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Found 17 results

  1. Hello, I am basically from Pakistan and applied for Visa 885 in June 2010. It's been more than 13 months now and i'm still stuck at god forsaken "Internal Checks". Do you guys have any idea about when my application's going to be finalised? Also i went to Pakistan in August 2010 for almost 2 months and got married. I notified my case officer regarding the change of circumstances. My CO was also replaced with another one in April,11. I am on SOL, occupation Chemical Engineer (233111) and priority processing category 3. Please help me out! 885 lodged 9th Jun10, Front loaded PCC and Meds, CO assigned July 2010, Form 80 submitted 21 July10. CO replaced April,11. Stuck at Internal Checks :sad:
  2. :wacko: Hi friends, I have a query, in my online status , health requirements says Finalised today where as HIV and other three medical related status says still Referred. Is it like medicals is finalised? or i still have to wait for others to get Finalised. Thanks in advance.:wideeyed:
  3. stelol

    Lube Mobile Information Req

    Hi All, Has anyone heard of Lube mobile, used them or know anyone that has worked for them? I have the opportunity to work for them but cant find too much information. Any information would be great. Many thanks Steve
  4. Hi i currently work as a body shop assistant manager for a prestige body repairer approved for Mercedes and Porsche, I want to work in australia in the bodyshop trade and have 10 yrs trade experience in vehicle painting ,estimating,parts and management. I am looking for a employer sponsor to support my visa application or offer any advice on job opportunities and info on the trade in oz. Regards Chris
  5. Chalky4388

    Copy of wiring rules req. Urgent

    Hi leave UK on saturday for Sydney. Have a trades test and have managed to download AS/NZS 3000 Wiring rules at a cost of $109. I need AS/NZS 3008 & 30017. Has anyone in the uk or Sydney have a copy. I leave on Saturday 5th from Glasgow, land in Sydney 7th, 8am. Any help appreciated. Chalky
  6. hi Good day Today I was assigned a CO from team 6 All docs icluding form 80 met and resume Pcc and Med reqiured Now I wanna get married Is it possible to add my wife in my application and does this cause cosiderable delay in my application? What are the stpe I have to take ? Regards
  7. kellyjamie

    ours of work req for sponsor??

    Hi all, can someone plz tell me what is the min hours of work per week/fortnight a job offer must have if being offered for sponsorship? i know its full time but just not sure exactly how many ours? thanks K
  8. please could an agent help with this one ...i know there are lots of threads about this but i believe each one is an individual case ...so heres my question .... daughter [claire] and her boyfriend [adam] have been together nearly 4 yrs claire has pr on our visa ...and when we came to oz last year adam came on a whmv they never lived together in uk [financial reasons] but lived together as a couple with us when we came to oz adams visa ran out end of feb so had to go back ...claire went with him they still arent living together ...but again want to do so on their return ....adam has been in touch with a company via internet and has been quoted £2470 for this visa ..... so question is ... is he likely to be granted the visa ...being they have only lived togther for a total of 11 months ......is this about the average amount he would pay for this visa sorry its a bit long winded ....and if anyone other than an agent can help ...i would be truely appreciative ...thanks mrs keily
  9. Guest

    property in aus help req

    hi need help with which visa can i purcase a holiday home. eg tourist visa wots the max i could stop on this visa. and how long would it be before i could get back in the country.thank you
  10. Guest

    TRA - Please help!

    Hi there... Myself and my partner are looking at getting PR on a 176 Sponsored Migrant Visa. However before we can go ahead with that, my partner must have his skilled assessed via TRA. He is a Wall & Floor tiler with over 12 years experience, but no formal qualifications. I was hoping to get some advise on what exactly we need to put in the TRA. What are they looking for? Any help would be greatly appreciated... Many thanks :biggrin:
  11. Guest

    (req) (help) visa 309-100

    Hello all, I have been back in the Uk now for 7 weeks, when i arrived i got my medical done and police check sent off. When I finally recieved them back i submitted my application it immi in london. 2 weeks later they got back to me requesting additional information. Partner visa requirements X To date, the evidence you have supplied is not sufficient to make a decision about whether you satisfy the relationship requirement with your sponsor. Therefore, you are required to provide further information to substantiate your claims in this regard. Please provide documentation reflecting the name and address details of thesponsor and applicant for the period of September 2008 until May 2009. Documents that are often provided to substantiate a person’s claim that they are in a genuine relationship include but are not limited to; · Joint financial or legal documents (mortgage, tenency agreements, bank account, utility bills, will, etc) · Individual financial or legal documents showing the address details Photocopies of relationship information are preferred. Please do not send personal items, such as greeting cards, photo albums, videos, personal correspondence or emails. X You and your spouse should provide a statement regarding the history of your relationship. For more information, please refer to booklet 1, Partner Migration: X You, any other person included in your application aged 17 years or over, and your sponsor if your sponsor is an eligible New Zealand citizen sponsor, must provide ORIGINAL police clearance certificate(s) for any country lived for 12 months or more in the last 10 years. Provide the following police clearances; Australia X Complete Form 80 - Personal Particulars for Character Assessment. Please ensure you answer all the questions on the form carefully, especially the ones concerning your previous addresses, your employers, your education and all of your trips in the last 10 years. If you are unsure of your intended arrival in Australia, please indicate your best guess or approximation. If you do not hold an Australian visa, please answer “Not Applicable” to this question on the form. The form can be downloaded from the following link below: Obvously we where unprepaired for this and began to panic. POLICE CHECK (solved) I have mailed off my request for a police check for Australia, I was very annoyed because immi told me before i lodged the application i would not require one, its not a problem so much as more time to wait on the documents getting back to me. Form 80 (solved) The case officer informed me that this was just a formality and 90% of applicants are required to complete it. Again i have no problem doing this but this form should be requested with the origional application. Statement regarding the history of your relationship (in process) This was an oversight on our part, the booklet does request this information and as a result of this oversight I have no problem with them requesting us to produce it. I have composed a letter explaing how and where we met along with key dates throughout our relationship up to current. COULD SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IF A 3 PAGE LETTER IS TOO LONG??? Provide further information to substantiate your claims Please provide documentation showing name and address details. (Problem) This request is a major worry. Recieved by the Case officer... We have provided evidence already from 01/01/09 that clearly shows rental agreements / shared car insurance / joint bank accounts / super benificary / social and personal evidence. We have 10 Stat Decs from friends and family. Not recieved by the case officer yet.... For the first 3 months off our relationship we have no evidence of me living with my partner. We did share each others bank account and I have statments showing transactions in our local suburbs. My imployer at the time is willing to write a letter confirming that i lived with my partner at her address. I also have purchase an engagement ring so I can propose when I return, I have submitted the certificate off insurance to immi as proof of ongoing intentions. WILL THIS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION BE SATISFACTORY FOR IMMI TO CONSIDER APPROVING OUR APPLICATION??
  12. CO has asked for more info to confirm my sons dependency. So pleased we have a CO.! Tips to prove depedency would be good, please help. Best wishes Chris
  13. Can anyone tell me how i register with medicare and even if i can as im only here for three months? Im really unwell and need to either go to hospital or see a doctor but i stupidally havent registered. Any help would be great Thanks
  14. Can anyone recommend a good financial advisor with knowledge of both UK and Australian financial stuff? We are due to complete our house sale soon and will have over 150k to put in a bank or somewhere until we head to Oz in Feb. Also want to know the easiest and cheapest way to transfer it...but in a simpley explained manner!! Advice re if tax is payable on it etc, and what sort of account ot invest it in when we get there. Would like to meet and chat with someone if poss, we live in Devon. Anyone recommend??
  15. Guest

    Online visa 175 documents req?

    hi, can anyone tell me how you send the certified docs when you apply online? does the online guidance inform you of what to do? also is it best to book the medicals ahead of time? Thanks Angela
  16. Guest

    Help req. Thanks

    My family and myself would like to move to Aus to live and work however I am not sure if we can and would like someone to advise. I have worked in IT for 14 years however my primary skills are in the SOL list but not on the MODL list. I could get Certifications to prove I can do one of the jobs on the list but my past jobs did not focus on any of these and for the last 4.5 years I have been self employed. Does anyone know if I can blag this or if I would need to get a job in one of the MODL occupations for a few years and get certified also. Thanks in Advance.
  17. Herbies

    Help Req Please!!

    Does anybody know what to do with the attachements when applying online with regards to certifying? Do we just scan originals and attach or do we scan certified copies and attach? :arghh: