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Found 13 results

  1. Sunset

    Medical Cannabis

    The mother of an eight-year-old girl who suffers up to 100 seizures a day has opened up about the heartbreaking struggle she faces - between breaking the law or watching her child die. Yvonne Cooper has called on the federal government in a last-ditch attempt for her daughter Sienna to have access to medicinal cannabis to treat her condition. And the risk of death from one of these seizures are so great, the family, from Lake Heights, south of Wollongong NSW, are preparing for the worst. Is it time the drug was legalised here and around the world to help those in suffering?
  2. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with a query. I am hoping to return to Australia, specifically Perth next October, on a second working holiday maker visa. I have a BA in theatre and a PGCE in primary teaching with QTS and will have completed 4 years in a primary school when I arrive. I know all about getting my teacher number but wondered if it is worth doing it? Will i be able to find a job? I am completely happy with supply/relief teaching but would need a steady supply of this! Would I be better off looking outside Perth?! Thanks for any help and advice! x :-)
  3. Ooo err... http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=439x882072 And some lickul animals... http://t.co/NLsQAVL
  4. kaztin

    Decision made, such relief!

    I posted here in Oct 2010, confused as to whether to return to UK. Quick recap, me & hubby been here 5 yes, no kids, 3 dogs, good jobs, nice home and lifestyle and have citizenship. But so miss our families and friends and after much soul searching we have decided to begin planning our return. It has v little to do with Australia itself as it's a lovely place and has been v kind to us. But for us, as the years tick by, it's just not worth the isolation from everything we hold dear in England. I want to spend time with my Mum(88yrs old), and our treasured friends. For us the feelings have crept up over time but now we can't shake the feelings of just wanting to return. Slightly awkward situation fo us, hubby in army - stuck till Oct 2013! We may be able to negotiate Jan 2013, and I guess in the scheme of things it's ok to have this time to plan our return and continue to see as much of Aus as we can (already travelled every state except WA!) so I feel so relieved, cried a lot, feel so much more content and I don't think I realized how stressed I was! I'm going on hols 3 June to visit my family & friends in UK ( booked long before this decision) so I can bring our good news home! Anyone in the same dilemma as ours ( and there seem to be many) making the decision is the hardest step. I have found this forum generally v supportive and no doubt over the next 2 years will be asking your valuable advice. At this point I just wanted to share our news :biggrin: Cheers, Karen......very happy indeed!
  5. Any Foo Fighter fan ex pats out there who are in Brisbane or would travel there to see this great event? I have one going as my friend has let me down. Be great to find an ex pat for it to go to! I am also looking for some fans to enjoy the gig with so is anyone going or can you put me in-touch with anyone who is? Thanks guys
  6. 2tigers

    Comic Relief

    Sat watching Comic Relief and once again, year after year, us Brits make a difference to poor and vulnerable people across the UK and Africa..... proud to be British :em3600: My neice sat here and told me she wanted to give her pocket money to help children see, its so nice to see empathy start so young :cute:
  7. Guest

    Let's dance for sport relief

    Anybody watching this? Not sure if this is my favourite...... [YOUTUBE]kfpCXP14blw[/YOUTUBE]
  8. Linda Irvine

    What a relief!

    Lodged our RSMS application early December, heard yesterday we have been approved! Our agent is also thrilled with the result as they say it's been much harder to convince DIAC of exceptional circumstances lately (ours was our age, being over 50). Still sinking in! After over 2 years of limbo we can now make plans and really settle down. We'd like to thank everyone on this site who have supported us through doubts and ups and downs!:hug:
  9. Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy Hi there, Finally some better news for those looking to convert those very stale UK pounds tucked away in the corner of one of those big (but not as big as they used to be) UK banks. Some relatively good economic news out of the UK, including headlines that Lloyds were planning to exit the asset protection scheme. This is seen as a positive step. UK unemployment data came out better than expected and UK house prices are looking like stabilising. All in a week’s work. All positive signs and the UK pound had a good week against the $US, clawing its way back to some sort of respectability, from 1.58 to 1.64. The Australian dollar did not fare so well. Although the Aussie did appreciate against the US dollar, it did lose most of its gains late in the week as the markets decided to get nervous again. As for this week, I’m not really sure. I haven’t got that regular trend comfort blanket to hold onto. The ‘trend’ took a U turn last week, but, you get the feeling this recent blip is just that. While the ‘lucky country’ has in-demand commodities under its dusty soils and while there is telegraphed likelihood of further increases by the RBA to its official lending rate, the Australian dollar looks to remain well in demand. News out of the UK would have to remain consistently on the positive side for this most recent strength to continue, and I wouldn’t like to bet my last pound on that. GBP/AUD High’s & Low’s (Bid) of last week; High: 1.7750 Low: 1.7430 GBP/AUD Expected Range for the Week; High: 1.7950 Low: 1.7420 Click here to view GBP/AUD charts Talk to your currency provider today to best manage your currency needs. Kind regards, Jon Speedy Currency Online – Moving Money Made Easy
  10. Guest


    hi everyone, great to get that skills test out of the way (feb16), feels like a great weight has been lifted of my shoulders!!! all them nerves eating away for the last few weeks have finally gone. hope now its all good news, cos ive really had enough here!!! paul from leicester.:hug:
  11. Had an email over night to say that the company who have offered my OH a job have submitted their sponsorship and nomination paperwork. They haven't done a 457 before and obviously didn't realise the paperwork or the level of information involved, apparently the bits about the training and technological advancements threw them slightly as did the asco code. Anyway after lots of emails, me writing the job description and finding a suitable code (thanks to the agent Ian Harrop for his help as well) , hopefully we are finally there. So for anyone who is looking for a job on a 457 I would suggest that you make the employer aware as early on as possible of the sorts of things they will need to complete, it may even be a good idea to get them to look though the online application first which is what we should have done. So fingers crossed now we won't have to wait too long before we can submit our part...
  12. WHY !! OH WHY!!! DID NO ONE TELL ME HALF OF LONDON WAS CLOSED TODAY:arghh:. Thought we wud drive up to london, and go to History museum whilst waiting for Mark at the Expo!! Well we left 30mins later than planned which is fairly typical of us,,,, kids dressed themselves in unpractical outfits i spend an hour convincing them other wise, all in car before they've had a wee, ya know usual stuff but we should be ok still.....Well that was til we get to the Embankment, (where we were gonna park and jump on tube to museum) at 10:15 only to find its all barriered off and we cant bloody turn right at westminster to drive round to parliament square!!!!:arghh: No bloody warnings you cant turn right... oh no!! we all sat in a que to be forced across the bridge...only to throw a u-turn, narrowly missin some toff in his bentley doin the same thing, ...only to spot Mr :policeman: stopping the car behind us trying to do the same thing...Sorry Officer Sir! By this time its 10:45..(mark due at expo at 11/ 11:15). We managed to get round to museum but cos emankment has no parking it took 20 mins to find a space, as all the other rich sods have parked there bentley etcs every where else (previous exp, parking in london on sundays is fairly easy) so now its 11.10!!, and Mark and i are completely desperate for pee, ...yes i know we didnt go b4 we left!! So now trying not to do the 'i'm gonna wet my pants dance' down the road! Er ok 0 mins to...well... 'relieve ones self'...get on tube back to strand for expo, or forget the whole bloody thing and have a coffee and enjoy the museum. The Latter won!! So no Expo for Mark..Did have a fantastic day at museum though. arrived home at 7pm!!! (2hrs to get out of London:swoon:, 50 mins to get to Herne Bay) with some very tired and Hungry kiddies. Chinese takr away was yummy though!!! lol
  13. I sold my house today! :jiggy: After being on the market for eighteen months! After paying back my Dad, my sister, the solicitor, the estate agent, the overdraft and the credit card and then dealing with a terrible exchange rate, I'll be able to afford a small shed on a piece of land next to the local youth offenders facility and a mosquito swamp, but at least it will be sold! PLEASE keep your fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly.