" despite the responsibilities for these roles matching the ICT business Analyst requirements very closely. So: Will the WA authorities take a look at the 2 years experience which ACS have assessed as positive, and then take my recent experience (1.5 years) into consideration by looking at my CV, or am I going to have to go through the appeal process, to get my first three years assessed as " closely related" at the very least? Sorry for rambling, but I have asked the same question through the WA Migration Website, but have not received any reply as yet. Thoroughly p'd off with the ACS after they took eighteen weeks to get around to doing the assessment, only to do this with it. Thanks for your help, and good luck to all those on the same journey! P
  17. http://www.tribuneindia.com/2011/20110923/main6.htmOz eases visa requirements to woo Indian students Ashok Tuteja Tribune News Service New Delhi, September 22 Concerned over the sharp decline in the number of foreign students Down Under following a spate of attacks last year, Australia today announced significant changes in visa requirements for Indian and other overseas students to win back their confidence. Under the new arrangements, international students enrolled in courses at the level of bachelor degree or higher will be treated as lower risk applicants regardless of their country of origin. This will mean less onerous financial and documentary requirements for students in this category. Students undertaking vocational courses, including with private education providers, would continue to be assessed against the higher assessment levels although financial requirements would also be reduced for these students. The changes will also allow for a two to four year post-study work visa for university graduates depending on the level of study completed. These and other changes were announced by Australian Ministers for Tertiary Education, Skills, Jobs and Workplace Relations Senator Chris Evans and Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Bowen MP. According to the Australian High Commission in New Delhi, these changes will be progressively implemented from late 2011, with the full complement of changes expected to be finalised in the first half of 2012. Following the attacks on Indian students Down Under early last year, the number of Indians getting enrolled in Australian universities has reduced considerably, hitting the higher education industry there. Higher education is a major source of foreign exchange earnings for Australia. There were nearly 1,00,000 Indian students in various Australian universities until they came under racial attacks, triggering concerns about their safety. Many students who had desired to go to Australia last year and this year changed their plans and opted for other foreign universities or institutions in India to pursue higher studies. New regime Students enrolled in courses of bachelor degree or higher will be treated as lower risk applicants, meaning less onerous financial and documentary requirements. Students undertaking vocational courses would continue to be assessed against the higher assessment levels although financial requirements would be reduced. Changes will also allow for a two to four year post-study work visa for university graduates The changes will be implemented from late 2011
  18. Hi all, Just a quick question on the subject of bread and butter that WA request you have in place when emirgrating. How do I show them I have the required amount in the bank that they stated I must have when SS was grated? Gary & Sue:chatterbox:
  19. stephenhall444

    Defacto Relationship Requirements

    Hello, Hope you can help me as I don't really have anywhere else to turn for advice! I have tried looking around the site for a similar situation to mine but I guess that all are unique. My partner and I met Feb 2009 when I was seconded for my job in Taiwan (she is Taiwanese). She is an English teacher and will fulfil all other requirements of secondary applicant. I was living in Taiwan with digs paid for by my company so joint accounts, utility bills etc weren't required. All went well and she quickly moved in. I left Taiwan (due to project finishing) April 2010. In that 14 months or so we lived together for at least 12 of them, went on many holidays so have photographs, passport stamps, joint friends etc. My girlfriend then came to live with me in the UK for 6 months in July 2010 till January 2011, again I have photos, passport stamps, witness accounts etc. Since Jan 2011 I headed back to Taiwan for 2 months for a business trip/holiday. Later this month I am heading back to Taiwan with work for 1-2 years where we will be living together again. The plan is to submit a 175 visa application ASAP and once it is processed and the time is convienient we will move to Oz. So my questions are... Do we meet the de-facto requirement? I feel we can prove everything except a financial commitment together. We do plan on doing this as soon as I arrive in Taiwan in 2 weeks time such as joint bank accounts, utility bills etc. Should I apply on a 175 visa now and add my partner once the financial commitment aspect of the relationship is fulfilled? If not what other option is available? a WHV? My partner is 26 and would meet the criteria, but what happens after that. Hope somebody can help! Thanks, Stephen
  20. What do you think, folks? In order to get 20 points, you need to have 8 in EACH band. Otherwise you get only 10 points for 7 min in each band. Pretty harsh, isn't it?
  21. zidden

    Experience requirements

    Can anyone remember how many years experience was required for South Australia State sponsorship? (The web page is currently unavailable at the moment).
  22. Lets assume that you are granted a visa subclass 121 which requires you to enter Australia by a certain date. What are the implications of : 1) Entering before that date, but not beginning employment with the company who sponsored you until a later date 2) Entering before that date, joining the company and returning to your home country for a period of time whilst working for that company 3) Entering before that date, joining the company, leaving the company and returning to your home country for a period of time. And later returning ? 4) Entering before that date, but not joining the company that sponsored you for a number of years 5) Not entering Australia by the date specified - would this impact on any future applications ? Thanks in advance for your response !
  23. Hi all, I already gathered the necessary requirements and obtain the qualifications needed (as per my understanding on the PASA guidelines). But im still not that certain if i really indeed obtained the qualications/requirements that they need and thats why Before i lodge my ACS assessment application online I would like it to be pre-asssed by you my friends just to be sure i did not miss something out. Any opinions or suggestions will be highly appriciated! So, here is the details of my assement application: ========================= Assessment details ========================= skill type: 261312 (Developer Programmer) Target Assessment group criteria: Group A or B =========================== Documents requirements =========================== 1) Completed Online Application form 2) certified true copy of the following: a) detailed and descriptive employer references b) academic transcripts c) academic qualification certificates d) Passport (for proof of identity purposes) =========================== Work Experience =========================== 1) total of 5 years work experience (to 3 diffrent companies. all of which still exists up to now) in ICT-related fields. specifically, as a software developer / programmer mainly on web-based and desktop-based applications. =========================== Certifications awarded =========================== 1) Certified Microsoft Technology Specialist (MCTS / MCP) =========================== Educational Attainment =========================== Im not a bachelors degree holder (BS,BA etc..) , but instead i only hold a professional graduate diploma in ICT-related courses that i've completed in 2 years of study in an ICT institute. Thank you in advance...
  24. For the new visa system - post July 2011: Do you still need the 12 out of 24 months experience? or Does work experience solely go on experience over the last 10 years?
  25. Guest

    Spouse visa requirements

    Hello ! I am an Aussie citizen and have just recently married. I want to sponsor my husband now and since we haven't been married for more than 3 years but did live together for 3 and half years I need to prove our relationship (as a de facto partner) before our marriage. ( I want to get the permanent visa straight away) I have to send documents that show our SOCIAL CONTEXT RELATIONSHIP such as: -evidence that you and your partner are generally accepted as a couple socially (for example, joint invitations, going out together, friends and acquaintances in common) My question is: What do these joint invitations look like? We have been invited to weddings as a couple but this is a hand written envelope with our names on it and inside the invitation... is this an acceptable document? did it have to be posted? Also common friends and going out together.. how do we prove this? that we go out with our friends together?? is this sth important?I mean, I dont see how anyone can prove that they have friends in common and when they go out what evidence there is to show of that... Thanking you in advance I would be happy to hear from any reply :hug: