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Found 19 results

  1. Hi guys, Anyone have any experience with the above? Would really appreciate any recommendations/warnings!! Kate
  2. Hello, Family and I are coming over to Melbourne on the 17th January and we are looking for some fully furnished accommodation for about 4-6 weeks. I have a couple of places we maybe able to rent, however nothing is confirmed yet so I wanted to see if anybody can recommend anywhere. It will be for 3 adults and one child (11 months old) so we are looking for a 2/3 bedroom property. We are looking for anything along the Mornington Peninsula as that’s where we would like to live long term. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Hayley, James, Elsie and Bella. ps It also has to be pet friendly as we have a dog.
  3. Dorsetgirl1

    Tax on Uk rented property

    We have a property that is rented out in the UK - do we still have a tax free allowance in the UK if we are on a 457 visa? I will be working in Australia. Anyone have experience of what to do? Thanks
  4. Hi. We are very stressed at the moment just wondered if any of you can help us. We are flying out to Perth on the 5th January to start our new life. We are coming out on a student visa. We have rented out our house and we have a couple of other properties we rent out. I have been told to get in touch with Inland Revenue to advise them we are going overseas so that we can get ex-pat registration Number so we dont get taxed in the UK and would Australia Tax us on these properties even though we are on a Temporary Visa???? :arghh: Your help and advise would be very much appreciated.
  5. Retired couple from the UK visiting family in Melbourne require furnished accommodation for 6--12 months. South Melbourne--St.Kilda areas preferred.
  6. We have had our house up for sale now for 2 years, had lots of viewers and already reduced our price. Hubby has his PR Spouse visa, validated Jan 09, so it really is the house that is holding us back. Why is it not selling, you ask?? Well our village has gone from being a working fishing village to a village full of pensioners who have bought holiday homes, pushed up prices so local people families cannot afford to buy. Also these people want sea and harbour views. We are in the middle of the village with none of these. We are now considering renting out our house and move. It seems the most sensible idea as hubby would keep his same job (oil rigs) so have good monthly wages, have savings to pay for flights etc, and money to start up. We are just worried/scared about being so far away if there were problems. Always wanted to get to Oz with no ties back here and all of our money (everything paid) so we could buy and feel settled. How have you managed it? Did you keep it up for sale with tenants? Were you lucky with tenants? What happened if there were problems? When you eventually sold was it easy to organise? Did you have to come back to finalise? Really just thinking out loud as we haven't been to see anyone about it yet - hubby not home just now. It would be great if you could share your experiences. Mandy
  7. Hello there, we arrive in Brissy on 17 April and willbe staying with family initially. We then want to rent somewhere furnished as we think we will just put our shipping into storage when it arrives so that when we eventually buy we have to just move it once. Is this feasible do you think? We will need a rented house as we have a one year old - so not an apartment ideally. Can you get furnished places? Or would we be better having our shipping delivered? We would like to buy asap, but this will depend on jobs and getting settled etc. Really worried about all this, what to do for the best! Any advice appreciated.
  8. Hi - has anyone recently bought their contents insurance and got a good quote? There are so many companies and sitting filling in their online forms is taking forever - cant find a comparison site like we used to get in Britain!!! The place we are renting is s**t security wise, no burglar alarm, no fancy locks, just smoke alarms which will probs push the price up Would appreciate any info , thanks all
  9. Hi Guys, We hopefully will move into rented accommodation within the next month as we should complete on our house. I was just wondering what happens to council tax when you rent ? and if you only sign a rental for 6 months do the council have to take account of that ? - Hopefully its an easy question for those who have done this already.
  11. Que Sera Sera

    Has anyone ever rented in the UK?

    Hi all, if the house sale goes through,fingers crossed and all that, we will have to rent a property here in the uk until our Visa comes through. Now I have some questions as I have never done this before. If we sign a lease and our visa comes halfway through ie we sign for 6 months and the visa comes in 4, are we tied to 6 months or can we leave with say a months notice ? Some of the houses we have our eye on have been to let for quite a while empty. Does that mean we can haggle with the price of the rent, or is that just not done? Any help greatly appreciated!:yes:
  12. When we move to Oz we are going to rent our current home in the UK out, if after 2 years we decide to stay we will then (fingers crossed) sell it and buy in Oz. In the mean time we are planning on renting. I have never lived in rented accomodation before so i was just wondering if you can ever feel really settled and at home in a rented house? I have friends who have rented some beautiful, clean properties so i know there are lovely homes out there. But i was wondering if renting makes you feel even less settled when making such a big move? Many thanks Emma x
  13. Hi We have just been granted our visa 175 wooo hoo. But only been given less than 6 months to get over to either live or validate. (very doubtful we would sell the house in that time scale) we are looking into releasing capital from our property to fund the move and renting out our house in the UK for a year to hopefully then sell and buy in Australia. Sorted out the mortgage and loan details. The deciding factor would be how much CGT or any other tax we would have to pay on the property when we sell it. And I would be REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL to hear from anyone who has actually been through the process or spoken to someone 'official' about this ( I have read lots of articles and had advice but its always best to hear from someone who has actually been there got the T-shirt!!!!) Dont want to be in the position of losing something silly like 40% off the profit of the house,!! Many Thanks Julie
  14. Hi all, Sorry I havn't been on for a while but have problems with my computer and have been in Turkey! Just borrowed my friends for 5 mins! Wanted to let you know that after a lot of thought we decided to rent the house out. The nest day we had someone have a look and he has said yes and is moving in on 10th June, so we are going to stay in one of my Father in laws houses, which is empty at the mo and Richard (my OH) has just fitted new kitchen, bathroom, carpets the works, so not bad as we won't pay rent either. The guy may want to buy the house after 18 months...............Keep fingers crossed. To add to our good news the guy who is renting has nothing, just split from his wife and moving in with the girlfriend.........lol So he has offered £3000 for all our furniture! Of course we bit his hand off. So come September 2nd all we need to do is get packed and get on that plane! Sorry if I don't reply to you but as I said still have no computer. Speak soon April xxxxxxxxx
  15. Mu husband has suddenly lost all his patience and now wants to re-mortgage and rent the house as we don't think it will sell in time, but apparently rentals are in high demand. I am worried about it being the proverbial chain around our necks though. I have visions of our currently immaculate house being wrecked or not very good for selling 2 years down the line and as it will still be our property, we will still need to maintain it. I don't care what new owners do to our house because we won't own it, but with tenants we will have to deal with whatever they decide to do to it. I wanted the house off our hands, but now I'm starting to think what is likely to break down in the next 2 years. Has anyone else been through this? Can you please either put my mind at rest or let me know the worst that can happen. I don't know whether to :arghh: or :cry: at the moment. It's easy enough for him to say, but I'm the one who has to sort it all out.
  16. We finally moved out of our lovely house on Tuesday. We completed yesterday and the new people have moved in. We put our house on market assuming it would take months and months to sell but sold in 2 days. People moving in were in rented so there was no chain and they wanted us out before Xmas as baby on way. I spent 2 days cleaning only to find they moved in yesterday and were cleaning. I have broken a nail, cut my finger, eaten lots of chocolate and spent most of my week on phone to BT and Tiscali who are both as useless as each other as well as carried on delivering parcels everyday. :arghh: We are now in rented until 28 May 08 and hoping that we might possibly hear something before then. We really are not sure if we are in the right position or not. In rented, had no receipt, acknowledgement or CO. Our Visa was lodged 29 August so we must be one of the 30,000 still patiently waiting and just finding any old excuse to ring agent. Not online either (at work at mo) as BT stupidly cancelled our Broadband order the day after we set it up and laid the blame at my feet. Bu**ers. We now have to wait another week before it is up and running but have been given a free BT Vision box? OH seems happy bout that. So I am really missing PIO and hope that you are all fine and lots of people having their Visas granted, receiving receipts and acknowledgements and COs. Lost that sense of excitement that I last had when made a Senior member on here. Claire :sad:
  17. NasherX

    Internet in rented property?

    Is ADSL/Broadband readily available in rented properties? If not how did you go about getting on the net. Will find it hard going if we have to keep nipping out to Internet Cafe's. Cheers Neil
  18. Hi there, We are the Taylor family, currently waitin to sell house (not shifting, markets slow) anyway our dates to be in Oz June 7th so we have to activate our visa's before then. We are goin over for three weeks in April, so looking for accommodation, family of 4. It's hard to get furnished accommodation but if anyone knows of anyone who rents out furnished properties in Melbourne could you let us know, it would be greatly appreciated. We are lookin for around - Point Cook, Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and surrounding areas, I suppose we cant be too fussy. Anyway a friend also told me about 'house sittin' when I looked into this couldnt believe how popular it is, so anyone over there also knows of anyone who needs this, we would even consider looking into this. Dates we will be Australia -8th April-29th April Any info is greatly appreciated. LindT The Taylor Family
  19. Hi Anyone recently arrived? (going by the forum - there should be a few of you early 06) Let us know how you got on with initial renting/accomodation and the costs. Did you use Pominsperth or an alternative site, or even book before you left. Which region have you settled in and how did you come to that choice? How are your family and kids taking it? No doubt its HOT ! 8)