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Found 46 results

  1. Hi All, I submitted my form80 in December-2010 and yesterday I have checked with my CO about the status of my case.Today I received the reply.There are few points in reply from CO, which I am worried about. First,the reply was from some other CO .It seems my CO has changed..Is this normal? Second,new CO has told me that there are some information missing from my side in form-80.e.g.Country/province of birth was not mention for siblings(only city was mentioned).He asked me to fill these information and send new form80. My concern is that is my case pending from last December.My security clearance was not started after I submitted my form80 due to this info missing?.And will they start my clearance now? It been already a year Thanks.
  2. Hey all, We got our CO today so am very excited about it now! :biggrin: They asked for the usual but then further work evidence for the past 5 years working exactly. It is going to be hard to get more than I have sent already but my main question is do you think they have asked for this as they think we are claiming the points for working 5 out of the last 7 years? As we aren't and we have enough points without this. Or is is just a standard check for work experience? Any help would be great x
  3. Our case officer has sent us an email requesting further documentation. 'Evidence that you and your sponsor are currently living together in a genuine and ongoing de facto relationship. Thing is we have already sent everything we can from the guidlines and are at a loss apart from a joint account we never used bar one deposit and an insurance document, with myself on his insurance as a named driver. We have always kept finances seperate generally. Alot of the suggestions are for joint things. Any ideas would be much appreciated!! :wacko:
  4. Hi all, Can anyone help or am I worrying about nothing? Our CO has asked my OH for more work info (sorted) and our police checks have been requested (coming soon I hope), however i always thought they asked for meds at the same time as PC's? They haven't been requested yet, have emailed but no response. Has anyone else experienced this? Am I worrying for nothing? Cheers Clare :frown:
  5. IELTS result L & R: 7.5 , W: 5.5 , S: 8 I was disappointed with the writing score because I am sure I did very well.. Anyway I need minimum 6 Can you please advice me what to do??? Appeal and wait or register again and wait?? in both cases it will take minimum 6 weeks..
  6. Hi folks, looking a little advice.. Wihtout boring you with all the details our original 457 sponsor from early March let us down. Five weeks ago O/H got a further job offer in Melbourne from a 2nd potential sponsor. They are an already approved business sponsor but have only just lodged nomination. Our paper 457 is submitted from early June (was ref original sponsor, sponsor details now ammended), and we have just been allocated a case officer according to immigration. Prob is I am now over half way through a pregnancy and realistically cannot fly long haul after 2nd wk of September!!! Starting to sweat it a bit as hoped nomination would have been in a few weeks ago!!!! :mad: Anyway immi suggested this morn our C/O may not have requested any further docs as yet as may be awaiting the nomination to be approved. O/H in building trade and so shouldnt need medical. Query is have a daughter age 13 yrs who will be attending secondary school, (may she be required to have a chest x ray)?? Also may I be required to have Hep B bloods done as pregnant? I have meds booked for 8th Aug and they are booking 5 weeks in advance so if miss these may have a wait before can get next slot. Should I maybe read in between lines (in anticipation of C/O requesting) and have 13 yr old chest x -ray done and my Hep B test done if C/O does not make contact and request these before 8th Aug then as opposed to miss medical date, given Aug is a really crucial month for time scales to keep this moving.. Am in ireland and only two providers covering medicals for visa. Any advice would be grtly appreciated folks, any at all??
  7. Looking at form 1221, this seems like a repeat of form 80! I know many people do take the initiative and complete both the 80 and 1221 whilst waiting for CO, and that the confirmation email from DIAC after lodging your visa mentions both will be needed, but it mentions a few other documents not relevant to my application ... wondering, has anyone actually been told by the CO to fill form 1221 in?
  8. CO has requested documents like bank statement and payslips. I have collected all the documents, but now the things it that there are just too many files with too many pages in them I was thinking about providing a index file. Which shows that pay of which month was paid by which employer is present in which page of which document :rolleyes:. Now what do you think ? Should I do it (because it is too much trouble and work) and not even asked by CO in first place .. ? But will definately help the CO or any one who want to look at all the info? Has any one provided any such index file?
  9. Hi, We applied nov 2009 and are WA sponsored. We got a case officer monday and they requested police checks, form 80 and meds. We were so excited. However, I was a little late and decided to check and am now pregnant. My husband is the main applicant. Can we submit everything and get a request for extension so that we don't do the meds until after the first trimester. If so, do we just fill out the change of circumstances form? or do we get a proof from our doctor to send also? Does he go ahead and do his meds, or can be both wait and do them together? Thanks for your help
  10. OMG trying not to get ahead of myself or too excited but received an email this morning from jamies potential employer in WA and they have asked him to obtain a police clearance check ASAP!!!! surely this is a positive, i wish theyd just tell us if we have it or not!!!:arghh::wacko::jiggy: im am seriously excited but trying to hold it back just incase, cmon WA GOV give us the nod!!!!!
  11. So the job jamie was interviewed for last week (wont hear for another 3 weeks min) have already asked for his ID for the purpose of criminal history checks, then today his boss got an email asking her to fill out a professional reference for him!!! were trying to not get ahead of ourselfs as we may not even get the job but were very excited:jiggy::jiggy:
  12. ADVICE REQUESTED ON FRONTLOADING MED FORM hello to everyone..I am a new member, starting up the process of applying for a spouse visa in London. Have long term Aus national/English partner who wants to head 'home' WITH ME!! yippee!! Have researched Frontloading and understand most but am unable to understand how to get your medical forms back from Health panel doctors to frontload with!! they state that they won't under any circumstances send them to clients..only direct to Aus House. Can anyone explain what I may be missing?Cheers and regards Dan. :cool:
  13. Hi All, So I posted my defacto application last week, for which they promptly payment! Got an email from our CO this afternoon requesting more information as follows: To date, the evidence you have supplied is not sufficient to make a decision about whether you satisfy the relationship requirement with your sponsor. Therefore, you are required to provide further information to substantiate your claims in this regard. · Statutory declarations from your landlord and flatmates at the time. Also provide a statutory declaration stating the exact day that you moved into a single room together. Boo Hoo! Just getting a house mate and landlord to do stat decs and were doing one confirming the date we started sharing a room (we met in a house share) - unfortunatly we didnt include this in our stat dec. The CO said these didnt need to be signed by a solicitor just signed by the person who wrote them. Im a bit worried we are going to send these in and they will ask for it to be authorised!
  14. I think even our Agent was surprised!!! Just as I thought we do need SA police checks but our Agent said they will do it through their South African office!! BONUS!! :biggrin:
  15. nicandjay

    Medicals requested

    Got up this am to a request letter for our medicals booked them for Friday !!! Woo hoo not long now.......:biggrin:
  16. hi all. this is khurram from pakistan. My time line is : Assessment :13/10/2009 IELTS: 20/11/2009 Application GSM 175(CSL+MODL) online applied : 29/01/2010 Application Being Processed Further: 16/03/2010 On the same day, 16/03/2010, I received an email from the DIAC informing me about the name of the case officer for my file and that he has requested form 80 only. no meds, no PCC. My documents status is still showing all required and I have uploaded all of them. I did upload form 80 on 21/03/2010 and emailed it as well to team 2 and got the confirmation email as well. My question is why have not the CO asked for meds and pcc and why has not my documents status changed ? should I launch a Post Lodgment Enquiry ?
  17. Hi, Just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar situation as I am really nervous about my application for citizenship by descent. Australia House received the application yesterday and I've already had a response requesting further information surrounding my 7yr old drink driving offence on my police certificate (I know - idiot, I am not proud of this). To complicate things a bit the police certificate lists two offences, 1. drink driving offence and 2. failure to surrender to custody at appointed time. This 2nd is due to my stupid mix up of the drink driving court date which resulted in me turning up for court a day late and then being processed, however there was no separate penalty given for this and this is detailed on the police certificate. With my application I sent in a letter explaining how much I regret my actions, that I consider this the past and it will never be repeated, but the they're asking for the following - - The background/circumstances surrounding the offence/s (1 & 2) listed on the police certificate. - The background to each outcome of the of the offence/s. - Any other relevant information you wish to include regarding the above. Just wondered if anyone has any similar experience and what the outcome was? Thanks, Lee.
  18. So I'm a 31 year old single guy based in the UK. I've been offered an internal transfer within my company to Sydney where the office is in the CBD. A 457 visa has been mooted. Salary in the UK is 64K + 5k pension contribution. I spend 750 on rent + 110 council tax. I generally save 1-1.5k per month. The initial figures suggest for the Australian job are 110-120k AUD. Not sure if that is before or after superannuation. I think I will try and get 120k AUD + superannuation on top and try and get 20k of that as the tax free living away from home allowance. Do you think that is a reasonable thing to ask for and would it give me a good quality of life compared to the UK? I don't want to undersell myself on salary. Note that my major outgoings are rent and savings.
  19. I have a question. Our update does not say we have a CO but the front page says that medicals are required but the docs checklist says everything is "met" except meds and PCCs and these are now "requested"? Does this mean that we may have CO? JOHN
  20. I'm really frustrated with the DIAC and the way they are handling things!!! It seems that everytime there are some good news (a light in the tunnel) something happens and we are taking a few steps backwards. 25/03/2009 – Application received (175 Visa Skilled Independent) 19/06/2009 – Application being processed further (Changed to a 176 State Sponsorship non-csl) 04/08/2009 - CO request police clearance and medicals 08/09/2009 – Health requirements finalised 03/09/2009 – Overseas penal clearance certificates finalised 03/11/2009 – File removed from case officer due to the 23/09/2009 announcement. I took the liberty to e-mail Mr Wilden regarding our application and asked him if he can maybe shed some light on the status of our application. He e-mailed me with the following news: "I have confirmed that all the requirements for your application have been received but under the under the current processing priorities your application cannot be assessed further. While you provided further supporting documents in relation to their employment claims in August, this information had not been assessed when the current Ministerial Direction came into effect. What this means is that although you provided health and character clearances at the request of a case officer because the application is not decision ready it is not able to be assessed and finalised as part of the 'decision ready' group that are now being processed. It is possible that once the decision ready cases in this priority group are finalised then case officers will be able to look at applications like yours sometime in the new year but this will depend on the policy settings applicable to the GSM program when this point is reached." I mean how "decision ready" can an application be - now we get penalised when the CO's can't get an application to a decision ready stage in time - the "supporting documents in relation to employment claims" were provided very early in August... Is there still hope???:arghh: regards AC
  21. Guest

    2nd VAC requested

    Good morning, I'm a Non CSL 475 applicant. Last Wednesday, DIAC requested me to pay for the 2nd VAC and my agent provided credit card details. They haven't taken the money yet. Is it a sure sign of visa grant? If yes, will I have to wait weeks? Brds, RYAN
  22. Hi everyone, It would be so nice if anyone can tell me why my document status still showing "Requested " even after I have uploaded all the documents requested. I was asked to send form 80 on 11/11/2009 by my case officer and I have completed uploading the form 80 on 26/11/2009. I have applied under Subclass - 176(Family sponsored) on 23/11/2009. I was not asked to upload the police clearance and medicals but I did also arranged those and uploaded them in advance. Do I need to arrange the PCC and Medicals again? Am I on the right track? If anyone can help me to get some relief ... Thanks in advanced, Rubab.
  23. Hi Everyone Oh what a dilemma, im in the process of getting my defacto spouse visa, the application was submitted last week and the case officer has come back requesting an Australian police check for my partner (the sponsor) for his time in Australia which was 6 days to activate the visa. Apparently a new condition came in the day my application was lodged.. typical!! as extra security for people with children involved on the visa's they are requesting the sponsor has a police check from the AFP. We booked our flights for the 1st of Jan as our agent thought we had ample time to get visa and had been preparing the visa for last few months and had everything needed, I have read on this forum that Australian police checks were taking 2 - 3 months to get back to Ireland but those threads were dated 2007 and just wondered if anyone has applied and recieved theres recently and how long this took? We have emailed our friends in Brisbane the application form and they are posting it with the australian cheque asap for us as we have been given a 28 day time frame but the afp website mentions 15 days processing time before even sending back to the UK so this is very tight already if they can process it that quickly.. Any advice and reassurance would be nice J x
  24. Hi, We were in no special rush after submitting our 176 family sponsored in May. Having now been given CO and request for Meds and PCC, I'm getting worked up about what might happen next. Anyone else in a similar situation? Do you reckon we're close (meds to go off after 28th Oct.)? Mat
  25. Hi everyone This is so downheartening..our process is so much longer and we don't know why. State Sponsored for SA not on CSL back in July 2008. Were told in Jan that we were priority and would only take a few months...received an email on 16/09/09 for our meds and police checks..hooray its only taken 14 months. Sent off our police checks and now our agent has told us to postpone our meds which are booked for 9th Oct. Should we go ahead with meds and hope someone picks it up or postpone till when??2012?? any advice or comfort will be greatly appreciated Lia