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Found 17 results

  1. Adrian111184

    SkillSelect: Recent Wk Exp req removed?

    Hey Everybody! Just Registered here, can't believe the wealth of info I've found on here! Anyhoo, my question was this: The news is that the DIAC has removed the Recent Work Experience (12/24) requirement. Now from this I'm not sure what conclusion to draw. Does this mean that if you've got the required work experience it doesn't have to have been in the immediately preceding 2 years(thus, not recent), or does it do away with the work experience requirement altogether, which would allow freshers to apply? :err: Also is this only for the Visa bit, or is it for the Skills assessment? <--Probably a stupid question, ey? :biggrin:
  2. It has been annonced that certain occupations have reached their planning limit for this year and have now been removed from the SSML. 221112 - Management Accountant 232412 - Illustrator 233612 - Petroleum Engineer 272511- Social Worker 331213 – Joiner 411213 - Dental Technician State Migration Plan South Australia :: Make The Move
  3. OH is currently filling out 176 visa application online, he had points on his licence which have now been removed.. On the form the question is Have you or any other person in this application, ever been convicted of a crime or offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)? Does anybody know does he need to include this information or does he leave blank; is this considered a crime/offence?
  4. Hi All, We are in Adelaide on 176 visa. We came in March, and it's been 5 months but have not able to find a job till date. We are really worried now. Do anybody here have any idea whether there is any chance of removal of 2yrs work and live condition on 176 visa, if yes what's the process? Waiting for suggestions. Regards
  5. Hi all just been on SA web,they up dated and removed 4 more occupations,that have reached the quota.
  6. Hi everybody, Plant/Production Engineer in not currently on the MODL abut it was on the CSL when the issues its first version. The slashed the CSL after a while and took out some occupations, but not the Plant/Production Engineer occupation, so it is still there on the list. Do you think that this occupation will also be there in the new MODL which is due to be announced? Thanks for letting me know your opinions, siAvAsh
  7. Hi All, Statement copied from May 12th update - "Note, that under the priority arrangements, fewer trades-level occupations will be granted a visa in 2009–10." Is the above statement pointing to trades which are already there in CSL, or the ones which were removed from CSL on March 16th update ? Hope DIAC is going to review CSL after July 1st and add some more trade occupations in it.... Please could someone give me any information on this... Cheers Ausdrmz:confused:
  8. kellyjamie

    removed form SA list

    Hi guys not sure if this has already been posted? apologies if ive repeated info kelly x Changes to Program Processing Times The following processing times will apply to existing and new Sponsorship Applications: Permanent Sponsorship Applications: 4 weeks Provisional Sponsorship Applications: 6 – 8 weeks Concessional English Program The Concessional English Program has been temporarily suspended while this program is under review. This means that this concession will not be available and Immigration SA will not be accepting sponsorships under this provision until further notice. Any changes or updates will be published on this website. All applications submitted on-line before 1 April 2009 will continue to be processed under this provision. Note that applications that have already been submitted on-line and supporting documents received by Immigration SA before 31 May 2009 will continue to be processed. Sponsorship Occupation Lists Due to planning levels being achieved, one occupation has been removed from the Permanent Sponsorship list and will no longer be available for sponsorships. ASCO Occupation 4931-11 Hairdresser The following occupations have been removed from the Provisional Sponsorship list: ASCO Occupation 1191-11 Construction Project Manager 2113-17 Biochemist 2113-79 Life Scientists (nec) 2114-19 Agricultural Scientist 2114-21 Agricultural Advisor 2293-13 Statistician 2299-11 Health Information Manager 2529-79 Social Professionals (nec) 4931-11 Hairdresser Revised requirement for Accountants 2211-11 – Available for Permanent and Provisional State Sponsorships **2211-11 Accountant IELTS score of 7 overall (with at least 6.0 in EACH band) AND 3 years work experience as an Accountant
  9. Hi Everyone I want to join a hairdressing course in oz and apply to work in oz on PR afterwards. I am aware that it is likely to be taken off the MODL, but will it lose any more than 15 points? As it stands I would pass if it carried a minimum of 50 points. I know that nothing is garunteed, but i would appreciate any opinions on what might happen in the future since i wont be starting the course until next year, and then it will be another 2 years before i apply. Also i understand that with it not being on the CSL it wont be a priority for processing, so what would happen in between me qualifying, and gaining PR? would i have to return to the UK or is there some sort of rule that you can stay and work while it is being considered? I am worried that my partner will not be allowed over. We have been living together for the last 12 months but our history is patchy as we have been living between spain and UK. What kind of proof will we need, as we lack documentation. thanks for any advice, sorry for the long winded post x
  10. Hello We were allocated a case ofice Thursday last week for a 175 visa with job on the CSL. We had already submitted meds an police checks, and the C/O had just requested 1 further peice of info ( a copy if my daughters passport page) we scanned this across on the same day. Now we have received news that my skill has now been taken off the CSL does this now mean that the case officer drops our case or do you think theres chance that as we have been allocated we may sneak in ?? Anothr sleepless night aheadi think !!:arghh:
  11. Hi, could someone please tell me if the trades that have just been taken off the CSL recently been put onto the MODL or have they been taken off all skills lists. Just trying to get my head round if we shall have a really long wait or an indefinite one! Many Thanks
  12. mr luvpants

    Hairdressing being removed?

    I have heard a rumour that Hairdressing may be removed from the MODL. Anyone know anything about this? JOHN
  13. Hi ive just been reading through Australia and NZ magazine and it lists jobs that have been removed from the state sponsorship list - marketing specialist being one of them (which is what i am). ive already applied for my visa does this mean i wont get in??? or is this for all future applications??? does anyone know/ been through a similar situation or know where i can find our for sure? thanks for any advice J:notworthy:

    occupations removed sol list

    There seems to be a great number of occupations removed from sol list will this have a big impact on visas
  15. hi every one, this was put on British Expats forum by Alan Collett, it doesnt sound good , any views guys marknhelen
  16. In an unexpected announcement affecting skilled migration to Australia, the body that assesses the competencies of most trade skills occupations (Trades Recognition Australia) has announced the removal of the assessment pathway for those who do not have qualifications. Go Matilda - Your Gateway to Australia - News Best regards.
  17. Hi Guys!:shocked: What happens when your trade is removed from the MODL??? Our independent 136 Visa App was acknowledged back in June when they said a CO should be appointed in 6 weeks (any day now??) but in spite of that delay our application would be verified, etc., & would proceed as if CO had been appointed then! Whatever that means!! However, OH's trade has JUST been REMOVED from Most in Demand List! How can they not give at least a head's up, or month's notice - imagine you've submitted your TRA yesterday, you're gonna waste $$ getting assessed for a job no longer in demand, which could mean one not having enuf points for Visa App! :huh: That's not fair?! Any advice? Herbster - Felling a bit grumpy! :unsure: