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Found 19 results

  1. Hi There, I am new to this site, so please bare with me if I am repeating previous posts. I passed my TRA on 4th May 2009 - Supervisor, Communications Tradespersons 4316-01 But I have been told that my application for a 176 Skilled visa is on hold for the forseeable future. I have been advised to now try and apply for: Telecommunications Network Planner ANZSCO 313213. I have worked for BT since school and I am now in my 25th year. I hold the position of Fibre Planner. I have read the criteria, to create a CDR for my position but I am having problems in getting all the information that they require onto paper. Please if anyone can give me some pointers it would be very much appereciated. My family (wife and 2 children) are so desperate to get out to Oz. My brother and his family have been residents for 3 years now and my Mum and Dad have been out there for nearly 9 months, and we so want to join them. Once again, if anyone could help us we would all appreciate it ever so much. Regards.
  2. hi , does any one know of a website, giving results of both junior and high schools in the Adelaide region?:cool:
  3. PositivePixie

    School reports in Oz

    Hi all, Was wondering if any teachers and/or parents could help out with my query about reports - its that time of year in the UK, and I'm currently bashing my head against a brick wall desperately trying to think of positive things to say about a couple of my brood, as I'm not allowed to say things as they are here (basically, the child would do very well if they applied themselves, but they are a lazy little tyke - not allowed to put any part of that at all in my school, only allowed super positive statements in our reports). Basically I was wondering a) Do all schools have end of year and/or end or term reports? (by all I mean Primary, Secondary, Special Needs? (as I'm not sure which sector I will try to go back to yet)) b) Are your child's/school's reports of the letter/grade/number variety, or the written comment variety? c) If of the comment variety are they traditional - ie the teacher can write whatever they want, or are they the fluffy variety, or are they simply a bland comment bank affair? (Or something different that I haven't thought about!) d) Any other comments about school reports? Many thanks in advance, just thought as it was topical for us teachers about now, it would be interesting to find out how its done down there (particularly interested in SA schools btw, but anywhere would be interesting)
  4. gordonnes

    school & medical reports

    can anyone pass on any info on how we gather school & medical reports,do we just ask school and doctor to hand over file or is there a procedure to follow
  5. fossda

    taking reports to medicals

    We are hoping to book our medicals soon. My son has a fairly mild (I think) medical issue but his consultant has said today, when I talked aboiut our emigration plans, that you can't get his medication in Australia and that this may cause a problem when doing the medicals. Has anybody else experienced this?? Also I've seen on here that people have reports done from their specialist on their condition. Is that something I get done before the medicals appointment and then take the report with me to the medical appointment or do i wait for the panel doctor to ask for a report? Many thanks Rachel
  6. I thought I might look into the best schools around The Sunshine Coast, as this is where we will be heading once we get our Visa and want a bit of knowledge before hand. Whats the best way to research school & areas fron the UK? Do Aussie schools have Ofsted reports like UK schools, or simular? Also what are the best areas (as in nicest, safest not most expensive) in or near the sunshine coast, preferably within walking or short drive from the beach?:confused:
  7. Hello, I noticed when I done an Internet search on Byford there was a very bad review from this website from last year. :shocked: It put the fear of god in me and put me off bringing my boys with us! Has anyone got any recent experiences of moving to Perth with their dogs to put some owners minds at rest. Alternatively any bad experiences would be welcome as I would prefer the truth. Thanks in advance Nicky x
  8. Capping and culling the migration queue | Inside Story Let the games begin! Best regards.
  9. Hi, My parents are travelling to Australia. My mother has a pacemaker implant in her heart and the Medical Officer of Commonwealth Sydney (MOC) has asked for a report from the treating specialist. Please help in answering the following queries - 1) Is there any specific format in which the treating specialist should write the report and what all is expected to be included in the report by the treating doctor. 2) Since they have tickets booked after a couple of weeks usually how much time does the clearance take from MOC and grant of visa. 3) What is the fastest way to submit the report and get the visa at the earliest (since they have there tickets booked after in two weeks time). Should my parents submit it to the visa office in India or since I am in Sydney they can send me the scanned report and I can send it to MOC directly here in Sydney or is there an email or fax to expedite the process? Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Regards Ananya
  10. Hello Friends, I have applied for offshore 175 visa this month and I am on CSL. I have front loaded my police clearances and I am doing my medicals this weekend. I have applied through an agent whose is based in Brisbane and I am in India. It is an online application. The hospital staff are asking me the address to where they should send the medical reports. Can any of you please let me know what address have we to send them. Anybody in similar sisuation? Thanks in advance... KK....
  11. Guest

    police reports???

    :arghh:HEEEEEEELLLPPPPP!!!!!! Please... Im living in NSW And i now find out that i need to get reports from the police from the UK and Greece. And i cant get them, the site will not allow me to continue, i would greatly appreciate any help from anyone. Thank you sooooo much
  12. I wonder if someone might be able to help: I've just got up to get ready for my radiology appointment (for my nominated 457 visa), but I've just recieved a confusing email from my new employer: they have stated that we should 'disregard getting them (chest x-rays) as we are UK citizens and longer require these to gain acceptance'. The reason I'm confused is that there seems to be communication from our case worker in the email thread stating that we DO need to get them. Please help!!!!! Stu and Mickey :GEEK:
  13. Apparently there are fears that a smaller tsunami may be headed for New Zealand. Reports up to 40 dead after quake, tsunami hit Samoa - World - NZ Herald News http://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm?c_id=2&objectid=10600389
  14. Guest

    school and medical reports

    hello everyone we are just finishing the final details before we fly out next month, but wanted to ask advice on obtaining school reports for the kids, do we just ask, or do we need to apply? and what about medical records, again do we just ask or do we have to apply. as always any advice would be great
  15. we are now at the stage of having our medicals and pcc's done and i feel like a deer caught in the head lights all of a sudden.. can we be rejected at this late stage?? and would they of requested our meds and pcc's if we were unsuccessfull?? im sure they could make a decision based on our application form and attached docs without the torture of meds etc and the expense.. is this fear realistic?? or is there cases where people get to this late stage and then get rejected... we should be ok with our meds are we are all well i hope!! I do have a criminal record but it was over ten years ago,, and nothing dishonest or violent and no jail time,, but ive fessed up to that in our application.. so am i being nuts :wacko: and getting stressed for nothing..:confused: please help.. rgrds dizz...
  17. I have just got my police report for the UK but I did live in Germany for a year from 2000 to 2001. I cant quite remember the exact dates but it was round about the 12 month mark. In fact I am pretty sure my registration and unregistration (an- and abmeldung) was probably within the 12 months. The requirement for a police cetificate is that you must live there for over 12 months so can I get by without having to get a German certificate? It looks a bit more complicated that getting the UK one and as my UK one came back clean will that be sufficient?
  18. Guest

    Police Reports

    Hello there Regarding the lenght of time the police report takes.......Does anyone know it it is 40 working days or 40 days including weekends?
  19. parsonsbigfamilyadventure

    Where do medical reports go ????

    We are applying for a Independent skilled 136, we have had our medicals I was just wondering if all the medicals reports go to Sydney ? Would my panel doctors have know that ? should I email our CO to see if they have arrived ? Thanks Joanne