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Found 43 results

  1. :jiggy:Heyyyaaa:jiggy: If Anyone Is Moving To perth This Year Please Reply Where You Are Going And What Age You Are Thanks!!! xx
  2. Help I sent my application to TRA in Canberra 13th-Sept I've had no reply no conformation nothing I emailed them they replyed saying my email was forwarded to appropriate area on 30th Sept still nothing is this normal?:arghh:
  3. Anybody got reply from Vetassess?
  4. I have made inquiry about my status and in it's response i received reply which is written below.Is this reply mentioned that my application is going to finalize in short time??? Dear Client, Your application is undergoing routine processing. Unfortunately, ensuring all the legal requirements are met in relation to an application can take some time. The case officer is following up on the status of your application on a regular basis to ensure it is being processed as soon as practicable. You will be contacted if we require additional information to process your application. We appreciate your patience in this matter. If any of your circumstances change, such that an answer in your application or information given to the department is no longer correct, you must inform the department as soon as possible. Examples of a change in circumstances include: * new job * new passport * new member of your family * discovery of incorrect information in your application * change of address or contact details. Regards Case Officer
  5. Visa Cancellations (Question No. 17) Mr Morrison asked the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, in writing, on 30 September 2010. In respect of the Minister’s announcement of the cancellation of about 20,000 visa applications made prior to 1 September 2007: (a) what is the estimated total sum of the value of application fees that will be refunded; (b) what total sum has been refunded as at 30 September; and © by what date are all application fees expected to be refunded. Mr Bowen—The answer to the honourable member’s question is as follows: (a) The estimated total value of applications to be refunded is $14.4 million (b) $156,625 has been refunded as at 30 September 2010 © the completion of the refund process is dependant on the Department receiving from clients their correct current bank account and contact details. The Department has requested this information, but has not yet received responses from all the clients.
  6. Guest

    Application Response Time

    Dear All I hope someone can shed some light on this. I have applied for general skilled visa in June 09 and recently sent my caseworker an email asking what progress has been made on my application. I received the following response: ”We are currently doing internal checks for completness of your application. Once this is completed we will be in touch with you for the file to proceed. Thank you for your continued patience regarding your application”. I cannot understand what completeness checks mean. Can somebody tell me what the completeness checks are and how long does it normally take to complete these. I do not want to send another email to caseworker as I have been told off by a call centre staff earlier. Kind regards Abu
  7. Guest

    CO's Reply

    I have been allocated to a CO on 4th Nov and PCC, Med and form 80 were requested. Requested docs were sent and now they are in either met or finalized status. CO further told me that now my application is undergoing routine process. Anyone know what is ROUTINE PROCESS? Any comments highly appreciated. Regards, HP
  8. Guest

    DIAC reply SMP by 1 Dec 2010

    One day, when frustration kicked in I just sent in an inquiry feedback through Chris Bowen government website to ask about SMPs. Surprisingly I received email reply from DIAC when I least expect it to happen :chatterbox: DIAC commented and intended SMP will be completed and in place by 1 Dec 2010. It's not gonna be long and we have gone that far to 1 Dec. :biggrin:
  9. Guest

    New reply from ACT

    Hi, I just received this email from ACT this morning. I think it confirms that the SMPs are just around the corner. :biggrin: -------------------------- Dear applicant Thank you for reconfirming your Commitment to Canberra. We have accepted your reconfirmation and are happy to hear you still have a strong commitment to Canberra and look forward to living in our wonderful city. Once our State Migration Plan (SMP) is finalised (hopefully in November) the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will process your visa application under priority 2. This means your visa might be granted more quickly and we will hopefully be able to welcome you to Canberra soon. Don’t worry, we will let you know as soon as the SMP is signed off. It will be a cause of celebration for all. Once you have had your visa granted by DIAC, please let us know by emailing a copy of your visa grant letter and if you know, your expected arrival date in Canberra. We will then send you valuable information, including access to our new Settlement website, the Canberra Information Portal, which you will find useful to prepare for your move to Canberra. As you might know, we offer a settlement service upon arrival here in Canberra in order to make your move and integration as easy as possible. We know what a big step this is for you and that moving countries can be quite daunting and overwhelming. But remember: we are here to help! We are looking forward to welcoming you to Canberra soon. We are sure you will enjoy living in our beautiful city and being a part of our multicultural, friendly and unique society. All the best and good luck with your visa grant. Regards Julianne Julianne O'Brien ------------------------------
  10. Hi everyone here is the reply by immigration minister on the behalf of policy of diac... I need to reply to this mail. For this i need your comments that what should reply? Please click the attachment..
  11. gordonnes

    28 day reply for ACT

    Hi all,has anyone recieved anything back from ACT regarding their "proof of employment"and commitment mail,just wondered how much and in what form they are accepting
  12. I have submitted Form 80 on 25 Feb, 2010 . All of my documents except Form 80 and Health certificates are showing as MET. Now i have a job offer for a position of Software QA Manager with a UK based company IT Phoenix Group (10-15 employees in Lahore, Pakistan branch) while my previous experience is in both development and QA. No job verification yet as per my knowledge however my work experience is showing MET. Would QA Manager position will effect my CSL based processing (.NET 2231-79). Please suggest if my job switch will cause any problems/delay to my case. Does this really matter if no of employees are 10-15 ?? I would be grateful for your valuable suggestions.:notworthy:
  13. hi there today morning i sent an email to immigration SA for moving to Victoria coz i cant find a regular job from last 9 months and i have tried everywhere including all super markets so they sent me this mail i dont understand whether they have allowed me or not because the mail has dual meaning,so please advice me,ur advice will be highly appreciated. Dear ******* I refer to your email which has been forwarded to me for response. Immigration SA is disappointed that having granted you sponsorship to facilitate visa grant, you are considering moving from South Australia. Permanent Visa While legally the Skilled Sponsored Visa (subclass 137/176/886), allows you to live and work anywhere in Australia, you are reminded that sponsorship was granted to enable you to obtain a permanent visa on the basis that you had indicated that you were genuine in your commitment and interest to live and work in South Australia for at least two years. Through sponsorship from South Australia you were granted a permanent visa by Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). You will recall that you had signed a Declaration in the course of the sponsorship application indicating that you would migrate to and live in South Australia for at least two years. Through sponsorship from South Australia you were granted the appropriate visa by Commonwealth Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC). Without this sponsorship you would not have been granted this visa. We can only question if the information provided in your application was genuine. Your Online application indicated that: Please detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the employment prospects and opportunities that may exist for you in South Australia. I have more than 5 years of experience as a Toolmaker. This occupation is in demand in both metropolitan and regional South Australia. I am confident to get good job in my occupation in South Australia. There are so many employment agencies in South Australia and I contact these employment agencies for job. I have some friends in South Australia and they agreed to give us every kind of support. What research have you undertaken of the job market in South Australia outside of your nominated occupation? Detail what sort of research you conducted and your understanding and own analysis of the other employment prospects and opportunities that may exist for you in South Australia. I have more than 5 years of experience as a Toolmaker. According to skills shortage in South Australia, my occupation is in demand in both metropolitan and regional South Australia. There are so many jobs in toolmaking / Machinist etc. in South Australia. I am confident to get good job in my field in South Australia. I have some friends in South Australia and they agreed to give us every kind of support. One of the objectives of these State Sponsored schemes is to disperse migrants to areas that sponsor them. By migrants not settling in these areas, the objective of this visa program is being compromised. Having granted you sponsorship, it would be counter-productive for Immigration SA to now agree for you not to settle in South Australia. We hope that you will consider your moral obligation and the intent and goodwill in which sponsorship was grAanted. We advise you to visit/ revisit the employment services to seek more assistance in securing suitable employment. Ring 1800 658 887 to make an appointment. However, ultimately, if you do decide to move, you should let Immigration SA know by ringing us on 8303 2420 so that we can update our records accordingly and not contact you further. Manager - General Skilled Migration Immigration South Australia Department of Trade and Economic Development regards
  14. Guest

    CO Reply please explain/guide.

    Can any one guide me please about this reply of my CO: "Internal Checking is undergoing which may take months" What is Internal Checking means here?? Thank you.
  15. Dear friends, I have applied for the state sponsorship to Western Australia and I got a confirmed e-mail that they have agreed on this sponsorship 2 weeks ago. They have requested me to sign the sponsorship agreement form and 1100 form, therefore I have signed and sent back them on last week. Also, they have indicated that they’ll send this 1100 form directly to the DIAC. So, please advise me that how long it’ll take to send that sponsorship to DIAC from Skill Migration Centre, Western Australia? Please advise me. I’m expecting your valuable reply as soon as possible. Many thanks and Regards Thas
  16. Hello PIOs. I submitted the completion of the docs required by my CO on 15 April. On 24 Apr, i did a PLE to check on the status of my application. I got an auto reply after a few hours. I did not get though an actual reply so I decided to call DIAC on 06 May. I was told the papers were in process. The lady confirmed I still have the same CO and she told me I can email my CO directly but she will also do that to follow up. Right away, I emailed my CO around 930am 06 May. Based on experience, auto replies are received a few hours after sending an email to DIAC. However, until this time 08 May 538am, i have not received one. Does it mean they did not get my email? should I resend? Please tell me what to do. thanks in advance. :unsure:
  17. Hi everyone After the debacle of 8th May this year, I emailed the Minister of Immigration (as suggested by many of you on this site) to let him know how much heartache him messing with the GSM visas is causing personally. I didn't expect a response but I did get one. It's not that great (and includes nothing we didn't already know) but I thought that I would post it on here anyway so you could all see what he is circulating around to people. Dear Ms ******** Thank you for your email of 9th May 2010 to the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, concerning the temporary suspension of the acceptance of certain General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa applications. The Minister has asked that I reply on his behalf. I appreciate your desire to migrate to Australia, and that the presence of family members, and your visits, strengthen your ties to Australia. Australia's Migration Program is carefully managed so as to yield the maximum benefit for the Australian community. It serves a range of economic, social and demographic objectives. The skilled visa catergories are designed to select people who have skills and attributes which will enable them to integrate quickly into our labour market and use the skills that they have gained.The introduction of the new list of occupations is part of a package of proposed reforms that reflect the Australian Government's commitment to labour market demand-driven skilled migration program. As you are aware, as part of these reforms the Government has suspended the acceptance of certain GSM visa applications, and intends that the suspension will cease at the end of the 2009-2010 program year, that is at the end of 30 June 2010. The number of places available to independent skilled migrants in the skilled migration program is expected to fall as the number of places available for employer-sponsored skilled migrants increases. Employer-sponsored migration matches migrants directly to jobs in Australia, making it the best method to ensure the labour market gets the skills it needs now. It is therefore important that the smaller number of independent skilled migration places that are available are filled by migrants with skills that are critical to Australia's economic development in the medium to long term. The new list of occupations identifies these skills. You should also note that the new Skilled Occupation List will only apply to independent migration in the skilled stream. Where State and Territory Governments have negotiated State Migration Plans they will have a wider range of occupations available to them for sponsorship through the skilled sponsored visas. You may wish to monitor the occupations available for nomination through State and Territory Government websites. Links to these web-sites can be found on the Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website at: www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/visa-options.htm From the information you have provided you may also wish to investigate your eligibility for permanent residency under one of the permanent employer sponsored visa catergories - the Employer Nomination Scheme (ENS) or the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS). You should be aware that to be granted a visa in either of these catergories, you would need to have pre-arranged employment in Australia, and your proposed employer would need to nominate you as part of the visa application. Further information on the ENS and RSMS is available in 'Booklet 5 - Employer Sponsored Migration'. This booklet is available free of charge from the Department's website at: www.immi.gov.au/allforms/booklets/booklets.htm Alternatively, you may wish to explore options such as the Temporary Business (Long Stay) (Subclass 457) visa. This visa is used by employers to sponsor overseas workers on a temporary basis for a period of between three months and four years. Subclass 457 visa holders may explore further options for permanent residence after having worked and lived in Australia. More information on the Subclass 457 visa option is available on the Department's website at: www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/sbs Thank you for bringing this matter to attention. Yours sincerely Peter Speldewinde As I said, not much that we didn't already know. Fingers crossed for us when the new SMP's are released.
  18. Guest

    quick reply and advanced?????

    Could someone please tell me the difference between quick reply and advanced. I am starting to usae this site more and more, and i want to be sure that I am doing the right thing. AMAZING site here guys!! Many thanks Jenny
  19. I lodged my application(csl 885, accountant) on 31th, March. I sent an email to brisbane processing centre asking about my status of application 2 days ago. Just got a reply from them this morning. I also asked them if my case will be affected if not finalised before the csl revoked. Good morning/afternoon. Thankyou for your email. Your application is undergoing routine processing. I am expecting a decision to be made on your application within the next one to two months. At this stage there has not been an announcement by the Minister with respect to a change to the Critical Skills List processing arrangements. Until an announcement is made I am unable to advise what implications this may have on your application Kind Regards, General Skilled Migration Brisbane I want to ask you guys what is routine processing. Does that mean they are checking the authenticity of my documentation? Does that imply they are going to clear the CSL backlog before July? Thanks for your kindly opinions!:biggrin:
  20. Hi Thought I would let you know that following the update on SA website I sent them an e-mail yesterday asking them to carry on processing my application. Here is the reply I got. Please respond to: gsm.sa@state.sa.gov.au Thank you for your e-mail. All applications for revisit are being placed into the Off-shore revisit processing queue from date when the Immigration SA office receives/received all supporting documents. When Immigration SA resumes Off-shore processing of 475 and 176 sponsorship applications, these applications will be processed in the order of date received for revisit. Please regularly check Immigration SA for updated information: Make The Move :: Requirements for State sponsorship Also the DIAC website: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/whats-new.htm Regards Program Support Officer, General Skilled Migration Thought I would share this with you all. Jules:hug:
  21. Hi All, We sent our paper based vetassess application form off early last week so was just wondering if anyone knows how long they norm take to come back with a result? I know they have received it as they have taken the money off my credit card!! We are just both so anxious!! Thanks in advance Danielle and MJ
  22. Hear is the reply i got from the BBC after i complained about the new series of wanted down under they avent a clue read on folks Dear Mr ? Thanks for your e-mail regarding 'Wanted Down Under'. I understand that you feel the third series of this programme has shown a decline in quality and you feel that the information being given out is misleading to the point of influencing people not to migrate. I can assure you that this definitely isn't the intention of the programme and that the team are still trying to accurately reflect the prospect, preparation and decision making of emigrating. Inevitably, the experiences of those in the programme won't be the same as those watching at home as issues like this are unlikely to the same across the board but we do try and offer as broad a range of examples and experiences as possible. I appreciate that this issue is of much importance to you as someone who is involved in the emigration process and I have registered your concerns on our audience log. This is a daily report of audience feedback that's circulated to many BBC staff, including members of the BBC Executive Board, channel controllers and other senior managers. We're committed to developing better links with you, our audience, to further enhance our understanding of your viewing needs and the audience logs are seen as important documents that can help shape decisions about future programming and content. Finally, I've attached an invitation from the Head of Audience Services asking you to participate in our survey. We would welcome your views on the service you have received. Thanks once again for taking the time to contact the BBC. Regards BBC Complaints __________________________________________
  23. Hi all I received this reply Dear Mr H Thank you for your email in relation to your visa application under Australia's General Skilled Migration program. As a case officer has requested health checks for your family and it is state nominated we MIGHT consider processing this application. The time of processing is likely to be related to when the health checks expire and as they don,t expire until October next year then it MIGHT be a long time before any more processing if any happens. If you read the following policy statement you will hopefully understand the reason for my answer. The Department is processing applications according to Ministerial Direction No. 42 - Order of consideration - certain Skilled Migration visas. The Department anticipates that a small number of State sponsored non-CSL applications will be finalised this program year. Finalisations will focus on applications where health and character checks have been requested by the case officer. I must re-iterate that there are no guarantees on allocation of or decision on your application. Yours sincerely, R Butler for General Skilled Migration Department of Immigration and Citizenship Has anyone had a similar reply to this and what does 'MIGHT' mean and 'any more processing, if any'........ Can anyone shed any light on this.:confused: Many thanks Helen x
  24. Hi All got this reply from Ministers assistant, doesn`t give us much hope, Just the same drivel as on DIAC website. See what you thlnk.
  25. Hi all I am new to PIO and as the title says we are awaiting the result of our application for 176 sponsorship. We were lucky enought to squeeze our application in before the 30th deadline and have been sent our email receipt and are now just awaiting the result. I now have a couple of questions that I hope people that have already been through this process can answer! Firstly how do you find out if the visa has been granted, was it an email or just through the normal post? Also I dont know how other people get on but I find the DIAC website a little hard to navigate around and find the answers to my questions so have been interested to find out about validation etc from this forum, can anyone point me in the direction were they get this from or is it included with the visa grant? Hopefully we wont have to wait too long for our reply and im sure I wont be a stranger to this forum in the meantime. Thanks Kate