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Found 20 results

  1. Hi my name is Adrian and I work for an international consulting engineering company. We are actively looking for the above engineers to work in our Bunbury Office in South West WA. The office is based two hours south of Perth and is classed as a region and after the recent announcement by the Govt that they will require new migrants to work in regions this will assist you in obtaining your visa. The company will look to sponsor you on a 4-5-7 visa and will assist with your relocation and application. Please PM me if you would like to be considered for our vacancies and I will pass your cv onto my Director. thanks Adrian Principal Technical Officer/Project Manager GHD Bunbury
  2. Hi all, a little advice please... After deliberation we have decided not to take any of our furniture or household goods with us when we move as none of it is irreplaceable and it would be more hassle than it's worth as none of it was particularly expensive and we are not attached to it. So all we want to take is the children's toys and books, our clothes, two laptops, photographs and keepsakes like the children's first birthday cards/baby blankets/first outfit etc. all those sentimental things, a box of old books which I have collected over the years and my Christmas tree decorations as I have acquired them over many years, love them and couldn't leave them! My questions are, can we take the laptops in our cabin baggage to save transporting them? As there is nowhere near enough stuff to require even a proportion of a container, are there any companies that transport small quantities like this (hubby asked whether someone like DHL would do it?) Anyone have any experience of only taking a small amount like this and the names of any companies I should look out for? Thanks in anticipation of your excellent, as always, advice.
  3. Pallen

    RRV (I require extension)

    Hi all I currently have Skilled Migration residency Visa (Sub/Class 139) and I hav to be in Australia for March 2011 BUT my father has recently had 2 strokes and is now recovering. He is not allowed to drive for the short term and I would like to stay another few months to help with his rehabilitation Is this possible and how will I undertake this? I have been in Australia, to activate my visa, in 2007 and was there for about 2 months and again in 2009 for about a month. I know that if I had been there for 2 years then I would be granted an RRV easier.. but I believe it is possible to have one granted on compassionate grounds. Best regards and thanks Antony
  4. Guest

    Engineer and Nurse require help

    Pls can anyone help with me with information,i have high diploma in electrical engineering,my wife is a registered nurse/midwife, she has up to five years experience,we want to migrate to Australia.can anyone help us with any information.
  5. Guest

    Does NSW SS require any funds?

    Hi all, Can anybody say if NSW SS require any funds to be shown? I think it doesn't require but just want to confirm. Anybody who already got SS from NSW please let me know. Thanks
  6. Guest

    Require Spouse Visa to the UK

    Hi! I'm new to this site and what a welcome relief to read so many topics that apply to my life right now. My british huband and I are planning on returning to the UK in the new year. I'm an Australian and we're in WA. We were married in the UK got my 2yr stay and work letter than left for WA before the end of that term due to illness in my family here. We had to go through the rigours of immigration for him once we got here despite having been married and proof of names on bills. Does it get any easier to apply for a spouse visa to RETURN to UK from Oz if you've been married longer than say, 7yrs? What becomes of the extra months that I didn't complete back in the UK? Does anyone know? Reading the posts it seems there is a long wait between filing the application and waiting for the outcome from Canberra! Also, can anyone share with me the cost of this UK spouse visa for Canberra? If we plan to return in March 2011 should I apply now or wait closer to the time? I've also read that you need an 'invitation' letter from family in the UK to support the application - what details should be included in this letter? Sorry for the barrage of questions! Much appreciated. Thank you. Jeddah
  7. Hi all, I have applied for 175 application, I am now applying for South Australia state sponsorship I have used agent to do my application for subclass 175 and I do not want him for my state sponsorship application Do i need to mention his details in my online application for south australia It asks there.. "agent used yes/no" Kindly guide me Please also tell me if i could switch from subclass 175 to subclass 176 as i get state sponsorship ?? :unsure:
  8. Hi friends,I would like to know if IELTS results of my wife are to submitted when I apply for State Sponsorship?
  9. Retired couple from the UK visiting family in Melbourne require furnished accommodation for 6--12 months. South Melbourne--St.Kilda areas preferred.
  10. Could anyone tell us what information the schools in Perth would require from our old schools in England, we have two girls at high school and one at primary. :confused:
  11. Hey all, I am going for my medical tomorrow so I can front load my application, and they advised I should bring form 26 and form 160. I cannot find any reference to these forms anywhere? :eek: It seems to be something you only get once you have actually applied?
  12. We had a lovely little baby boy which has had his Australian Passport come through today for our flights on Saturday to the UK (Holiday to bring the baby back to inlaws etc) I know he can get a UK Passport etc (we opted for the OZ one as would have been quicker) Does he require a Tourist Visa for entry to the UK? We will all be using our ENglish Passports.. Thanks John
  13. Dear All. I know there is another post talking about this issue, BUt I am still confused. Which occupations require the recent 12months actual work experience after Jan 2010? All? Trades? My nominated occupation is IEA Electronic Engineer (CSL) Does it affect? Thanks for your advice! Regards, Jessi :wacko::wacko::wacko:
  14. I am not sure if this has been already been highlighted but for those who have not heard - All nurses who apply to ANMC will require minimum7 in ACADEMIC IELTS in each of the 4 categories or a minimum B in each of the 4 categories of an OET Test. New Zealand brought this in on 01 Jan 2009 so getting NZ registration will not get around this. I checked with ANMC last week about getting registration with a State or Territory and then applying for a modified ANMC assessment and they claim that all State and Territory Boards will be changing their English language requirements by 01 July. so, get the ANMC lodged prior to 01 July if possible. http://www.visabureau.com/blog/category/Australia.aspx Regards
  15. Hi to all... i was reading different posts and noticed that some people say they emigrated with less than £5000 and other people have said they have been refused visas due to not enough funds in the bank ??? can any one help ?? we will be moving over with our savings we don't own our house we have 3 children and we know that we have to be able to pay our own way we will only be coming over when OH has a job to come to ?:skeptical:
  16. Hi i have read so many different posts on here... some people say they have moved over with less than £5000 and some people saying they have been refused visas because of not enough funds in the bank ???? can any one clarify we don't own our home and will be coming over with our savings.... but wont be coming over without a job ...:unsure:
  17. Guest

    help require for Visa

    Hi there everyone new to all of this, but just wondering if anyone has some advise. the situation is my partner and i want to come to australia but reading about it is very confussing. My partner has an MSc in Concurent enginering & an MSC in Aeronautical engineering he also has thirteen years as a software developer for large multi national companys ,software patents Java qualification ect. Can anyone please tell us if he can get a Skilled Visa on his qualifications or he would have to go down the root of the RPL application Kind regards Jumbo:jiggy:
  18. Guest

    What info did meds require

    When we have our medicals done do they obtain your medical history from your GP or do they just go on whatyou tell them? my hubby has serveral thing wrong with him but none seriuos do we declare them or just or will they find out anyway from our medical records. Any help apprieciated
  19. I am starting a thread onbehalf of LondonLady as she is a little shy and is not quite sure on how to start a thread. I believe LondonLady, is obviously from London, her other half is a carpet fitter come floor layer looking for advice on work in Brisbane area and general surrounding subburbs, hopefully LondonLady will post after this an fill in some missing relevant detail's. Please advise as an how you can peep's!!!!!!!!!! Mr KP Nut. (no jokey head, being helpful)
  20. Hi I just thought that I would post with some positive news and hopefully give some hope to all you parents out there who may have had a similar situation. Basically in a nut shell, it goes like this, me, daughter, once married, long time divorced (14 yrs) and never any relationship between between birth father and daughter. Ex ignores all correspondence to sigh any stat dec and requests for my OH to adopt daughter, this has gone on for 2 yrs. We are going on a 457 visa so may be different for PR visa's but I did my own stat dec, explaining the situation and outlining our attempts to make contact. Solicitor wrote a letter supporting this. Just heard today that immigration are happy with this, Hipppeeeee. So they have hearts and regognise that these situation do happen and its no fault of our own. So chin up for all those mum's, dad's and kids that maybe in the same situation. My advise, involve a solicitor, record all dates of correspondence and do it by the book so that immigration can see that you played fare and have tried all avenues. I think that is all they expect of you and it covers them if any Ex's come after them. Good luck to you all:thumbsup: