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Found 9 results

  1. I'm in the process of Applying for my Skills Assessment by Engineers Australia including a Relevant Work Experience Assessment. On the Engineers Australia website, I've seen the excel spreadsheet which lists the summary work experience. However it also talks about having a more detailed "endorsed" document which should detail exact periods of work, specific duties etc. which needs to come on Company Headed paper. I'm lucky to have worked for the same employer for over 10 years and for a lot of that time I have worked predominently for one manager who is personally willing to assist me with a statement but i am reluctant to "officially" inform the personnel department by asking for a formal company statement until our Visa is either well underway or granted. Can anyone out there advise me on their experience of RWE statements or possibly share a copy of one? My specific queries are (a) typical content of a statement (b) who it needs to come from? I.e. does it need to come from the personnel department or can it come from a direct manager provided it is on headed paper? The company I work for is a large multi-national and we have little contact with the personnel department so the person writing the statement from personnel is unlikely to know me and will just copy facts from the Company payroll system etc. Your help much appreciated Ashley:hug:
  2. I am looking at what is deemed relevant work experience and note the department says: In determining whether an applicant’s skilled employment is closely related to their nominated occupation, the department will take into consideration the occupations within one unit group classified under Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (ANZSCO). I think this is quite a narrow interpretation as for instance in this country a probation officer must have a degree whilst under ANZSCO this occupation is classified at a diploma level therefore in looking at the skills level which someone is practicing is going to be potentially fraught. I worked within a drug team and although i demonstrated I had experience running a local drugs project i actually gained my skills assessment based on my probation officer work evidence. So as Drug and Alcohol Counsellor is in one unit group and probation officer is in another unit group I can forsee problems when it comes to having my employment experience assessed! Has anyone else faced similar difficulties or have a solution?:wubclub:
  3. Killie

    Relevant experience?!? NSW SS

    Hi there i found that on my visa application form(online)475 SS "Only past employment in occupations on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) is relevant." What does it mean cos on the scroll down menu was all occupations from all 4 SOL'S not just from one SOL, HELP PLEASE :err::err::err::err::err::err::err::err::mask::mask::mask::mask:
  4. Hi Good day I am gonna apply for Queens land sponsorship, Studying QLD required docs I saw this Made contact with the relevant licensing or registration body for your nominated occupation and met requirements to allow you to work in Queensland – www.immi.gov.au/asri I am a civil engineer and have already obtained EA positive skills assessment as a civil engineer, How would I satisfy given condition ?:eek: Regards :wubclub::hug:
  5. rockola57

    Relevant words in a song to you.

    What song lyric sums up how you feel now?Right now i have just finished work for a few days and keep hearing Elton John singing the line'Seven O'Clock and i wanna Rock,get a belly full of Beer!!!'Off out for a jar or t.....t.......ten tonight.:wink::wink:
  6. Hello forum-dwellers. New guy posting here wanting to get some tips and whatnot. So, the situation is: I have been as good as offered a job, and am having another telephone conversation with them in about 12 hours to discuss the finer points. The job sounds good and I am really keen on it, but I need to make sure that I ask the questions that I need to - and I have probably not thought of some things that may be rather pertinent. They will sponsor me, and their HR dept (it is a large research facility) will help deal with the visa application so that bit should be OK, and they made noises about putting my wife and I up for a bit while we find a place, and they'll pay for our flights. I've got to negotiate salary, find out contract length, find out about 'super', find out their timescale, but what else? Sounds like it'll be a 457 visa. I do have other questions, but may split them out into separate threads to avoid confusion. Any input much appreciated.
  7. Guest

    Relevant People

    Hi All This is Webbwebbies wife, never posted before . I was wondering what part of our "BIG BROTHER" Government do you have to inform about leaving England !!!! Obviously schools / doctors /dentist have been informed but who else do we tell ? :huh:
  8. Guest

    Relevant Work Experience

    Must relevant work experiance be completed after you gain a qualification or can you count what you have done before? I have worked in the same job for a total of 24 months, but only 5 of them so far i have done since completing my AQF Diploma. Anyone know? Im applying for a 40 pointer on the SOL. Cheers :nerdxmas:
  9. Guest

    relevant paperwork!

    sorry to be a pain, but also wondered do we need to take any paperwork or important documents with us. palnning on renting then buying when first get out there, but confused as to what we might need to make processes easier. my agent has gone on holiday so i thought i would bombard you! sorry! replies are greatly appreciated!