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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone! we are hoping to move out in a year or so (depending on court situation) i have two kids from previous relationship both under four. They see their dad on average every 25 days for a few hours over two days- he lives four hours away down south (chose to move away when we split when youngest was two months- two years ago) i am putting together a pack to go and see solicitor in next couple of weeks to seek leave to remove from jurisdiction. in my pack i was going to include: LOCATION EDUCATION HEALTHCARE ACCOMODATION SELF-SUPPORT INFO ABOUT MY NOW HUSBAND CHILDRENS RELATIONSHIP WITH STEP FATHER MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS IN UK CONTACT is there anything else i should include? these are just sub-headings obviously would go into detail about city, house, potential school, jobs etc. just want to add i'm an Oz citizen as are kids, and my parents and sister are also emigrating! we're all moving back!!! does anyone have any suggestions about what else i should include?! thank you!
  2. Yep, here's a technology that doesn't require any medication, needles, or surgery at all. Click to find out... http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/future-is-now/cool-sculpting-freeze-fat-off-love-handles-160008116.html So, which one of you is going for it??? :biggrin:
  3. Hi All, I am joining the ranks of some of you who are currently are going through this process. I know I've got a fight on my hands and so wish I didn't. I have found some of the posts on here really encouraging and helpful but I am still unsure of the general likelihood of success. I am not going to Aus as I am Canadian and want to go back to my Dad.. The things I have got going for my case are: 1.The children have some anxiety but ultimately want to go they are 13 and 9 2.My Father has offered the family business to us..its successful (grossed 100k Canadian dollars last year), we are currently on the poverty line (low income) in UK and receiving legal aid for our case. 3. My father has offered to help out with buying a house. This would be great as we currently rent privately and through no fault of our own have had to move 3 times in 4 years causing disruption to the kids schooling. 4. Family support, My mum is in Aus, sister and Dad & extended family in Canada, no family in UK... 5. Canada is ranked 2 this year in the quality of life thingy (Aus is 1st) so prospects all round are good. 6. I have done my utmost to facilitate a positive relationship with my kids and their dad. It was pretty much plain sailing for 5 years with the odd hiccup. They see him every other weekend, and a few extra days here and there. I have even supported the relationship financially by providing food and fuel money so he could honour his visitation right. 7. Me and my children are all Canadian citizens 8. My eldest is already in Canada living with my Dad doing his A'levels (since Sept 11) 9. I have offered to help out with the cost of visits, booking flights and he can pay me back, providing accommodation (mobile home) if he comes to Canada...etc etc. Things going against me 1. My middle daughter (12) chose recently to live with her dad, all going well and she fully understands that she can come back or with us anytime. I see her every other weekend and most of the holidays. She is excited by holidays in Canada but I'm worried that the court will look at this as a negative for us to go. This was all arranged without the need for a formal arrangement. I have full residency of all the children. 2. Contact stopped from 2009 until late 2010 as The dad was accused by one of his other kids of assault, (he was arrested for assault of me and my mother, we dropped the charges) my daughter was there (not in room) and this combined with other factors (history of alcohol abuse) made me exercise my parental right and stop contact until my fears were allayed. For reasons out of my control he did not instruct a solicitor until Feb/march 2010. As soon as he had tests done to prove he was not drinking overnight contact was resumed (without intervention of the court). 3. He loves to sling mud and cause strife (its been hard maintaining a positive relationship). Before he had PR (like 7 years ago) I changed the kids names to my maiden name without consulting him. I wouldn't agree to pR at first as he said he wanted it to prevent me from returning to Canada (this was not even mentioned by me as an intention at the time) and was very controlling of me and my actions (boyfriend). He also refused to pay child maintenance, he is long term unemployed and when he has had a job he is in arreas with child maintenance of £1000, this puts him off getting another job. 4. He wants to drag this out..The children have told him that they want to go he is not listening to them, this is causing them to feel guilty about their desire to go. 5. He has a lovely 3 bed council house in a chocolate box village..(he has rent arrears though). I am still clinging on to the hope that the children might make him come round. We have discussed it many times and tried to get him to see the damage it does to the kids when we the parents can't find a way forward. :unsure:
  4. Hi, read this on another thread and thought people may find it of interest. SA have removed some occuaptions from their skills list. State Migration Plan South Australia :: Make The Move Just to note it clearly states that even those applications that have been submitted with all documentation will NOT be processed. Best wishes to all.
  5. Hi, i'm new to this forum but in desperate need of some advice, morale boost! Basically my husband is an Australian national, we have been married for 3 years, together for 7 and have 2 children together. I also have 2 children from previous relationships. My eldest child's father (he has never had any contact) has agreed to sign the 1227? consent form. My son's (age 11) father i'm sure will be a different kettle of fish altogether. He is basically a controlling bully. He decided to drop contact with my son 6 years ago, a year after we split up. Before he dropped contact he saw him every sat, and gave me sporadic maintainence payments (depending on how he felt, if I had a boyfriend etc). We were never married and he has no PR order and never wanted one. The high commission have told me that I need his consent or a court order to remove my son from the UK (even though in British Law I have full PR). I have found a solicitor and think it best that we use her to contact my ex and ask for his permission and i'm still scared of him and his unreasonable behaviour. My son thinks of his step-dad as his father and has no re-collection of his father any more. Basically i'm worried about this whole situation (many sleepless nights). My solicitor is drafting a letter to the father asking for his consent. I'm worried that i'm about to open Pandora's box, dragging the whole horrid relationship up again and worried that he'll enjoy having some power over my families' future happiness. I'm wondering how the court will look at his rights if he decides to contest to me taking my son to Australia. Will take my ex's feelings into account even though he hasn't bothered to make contact for 6 years? If it goes to court will my son be interviwed? He's only about 50/50 to going. He used to be very keen but is a worrier (like his mother). A 'great' neighbour of ours decided to tell him about poisenous spiders so now he's not keen on going at all! I'm also worried that this could cost us up to £8,000 and end up gettig us no where. Any advice or morale support would be great, and sorry for such a long first post!
  6. hello i am fairly new to this forum thing - myself and my husband are trying to migrate to oz and we are submitting our aqf application next week - i have 4 children 2 from a previous relationship. i moved from england to northern ireland 4 years with which i had to go through a horrible court case but was allowed to do so! just wondered if any one has migrated or about to who has gone through this and whether it was easy or difficult to get it sorted. i at present do not live to any close family and my sister and niece live in brisbane - where i am going - also my best friend!! please help!! :arghh:
  7. Hi there, wondered if anyone else is in this situation / has been through this and can you advise how things turned out for you? Situation: Currently have a leave to remove application in to the courts in the UK to remove 3 kids to migrate. Going through Cafcass etc at the moment. I have perm skilled visa, my son has visa, twin girls dont have visas yet but will do as soon as the court gives permission which I have been advised that it is likely that they will. Father is opposing removal hence the courts involvement. Father is insisting that should we be successful in the application he wants the kids to fly back to the UK as "often as possible" - at my expense of course. I have suggested that I pay to fly him out and he comes to stay with us, thats then all as cheap as possible for everyone and he comes to see the kids in their home. Now I think I am being really reasonable. I can see why he might not want to stay in my house and tbh I would rather he didnt, however I genuinely think its the best for the kids to stay put and for him to do the travelling and jet lag etc, kids are 6 and 2 and 2 so it seems really unfair to make them go back and forth. I dont have any family or any reason whatsoever to come back here so I am really hoping that the courts dont order that we have to do this. I am british but want to migrate permanently and settle without going backwards and forwards for years to come. In case it matters, he left me after having an affair, he broke up the family and prevented us from going to oz, he has the same visa expiring at the same time as mine, so could come with us but just doesnt want to. So I am just doing on my own what we were going to do as a family. My question really is, what contact arrangements have courts ordered for anyone else? Or what works for other families? I am looking for sensible suggestions that have worked before to put forward so that I can be as reasonable and sensible as possible without having to enforce the kids to fly back "as often as possible!" Has anyone else been in this situation, how do things work for you? Thank you very much for any replies, trying to resolve this as best I can and there dont seem to be too many people been through it! Kind regards Stephanie
  8. Hi, just wondered if we can get our son removed from our 175 visa? He was 17 when lodged, now hes 18 and probably be 19 when we go. He works FT now and has a long term girlfriend and he said he dosn't want to go. So has anyone done this and how do i go about doing it? I am with an agent Go Matilda but its been over a month ive asked about this and no one has replied to my emails!! Thanks gillian
  9. I have today received a request for further information, which is what I expected. The letter covered the usual request for Medical Reports and Police clearence etc... However there is also a request to provide a vaild court order to prove we have the legal right to remove our son from the UK??? I am baffled by this request as both myself and my husband (main applicant) are on his birth certificate and we are the natural parents. Has anyone else ever had this request? If so... how do I go about getting a court order? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  10. HI guys, can someone please advise. I am about to speak to the ex regarding taking my son to oz is there a standard stat dec i can get from somewhere myself or do i have to obtain it from a lawyer? our agent does have a copy but we have yet to pay our full deposit so we cant get it from the agent yet and i would rather we get it over and done with many thanks kelly