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Found 6 results

  1. debbie13

    Remind me why I'm doing this

    Ok, whist I am excited about moving over to Eatons Hill just after the new year, I'm recently finding myself to be very teary and sad about what I am leaving behind- namely my family. I feel like I am the one tearing the family apart, taking my children away from their grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins - maybe it's just the festive season adding to the heartache:confused:. Someone please remind me about the positives in regards to moving to Oz
  2. Guest

    Things that remind you of Oz

    So you have done a reccie or been on holiday to Oz and want to live out there. Whats the biggest thing that has stuck in your mind that has reminded you of Oz? Mine was this.....I pulled up in a petrol station in QLD and there were wagons of fresh pineapples waiting to be driven off to their new homes, the smell was unbelievable! Ive never smelt pineapple like it! the only thing i smell here when i pull up in a petrol station is...........Petrol!Whats yours!
  3. Been out today and made a video of where we live.. My brother went to Sydney eight years ago and has not been back since.. We have been to oz a coule of times and seen him but its not the same for him.. Money wise he couldnt afford to come back to the uk (Didnt say home!) so today i have done a video of our town.. Where we grew up, where we lived, where our mam lives (Moved house since he was here), new shops, old shops, new buildings etc that didnt exist when he was here.. The fundamental reason of the video was to prove that life go's on and nothing is the same.. Places change, people move on it is never like you remember hence the ping pongers.. (Those who leave oz thinking they missing something, move back to the uk then head back to oz). I would hate for them to spend a fortune they dont have to move back to the uk only to want to move to oz again.. Also when we we move which will be pretty soon i hope, we can look at the video once in oz and remind ourselfs that it is only a place and home is where you make it. Finally watching the video it was a laugh a mintue with really funny running commentry and im so pleased i did it... Anyone done anything simillar, and what have you guys done to make things easier in oz. Best wishes Chris
  4. Guest

    Remind me please!

    someone PLEASE remind me about all the good things about living in Oz.... been reading too much negative stuff and as we are in the final stages of waiting for our visa.. I want to feel POSITIVE about all this hard work, research and effort we have put into emigrating. I should know what i'm doing by emigrating to Perth, have been there for several long visits over the last 20 years.... pretty certain o/h and I are doing the right thing for us and our 3 very young kids...we have jobs to go to, plenty of friends etc... but with quite a few poms returning it cant all be about homesickness surely? :confused: HELP ME .... MAKE ME LAUGH, SMILE AND GET EXCITED AGAIN!!! thanks xx :hug:
  5. Good afternoon all from a very wet Heywood For those about to leave us ( jammy sods ) and everyone else thats left for the time being then i think the following should be read. I think i posted this last April as a reminder but as it's near April again read on...... Well it's getting close to that time of year for us in the UK to enter a New Financial year. Yes April is fast approaching and i thought now was as good a time as ever to remind you about checking your P60. Last year 2007 / 2008 friend of mine reclaimed tax he had paid in the 2002/2003 period. I asked him how and i was amazed at the simplicity of it all. Here's how........ Everyone who pays tax gets a P60 at the end of the financial tax year outlining their income and tax paid for that year. I for some reason seem to have every P60 since i started work ( sad i know ) and thus began my search. I came across the following website of which i have no connection with but find it a very useful tool to use, CLICK HERE. On the left hand side you will see three boxes for you to enter the details directly from your P60. When you click the calculate button, making sure it's the correct year you will be informed as to whether you are entitled to a refund. Here's the bit you need to be careful with though, it will then ask you to fill in your details as they will claim on your behalf but they don't do it for nothing, they take a cut of your repayment so do the following. How do i claim it back then ? Easy, simply print off the details and ring the following phone number 08459 000 444 this number is to the Inland Revenue and they will be able to confirm if the refund details are correct. Ask them for your Tax Office where you can send them a brief letter explaining you are reclaiming a refund and also enclose your original P60, you will get this back. Last year i claimed a Grand total of £1250.50 for 2003/04 and £369.53 for 2006/07 as i was on the wrong codes. I contacted the Tax Office and they confirmed that the figures were correct and 4 weeks later i received a lovely cheque back from the treasury. On another note you can claim back a laundry allowance for your work wear provided the company logo is emblazoned somewhere upon the garment. I successfully managed to claim this back after sending a letter confirming the company details of where i was employed to my local tax office. At the time of writing the allowance is currently at £45 per year but you can claim for the last 6 years worth, please check with your company that the allowance has not already been applied to your tax code. For a " Beginners Guide to Tax " visit the Governments website Here http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/MoneyTaxAndBenefits/Taxes/BeginnersGuideToTax/index.htm?cids=Google_PPC&cre=Money Come on guys check your P60's if it's only 1 pence due back claim it.
  6. Come on then, I've had a rare moment of doubt. I'm about to collate all of the evidence required for TRA and I'm confident that we'll get accross without too much hassle...but why? Why do I want to go to the other side of the world? How will my family benefit from living in Oz? What is so bad about UK and so good about Oz? I don't suppose I'm the only one that needs reassuring that I'm doing the right thing. Perhaps in a few weeks time when the winter has taken hold and I'm stuck indoors with nothing but Coronation St and Eastenders in the background, I'll not need to ask such daft questions!